Beautylish Lucky Bags 2020 | Pre-Orders Now Live!

Beautylish Lucky Bags 2020

Beautylish has put up their sign-up page to be first to shop their Lucky Bag 2020 event!  Every year, on December 26th, Beautylish offers mystery bags filled with an assortment of products (from the brands that they sell).  Pre-orders are now available to those on the early access list. This year, they’ll be offering the following Lucky Bag options:

  • Original Lucky Bag for $75 ($150+ value) + $10 shipping (US) / $15-$20 shipping (int’l)
  • Lucky Bag XL for $150 ($300+ value, US only) + $15 shipping
  • Get One, Give One (buy one Original Lucky Bag at $150, one will be donated, US only)

They offer Fair/Medium and Dark/Deep Lucky Bags in an effort to include products more suitable for lighter/deeper skin tones, and they do not include foundation or concealer in the Lucky Bags.  You can only purchase one Lucky Bag per year.

You can find Beautylish’s full FAQ on the event here.  If you’ve participated in past events, feel free to share whether you enjoyed the mystery goodies and if it ended up being worth it for you!

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I’ve done it for three years now and the first time was my fave! I got Superhero mascara, Viseart Cashmere, a Wayne Goss eyebrow set, a Jouer lipstick, and a couple of other small things. I used and loved all of it except the mini beach wave spray because my hair is already wavy.

The last two years haven’t been as great. In the second box, I got a Wayne Goss brush, Natasha Denona (#13 five pan…which muddied up on my big time), and two face primers…which kind of sucked because it was two of the same kind of product and I don’t use primers. My fave thing was the brush! It was a highlighting brush….so soft and fluffy and I still use it!

My third year, I got the ND camel palette (traded for ABH Sultry), a WG brush I already own (lovely to have a back up), Stila glitter and glow (gifted to my SIL), and a couple of other things.

They usually include the Bioderma micellar water…a mini, which is lovely!

It’s a risk for sure (like my number 2 box), but it was super fun!!

I’m not sure! I signed up for the waitlist, but we are moving so I might have to save the money. But if I don’t this year, I’ll probably do it once we settle in next year. Are you doing it?

I’ve purchased two regular boxes, in 2016 and 2017. I was disappointed in my boxes both times because I compared mine to other boxes posted on social media combined with the fact that I already own a large amount of makeup.

My 2017 box had one Sulwhasoo sheet mask, By Terry liquid lipstick in a concealer beige color, the Becca undereye brightening cream that’s darker than my pale skin, Oribe Dry Texturizing spray, Jouer Skinny Dip palette, Bioderma micellar water (again), and a Wayne Goss No 17 brush. I like the Wayne brush and the Oribe, but I have a ton already from sub boxes. The rest was pretty meh since I was hoping for Natasha Denona, Viseart, or Charlotte Tilbury.

My 2016 box in retrospect was better than 2017. It came with the most orangey beige/taupe Make-up Atelier 5 pan palette that I swapped or sold, Clean Apothecary brush shampoo, Bioderma micellar water, Oribe Apres Beach wave spray (the worst product I’ve used on my hair), Natasha Denona Blush Duo that I sold or swapped, and the Wayne Goss 00 Air Brush that I use every day.

I really fought the temptation to get one last year because I knew it was going to come with the Bioderma and I rarely use micellar water, plus the Good Molecules brand that I’d never heard of before. And I got mad that my mystery boxes didn’t have the ND palettes in them that I wanted so I just went out and bought them, so what else did I really need? I didn’t want to spend $92 all in for a chance at a Sonia G brush that would maybe cost $40 or the missing Charlotte Tilbury lipstick I don’t have yet. I think I’ve talked myself out of this year again since I’m trying (not so successfully) to limit my purchases and decrease my collection of pretties that don’t get used.

I already own a lot of makeup, and I’m usually looking to purchase specific items when I buy more of it (for example, to fill a gap in the color spectrum or a finish I don’t yet own but would like to try).

I also have somewhat finicky skin but have mostly figured out what works on it.

So for me… lucky bags/boxes don’t make much sense, at all. I am not tempted to purchase this (or any other retailer’s version).

Last year, I bought my first Lucky Bag and was very pleased. I received Charlotte Tilbury’s Instant Look in a Palette along with a Sonia G. fan brush, Good Molecules Eye Serum, and a few less memorable items. I’m signed up for this year’s bag, and I’m hoping to pick up the XL version, so I’ll be setting my alarm to be online immediately. Beautylish carries so many high quality brands that I’m comfortable going into this venture blind. I also have a network of friends who will gladly take some of my non-favorite items off my hands.

I wasn’t fast enough to snag the XL this round, but I did order the regular bag. I’ll post here when it arrives later this month. P.S. I can’t thank you enough for all I’ve learned from you, Christine. I often visit your page when writing beauty tutorials for one of my clients. I trust your color descriptions far more than photos or product page notes on brand sites. Keep up the great work in 2020!

As promised, here’s a list of items in my 2020 Lucky Bag. $230 worth of products.

Farmacy “Bright On” Vitamin C Mask – $38
HoliFrog Superior Omega Nutritive Gel Wash – $36
Good Molecules Niacinamide Brightening Toner – $14
Juno & Co. microfiber beauty sponge – $6
Sonia G. Builder Two brush – $34
Hourglass Confessions Refillable Lipstick “At Night” – $36
Anastasia Beverly Hills “Riviera” palette – $45
Oribe Dry Shampoo purse size – $22

I’m very pleased with the balance of products. The Sonia G. brush is a duplicate for me, but I’m thrilled to have a spare!

When I was first building my collection I always wanted to try this. Back then there was just the original Lucky Bag but I could never remember to order or they sold out before I could place an order. It just seems like back then they were harder to come by. Now I have no interest because I really don’t need anything, and I don’t really want anything that I haven’t chosen for myself.
For a makeup newcomer who likes highend and has the budget I think this would make a good gift for oneself, as long as they had the temperament to handle possible disappointment.

I did it last year for the first time. I was going through a rough patch and it gave me something small but enticing to look forward to as the year began. It was indeed a bit of a fun mystery to open it and it seems maybe there is some “beginner’s luck” involved as I was pretty happy with the stuff inside. I also got a WG brush (my first from him, a very fluffy eyeshadow brush), the brush shampoo (which I quite like), an ND palette in shades I would never have bought but do use, a Hylamide primer that I liked and repurchased (although subsequently started using another) and a huge Kevyn Aucoin highlighter that was also a keeper. I did feel it was well worth the money and introduced me to stuff I might never have tried. Not sure if I will do it again this year. I signed up for it, and kind of want to, but I have also spent too much this holiday season, and will have to pay the piper at some point!

I’ve just bought one as I missed the time last year. The year before I got Niod Sanskrit Saponis, I already had one, but it’s an OK cleanser even though I rarely use it these days. I also got a Becca Corrector, Wayne Goss no 16, Stila Glitter and Glow in Molten Midnight, Jouer highlighter in Skinny Dip and Natasha Denona Eye shadow palette 5.
Was it worth it, well, yes and no. I use the Wayne Goss 16 every day, I like it a lot. I use the eye shadow palette now and then. I can’t remember when I last used the corrector or the highlighter, I did try the Stila eye shadow the other night and it is pretty, but I very rarely go for really dark eyeshadows.
It was fun, though and I might buy one this year, I don’t mind getting a Good Molecules product, I have used their hyaluronic acid serum and I liked it, so testing something else could be fun.

I got one the last two years. 2017’s box was better than 2018 – last year’s box contained nothing that I liked – I felt it was a huge waste of money and wished I’d just chosen what I wanted instead of hoping for something good in a mystery box. I felt like Beautylish were unloading all the stock they couldn’t sell instead of providing good value to their customers. Highly unlikely that I’ll get one this year after being so disappointed last year. I’m afraid I can’t even remember what was in the box – it was that bad – I gave most of it away. The only item I can remember is a Natasha Denona eyeshadow palette in strong pinks, purples and oranges – colours I would never wear, so it’s still sitting in my stash as I don’t know anyone else who would wear them either.

My collection is too large and I’m too picky about what I want so I would easily be dissatisfied with the products I would receive. The last time I did it my collection was much smaller and I still wound up with a lot of stuff I didn’t use 🙁

I logged on at 12:02PM EST and the XL bags were already sold out! I was going to get one to make up for that Decadence ordering frenzy this morning (still disappointed about that one! – SMH). But I was able to get a regular Lucky Bag – so let’s see what we get this year.

I feel like I hit the ‘super limited edition’ jackpot today. I managed to snatch an XL lucky bag, and the PMG Decadence palette within a short span of 3 hours. Admittedly, I got up at 5am to buy the PMG palette (they didn’t send out the code like they said they would, AGAIN!), and got up again at 8:55am to buy the lucky bag. I am a strong woman on mission to secure her makeup obsession.

Me too, April! I was super stressed out about placing my orders since the wi-fi was very slow in the hotel I was staying at for Christmas, so I ended up placing orders on my cell phone after turning wi-fi off. It’s different buying it on a phone versus my laptop- hope that doesn’t make me sound super old or anything.

My Decadence already shipped today! And of course, now we wait a month or so for the XL Lucky Bag’s to ship. 😀

i’m in canada now so i was limited to the normal lucky bag and the j/effrey s/tar one – picked up a normal sized one! i got one last year too and really enjoyed it, so i’m really looking forward to this year’s too.

I just pre-ordered this was my fourth time once again I tried to get the XL box as soon as I got the email but it was sold out I’m not sure how that happens but they probably make so few of them it’s very disappointing

I managed to get one but only because I was already on the site and searched for it. Managed to get one at 9:02am PST and when I checked again at 9:06am PST, it was completely sold out! That was less than 5 minutes potentially of it being available.

I don’t know when the buy 1 xl bag/they donate 1 xl bag sold out. I hope they didn’t limit the quantities to do that option. I am sorry you didn’t get thr xl bag but if you still wanted one, the regular lucky bag?

I’m quite disappointed in how they are handling the XL bags. It used to be open only for those who spend over $1,000 in a year. Now that it’s open to everyone in the US it’s next to impossible to get one. I will no longer be making sure I spend my money with Beautylish. I don’t feel like they have any special programs or rewards for those of us who do spend money with them. So I will no longer be shopping much with them. Really sad, because they are a great company otherwise.

I purchased the original dark-deep lucky bag. I felt like the XL was a gamble since it is not tied to a skin tone, but from what I have seen it usually favors fair to medium skin tones better. I noticed that the dark-deep bags were the first to sell out, so I am hoping this will be an indication to the team to introduce one for the XL size. I am excited to see what I get this year and will report back so that there is a reference for anyone considering it for 2021.

I purchased a lucky bag for 2018. It included the ND Joya palette, Becca Liquid Highlighter in Topaz, an Ellie Faas lip color, Kevyn Aucoin Molten Lip color in Copper, a Charolette Tilbury makeup bag, a Wayne Goss # 16 and a Hylamide primer.

I was only going to get one if I could get the XL lucky bag. I went on at 12:00 pm EST and could not find it. So I then went to check my emails and found the email with the link. Clicked on it probably no later then 12:02 and the XL bags were sold out. I was not too happy. Did they only make 5 of them?

The FAQ is linked above…

When will I receive my Lucky Bag?
Lucky Bags ship on or before January 20, 2020. Shipping times vary by location. The estimated date of delivery will be displayed during checkout. We ship via economy service so that we can keep costs low and include more products in your Lucky Bag. International orders may be subject to customs clearance procedures, which may cause further delays.

We try to approve comments within 24 hours (and reply to them within 72 hours) but can sometimes get behind and appreciate your patience! 🙂 If you have general feedback, product review requests, off-topic questions, or need technical support, please contact us directly. Thank you for your patience!