What are your biggest hair concerns?

What are your biggest hair concerns? How do you manage them?

Fly-aways, thickness, and dry scalp. For fly-aways, I usually use a mascara wand and a little soft gel to keep them in place. Thickness I just live with, and then dry scalp, I find Moroccanoil is handy for that.

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Andrea Avatar

There is an AMAZING treatment for dandruff on the Davines Tech line. You can find it at amazon. Is not cheap, but you use it once a week for couple months and will do the job. I know cause have used it. Here is the name: Davines Natural Tech Purifying Shampoo. This completely killed my brothers seborrheic problem. Give it a try. I think you can get the small bottle at Amazon for 25.

rebecca Avatar

I hear you on this one πŸ™ I used a prescription shampoo for a couple years that really, really helped, and now I’ve switched to the Aveda Scalp Balancing shampoo and conditioner, which seems to work fairly well.

The shampoo I used has an active ingredient of ketoconazole and left my hair soft and shiny after using as long as I used conditioner. Might be worth asking your doctor about?

Ryou Avatar

I suffer from triangle hair, as in, I have limp, oily roots and frizzy, damaged ends. This is because I used to bleach my hair blonde, but I’ve been growing it out for a while, so my ends are abused while my roots have never touched bleach. I do dye it but I only lift the color about 2 levels instead of 8. Moreover, with ombre hair, I can get away with not touching up my roots for about six months. I address it by babying my ends and only shampooing my roots, as well as using dry shampoo whenever my roots need a bit of a lift.

My secondary concern is the unkillable cowlick on my bangs, I have a widow’s peak and the hair on my right side wouldn’t lay flat, so it always makes my bangs look weirdly separated in the middle. A bit of hairspray usually fix it, though.

Donna Avatar

Same here, Brittany. I’ve decided not to fight Mother Nature and keep my fine, curly hair very short. Makes life much easier and overall, is easier on my wallet.

pePear Avatar

Oily scalp,Dry hair because If I use a strong shampoo to eliminate oil from your scalp,it making my hair drier. Right now I use a warm tea bags apply on my scalp in order to control the oil (not everyday) and use mild shampoo and Moisturizes hair treatment for dry hair however, I still want a moisturizes shampoo that not making my scalp oily πŸ™

Vanessa Avatar

Split ends and damage. I try to manage it with deep conditioners, leave-in creams, and avoiding heat tools like blow dryers and curling irons, but I don’t know that it’s been terribly effective.

Adina Avatar

No, haven’t heard of this until now. Thanks for the advice :), I will look into it. Do you have experience with this kind of treatment?

Mariella Avatar

Wave and frizz! Both were almost totally controlled with my flat iron, which I used twice a week (after washing my hair). But a few years ago, I started to practise hot yoga and that really plays havoc with the straight, smooth look I prefer. I just started using a new product from Aveda and, to my amazement, it really seems to be working – I noticed a difference even after the first use and 5 uses is supposed to give the maximum effect.

Wednesday Avatar

Hair loss due to autoimmune illness and methotrexate light chemo drug. I’ve had long hair all my life. Cutting it off 6 months ago should have been traumatic, but it wasn’t. I found it liberating and experienced a huge sense of relief after coping with a number of years where I lost a significant amount of hair. My hair has since rebounded somewhat albeit not perfectly.

KaseyCannuck Avatar

Moroccan Oil is the best thing to happen to hair since the invention of shampoo!! It makes my hair baby soft and I can run a brush through it like it’s nobody’s business, which is no small task, because…
My issue is remembering to get it cut!! It is past my butt, and actually, closing in on my knees. Sad but true. I wear it up almost all the time and pretty much forget how long it actually is.

Aubri Avatar

Kaseycannuck, how do you wear your hair without giving yourself a headache? My hair isn’t nearly as long as yours but I find when I put it up I have to take it down after about 5-6 hours because my skull is splitting!

KaseyCannuck Avatar

Maybe my neck muscles are in shape?? I’m surprised I don’t get headaches, although if my hair is freshly washed, then putting it up right away makes my head hurt, because then it’s too heavy. It has to be damp or dry. I’ve been putting it up for over 25 years for work and it used to be only halfway down my back when I started doing that, so maybe my neck is used to it.

Helena Avatar

I have the same problem (and have always had long hair) and it’s a head thing, not a neck thing. I just have to make sure the weight of my hair is spread evenly – so, for example, when it’s too hot in summer I’ll put it in french braid crowns or similar where the weight is spread over my scalp instead of pulling a section, and take it down when possible.

LU Avatar

Same here ladies! My hair is hip length and I love Morrocanoil, especially the extra volume line! I also haven’t had my haircut in a year and a half, but I’m determined to do it by the end of the summer. And Aubri, after a few hours, wearing my hair up gives me a migraine too, I prefer to clip it back instead.

Aubri Avatar

Oiliness, particularly with my fringe, which soaks up my ridiculous forehead oil like a sponge. I also get big chunks of dandruff that make hairstylists get mouthy. No, I do not have lice. I have dandruff. You’d think they would know the difference.

Maddie Avatar

I hear you. I have the same problem. I went and saw the Chief of Demartology of a major hospital here in Boston, MA. He shrugged, said “your scalp is just like that”, prescribed Nizoral (an OTC medicated shampoo, mind you) and sent me on my way. That was the end of my quest to rid myself of seborraic dermatitis.

LU Avatar

I have very long (up to my hips), fine, thin hair, oily roots, dry and frizzy everywhere else due to years of flat-ironing. This last year and a half I gave up heat styling once I started the Morrocanoil extra volume shampoo, conditioner, and Morrocanoil light and had great results, it gave my natural waves so much definition, calmed down the frizz, and got rid of the dandruff. It’s just the frizz and hair falling out that really bothers me, my hair gets very frizzy if I try to curl it, so I’m planning to add Living Proof No Frizz shampoo to my regimen to try and combat that. So far I wash three times a week, twice with Morrocanoil, and once with Head and Shoulders + a weekly conditioning treatment.

Lisa Avatar

I hear ya, Christine! I have really thick hair and loads of it. It can be difficult to style since it’s so heavy and there’s so much of it. I can’t really put my hair up, as in a ponytail or bun, because it gives me headaches. And while I love the look of curls and/or waves, it takes at least 45 minutes to do so. I’m so jealous of all the women who say it’s like a 10 minutes process for them; I can’t even fathom it. I try to get my hair thinned out and layered regularly. But other than that, there’s not much I can do. Other hair concerns would be dry scalp which I counter with coconut oil. I also have a bit of breakage and damage from regular bleaching and dyeing. I use a protein treatment every 6 weeks and condition it regularly.

Ellie Avatar

Lol, my hair is super fine. I wish it were a little thicker. πŸ˜€
It’s also very frizzy and curly. I haven’t found a product that can tame it yet (not even oils).
My dream hair is straight and a little thicker than mine.

Pteetsa Avatar

I have a lot of hair, but the strands are thin. My natural texture is not straight or wavy or curly, but “stroobly”, which is a Pennsylvania Dutch term to mean disheveled or tousled or messy-all-over-the-place. So it never really does what I want it to unless I torture it into submission. Obviously, I put it up a lot. The best cut for me was probably a pixie, which I had for a long time…my hair is really long now, but I keep thinking about going back to that.
Right now, my biggest problem is my scalp is so dry and flaky – it’s very embarrassing. I will have to try this Moroccanoil that you suggested, Christine. Maybe that will help me!

Andrea Avatar

Thickness and too much volume. Not much to do about. Besides that my hair is so healthy, that I need nothing besides some good shampoo. Normally Matrix or Davines, if I can get my hands on the last one. Is such a beautiful Italian brand of hair care product, but is stupidly expensive at the States. And hard to get.

Shea Avatar

My only real hair problem is that my hair is so incredibly thick that I can’t find something to keep it smooth and detangled for under $30 a bottle. Right now I use shampoo and conditioner, and leave in conditioner with keratin, and I have detangling spray if that doesn’t work.

rebecca Avatar

Seborrheic dermatitis and oily scalp. I don’t wash my hair every day because it’s baby fine and doing that would kill it, but I have to wash it every three days or it just looks greasy and awful and limp. I used a prescription shampoo for a couple years that really cleared up my scalp issues, but in hopes of weaning off that I’ve been using the Aveda Scalp Balancing line and so far I’m not flaking like crazy. I do go back to the prescription shampoo about once a week or every couple weeks, though.

If you do have dandruff issues, I’d recommend asking a doctor about ketoconazole shampoo – I tried pretty much every anti-dandruff shampoo out there and the prescription was the only thing that ever cleared up the flakes.

I’m still looking for a good hair product for wavy fine hair – has to be lightweight. Any suggestions?

Jan Kelley Avatar

My hair is very fine, very soft and average amount. It also started greying when I was 18. How lucky was I?! I have it cut in an angular bob and dye it every 4 weeks. I mostly do the roots. I just go with what looks best. I’ve completely given up fighting it.

lisa Avatar

Thinning, frizz and grays. Monthly root dying does give my hair more body and I keep it above my shoulders to look thicker. Use B&B thickening spray with a blowout works pretty well and hot iron for the frizzes. Hot, humid days its up and slicked back.

WildDove Avatar

Apple cider vinegar on the scalp and first few inches, a bit of olive oil on the lower half of the hair, sit and wait 20 minutes, then shampoo and condition as usual. Best hair ever!

Chantal Avatar

Greasiness, static, dandruff, and dryness. I really have it all, huh? πŸ™
For greasiness i’ve found that washing every three days or so really lets my hair last longer without too much oil build-up but it still happens so I use dry shampoo too.
With static, I love the Bed Head After-Party smoothing cream. Always does the trick for me.
And, well, I’m still looking for a solution for the dandruff and dryness unfortunately.

Stella Avatar

I can’t even narrow it down. My hair is so many different textures–kinky/curly at the root, wave in the middle, and almost straight at the ends! It’s impossible to wear it naturally / air-dried, and I SO dread styling it all the time. I tried keratin (twice) and Aveda’s straightening treatment, but both left my hair feeling dry and damaged, and after the second keratin treatment I experienced a lot of hair loss. Not willing to go through that again.
It’s possible that I just need to figure out how to wear my hair curly again, but I don’t even know where to begin. My hair is also super fine and tends to get oily or look limp quickly when it’s worn straight or blown out, but it can also get frizzy.
Thank goodness I LOVE my natural hair color (vibrant redhead)–otherwise I’d probably be tempted to go bald, haha.

Deborah Avatar

I don’t have any hair issues — but for those of you who can’t remember to trim it (?) make an appointment with your hair stylist for once every six weeks. The way to pretty hair is to keep it trimmed and clean!

Crystal Avatar

My hair is actually an area where I’ve always been very lucky. It is neither dry nor oily so I don’t have to wash it super often, plus it’s a nice colour and in good condition. However, I’m growing out a pixie and it’s at a very awkward length at the moment. It’s also very thick and wavy, and it just looks cray if I let it dry naturally so I pretty much always have to blowdry and straighten it for it to look good. I’m just gritting my teeth until it gets long enough to wear natural!

Genevieve Avatar

I have oily roots and normal for the rest of my hair. I use a dry shampoo as my fringe can really oily from my forehead. I use a gentle shampoo for coloured hair and conditioner on my roots alone. Rinsing your hair in cool water (awful in winter) calms any scalp problems I get after colouring my hair.
By the way, what is the best dry shampoo anyone would recommend? I have tried a few but I am not really happy with them.

AudreyNZ Avatar

I can’t go a day without washing my hair. I feel very irritated by night if I miss my usual morning hair wash. The roots starts to hurt. Also, I cannot stand going to bed at night with my hair smelling of food. Especially fried food smell…they cling with vengeance.

Suz Avatar

I rarely if ever have second day good hair. So I hide behind headbands and clips for days…
Because I dread styling my hair. It most certainly has a mind of its own.
Uneven natural Wave, cowl icky, dry, fine, but a
Ton of it. Not to mention how much hair loss everyday. Gross.
And boy have I had my share of bad haircuts.
And one horrible Brazilian blow out treatment. Flat straight flat, everyone thought I looked ill.
I live in NYC and have been to the best salons/stylists you can think of. A few have been wonderful experiences, but alas, only once after a B and B cut several years ago, was the only time my hair looked pretty good for a few (2nd, 3rd) more days. Lots of product must have been the key.
I have soooo many products, some good (Kerastace) to Oribe to LProof, etc, that I’m beginning to feel like a hoarder. Alas.
BTW, Hairdressers love my hair.
But to me, it’s been my nemesis for 53 years.

Rachel Avatar

my main concerns are too much sebum. people say if you wash everday its bad,for me i have to do it or I’ll smell like a hushpuppy head. its so greasy i can scrape the grease off in a day yellow gunk. it itches if i dont wash the sebum off. im gonna try jojoba oil for that. i heard it helps.

Helene Avatar

I have very fine hair, lots of thin strands. The roots tend to becom oily very quickly, but the lengths are on the dry side mostly in the winter, during summer the lengths look OK.
In the winter my hair is quite static, something that’s a bit annoying.
It’s also greying, but that’s natural at my age, I suppose. I don’t like it so I dye it, and I love dying my hair, I go with really dark browns and blacks, at the moment it’s in a very cold black shade.
I hardly ever use any heat thingies to style my hair, I just wash it , do the parting and let it air dry.
I also rarely use any styling products in it, sometime I use a little dry schampo to counteract the oiliness, as I try to keep the washing to ever 3 days instead of every other day.
I use schampos for colour treated hair, conditioners the same, sometimes I use a volumeschampo. I love leave in conditioners or conditioning oils in my lengths,
I also tend to forget having the ends trimmed, I do it maybe once a year, And I find thatΓ€s avtually enough.
I do have quite long hair, right now it’s down to my waist.

issy Avatar

I have 3:
1) My hair is straight and very thick- so I am very limited for styles. etc. Not exactly versatile…..so is always my boring me but I got used to it.
2) The ends get very dry and the texture can get coarse. I try to condition my hair in two ways a) natural oils like coconut oil, or mixture with coconut, argan, almond or natural good masks like Ogario London that actually nourish the hair and b) not so natural stuff, like the Elastizicer ,full of silicones I know but make the hair look good. Between one and the other treatmends I use c) a clarifying shampoo, like the phyto one or something cheaper (tresemΓ©)
3) My biggest problem now is greys in my natural light brown hair. I have used all over drugstore mild dyes, expensive saloon vegetal applications, half head highlights that camouflage a bit… and lately even some new “inventions” like camouflage powders or sprays that don’t really work that well to be totally honest.
Some time ago I read that there is some stuff in the pipeline (labs etc) that would make grey hairs a thing of the past so I just pray that they hurry up!

Dreamer19 Avatar

A ‘hole’ in my hair. Not literally. I have short hair andI wash it every second morning and often the morning i don’t wash it I wake up with my hair slept on and need to make it wet and brush it into place. I sometimes forget, as I don’t see my hair from the back, then my husband reminds me. πŸ™‚
Also, it’s annoying that I can’t seem to style my hair (with wax) the way the hairdresser does when they finish cutting my hair. Of course they are at a different angle and maybe it’s easier that way, when they’re standing over me, or I don’t know.

Veronica Avatar

I used to have a lot of problems with split ends and frizz, but then I started wearing my hair short, which has fixed a large number of issues. Part of the problem is that long hair – especially wavy/curly hair – requires a lot of maintenance, and I just don’t have the patience for it. The biggest issue that remains is that my hair just hates heat, whether it’s summer humidity or manually applied. I always air dry my hair, and I won’t straighten it unless I’m at least on second day hair.

I also have problems with dry scalp, which I’m still trying to find a good remedy for. The fact that I only wash my hair once a week has helped a lot, but I still get the occasional dry patch, especially in the winter months. I may have to try morrocan oil!

Sarah Avatar

My biggest problem is an oily scalp and dry ends. I have an active job so that’s why… but I feel with dry shampoo, it works for one day and have to wash to feel refreshed.

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