Benefit Sexy Gold 24K Gift Set for Holiday Lips & Face

Benefit Sexy Gold 24K Gift Set ($32.00) is an affordable gift to give to any of the fabulous women in your life. Though I’ll admit this particular set is more suitable for the women who like a lil’ sparkle. It contains Sexy Gold lipstick, which is described as a “true gold shimmer,” along with Nugget Shimmering Loose Powder, described as a “pale shimmering gold.” Both of these fit easily in the included gold clutch.

The only downside to this otherwise fun set is the clutch is quite tiny–it can’t be more than five inches or so in length. It’ll fit a lipstick and a gloss, plus your ID, so it’ll do the job, but I think it’s so tiny I’d end up losing it somewhere. Plus, without a wristlet, I’d definitely lose it somewhere! The clutch isn’t really the star of the set, and I know I don’t buy sets because of the included clutch–I’m all about the products!

Sexy Gold lipstick is this gorgeous, shimmering wet-gold color. It’s like an amber gold, very reflective, and it goes on SO SO smoothly. I was intending to give this set to my sister, but I’m just passing on the clutch and loose powder. I refuse to part with this lipstick! I think it’ll be a fun lipstick to go-to for an everyday lip, because I can top it with any colored lipgloss to really make it fun and wearable and not at all “too much.”

Nugget Shimmering Loose Powder is exactly the color it is described as. It is a pale gold with lots of shimmer. It’s incredibly silky and finely milled, so it goes on smooth as butter. I could see this being used to highlight the brow bone or the face. It’s pretty, and the texture is unbelievablely soft, so that I do love. Personally, I probably wouldn’t reach for it very often, just because I don’t wear loose powders very often (they just get all over me and my bathroom, which results in frustration). If you do, though, this is worth checking out. But it’s almost worth getting just for that lovely lipstick.

This is a Sephora limited edition set, so get yours at your local Sephora or shop online at

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