Are there any beauty tools that you never use?

Are there any beauty tools that you never use? Ones you own or ones you’ve looked at and thought, “I’d never use that!”

I very rarely use hot tools on my hair, other than blow drying after washing, though I wouldn’t say never ever!

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I rarely use an eyelash curler, although I have a nice Shu one. If I curl my lashes, then they end up touching my brow-bone all day and it drives me nuts.

Metal Crimping clips. I saw them used in a magazine & thought it looked so pretty & easy to do. Searched for these clips locally, bought them & proceeded to never ever use them. I’m not even sure if I ever tried one clip out just to see the effect on my hair. Today, I believe they were tossed in with one of many deposits to Salvation Army.

Nothing for heat styling–too much hair, never have the patience for it. No pedicure “tools”–but I am fortunate enough to not need them, so they’ve always seemed like horrible torture devices. I’ve never used an eyelash curler, I can’t see where it’d make a difference for me personally.

There are a couple of things I’ve changed my mind on. Never thought I’d want a cuticle nipper…I think I use it more to get rid of hangnails than anything else, but it’s quite useful. I’ve slowly gotten on the using more than one eyeshadow brush train, though I can still do a whole look with a domed crease brush when it’s suitable or it’s my only clean brush.

Eyelash curlers and emery boards. I’m afraid the first will pull out my lashes and the second are kind of useless on my nails and seem to do more harm than good.

I don’t generally use powder puffs (except for my Chanel one and even then that’s just to press against my face, never to powder it) or makeup sharpeners. I only buy pencil products that are retractable and self sharpening.

After I shaved away 1/2 of a Chanel eyeliner trying to get the point back, I swore off all products that need sharpening. I’m all about the automatics!

About 2 years ago I bought a fan make up brush, but it’s so thin, small and floppy that I can’t figure out what I can use it for. So, it just sits there with my other make up brushes, looking the part.. haha 😀

I actually rarely blow dry my hair! I’ve always preferred to let it air dry in order to minimize the damage I do to it. Also, it’s been almost two years since I stopped using my flat iron regularly, so I would say I don’t use heat tools very often at all anymore.

I never use any hair tools anymore. I don’t have any texture to my hair, but my hair still tends to get REALLY frizzy, so whenever I use anything on my hair it just makes the frizziness and puffiness even worse. I’m not a hair expert at all 🙁

I wouldn’t say never, but like the other commenters, I rarely use an eye lash curler. I have a Shu Umera one but my eyelashes are so short, it doesn’t seem to make much difference.

I can’t really say never to much, but I have never tried and don’t think I would, shadow shields, as someone mentioned. Just do my foundation after or clean up w/my brush. I don’t own a beauty blender, don’t really get the hype. I own a curling iron but pull it out once a year. Curly hair already so what’s the point? And heat plus my hair is just a BAD idea.

I am SO SO SO envious of the people who don’t need to use lash curlers!! I have to use one every single day, it’s an item I would not be able to live without.

I totally agree with you on the eyelash curlers. Such a staple. I don’t remember the last time I put on mascara without curling my lashes. Ugh you lucky people 🙂

So many people don’t use eyelash curlers! The only tools I can think of that I don’t regularly use are heat styling tools. I have TOO much hair so anything like curling my hair — which takes at least 45 minutes — just isn’t worth the time required unless it’s a special occasion. I don’t even blow dry unless it’s winter because it just takes too long.

I don’t heat style my hair (it all just falls out, even when the salons do it). I only blow dry my hair a couple times a year. I won’t use an Epilady. I don’t use powder puffs. I only use fan brushes for dusting off fallout. I’ve tried using them to apply blush and contour, but I didn’t care for them. I’ve never used an eyeshadow shield, heated eyelash curler, or Clarisonic face scrubbers.

I only started using an eyelash curler a couple years ago. My eyelashes aren’t as natural curled as they were when I was younger.

I have to agree with some of these other comments, I don’t use my lash curler & I most definitely do not use the mascara comb/brush that comes in nearly every brush set as well as the sponge applicator brush.

As for hair, I own one hair straightener & two curling irons but I only ever use them when I am extremely BORED or have a special occasion to attend. Most of the time, I just braid my hair or leave it in its natural wavy state.

Oh & I own a curler’s set but it’s so frustrating to use & time consuming so that’s just chilling in my wardrobe.

i am like you, i use a straightener once in awhile, & i never use my curling iron or rollers..and to me my cuticles look fine ? so i dont use oils or cuticle creams either, actualy quite a few things i wouldnt probably use

I prefer to let my hair dry naturally, so I rarely use a hair dryer. I never use any other heat tools. The thought of using an eyelash curler scares me silly as I wear glasses and would not be able to even see my eyelashes properly to use it safely.

I use my eyelash curler every day, for me it makes a world of difference.I can’t say I never use heated hair styling tools, because I do once a year or so. I don’t even blow dry my hair, so I guess that’s the tool I never use. I bought it for the dog anyway so 🙂

I rarely use lash curlers, though I do have a nice Shiseido one for whenever I want to curl. I also never use nail files as I can’t tolerate the feeling or sound of nails being filed.

I never use an eyelash curler. I used to but when mine broke i tried it without the curler and they curljust the same. I have long, thick eyelashes like the maybelline commerical…”maybe shes born with it” eyelashes. Needless to say I never bought another eyelash curler after that. I also rearly ever use heat on my hair either =)

I don’t use any hot tools on my hair anymore (I used to flat iron it or blow dry, not I let my hair air dry); eyelash curler (I own a Chanel and a Shu Uemura, but my lashes have a natural curl, which gets emphasized by mascara). I never use cuticle clippers,

I almost never use my angled blush brush, my curling iron – or even my hair-dryer for that matter! I haven’t really used my tweezers since I started having my brows threaded.
On the other hand, I use an eyelash curler every time I wear mascara. My lashes are desperately straight and pointing downwards…

I never use hot rollers. I was gifted with two different brands. I not ashamed to say I regifted both! Otherwise I don’t have a big fear of tools. I usually use my blow dryer and occasionally my flat iron on my hair. When I’m going out in the evening I use my Shu eye lash curler.

Eyelash curler. I have four, and my eyelashes stick to every one. Whatever curl is achieved gets lost –along with several eyelashes — as I try to peel them off the stupid contraption 🙁 Two of the curlers are Revlon, one is Shu Umera; most recently bought is Tweezerman. I use several different mascaras; all mainstream, normal brands (Clinique, Rimmel, etc). Can’t imagine what I’m doing wrong, but I’ll never try again….my lashes are becoming too sparse as I get older!

Eyelash curler – without a doubt! The worst part is that I have received a few as gifts over the years. Maybe those people were just trying to get rid of them too. 😉

I just bought a blending sponge, but have no idea of how to use it. (I guess I’ll youtube it later on.) But I usually just clean up with cotton swabs or concealer. I rarely use mascara, but when I do, I have to use an eyelash curler. Has anyone used the lengthening mascara system? I cannot think of the name right now, but I bought one for about $45. It seems to give amazing results, even for people with skimpy lashes. Can’t wait to use it.

Yes! I have never, and never will, use eyelash curlers!!!! Don’t need or believe in them. I also don’t style my hair, I leave that to the cut. So no rollers, irons of any kind, and I don’t use tech devices to look younger.. Haha, they’re funny!

I just got my first eyelash curler a month ago and I love it! I have bunch of brushes that came in sets that I never use, and probably never will – though I can’t bring myself to get rid of them! I never blowdry or heat style may hair at all.

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