Beautiful Beginnings with Maybelline

Beautiful Beginnings with Maybelline

What was the first Maybelline product you ever tried?  Did it pave way for a real romance or did it put you off the brand entirely?  What was the first product you purchased?  Did you love it? Hate it? Still own it?

my answer: I love their new Color Tatoo range! It’s great to see so many colorful shades available. I wish I could track down the new limited edition shades. I’ve always liked their Full ‘n’ Soft mascara (it was a go-to for years), as well as their gel eyeliner and lipsticks.

Share your first time experiences with Maybelline in the comments! 🙂


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Jennie Avatar

Full n’ Soft is my jam! Nothing has ever made my lashes look better. <3 My first Maybelline products were probably their single eyeshadows. I still love Disco Ball more than any other silvery shimmer I've tried.

Jackie Avatar

I don’t remember the exact first product, but I know many of my first makeup purchases were Maybelline. Great Lash mascara, while not my current favorite, still runs circles around brands that cost 5x as much… I haven’t tried any of the Color Tattoo shades, but I checked them out the other day and they are definitely promising.

Elle Jaye Avatar

I can’t remember my first Maybelline product, probably eyeshadow but I love their Mascaras: great lash, falsies, and lash stilleto! One of them is always in my makeup stash.

xamyx Avatar

I honestly can’t remember the first Maybelline product I tried, but it was likely mascara or lipstick. I wore their foundation alot when I was younger, as they were the only brand at the time that made a truly beige shade. I also had lots of lipsticks, and continue to buy them often. They made pretty decent shadows, and the price was good, but now not so much (though their prices have gone up quite a bit). I plan on trying the Fit Me line of foundation in the future.

xamyx Avatar

I forgot to mention the eye pencils; they came in a red casing, and we would melt the tip to apply on the waterline. Very dangerous, I know, but we were young, and it was the 80s & we didn’t know any better. Still, it would last *all* day.

Emma Avatar

My very first eyeshadow pallette was from Maybelline, and I loved it in the beginning. But the more I got into makup the less I used it. Maybelline itself as a brand is not that interesting for me anymore. I think it is too expensive for what it is and the few products I own are ok, but I have better products than that. For example the color tattoos – they are pretty, but I don’t really use cream eyeshadows and the one I own creases. So, meh.

Jennifer Avatar

I like the color tattoos also! I finally found the limited edition shades at my CVS. I checked so many other stores before I found them though. I haven’t used much of their other products other than mascara.

Eileen Avatar

This question is a trip down memory lane 🙂 It was about 1960 and my first product was the black cake mascara which came in a little (approx. 1″ x 2″) red plastic case. A small cake of mascara and a tiny brush came in a “drawer” that slid in and out of the outer case. We had to moisten the brush with water and work it across the cake to form a goo which we applied to our lashes. I also occasionally used the mascara as a very primitive eyeliner. I used a lot of Maybelline in my teens and my early twenties, but have moved on since then.

Carole Eisemann Avatar

that was my first memory, too. Their mascara in the litle red box with the separate brush. You had to wet the mascara (I remember some girls used “spit” – ugh, gross) and then run the brush back and forth to get the product on the brush.

So glad that mascara’s come a long way since then.



Rachael Avatar

I love Maybelline. The very first lipstick I ever bought was a Maybelline Moisture Whip lipstick back in the early 90s. I mostly loved the brand because Christy Turlington was their spokes-model, and she was my favourite super model back then. Later, I started buying Full ‘n Soft mascara when it first came out in the late 90s (remember the Sarah Michelle Geller commercials?). Full ‘n Soft is the best mascara ever, but you can’t buy it in Canada anymore for some reason. I still like Maybelline mascaras – One-by-One and the Colossal are two of my favourites. I usually pick up the Colour Sensational lipstick in ‘Totally Toffee’ when it’s on sale as it’s a nice wearable nude colour. Wish they would bring back Full’n Soft!

Kristabelle Avatar

I loved Maybelline and used it a lot in middle school/the first half of high school- the cover stick concealer, brow pencil, mousse blush…as I got more into makeup, though, I realized it wasn’t so great.
Now, I think they have a few really great products- the color tattoo shadows, gel liner, and the falsies mascara. Other than that, though, I don’t really buy maybelline products.

LauraR. Avatar

The first product I bought from them was a matte brown eyeshadow single. I still have a few of those. I’ve been impressed by Maybelline lately. I have several of the color tatoo eyeshadows, and some of their fall limited edition eyeshadow quads are beautiful! Their Dream Matte Powder is a great setting powder and doesn’t break me out…the color is perfect too. I like it as much as my Giorgio Armani powder. Their powder highlighters left a lot to be desired, though.

I like several of their lipsticks, but I prefer the older version (they were creamier, and I still use several of them). The new lipsticks are good, but you have to really check the colors because several have that horrid frosted/pearl finish that looks very Vegas/80s.

A lot of people love the mascaras, but I’ve always found them to be too wet, so they clump on me and don’t build enough volume. Plus I’ve had issues with smudging, so I’ve steered clear of them for the last few years. They do make some good gel eyeliners (although they dry out pretty quickly).

In the last year or two I’ve been impressed with some of the new formulas and products. I usually wait for a review on YouTube or a beauty blog before buying, but I’ve been happy with several of my recent purchases from the brand.

KaseyCannuck Avatar

I can’t remember that far back!!! Maybelline and Cover Girl were my go-to’s in my teens, but mostly Cover Girl. I remember using their red eye/brow liner pencils because they had such a dry texture and wouldn’t smear everywhere (my face was a walking oil slick back then, only slightly better now). Their products that I LOVE today are the Color Tattoos, Lash Stiletto mascara and Full & Soft mascara. I wear Bad To The Bronze Color Tattoo and Lash Stiletto mascara daily!!

Sagehen Avatar

Obvs Great Lash as a youngster, and then I left the brand for a time, then Lash Stiletto Volutptuous caught my attention a couple of years ago, then One by One mascara, so it has always been about mascara for me and Maybelline. One day I reached out on faith and tried a Color Tattoo and was hooked. I have also ventured into their lipsticks and been pleasantly surprised. They are still not my go-to brand but when I am out and need a face in a pinch I know I can at least go to a Maybelline display and be presentable.

blueraccoon Avatar

I have Full n Soft mascara, which I like although it’s not my favorite. I’ve picked up several of the color tattoos and I also really like them. And then I tried the Super Stay 10hr Stain Gloss, and it almost put me off the entire brand, it was so vile and horrible and bleagh. I’m glad htat wasn’t my first experience, or I’d never have bought another Maybelline product. As it is, I’m swearing off all their lip products!

Joni Avatar

I don’t remember what my first product was from Maybelline.
I do remember getting Great Lash sometime early in high school and being horribly allergic to it. I mean horribly, my eyes puffed up to the point of being nearly closed and stayed that way for weeks. I had to switch to wearing glasses for a year after that.
Interestingly enough, I only have one Maybelline product now (an eyeshadow) that I bought for Halloween one year.
It’s not that I wouldn’t buy more. I had the same reaction (only not as bad) to Diorshow, but I’ve bought more Dior products.

I’m not even allergic to many products at all. It’s just that I’m always allergic to really popular ones.

Jenny Avatar

I think the first product I used from Maybelline was the Matte Mousse Foundation in high school. The Matte Mousse Foundation gave me a flawless looking face but after a while I started to break out from it. Sigh! But I truly truly fell in love with Maybelline when they came out with their Line Stiletto Ultimate Precision liquid eyeliner, Eye Studio Master Drama pencil eyeliner, Eye Studio Lasting Drama gel eyeliner, and Eye Studio Master Precise ink pen eyeliner. This love brought me to Maybelline’s Color Sensational Lipsticks, Baby Lips, and Color Tattoos. Maybelline has some pretty amazing eye and lip products!

Veronica Avatar

Their Stiletto mascara is one of my big go-to products. The only one that’s come close to edging it out is L’Oreal Voluminous Million Lashes. I also really miss their old cream mousse blush line – Soft Plum was my HG blush! I’m fretting over whether to try the new formulation, since I don’t want to be disappointed. I like their lipstick line, though I do find the frostier shades to be a tad drying.

Sunny Avatar

I think I started out with their mascaras, and I used to use pretty much ONLY Maybelline mascara! I had their gel liner which lasted me a LONG time without drying out, and the Color Tattoos are fabulous!

Cameron R Avatar

Like Jenny my first product I tried by them was their Dream Matte Mousse which I liked, and then followed by their Mineral Power Liquid foundation. I LOVED the latter and then they went and discontinued it which was the beginning of me eventually giving up on drugstore foundations and seeking more secure choices from higher end brands.

breyerchic04 Avatar

First? oh man. Actually I remember a babysitter putting Great Lash on me at 4. I think I got several Maybeline products when I first bought makeup at 12.

Anna Avatar

I only ever tried a mascara. I think it was called Falsies and it did not work for me. I actually only used it once and threw it away. Major fall out within an hour from the mascara. I hear many people like their mascara though but it’s not for me.

Theresa Avatar

I love the color tattoo line also. I had to search out the new shades as well when I first heard about them. Now I see them everyone. I could pick them up for you if you can’t find them.

Mariella Avatar

Oh, about 100 years ago, I bought my very first eye shadow from Maybelline (at the time, it seemed kind of expensive). It was pure white and I wore it to a costume party, layered on really heavy and used my mom’s black eye liner to line my eyes so I’d look like a beatnik/very early Cher Bono. More recently, my first purchase was 2 Colour Tattoo shadows (Tough as Taupe and Bad to the Bronze), quickly followed up with a palette in Caffeine Rush. I am really quite impressed with the quality of these shadows.

Leticia Avatar

A “few” years ago (pheew…time really flies!) I traveled to LA to attend a cousin’s wedding. Another cousin took me once to a drugstore and I still remember how excited I was to see a whole wall of makeup products, including a lot from Maybelline that I used to see ads of in US magazines but could not buy in Mexico. I got a pink cream blush with a matching lipstick (the cream blush resulted in clown cheeks, but well – I had fun playing with it) and a couple of those transparent lip glosses with fruity flavor that had a metal ball applicator, which I enjoyed a lot. Later on, their eyeshadow quads became favorites of mine, including one that had a peach shade and a purple shade, which I found very original :). Today I love their Falsies Mascara, the ExpertWear Eyeshadow quads and their Superstay lip products. I do enjoy their eye products more than anything else. My only miss with Maybelline was a plum Color Sensational lipstick because the smell turned horrible after a week – I can´t stand waxy smells in lipsticks and just had to throw it away. Maybelline is one of my favorite drugstore brands and I love how they’re stepping up their game with products like the Color Tatoos and the Gel Eyeliner.

Beth Maiorana Avatar

I love all things “Maybelline”; I recently wrote to tell them this, too- their eyeshadows are priced right, and aside from being a wee bit chalky sometimes, to die for. I am crazy for their Color Sensational lipsticks and mascaras. I just love ’em and feel that they have a couple of things to teach the high-end lines.

Alix Avatar

My first Maybelline product was an eyeshadow quad — blue, green, brown and this awful yellow ochre shade. I wore all four colors at once (it was the 80s) and did the same with my next two quads (Blooming Colors, that was the name!): a palette of very pretty purples and pinks and one of the same colors in super-frosted shades. SUPER frosted. Didn’t stop me, though. Did I mention it was the 80s?

Liz Avatar

I think my first Maybelline product was probably Great Lash mascara. I haven’t used it in years though. I kind of want to try it again, but I find that purchasing any other DS mascara besides my HG mascaras (Voluminous or Million Lashes by L’oreal) is a waste of money.

I have a few of their eyeliners that are pretty good. I used the Unstoppable in Espresso until it was gone. I also like the purple Master Drama pencil. The Falsies Black Drama is a pretty good mascara, but not better than my HGs. Other than that, I don’t really use Maybelline. I know a MUA who swears by the Dream Matte Mouse. I can’t find a match from their line.

I almost forgot. I love the Color Sensational Lipstick in Blushing Brunette. It’s a really pretty pink with a little bit of brown. I just wish it didn’t taste so bad.

Jessica Avatar

I think it was only about a year or two ago that I started playing with makeup. My first real makeup product(everything else was pretty much dollar store or no name brands) was actually from Maybelline. It was their great lash mascara. Being such a noob back then, I thought it was the best thing ever. But now I won’t touch a tube of the stuff. Too wet for me..

Melissa F Avatar

The first Maybelline I tried and purchased was a lipstick called Beaming Berry. I loved that color! It was the perfect berry color without being too bright or too dark. I purchased it while I was in high school and loved it. Then for some reason, I stopped wearing it, which sucks because it was discontinued. I have yet to find a color like it. I still love the Maybelline line as whole because I love their lipsticks and mascaras.

Quinctia Avatar

I think the first mascara I ever owned was Maybelline, but it’s been ages since then and I’ve never been a wearer of mascara when I didn’t have eyeshadow on.

The first product of theirs I remember purchasing personally was their Full N’ Soft mascara. At the time, it was great because it was nice and soft after it applied and not a lot of mascaras did that. I still only use Maybelline mascara, they have an extensive line-up that I enjoy.

Other products I use from them include the Color Sensational lipsticks, the Eye Tattoo shadows, and the Dream Matte Mousse foundation–though they seem to have discontinued my shade in that.

Oh! Just remembered, my favorite nail polish when I was in high school was Silver Lilac from the Express Finish line. I still have it, though I used quite a bit of it up. Still is good after all this time!

Brenda Avatar

I don’t recall when, sometime early 90’s, I remember having two eyeshadow duos. One was Indian summer and the other I can’t remember the name but it was a dark khaki and a beige shade.

I used to wear Great Lash in high school (always had smudging issues where my lashes touch my brow bone) and my favourite was Illegal Lengths when it was in the gold capped tube. I tried Full and Soft but it was just Okay for me.

I’ve always had a few lipsticks kicking around and they are pretty decent. I don’t buy from them anymore, as a general rule. I have a hard time with Maybelline and the companies owned by L’oreal because of the animal testing. ( estee lauder and MAC are also on the list. MAC didn’t used to be but they are now)

casey23 Avatar

I never did make up in high school. I kind had one or two eyeshadows, lip glosses (all pink :S) and maybe a mascara (don’t remember). When I graduated high school and got into a university I told myself that it is my time to buy myself some makeup items, for the big girl in the big city!!! I do remember that I did cut and collected loads of reviews and commercials from newspapers and magazines to give an idea for items. I do remember I mostly collected the ads of Nivea beauty (RIP) and Maybelline since they were the most colorful and affordable for me. My fist Maybelline product was also my first foundation: Maybelline Express Make up 3 in 1. Since I adored Sarah Michelle Gellar and wanted to have a skin like hers, I just went out and bought it without considering my skin type or else..
From now and then, I still like Maybelline, it is still an affordable brand and I really like and use their lipsticks (mostly color sensational) and their define a lash mascara. Also, I really want to try their color tattoo collection.

Kathryn Avatar

I think the first thing I used was the define-a-lash in the green tube in 7th grade. And their dream matte powder was my go-to powder before they narrowed the shade range!

alice Avatar

My first experience with Maybelline was in the early 90s with Kissing Potion and Kissing Kooler. Loved these lipbalm/gloss products for great flavors and scent! Now I love Color Tattoo (tremendous staying power) and Baby Lips.

Deb Avatar

Christine, Have you tried Rite-Aid? I got the new limited Edition Fall shade Moss Green there…it’s gorgeous! Priced at about $6.79. They also have a nice bronze. Haven’t seen these anywhere else thus far.

Erin Avatar

I live in Orange County and found the whole Fall range, including the limited edition Color Tattoo shadows, at Walgreens and Ulta. That was about a month ago. Good luck!

Erin Avatar

I’m pretty sure Great Lash was one of my first-ever cosmetic purchases, probably in junior high. I didn’t care for it then and still don’t. That said, there are many newer products I love, including The Falsies mascara, Baby Lips tinted balm and of course the lovely and long-lasting Color Tattoo shadows.

Jade Avatar

I live in Canada and I FINALLY was able to track them down at a shoppers drugstore. However, I saw only 4 of the new color tattoo shades and 3 new eyeshadow palettes. I believe the full line of nail polish was there. Hopefully more color tattoos will become available but I’m doubtful since Maybelline Canada’s Facebook page said not everything would be released.

Elizabeth Cunningham Avatar

Chris you’re going to learn some history with this question! The older chicks remember when Maybelline was modern, hip stuff! I used Maybelline first, along with CoverGirl, Revlon, and there was NO L’Oreal. Yeah. Pastel eyeshadow so frosty it’s a wonder the stuff was safe to wear. Frosty pink lip sticks with next-to-no-pigment at all. Baby oil was all we used to sunbathe, and you’d BETTER have a natural tan. Bonnie Bell Lip Smackers hit the market when I was around 10, I couldn’t get enough of them! Cutex nail polish! I think Maybelline mascaras were probably my first exposure to that brand. But I landed with CG Professional with the curved brush, bought that for years. These days I pretty ignore MB and CG in favor of other drugstore brands.

Julie Avatar

Oh, yes! my very first Maybelline mascara was Maybelline cake mascara! my favorite, they really need to bring it back, could be used as liquid liner if you wanted, applied with a shortened eyebrow brush. It was just soooo sooty. Great Lash, so long as you have a metal tined eyelash comb. Frosted pink and china blue frost eyeshadow. Tween memories! Kissing Potions-make me remember the TV program Gimmie a Break, where Katie was being blamed for looking like she ate a greasy pork chop with her hands. Hahahahaha.

Kathrine Avatar

I really cant remember, but I think my first product was the dream mousse foundation and one of the dream mousse eyeshadows 🙂 together with the define a lash mascara. I don’t like any of those now – but some of my HG products today are from maybelline – their One-by-one mascara (i’ve used at least 5 tubes of that stuff) and the dream mat powder (altså about 5 of those!) and I do like the 24 hour concealer and the clear mascara (for my brows). I don’t care for their lipstuff (we don’t have baby lips in Denmark)

Donna Avatar

Mine was an aqua eye liner, super frosty. This was in the late 70s, DISCO eyes! lol I looked ridiculous, but I was a middle schooler and thought I was so grown up. I wish I kept that eye liner for nostalgia’s sake. Not only was it my first Maybelline, it was my first make-up ever.

Like others have mentioned, I also loved the kissing potions. They need to bring those back!

Marina Avatar

Oh goodness, I can’t even remember my first Maybelline product!
But as for products I love, I adore the Color Tattoos, the Falsies mascara, their gel eyeliner…so far most of what I have tried from them has impressed me!

manda Avatar

great lash. started during late teen years. wore it to prom. still go back to it sometimes. great great stuff. people who complain about it are just unable to follow instructions! such a beautiful formula and works differently [in a good way] on everybody. i can usually guess peoples’ mascaras but at work i often see some incredible looking lashes, to which i of course ask, “what kinda mascara dyou use?”, only to learn it is Great Lash. the other benefit to the mascara is the many different shades, [brown, brownish blach, soft black, very black, blackest black etc] the variations in waterproof vs not, and the choice between curved wands or straight. i never use drugstore makeup anymore, except a few mascaras, but this is definitely a classic!

kitty Avatar

My very first Maybelline buy was a “paintbox eyshadows” palette that came out sometime in around 1988 or 1989 — I was not in my teens yet and was not really allowed to wear makeup to school, but I did like the other girls and brought my makeup kit and Aqua Net to school and we all did faces and hair before homeroom. This kit looked so cool, it was a tin box that looked like watercolor paints, I saved up my allowance for two weeks to buy it. The outside was black with bright splatter paint, the shadows inside were frosty and vibrant — SO 80s! It was the best thing ever that year. That and Sassy magazine. Most of your readers probably weren’t around for that, but it’s worth looking up.

kitty Avatar

Forgot to add, when took a year off work a couple years ago, I went on a strict beauty budget and sold off most of my perfume collection. During that time I made my last Maybelline purchase: two eyeshadow trios and three lipsticks that were on sale at Walgreens. They weren’t bad, and I still use them, but they’re not something I’d buy unless I were on a tight budget. For US drugstore makeup I actually prefer L’Oreal HiP eyeshadows and Rimmel — the nail polish is great, with a Dior-like brush.

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