What beauty product do you own but can't figure out how to use?

What beauty product do you own but can’t figure out how to use? Or use in a way that you love, is flattering, etc.

It’s not quite the right answer to the question, but I always want to use hand cream more often and yet am notoriously bad at remember to apply (despite having them all over the house). I can get on board for a few weeks, then I’ll forget and drop off again! I wish I had more ways to use yellow eyeliner – it’s so fun to look at but can be harder to incorporate.

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Carrie Avatar

I have that red eyeshadow from (@#$%!) from Sugarpill. Insanely gorgeous color, but can’t figure out how to use it other than a little on the outer corner of the lid because it’s so bold! I’d use it more if I could 🙂

Anne Avatar

Try tightlining upper lashes with black liner so no skin can be seen between the lashes. Then apply black eyeliner. The trick is to create space between the eyeball and the red shadow.

Or tightline with black, but use a champaign liner to separate the shadow from the eyeball.

Lisa Avatar

Highlighters!! I either look like a disco ball or they dont show up… I need some help with that area for sure because I love how they look

StrangeOne Avatar

Touche Eclat. No matter how much I apply it makes no difference to my face. It doesn’t even highlight my cheekbones (must less have an effect on my dark circles) and merely gets absorbed by my face.

Robyn Avatar

If it gets absorbed by your face, your skin could be too dry for the product, especially if you notice it with other base-type products. PLus, it’s meant to be very subtle, although in all honestly, I don’t rate Touch Eclat that much at all!

Christine Avatar

For the life of me I cannot figure out how to use creme eyeshadow properly. If I put it on, it’s too much. If I try to blend it, the color disenigrates into my skin. I have so many Maybelline color tattoos and nyx jumbo sticks that are unused.

Beeshon Avatar

I’ve just bought Maybelline tattoos for the first time and I love them. I know what you mean about their application, but I apply with a cream eyeshadow brush (Bobbi Brown), then use a pony-tail brush to blend. Start with less, then you can add a little more if you want, It’s easier that way than trying to remove excess. They work well as eye-shadow bases as well. The pink gold is lovely as a base, washed over with a light grey or taupe, then contoured with a brown.

makura Avatar

I found using a warm ring finger to pat on Maybelline Color Tattoos is best. After it’s on the lid you can quickly blend with a flat type concealer brush. Nyx jumbo Styx are too dry and hard to apply for me also. But I love the. Sephora Jumbo sticks, they are soft and stay put.

Veronica Avatar

What brush are you using, Chanel? I find a stippling brush is great for when I want a more dramatic look, while a fanbrush is favorable for a lighter glow.

Chanel Avatar

thank you for the tip I was using a powder brush which is probably not the best idea but I’m going to try a stippling brush 😀

Ryou Avatar

False eyelash applicator. I own a plastic one from Bourjois and I can never figure out how to use it properly. I’m planning to get a metal one from Sephora or Japonesque, hopefully they’re easier to use.

june Avatar

Contour. I’m getting better through sheer persistence and practice but trying to pick the right colour is much harder than I thought it would be. (I’m very warm, yellow toned, around the NC35 end of the spectrum — you’d think it would be easy considering I don’t have the issues with finding shades that very pale or very deep skin tones do, but I magically pick the wrong shades all the time)

makura Avatar

I had this dilemma too, and realized I was picking too orangey, too bronzey shades, and then they would oxidize and look terrible. So I went with contours with a gray undertone like Kevin Acoins sculpting powder in Medium, MAC sculpting powder or even NYX Taupe blush. All of these are working great! And all are matte, btw.

mariness Avatar

the lorac tantalizer baked bronzer. am nw50 and this bronzer is a bit too light and shiny on my complexion. it looks really pretty on the container i just wish i knew what else i could do with it other than using it as an eyeshadow

indiekicks Avatar

I’m NW55 and have a mini of that bronzer, I use it as a highlight. For us deeper skin women, the vast, VAST majority of bronzers will only work as highlighters, blush, and maybe eyeshadow.

Travelon Avatar

Try using it under your foundation with a damp stippling or blush brush. It will give you a more subtle glow that you may be trying to achieve but are struggling with. The principle is the same as if you were using MAC’s Lustre Drops. I mix two small drops of Lustre Drops with my foundation for the most beautiful and subtle glow that would resemble the same effect that Hourglass’s Ambient powder gives. I ran out of Lustre Drops and MAC discontinued it, so I was looking for a less expensive way to achieve the same effect as Ambient powder so I tried wearing the Tanalizer the way I just described with amazing results. Wearing it under the foundation gives u a more natural glow. It definitely works best for me if I apply a healthy amount with a damp stippling brush not a sponge.

Vee Avatar

The OCC lip tar in Black Dahlia has been by far the trickiest beauty product I’ve encountered. I ended up exchanging it for Illamasqua’s Growl instead!

Jackie Avatar

i second this!! i bought the mini pack when it came out and i was most looking forward to black dahlia, but it applies so unevenly. i was really disappointed, but luckily i haven’t had that problem with any of the other shades i’ve bought.

Quinctia Avatar

Liquid foundation! It never goes on well for me. I can think of one that wasn’t entirely horrible: Urban Decay’s Naked Skin went on all right for me, though it was a bit too dry in formula for my winter skin at the time. Luckily, there are other types of formulas out there for foundation–I’m fond of Korean BB Creams and cream foundations.

Ammara Avatar

Wet n Wild’s megalast lip color in Just Peachy. It is THE worst lipstick I have used, in terms of formula because it’s thick and waxy, and colour because it washes me out no matter what, over lip liner, under another lipstick.

MissJae1908 Avatar

It is kinda think. And the first time I tried to apply it to my NW47 face, it’s looked crazy! What I found is that if I use my EOS lip balm and my Chestnut (brown) lip liner from mac or the brown liner from Milani, rub my lips together, and then apply the lipstick, it works! I know, it’s a lot of prep work for a lipstick, but I love it.

Ammara Avatar

I tried a very similar technique, turned to my friend, and she immediately said I just looked washed out. I guess it’s just the colour against my skin. I’m light medium with warm undertones. I think something with more orange undertones suits me more.

Ammara Avatar

I told myself I wouldn’t buy another lipstick from them but then they had a bourdeaux shade that is so hard to find (it’s mostly patchy or limited edition in most brands) so I gave in and bought Cherry Bomb. I’ll see how that goes.

san Avatar

Undereye concealer…so difficult and then they add in correctors and brighteners!!How do we find whether our undereye shadow is bluish or grayish?? Shud v use orange or green corrector…Should brightner be the same skin color or lighter?? Why after all these products the eye area looks strange.:( really undereye concealing is terrifying for me.

Veronica Avatar

Green isn’t really good for an undereye corrector – it’s more often used to cancel out redness. Warmer complexions are probably more likely to have grey or reddish-purple undereyes circles, whereas cooler skintones will see more blueish grey or purple tones. Orange correctors are best used on darker skintones, particularly those with warmer undertones. Yellow and salmon are better for canceling out blueish discoloration.

While I’ve yet to find anything that perfectly cancels out my dark circles, I do recommend mixing the corrector with a concealer that matches your skin tone. I find that it makes the area transition more seamlessly into the rest of your face, whereas the corrector alone can look a bit stark.

For reference, I’m an NW10/15. I find Benefit’s Lemon Aid to be pretty good, which I like to mix with MAC Studio Fix concealer in NC15. (I’ve yet to find a good concealer for my NW10 months.) Bobbi Brown’s corrector/concealer duos are also pretty good, though I did find that it tended to seap into creases. NYX has a decent corrector line that runs the gambit from yellow to orange and is priced quite nicely, though it’s a tad creamy and will settle into lines unless you set it.

Ammara Avatar

Just find a concealer that matches your skin exactly and you’ll be fine. If you have dark circles that are very, very dark, more than average, then find a pinker version of your skintone and that will be your corrector, which you can mix with the concealer like Veronica has written. Some makeup artists (Wayne Goss) don’t bother with green, blue, purple whatever. They think if the coverage level of the concealer is good, it will do just fine. I thought I needed a corrector but my circles are mild so Givenchy’s Mister Macaroon covers them very well.

Robyn Avatar

Steer away from green correctors – green corrects redness, and most people will have blue/purple undereye darkness. Get a colour wheel from online, look at which colour matches your undereye circles most closely, and then see what the colour on the opposite side is – most likely you’re going to have something in peachy/yellowy/orangey family as a result. And then get yourself down to a counter like Bobbi Brown and try some out in person. Undereyes are hard because our skin there is such a pain, but you’ll find a match 🙂

Travelon Avatar

Veronica hit the nail on the head! Her reply was through and comprehensive. She really said it all and I would only add one thing. What are you trying to accomplish? Are you attempting to color correct, conceal discoloration? Or are you trying to highlight? Once you are clear on what your need or desire is then you can work from there to decide what products to purchase

Maddie Avatar

Benefit’s Dr Feelgood. I’ve tried over and under makeup, and both ways it looks dreadful. I’m now resigned to the fact that it’s a dud product for me.

Mariella Avatar

Easy – MAC Beauty Powder. I only have one (I think it’s Oh So Fair, which I know is very highly rated) and it’s so pale that it doesn’t work as a blush for me, even though I’m NW15/20 – I’d just have to cake it on to get a “blush” effect, but it also seems just too pink to use as an all-over brightening or setting powder. The other is Too Faced’s Snow Bunny “bronzer”. It’s very glittery for a bronzer – more like a highlighter – and the bands of pink and white make it not very “bronze”.

Samantha Avatar

I am fair as well (I estimate myself as NW5). I love MAC beauty powders and skinfinishes. I have shades of beauty powder as light as Forever Marilyn. I use it as a highlighter above my cheekbones, chin, bridge of nose, and a dash on the forehead. I use MAC Lightscapes to set my makeup. Man, that is fair!

Sylirael Avatar

This is kind of embarrassing in both a beauty sense and a life sense, but…


Yep, I pretty much only drink water (+ maybe tea), and we all know how important it is for your health, skin, etc…but I’m terrible at remembering to actually drink!

I have the world’s worst thirst reflex or something. I’ll only drink if I’m doing hardcore exercise, or someone *tells* me to. Until I end up with a headache or something.

So, yeah. You can lead a rogue to water, but you’ll have to remind her to drink!

Michelle Avatar

OMG I thought it was just me!! My husband thinks I’m an alien because I am never ever thirsty. I can eat a family size bag of salt and vinegar chips and I don’t need anything to drink. I can have my 2 cups of coffee in the morning and maybe a diet coke at night and I’m good. Even during exercise I can have a bottle of water with me and I won’t touch it. So I know a little off topic here Christine, but sometimes it’s good to see someone who shares something with you. 🙂

Wednesday Avatar

At first I had issues with finishing powders. I love the gorgeous smoothing effect of Hourglass ambient finishing powders, but was confused on how best to use them. When applying a light layer all over the face, I found 1. It was just too much and would turn into a hot glowy mess and 2. it interfered with my foundation colour so my face wouldn’t match my neck or decolletage

So, I worked with them a bit and found a couple of things that jive for me. I now use them just on the apples of my cheek and blend out a bit to tops of cheekbones and a touch on central forehead. I still get the benefit of the smoothing effect, but I do not end up looking like a disco ball and there is still enough foundation colour showing on my face to blend in with the rest of my body visually. I also use the “Mood Light’ which is a pale mauvey colour to dissipate and tone down my ‘green yellowness’. Certain colours of lipstick–purples which I love–can pull my skin sallow. I counteract that with just a hint of Mood light again on apples of cheeks and forehead. I also pull it down a bit in neck and decolletage. I also use these finishing powders to alter blush to cool up too warm for me blushes or conversely to warm up too cool blushes; Mood light and Dim light respectively.

I do not give up on products easily unless their quality is just outright poor. I will usually find a use or find the right brush or find the right technique. Days when I am just messing around with makeup and don’t care what my results look like have been very beneficial to me.

Beeshon Avatar

The secret is not to use too much and to remember that it’s not a concealer but a brightener. Put a little onto the back of your hand and apply with a proper concealer brush under your eyes. Then pat gently with your fingertips. You can also apply a little on your brow bone. However, if you have dry skin, TE isn’t very dry-skin friendly and you might find you get on better with equivalents from Lancome or Dior (Skinflash) which are a tad ore moisturising.

Ammara Avatar

Yes! It does. I have a cha cha tint sample and it’s the same. I have to put a small dot on a stippling brush and blend like a madwoman on my cheeks. The result is pretty but even if you’re too late with blending after stippling, it stains. The dot of a stain somewhat buffs away if i keep at it.

Lauren Avatar

False lashes – However, I haven’t really tried to apply them. I bought some lashes but honestly can’t figure out where I’d ever wear them. They just aren’t practical for my lifestyle.

Liquid Liner – I find it challenging to apply liquid liner but I have successfully applied my Lorac Pro liquid liner. However, it also isn’t something that fits with my lifestyle. The harsh line of liquid liner just doesn’t mesh with the natural looks I favor on the weekends or the professional looks I favor during the week. And when I dress up, I prefer smudgier liner to go with a warm smokey eye (golds, browns).

Fashn Avatar

I am going to agree with Jennifer, black eyeliner is something I cannot seem to wear right. I have an olive complexion, so I would think black wouldnt be a problem, but it looks too stark on me. I usually end up buying a black/brown color to soften the look. I have a UD Perversion eye pencil that I received with my Naked palette, the color is great but it’s just too intense no matter how I try to soften it up. I use UD’s Sabbath and that looks better.

Wednesday Avatar

Couple of suggestions: I have very light yellowish olive complexion and do not prefer straight black liner on my eyes either. Try smudging another dark shadow (one that flatters your complexion – I use dark browns, dark muted greens, dark burgandies–immediately above the black liner with an angle brush. Take the angle brush and flick it up as you apply the shadow to the line. It will soften the edge really nicely (soft pencil brush can work too) You can also try softening with a black eyeshadow that has warmer undertones.

Another reason why black eyeliner can look too stark: In my case, I have a very thick and noticeable waterline on my upper lid. I cannot wear black eyeliner without tightlining or it looks downright weird.

Emily Avatar

I have bronzer and highlighter for contouring, but I just don’t know if I’m doing it right. I think I’m just so used to seeing myself without it that I think it looks weird/unnecessary on me. I like to play with it when I know I’m not going anywhere to see if I can achieve different results, but I think I’ll stick to blush for everyday.

Em Avatar

Just looking at your profile picture, you look quite pale (like me – not super pale but not very dark) and I started using a face powder that is a few shades darker than my skin tone rather than a bronzer – it’s still noticeable, but more subtle than a bronzer. It has taken me a long time to get comfortable with it too but now I love it!

Beeshon Avatar

I was told by a makeup consultant that contouring is best avoided as it’s very, very difficult to do and get right and really only necessary for professional photo shoots. In a word, don’t bother, lol! Load a little bronzer on a bronzing brush, shake off excess then apply to your face very lightly in a 3 shape on side of your face. ie, start from the top of the middle of your forehead, take it to your temple, then down to your cheek, across the top of your cheek, down the side of your face then lightly across the jawline. Dab a little down your nose. You’re basically bronzing those areas the sun catches.

Elizabeth Avatar

Bronzer, definitely. I’m into contouring but I don’t like to use bronzer for it, so I have several mini bronzers just waiting for their time in the spotlight. Although, since I’m trying to be more diligent about applying sunscreen these days, I’m thinking I can use it to just fake a little sunkissed glow… as if I don’t spend all day inside an office. I’ve also found it useful for when my under-eye concealer is too light, to dust a tiny bit of bronzer over it to help it blend in, but I’ve never heard of anyone else doing that, so it feels wrong…

aditi Avatar

I bought the YSL bleu aqua eyeliner from their summer collection. It a pale aqua blue (surprise!) with slightest bit of shimmer and is SO beautiful! however, I have no idea how to use it! I use on my waterline to brighten but it does not have much impact there. and because i am quite tan, it looks too stark in the upper lash line:( but its so pretty i couldnt return it or give it away…..

Lee Avatar

Cream blushes. My skin is kinda a dry and seems to suck up the color before I can blend it out. Powders ar much easier for me but I admire the glowiness of cream blushes.

And I’m another who’s pretty hopeless are false eyelashes. I even bought a bag of 30 during one of NYX’s clearance sales so I coudl practice but I don’t seem to be getting much better.

Ashley H. Avatar

UD Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner!!! I got Midnight Cowboy, its really pretty but I cannot get it to work for me. I tried it under the lash line and once I got a lot of glitter in my eye and had to rinse almost 20 times to get it out. The other times it migrated too far under my lash line to look good, it looked sloppy.

I think I will give up and return this product. It was scary getting it in my eye. I will try the Stila Metals or a MAC pigment for a sparkly eye look.

Veronica Avatar

I wouldn’t say I don’t know how to use it, but I find bronzer application difficult, especially in my NW10 months. As pricey as it is, I may yet shell out for Guerlain’s Nude bronzer just because it goes on so light and subtle.

I’ve also never been good at cream contour. I’m a pretty good hand at subtle powder contouring, but the fully contoured face eludes me, partly out of lack of options (most contours are too warm) and partly because I am way too lazy to put that much work into my face. 😛

Clio Avatar

Highlighters – I own a ton because they’re so pretty in the pan, but I look like a glittery mess when I wear them. A big one right now is Benefit’s new They’re Real Pushup liner. I can’t get the product right into my lashline the way the applicator is set up, and the click-up mechanism seems like it will waste a ton of product. I’m still practicing, so jury’s out on that one for now.

Tiffanie Avatar

Orange lipstick! I am about a MAC NC47-NC50 with full lips and cannot for the life of me figure out how to wear orange without looking like a clown, besides mixing it with a brown liner. I have yellow undertones and find that blue based reds look great whereas orangey reds don’t compliment my skin tone. For some reason, I am obsessed with trying to wear orange. I even bought MAC Morange, but have yet to wear it out of the house.

While I’m at it, MACs Candy Yum Yum is also a challenge. I love the idea of a neon, in your face pink, but the application leaves a lot to be desired. It’s not so much the color, but maybe the finish. It emphasizes every line and crack/flake in my lips. A lip gloss helps, but why should I have to do that just to wear it?? I recently bought Kelly Yum Yum from the Osborne collection, and I like it way better! I’m starting to learn every color is not for everybody. Sure you can make anything “work”, but there are just certain colors that just naturally compliment everyone…no “work” required. Please excuse the long rant LOL!

olechka Avatar

I have the orange problem too! I see these amazing photos of women with what I think is similar coloring to me wearing orange and it looks bright and happy and modern and sharp. and then I put it on my pale with a little bit of a tan and neutral undertones face and it just doesn’t look like that. I have not given up tho. I WILL make this work…

Donna Avatar

Why not go for a deeper reddish orange like Lady Danger or Dangerous?. I’ve got caramel skin with yellow undertones and Morange is hard for me to wear.

Anet Avatar

I am also light yellow/ green and as for oranges, I find “burnt orange” shades most flattering on me. You can try for example L´Oreal Shine Caresse in 501 Bonnie to see whether you like the shade on you (looks different and in my view much prettier on lips than on the applicator!).

Tiffanie Avatar

I actually have Lady Danger. I’ve worn it a few times, but once I bought Ruby Woo…it was over LOL! I may have to break it out soon though. Thanks for the reminder!

KK Avatar

I know Im fairly late in writing and don’t know if any of you will visit the page again but do try YSL Pur Couture #13 Le Orange. Its extremely flattering and easy to carry off orange. My Favorite. I am NC 30-35 in MAC.

Emily Avatar

Cream blush, like do i apply on top of wet foundation and then set it all with loose powder or apply it after I have powdered/contoured? Same goes with any cheek stain like Benetint.

Alyza Rae Avatar

Try this: apply your foundation, allow it to set (perhaps while you do your eye makeup or hair) fully, and then apply your cream blush, then bronzer/contour/highlighter. Personally, I find it easier to blend the powder products on top of the cream blush instead of vice versa!

Wednesday Avatar

On top of foundation and same as Emily, I move to my eyes next and follow up with cheeks afterwards. I work HAC before blush, but both before and after can be done. I use cream HAC instead of powders, but that is my preference. On the cream blush side, for me, it’s all in the brush. MAC 130! A short duo fibre brush that allows you to stipple cream/liquid products on top without messing under layers. Try not to apply too much pressure on the brush, let the brush do the work.

L Avatar

MAC’s pro long wear concealer. A lot of people love it but I am having such a hard time with it. Too much pumps out and I find it can get cake-y so easily. Coverage is on point, but I don’t like the cake face I end up with, there’s not enough Fix+ in the world to fix it.

Kari Avatar

what i do with my plc is that i have a old sample jar from mac that i cleaned out and i put a couple pumps of the concealer in the jar so i can use my finger or a brush to only get what i need out… that way you’re not wasting any product by excess pump. or i only press down like barely and get a half pump on the back of my hand.

Michelle Avatar

This is my favorite concealer (and I’ve tried dozens) – I can’t believe MAC hasn’t fixed that problem yet! There must be thousands of complaints about that pump!!

L Avatar

They really should fix that pump though, I hear that complaint from everyone! I also just watched a leighannsays vid on youtube and she dropped her new one on the floor and cracked the bottom off! I’m scared I will break it because of the container aswell. Def needs new packaging.

Toni Avatar

NYX butter glosses – I have two and they both settle into the lines of my lips; I don’t have that problem with other lip products. Maybelline Color Elixirs – I love the color choices, but they just don’t show up well on my pigmented lips, nor do they last long, even after several coats. Maybe I show trying pairing both with a lipstick…

heather Avatar

almost every butter gloss applies sheer/clear on me but i really like the formula so i apply them on top of a coordinated lipstick or stain and it amps up the color!

Kat Avatar

1. I am so bad at highlighter. It’s either too much or it’s invisible, or it’s just not quite in the right place. I don’t know, I’m weird.
2. Totally, yellow eyeliner and eyeshadow. Pink too. I feel like pink just makes me look like I have allergies.
3. The darkest shades of lipstick. For some reason, I just can’t ever get it to look right.

Amy Avatar

I have a MAC Fluidline in a color that’s really wonderful for me but I never use it because I find it so hard and time-consuming to put it on. I just stick with pencil liners, but I look at it and sigh.

lisa Avatar

false lashes. I have tried for years and never get it right, I gave up. Also eyelash curlers-I have a Shu one and after I use it, it has removed some of my eyeliner. Don’t know how to use it without messing up my eye makeup in the process.

Rachel B. Avatar

I apply my eyeshadow first, then curl my lashes, and then apply my eyeliner and mascara. That way the eyelash curler doesn’t smudge or remove my eyeliner. Sometimes I will carefully (and lightly) recurl just the middle and tips of my lashes after applying my eyeliner if it looks like the curl has fallen slightly (usually only happens when I’m tight lining or really working a pencil into my upper waterline).

Katy Avatar

Not really sure this is considered a beauty product more of a hair accessory but I can not for the life of me figure out how to use sock/donut buns. More product related is liquid eyeliners. I think they just weren’t meant for my eye shape. I have very almond shaped monolid eyes. Liquid never works for me. Or I just don’t know how to use it properly 🙁

Anne Avatar

High sheen crease colors on mature eyes don’t work, imo. Yet, the companies keep making palettes without pretty, blendable matte crease shades. Boo, hiss. . .

Bethaney Avatar

I purchased 2 MUFE HD blushes on an impulse buy. I just can’t understand how to use them. I read all of these positive reviews for them but I have yet to be blown away by the product:(

Helene Avatar

If this question had come last week I would have had an answer, Benefit They’re real Push Up Eyeliner, or whatever it’s called, Why do they have to have such long names on products?
It was a real learning curve with it, I can’t say I’m doing perfect lines, but at least I get it good enough 50% of the time now and the days I don’t get it right it’s not a real disaster they way it was in the beginning.

Meghan Avatar

I’m not great at applying concealer! My skin is pretty clear at the moment, but I just feel like every time I get a pimple, I just do -not- know how to properly conceal it, and I always feel like the spot is still so noticeable. I watch a lot of beauty YouTube videos, and these girls apply concealer and poof all of the imperfections are gone! I don’t know if I’m picking the wrong formula for my oily-ish skin, wrong shade, or what… I just need help! Haha

heather Avatar

i agree that mine never looks as good as the youtube gurus but i have tried a ton and a great concealer that works on my oily skin is make up for ever’s full cover. it has great coverage and although its a little pricey, you only need to use a speck so it lasts forever!

Rachel B. Avatar

My skin is super dry and thankfully I rarely get a pimple, but when I do, I also have a hard time covering them. When I get one, the skin immediately surrounding the pimple gets so dry and flaky that most concealers seem to just dry attention to the area. Clean and Clear (I think?) used to make an awesome product that was designed to treat the pimple but also created a smooth layer over it so that concealer would apply seamlessly, however I can no longer find it in stores. My new tactic is to apply moisturizer, primer, and foundation as normally would, then apply a teeny, tiny dab of Smashbox photo finish primer to the pimple and blend out to surrounding skin. Then conceal using Diorskin Nude Skin Perfecting Hydrating Concealer. Then dust over entire face with finishing powder such as Smashbox Halo or the MUFE one (can’t remember the exact name).

BB60605 Avatar

Bobbi Brown shimmer bricks or any highlighter for that matter. I can’t seem to get it just right. Everyone seems to love highlighters but I can’t see why. I’m either too shiny, or I can’t tell if the product is really making a difference.

Bonnie Avatar

Beauty Blender!
Bought one b/c of the rave reviews, but just don’t see the results described by others. In my hands it’s just a pink $20 sponge!

Jackie Avatar

maybe my eyeshadow brushes…i’m not very confident in my blending abilities which leads me to sticking with pretty safe looks. i guess i just need to practice more!

for an actual specific product, probably the urban decay black palette. luckily i got it on clearance, but i should’ve looked at reviews first because all the shades read straight muddy black on me! they looked so good in the pan though 🙁

Em Avatar

Mac Fix+ spray – I just can’t figure it out… spraying it on before doesn’t seem to do anything, after doesn’t set it just makes my makeup move, and I don’t get it!?!

Michelle Avatar

POWDERS in general. For years I had ONE POWDER – MAC Studio Fix. Used it as a foundation and used it for touch ups during the day. Then I switched to liquid foundation out of boredom and the world of powders opened up to me – finishing powder, setting powder, highlight powder, bronzing powder, contour powder, blotting powder – does anyone use all of these at the same time? Color me confused.

MonicaP Avatar

I have a hard time using the It Cosmetics tightline mascara .. i just can’t get that darn brush close to my lashline without blinking! Ugh. The mascara works well for getting those tiny lashes at the inner/outer lashline, but .. for the life of me .. I can’t tightline with this product.


heather Avatar

all of the youtubers seem to use this as a root boosting mascara and not for actual tightlining. i think the darkened lash roots just appear tightlined.

Julie Avatar

I tried a lot of highlighting powders that I didn’t like. I recently bought a produce from IT Cosmetics called Bye Bye Pores Illuminizing Powder and I really like it. You do need to be a little careful because a little goes a long way but the results are worth it. My skin has a nice glow without looking shiny.

Travelon Avatar

Benefit’s Watts Up!!! I can’t, for the life of me, figure out if you use it before you powder your foundation or after. I have tried several different ways to apply it and nothing seems to be working. When I apply it after foundation but before powder it rubs my foundation right off! I could go on forever about how confused I am. I don’t know if it that the product is simply too dry for my skin or maybe not compatible with the foundation I’m using!!! Aaarrrrrhhhhh!!!!!! It’s quite pretty in the tube and I’m sure if I could figure it out I’d be pleased but so far no luck. I feel the same exact way about Benefit’s High Beam! When I would use it over top of my foundation before I powdered it would completely remove my foundation. It was so bad that I would have to remove all of my hard work and start over!!! It was just an awful experience! I returned it. But Watts Up was a birthday gift I received from Sephora and it’s really pretty to me. So I would love to be able to figure it out!

Samantha Avatar

Illamasqua Precision ink in Scribe. I have tried a lot of different things, but I cannot make it look good. And it flakes like mad.

Cecile Avatar

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