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What beauty product have you gone to the greatest lengths to obtain?

What beauty product have you gone to the greatest lengths to obtain? Share your stories!

I remember one time I got up really early to stand in line at the mall for the MAC Barbie Doll!

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May Avatar

I stalked theBalm website and even set up different alarms on my phone just to get in on their 50% off sale they have all the time. It was crucial I got in and out as soon as possible before the website would inevitably slow down and eventually crash. Still didn’t make it. I checked back every hour that entire day and more time for the duration of that sale. They had to extend the sale an extra couple days because the site was down for most of it. I still checked back obsessively. All to get the Mary Lou-manizer and Nude Tude palette. Wasn’t able to get the Nude Tude palette but got an eyeshadow primer. I’m happy with both of the items I got though so I guess maybe it was worth it. Maybe.

kjh Avatar

Maybe you should stalk them (Balm) on hautelook. Shipping was reasonable + I got 4 blushes @ 50% off. I think, now that they’re at Kohls, coupons don’t apply + they won’t have any retail discount, so there’s little point in looking for bargains that way.

julia Avatar

Chanel’s Charming palette from the holiday collection last year. I was ready to have family in the UK ship it to me, but the online seller I buy my chanel from had it at US retail. Bought that in a heartbeat.

xamyx Avatar

I stalked/called around 5-Sephora stores, as well as the website, for *months* trying to nab the MUFE Smokey palette, only to find out it wasn’t going to be released in the US. About 2 years later, I accidentally came across it on eBay for about $15, so of course I grabbed it. After all I went through, I ended up a bit disappointed, LOL!

I’d also been stalking eBay for NARS Belly Dance for the last year or so, as it had been DCd from the NARS site just when I was going to order it… I found it a few weeks ago, and it was sooo worth the wait!

Sarah Avatar

Since I live in Canada, a lot of cosmetic brands are not available for me so I get them shipped by friends who are visiting Europe or Asia. I also have stayed in line for ages just to get a new collection from Mac.

Helena Avatar

Set an alarm, got up early, repeatedly refreshed the MAC website on both my laptop and my phone, filled both carts ASAP for RiRi โ™ฅs MAC. My phone ended up winning the race, ha ha. I also got up early and made my boyfriend drive me downtown for Alluring Aquatic (I didn’t have money when it was released online).

Stacey Avatar

Suqqu at Selfridges especially the cheek brush recently….shipping n customs to the US is expensive and painful. Selfridges website is useless for new Suqqu releases…got to call the counter.
Guerlain WuLong Meteorites on year later at Harrods….great service n never a customs problem.
Thanks to Christine…..not a problem for recent Mac releases if you follow her…..

Jennifer Avatar

Tom Fords Nude Dip. I made several calls, stalked websites for days, and finally got on the reserved list for the New York counter at bergdorf goodman. I had a vacation to NY planned prior to that, and was going to make goodmans a stop. Then was stocking Nordstrom’s website and saw that go online. I purchased it from Nordstrom’s, and canceled my order from Goodmans. I was on pins and needles for the first four days, because it showed it was still in transit to UPS. A week later I received it, and it was so worth it.

Rachel R. Avatar

Not too great of lengths. I’m on the West Coast and an insomniac, so I have hit online sales right at midnight for whatever time zone necessary to get what I wanted. My schedule has always been so full with the kids for the last 15 years (10 of those living way out in the country), I haven’t really “stalked” stores for items. Usually, it’s easier and cheaper for me to find it online and order it.

ShaSha Says Avatar

I desperately wanted the Amrezy Anastasia BH palette so paid the international shipping costs from USA to UK. I’ve also gone all the way to Dubai just to purchase the Huda Beauty lashes and the infamous Estรฉe Lauder Heatwave highlighter!

Pteetsa Avatar

I’ve spent a lot of time (Amazon, ebay, random French websites) trying to find a French shower gel here in the US that I used 20 years ago when I was an exchange student to France. I still remember it being the best-smelling stuff ever, and it was both shampoo and body wash! That was quite the novelty back then. I even asked my friend who just visited France if she could pick me up some! (She couldn’t find it.) It’s just something you could get at the local Monoprix (French Target), but I guess they never cared to export it!

Ryou Avatar

Probably some Europe-exclusive lipsticks from Dior holiday collection some years ago. I had a friend buy it for me then waited over a year to have them sent.

Jenn Avatar

I had a faulty Guerlain Rouge G with a broken magnet. The returns process and getting the actual lipstick (for those who are wondering, it was LE and it was in Madame Reve) took months. Eventually we decided we had to get it at another store and have it shipped to me.
I haven’t even used it.

Alla Avatar

The three that stick out (and my husband still references occasionally during fights):
1. Tom Ford Nude Dip palette which, by way of a bidding war and a reserve waiting list at a store, I accidentally got two of. I thought about selling the second, but it will make a perfect present for my mom’s birthday.
2. Dior Souveraine lipstick, a gorgeous shimmery coral red that was, unfortunately, released only in Europe as part of the Spring 2014 collection. I ordered it from Selfridges, and it was heinously expensive. Still worth it because I love the lipstick, have never found a dupe, and have never seen it sold anywhere else.
3. This one is just embarrassing because it all came down to bad info; I thought the Urban Decay Mia Wallace lipstick wasn’t going to be released in Canada, nobody I talked to at UD was sure, and neither were the people at Sephora. Pulp Fiction is one of my favourite movies and the lipstick is amazing, so when it came out, I created an account with a company that accepts U.S. post and sends it to Canada. This led to a lot of headache, including having to upload my receipt to prove that the free sample I got from UD was really free (these companies are, understandably, really paranoid about accidentally committing customs fraud). And then I went to Sephora the next week and saw the lipstick there. Still haven’t stopped kicking myself.

Elisa Avatar

I ordered the mac Archie collection betty pearlmatte powder on eBay but probably ltd. Ed. Drugstore items especially the colour tattoos that are only avaliable in the states. When I go to the states I drive my husband bonkers going from drugstore to drugstore looking for them.

Dian Avatar

Tom Ford blushes, definitely. They aren’t sold in the Netherlands and most of the websites that sell the brand won’t ship it out of their country (or they charge ridiculous shipping fees that are literally half the price of the blush). Managed to get Love Lust and Ravish, but still on the lookout for Flush…

Jade Avatar

I REALLY wanted MAC Party Parrot and Pink Pigeon, so when they got repromoted with the Strength collection I was determined to hunt them down! Both counters near me sold out, so I took a bus 1 hour across the city and I found them!

I also regretted not buying MAC Havana when they originally released the Extra Dimension shadows, as I was going to buy it, but got talked out of it by the sales assistant (I know!). I bought Sweet Heat instead, which I loved and just made me want Havana more, so I stalked ebay for months until it finally popped up! I’m currently doing the same for Modern Pewter… no luck yet!!

Stacey Avatar

Got those lipsticks at great mall of America…great customer service shipped it with a shipping charge to california….call mac stores n they can mail them to you…save cost in driving

fancie Avatar

Definitely the new Milani fall collection that just came out lol. I went to so many stores looking for it. I thought I was going to drive myself crazy lol. I finally got smart and started calling around first after a while. Luckily, I called my local Walgreens the night their new shipment was coming in so I was able to grab everything I wanted the next morning. While I love drugstore makeup I don’t think I can handle another limited edition collection. We talk about MAC releases but honestly they’re way easier to me. I’d rather lose a little sleep than lose gas driving around town like a crazy woman lol

Mariella Avatar

Probably Cargo Yukon eyeshadow (a trip across the border was fruitless, as ULTA was sold out of that shade so DH was dispatched on his next US golfing trip to swing by the ULTA there and basically not return home unless he was able to get it!). Also MAC’s Alluring Aquatics eyeshadow – I went to buy it and while they had it in stock, weren’t allowed to sell it to me til after the “Launch Party” 2 days later (which happened to be a work day for me; I rushed over after work to get Sea Worship and now could kick myself for not having picked up either Soul Serenade or one of the other darker shades because when I went back a day later, all the eye shadows except the silver one were sold out). Oh, and I trekked across Montreal (the MAC stores and The Bay) to get Smoke&Diamonds! I got the last one left in all of Montreal!!! At La baie!!!

Andie Avatar

I think my answer for this question is actually going to take place next week. I took off work next Thursday and Friday to drive two hours away for the Rocky Horror Picture Show MAC collection release. I’ve decided to turn it in to a mini vacation (which I needed anyway).

I also remember last year for the 20% Sephora Beauty Insider sale that I had my entire cart ready and waiting for whenever the sale started (at midnight I think). I had set an alarm and everything to make sure I didn’t miss out on some of my favorites. That ended up being totally worth it because the Tarte blush palette and Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette sold out so quickly.

Veronica Avatar

MAC Cheeky Bugger blush. I got up early the day of the launch only to find it had sold out alrerady at

The next week, I spent hours trying to order it from Nordstrom’s website only for them to cancel every single order, I then called several stores over the phone, but none would ship it because it was such in high demand.

I then posted on makeup alley and Facebook and someone was kind enough to track one for me and make a custom purchase.

And the saddest thing is that while I like it, it is not may favorite blush in my stash.

Karina Avatar

YSL Rouge Volupte No.2! They discontinued them here in Australia, I had to buy them at a Duty free when traveling. I saw them in Korea and bought 3 at once!

fiaspice Avatar

Back in 2009, Sephora stores in Quebec would not carry Urban Decay. I wanted the Book of Shadow 2 sooooo bad. But the shipping was crazy expensive (the palete was already expensive for me). A friend in Toronto offered me to buy it for me and ship for free as a gift (I paid the palette, the shipping was the gift).

Also, to get Mac product for way less, I did cross the border to Burlington (closest US Mac store to me) so I could by a gloss, lip colour and pigment with quite a rebate compared to the Canadian stores.

Michelle Avatar

Well I’m in Canada so every time I go to the US I order stuff and have it shipped to my hotel. This most recent trip I ordered Wayne Goss brushes (OMG!! Amazing!!), and some Charlotte Tilbury products from Beautylish and had them shipped to the hotel, along with a Cartier Baiser Vole perfume set from Amazon. I recently set the alarm early to make sure I got the Hourglass Blush Palette that was released at Sephora for VIB Rouge – I hope it’s worth it!!

TheOtherHelen Avatar

Armani eyes to kill eyeshadow #30. Once i saw it, I had to have it but it was already sold out at that point. I was so obsessed, that I called every Saks and neimans, blooms, nordies, everywhere! I finally got my hands on one from Bloomies and it was their last one. I’d like to think I got the last one in the country, lol. Also, Mac alluring aquatic collection. That packaging!

Eliz Avatar

RiRi hearts MAC – I waited in the online waiting room at for longer than I’d like to admit. I bought RiRi Woo lipstick, lipliner, and lipglass and do love and use each of them, so at least there was a happy ending.

Tova Avatar

Well… one time I ordered from US Amazon (I live in Sweden), because I wanted a Alluring Aquatic lipstick so badly. 100sek shipping for a lipstick… ohwell. I’m usually not *that* desperate after limited edition stuff, since I know the most attractive ltd MAC stuff sells out sometimes after a week here, and there’s no need to stalk websites or queue at stores then!

Chloe Avatar

I’m currently trying to figure out how I’m going to get Sugarpill’s LE shadow Lucid, which if I’m correct, will be put online for sale Oct. 1st. In the past they have launched at noon, so assuming they do that again, I’m going to be in class. I cant trust that it wont sell out 3 1/2 hours later, so hmmmmm.

Basically, my great-lengths story is currently being hatched!

Beth Avatar

The first thing that came to mind was the Monica Lewinsky – Club Monaco lipstick!

The one that I remember that lasted the longest was UD Naked, it was pulled off the market for a while because of the eyeliner that came in it (I think) and everyone was looking for it and then one day, I walked into my local Sephora and they were stocking the shelves.

The most recent and more frustrating one was TF’s Nude Dip. I went on vacation the last 2 weeks of August, called BG and had my name on the WL and never heard from them. They never charged my card and sure enough when I came back they were Sold Out. That’s it, no “I’m sorry for the mix-up” or “I’ll see if NM has it”, nothing! I’m still not over their horrible customer service and I’ve vowed not to go back to that TF counter again.

I wound-up calling a few different stores and going on WLs for it. Sure enough, I’ve now gotten shipping notices from 2 stores, I’ll likely wind-up with 3 or 4 of them at this point. The whole craziness around the quad was a real turn off for me, I hope it’s worth it!

Leticia Avatar

MAC Hello Kitty collection stuff – I was away from the city when it released, so by the time I realized it was available, there were only a few things left. I begged my sister to drive me to three different MAC stores – she doesn’t quite get my makeup addiction but finds it amusing, so she kindly drove me and I was able to get a few things, including a lipstick for her :D!

Sarah Avatar

I remember when the nordstrom exclusive nars blush palette joie de vivre was coming out. Man! I stocked the website I called around and the lady told me to call around 4 or 5 am my time and try to get it. I was in crazy stalker mode and finally got a hold of it. I love it and use it pretty much everyday. I also went on a crazy hunt for guerlains turandot and I absolutely love it! Still regret not being able to hunt down the dragon perles though.

Tiff Avatar

I went all the way to Japan to get a Salux that someone stole from me at a bathhouse. Yup. That someone stole from me.

It was a 2 hour flight and I was going to go to Japan anyway, but I was on a mission to get a Salux back. Sadly, despite scouring Tokyo I couldn’t find a Salux but came back with a ton of other goodies. True story.

StrangeOne Avatar

None of my favourite brands are in my country so I make purchases via Facebook pages whose orders take a month to reach here. That makes all my purchases a massive effort.

Maria Avatar

When I realised that I wanted YSL Spring 2014 eyeshadow palette, it was already sold out everywhere in my city (for some reason we always get YSL collections in small quantities), so I went to every nearby shop and called a dozen other shops with no luck. A couple weeks later I accidentally found it in a shop at the other side of the city and I didn’t have enough money or a card with me, so I went home to grab it… The whole trip (home, back to the shop and back home) took me more than three hours, but it was worth it)

Genevieve Avatar

I went to the greatest lengths to obtain Lancรดme’s Sparkling Intoxication palette and the Tarina Tarantino Wonderful palette – both of which were not available in Australia. I have now found out that the Tarina Tarantino range is now available at Beautylish and they do ship to Australia. However I love the palettes and it was worth the effort.

Donna Avatar

When MAC’S Punk Couture collection came out, I tried like hell to get the lipsticks. A friend of mine called a crap ton of stores and we stalked the site to no avail. I eventually found some Wet n’ Wild dupes and called it good.

Tasha Avatar

Yes probably the lorac pro palettes. It’s not available in canada so I had my uncle purchase them for me in new york and I went to pick it up from him….twice!! For 1 and 2 ๐Ÿ™‚

Angela Avatar

Craziest I ever got was just recently trying to get Tom Ford “Nude Dip”. Found it on Harrods website and got in touch with everyone I knew who was either going to London or lived there or had family there but I was too embarrassed to tell anyone how much this stuff cost so I just wound up ordering it online from Harrods. Cost me more money than anyone who could have brought it back ( maybe) but don’t do that very often. I am now on a massive hunt to find Hermes body cream ( not lotion) in their classic Caleche scent…cannot find it anywhere, looks they they only do the body lotion now so if anyone out there has any suggestions pass them on ๐Ÿ™‚

Quinctia Avatar

When the UD Electric palette Ulta shipped me was broken, I drove to a store out of my way, immediately after I got off work to get a new one ASAP.

If internet stuff counts, when Nyx did that crazy failure of an anniversary sale a couple of years ago, I remember trying all day to order, to the point of a friend of mine handing me his computer at his place to try some more before we went to a movie. Didn’t work out.

And I have ebay searches saved for various shades of the previous line of UD lipsticks, since I am quite fond of the formula. Got my hands on 5150 and a backup of Midnight Cowboy, hoping to get my hands on the other 3-4 I want but don’t have yet. (Though it’s so hard to properly search for the shade “Naked,” for obvious reasons.)

Roxanne Avatar

I went to great lengths for all my makeup. I am just starting Male to Female Transition, I may not have gone around the world, nor anything to that extent, but I waited 26 years to finally do this. To finally do what I want to do, to wear makeup! (and other feminine things) I turn 26 this year, and I finally decided not to care how I was raised, or to care about how people would perceive me! For me, These are the greatest lengths I’ve gone for Makeup. I’m sure I’ll have better tales later on in my life, but for now. This will have to do.

Tigerlily Avatar

What an awesome reply to the question ๐Ÿ™‚ Experimenting with makeup is so much fun. Having one’s best features enhanced or just trying new looks for fun can bring so much joy and pleasure… All the best with your Transition and thank you for sharing your story!

Lulle Avatar

theBalm Cats your Shadow Muppets palette, a few years ago. Since it was a very limited numbered edition, you had to pre-register on their facebook page to be able to buy it. I basically spent a day and a night squatting their facebook page until the pre-registration opened (at an odd hour for me, since I was still living in France)!

Johnna Quick Owens Avatar

It wasn’t for me, but the greatest lengths I have went to was actually for one of my employees. He is an older man whose wife LOVED a perfume that Mary Kay sold. It had been discontinued, and she was distraught. He was telling me about it one day at work and explaining that he had been calling Mary Kay salespeople looking for bottles of the perfume. My mother-in-law happens to sell Mary Kay, so I called her and had her reach out to several other people she knew in the surrounding areas, trying to find someone with a stockpile. We managed to find 5 bottles of the perfume and he bought every one! He couldn’t wait to take it home and surprise her with it, she had almost given up on finding it. The sad thing is that about a year later he lost his wife. We were talking months later, and he said he kept the remaining bottles of her perfume in the refrigerator, and sprayed her pillows with it. It was really sad, but they had a happy life together for more than 40 years.

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