Beautiful Beginnings with LUSH

Beautiful Beginnings with LUSH

What was the first LUSH product you ever tried?  Did it pave way for a real romance or did it put you off the brand entirely?  What was the first product you purchased?  Did you love it? Hate it? Still own it?

my answer: Oddly enough, one of the first products I tried was a shower gel! Not all-time favorite but good. I’m a huge fan of Angels on Bare Skin, Coalface, and all of their fresh face masks. I’m not much of a bath person, so while I enjoy their bubble bars and bombs, I rarely use them.

Share your first time experiences with LUSH in the comments! 🙂


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Adeline Avatar

My first experience with Lush is kinda weird. My mom had just fallen in love with Lush and we went in together just after christmas. They had the small holiday gifts on crazy sale so we bought them out! XD So my real first Lush product was a santa shaped butterball bath bomb! I love almost everything I’ve tried from them with only one real exception.

Gina Avatar

I just bought my first Lush products a few weeks ago, and I’m in love! I picked up two fresh face masks (BB Seaweed and Brazened Honey), and a lip scrub. The lib scrub exfoliates really nicely, and I love that you don’t have to rinse it off. The fresh faces masks are AMAZING! So refreshing, and they make my skin so smooth. I can’t wait to try more stuff.

Leland Avatar

The first, and only Lush product I’ve tried in the mint julep lip scrub. I am not much of a fan of body bars and scrubs, so the lip scrub was a great first product for me. The lip product really has me hooked onto the brand and excited to try more! The scrub feels so good, and really has gotten rid of my chapped lips!

corallista Avatar

The first product I tried out was the Caca Brun hair color. I quite liked it though half of my cake got wasted as I didn’t use it in time before the expiration date. Around the same time I also picked up the soap – Bohemian which was nice but nothing extraordinary! Sadly I didn’t like Coalface much which has sort of put me off their skin care but I do want to try one of the face masks, I’ve heard really good reviews! The one product though that I totally LOVE is the Karma range, it has the most amazing scent!

annie shebuski Avatar

Oddly enough, I just started my love affair with LUSH. Well, we were off to a rocky start with their Whoosh! shower “slime” (a goopy, jellified product) because all it would do is fall to the shower floor every time I tried to scoop it out and use it. When the pink-haired salesgirl gently tried to argue with me that maybe I was using it wrong, I gently argued back “I do not need to work this hard for soap.”

However, I quickly turned around and purchased two of their massage bars (something Each Peach?) and the one with the beans. Wait, I’ll look it up because it is DELICIOUS! — Wiccy Magic Muscles — no it doesn’t do a thing for muscles but the scent? I am the Earth Goddess incarnate with this on.

I also purchased chunk of Karma and Rock Star soap. What irked me about the entire experience was that the salesgirl was explicitly asked for ¼ lb of each product and I don’t know how they weigh this stuff but apparently it’s a lot of guessing because both were $9.95 a ¼ lb but “OH OPPS, this one came to $12.54, and this one came to $11.96 – is that alright?” well it wasn’t because I felt I was being scammed but whatever, that’s fine.

Lastly, I’m on Tuca Tuca and Orange Blossom solid gorilla perfumes. They rock but their price is unjustified for the amount. Whatevs, I’m in love, I guess. At least for now…..this coming from a woman who ran out and tried to collect every single LE MAC skinfinish to the tune of WAY TO MUCH MONEY when she first discovered MAC.

t_zwiggy Avatar

LUSH is one of those brands that I feel is extremely over hyped. First of all, most of the products I’ve tried have very overpowering scents (the kind that get stuck in your nose and give you a migraine). I actually had to throw out some products without even trying them first because they made my entire apartment stink (they were packaged in three double plastic bags in my bathroom cabinet!) Some of the bath products will stain your tub, it’s almost impossible to get it nice and white again. I also feel that they do very little for my skin. The soaps made my skin very weird, it’s hard to describe actually, but sort of dry/rough, oily/sticky and not clean at the same time. All face products have made me break out. Some body products have even made the skin on my body break out.

I’m not 100% sure what my first LUSH products were, but I think it was Honey, I washed the kids and Rockstar soaps. As I said, I don’t like what the soaps do to my skin, but I do like the scent of those two soaps (although I feel a bit too old to go around smelling like that).

I do have one product that I keep coming back to, and that is the Ocean Salt scrub. I like body scrubs that actually SCRUBS, there’s nothing worse than a body scrub with tiny and sparse scrubbing beads. However, I really hate that they promote it as a face and body scrub, it’s way too harsh for the face (my skin isn’t even slightly sensitive).

Maggie Avatar

I have to say, I use Ocean Salt on my face almost every day with no issues, so I think it does depend on the person using it! It is also an amazing body scrub, as you said, though 🙂

Swati Avatar

I take a pea-size amount and use it on my face everyday and it never feels too abrasive on me. I actually think it could all depend on the amount you use, since when used o wet skin, the salt starts dissolving in water pretty soon.

mirian Avatar

I actually started out using lush products that were given as a gift, but i didn’t really like them. I went to the store near me to see what else they carried and I have fallen in love with the Mrs. Whippy bath bomb (i have these stock piled) and their bath melts. In the winter I take baths a lot and they help sooth my skin so much!

Other products I love from them are the massage bars and their moisturizers. I love skin drink, even if it smells a bit weird, because it’s the only thing i can use in the winter that helps my skin

nacacijin Avatar

I had a rather rocky beginning with LUSH following my first (and only, thus far) visit. Last Christmas I stopped in and bought a bath bomb, a soap and a massage bar. The bath bomb was okay, but my bathtub isn’t exactly conducive to actually taking baths so I probably won’t be buy any more of those anytime soon. The soap (good karma) smelled terrible, but it was fairly good quality and I ended up just using it as a hand soap. And the massage bar (heavanilli)smelled absolutely amazing and was good for nighttime use, specifically in the winter as it was incredibly moisturizing, but I had a strange reaction to it 🙁 It was great as a hand or foot cream, but if I put it anywhere else — arms, legs, etc — I would break out.

I definitely want to try some more of their soaps, in addition to their Dark Angels & Coalface cleansers, solid shampoos, shower gels and body butters.

18thCenturyFox Avatar

My firsts were Demon in the Dark ( took me awhile to figure out there was wax requiring removal) and Angels on Bare Skin. I love those Jell-O soaps and the bath bombs. I always buy the massage bars with glitter, or peach or chocolate scent and then forget to use them.I’ve never tried the shower gels because I blow my funds on bath bombs only quitting right before I’ve sold my first born. I loved the l’il shark fin soaps and my Lovely Jubblies cream. Sadly I no longer live near one but anybody who knows and loves me, sends these things my way come birthday time. I think my absolute can’t live without it item is the silky underwear powder thing because I love the scent!

Megan Avatar

It took me a while to love Lush because of the overpowering smell of their shops — I swear you can smell them half a mile away!

I’m a big fan now, though, and my absolute favourite thing from there is the Comforter bubble bar. It smells divine and leaves my skin so soft plus it makes the bathwater pink! I discovered Snow Fairy shower gel last Christmas. Wow. It smells amazing! It’s a shame it’s limited edition. I got the Snow Fairy lip tint too, though, so I can continue smelling the goodness on a more regular basis, even though my lips are too pigmented for it to really show up, haha!

The only thing I’ve struggled with is their Helping Hands hand cream, which irritated my skin.

Kiss & Make-up Avatar

I bought my first Lush product in Italy. It was a bar of soap, cut right off the big blocks they have in the store 🙂 It smelled of lemon. I remember that customs took me aside to ask me about the “weird chunck wrapped in paper” in my backpack, lol!

Zulaikha Avatar

My 1st product was a face scrub made out of sea salts. It smelled like old spice mens Cologne, i liked it, it was refreshing. Im currently.using a sugar bubble gum flavoured lip scrub, its amazing, i apply a lip butter on my lips at night and scrub it in the morn, works like a dream. I also bought a hair soap which has cinnamon ago it smells like that. Good for using once a week to clean the hair thoroughly. I took a pink bath bomb on my honeymoon, but the time my hubby and ihad in the jacuzzi was better than the bath bomb itself.

kari Avatar

i’d been in a lush store before, mainly on trips out of town, but never bought anything because honestly, for a broke college student they’re a bit pricey. but recently i found out that there is a lush store in one of the malls here that i never go to so i decided it was high time to try out some products.

i got a bubbleroon and two bath bombs [sakura and a butterball]. the salesgirl told me i could get 2-3 uses out of the bubbleroon but i could never really get enough bubbles out of it. then finally i just took the whole half i had remaining and it gave me a fair amount. i haven’t used the sakura bath bomb yet but i did divide the butterball in two and my lord, it felt so good. it made my skin really soft and even the bath water felt soft. i would definitely buy that one again. i have to use the sakura one up soon because my parents are remodeling the bathroom to take out the bath tub completely so no more lush products for me unless it’s something else than bath bombs :[

i want to try a face mask and one of the shampoo bars, but like i said, they’re really expensive for someone who has no job :\ i can’t justify $25 for a small container of product i have to use by a certain date at the moment. but one of these days, though i’ll get to try everything i want!

Dinitchka Avatar

I’m pretty new to Lush. I was at Northpark Mall in Dallas abut 4 years ago and I had a ‘The heavens opened and angles sang’ moment. It was a Lush store. Now mind you, in my homestate (OK) at that time, we had 0 Lush stores. I always thought that B&BW was the most awesome store EVER! Boy, was I wrong. I don’t want to knock B&BW because I still do shop there … But they have nothing on Lush. I am in love with their Fresh Face Masks and I am wanting to try their make-up. Especially the mascara! Oh and good news. We finally got a Lush and it is at the mall closest to my house. YaY!

What was the first LUSH product you ever tried? It was a bath gel. I don’t remember the name.
Did it pave way for a real romance or did it put you off the brand entirely? Romance. I was shocked at the overall quality of the product.
What was the first product you purchased? Bath gel.
Did you love it? I’m thinking I did since I know I finished it off. Hate it? No.
Still own it? No.

Tennyoceres Avatar

I love a few products from Lush. Like others have said the smell of the store is overwhelming. I’ve tried a bit of everything there. My first Lush product was their solid shampoo. It was great for travel, and my hair wasn’t dyed at the time.

Their face and body soaps really just smell good. I love getting all natural/vegan/local/ethically sourced beauty products but I couldn’t feel anything other than ‘Oh look soap and it washes off.’ Their face masks are as good as reported, but you have so many options that it’s overwhelming.

I stick to two products from Lush since then:
R&B (Revive and Balance) – it’s a leave-in conditioner that feels like gorgeous lotion for my hair. I shower after working out. For health reasons I work out so often that my hair became a dry, frazzled mess. R&B makes my hair soft and manageable again. Also it’s scented so I don’t have to buy fancy lotion or perfume just to smell good after an hour or two in the gym.

Charity Pot – Expensive because you’re actually donating the proceeds to the charity Lush is supporting at that time. Hence the name Charity Pot. It smells like cocoa butter with just enough flowers so that either scent isn’t overwhelming. I use it everywhere and I love it.

Julia Avatar

I started out with the solid shampoo and the solid conditioner. I have really short hair so they work phenomenally. I also love the whoosh shower jelly and the Buffy body bar. I actually recently won the kapow gift set from my local LUSH so I have found quite a few more products I like.

Carrie Avatar

I’ve tried to love Lush…boy have I tried.

I just don’t like them.

I’m all about natural and organic products, but if this makes any sense, sometimes they are TOO natural. I just feel like nothing they have actually works. I mean, are bark and leaves really going to make my hair shinier? REAlly?? haha.

Also, their products are so messy. I’ve used hair, skin, and bath products and they always leave a total mess. Some of the scents they have make me nauseous too.

The only thing I could ever like at Lush is their solid shampoo. I think it’s a cute idea — BUT, they ALL dry my hair out! ugh!

Kellilee Avatar

I don’t really consider my relationship with LUSH a “love affair”. I was super excited after reading all the raves about it, so I ordered coalface. It really didn’t do anything for me either way. The first time I got to a LUSH store (they don’t have stores in Nebraska) the smell was OVERPOWERING. I bought a bunch of bath bomb things and took them back home. All they ever did was leave rings in my tub and make my cabinet in the bathroom stink.
I do use their Coconut powder deodorant daily, the Heavanilli massage bar on occasion, and the Big shampoo about once a week. I just think most of their products aren’t all they’re hyped up to be.

MizLottie Avatar

The first Lush product I tried was one of their freshly made face masks (I had oily/troubled skin). It worked so I tried other products. I absolutely adore the Silky Underwear body powder and T for Toes foot powder and one of my friends turned me on to the bath bombs, she was a huge fan of them and would give them out at Christmas. I also use Flying Fox shower gel and LOVE the lip scrubs. Not fond of the bath jellies because they dissolve too quickly.

Dominique Avatar

Coup de Main and Promenade sur le Boulevard, well the handcream is not so bad, the cream for the feet is ok, however the brand is a low cost one, it’s not natural at all ( colours are too vivid ). Products smell good but overall it’s not one of my favourite. I’ll buy from them again simply because I love beauty products.

Jessica Avatar

I had my first experience with Lush about 2 weeks ago. I’ve gotten a soap, a fresh face mask, a massage bar, a lip scrub and a mask of magniminty. I’ve liked everything I’ve tried so far. I definitely look forward to trying some other Lush products!

Hiddy Avatar

The first Lush product I tried was the shampoo bars, and I wasn’t impressed because they dried out my hair really badly! Finally tried out the fresh face masks after they opened a store in my country… It caused me to break out. Their Sultana soap dried out my skin and left it itchy. The lotions are greasy and broke me out in hives. Overall, had an absolutely horrid experience with this brand’s products. I’ve tried to love them, I really did! But not going to waste my money there anymore. I still keep the old soaps and shampoo bars to remind myself never to buy them again >.<

Boone Avatar

I think Lush has some great products and some awful ones–I find the bath bombs and melts quite enjoyable, while the skincare wrecks absolute havoc on my sensitive skin. I think the first product I ever tried was the Fizzy O Therapy bath bomb, which is great for sore muscles.

All that said, while I realize this is a beauty blog, I do feel compelled to say that I stopped purchasing Lush products after the controversy surrounding their financial support of the OneWorld project. I’m not especially political (although ironically I tend to fall on the same end of the political spectrum as Lush), and rarely boycott a company for their beliefs, but I was shocked by the factually inaccurate and inflammatory statements made by Lush representatives in response to questions about their involvement with OneWorld. Regardless of my opinion of the OneWorld project, Lush’s response made me concerned about their ability to separate fact from propaganda, and I’m just not comfortable with what my money could potentially be used to support.

18thCenturyFox Avatar

Thank you so much for sharing this. I know of a number of people who would want to be cognizant of Lush’s diversion of funds before they choose to further patronize them. We all use our wallets to voice our opinions, or we can 🙂 The point, I suppose, is to have the choice.

Ayla Avatar

It took me a while to get into Lush. The store seriously overwhelmed me. But now I don’t know how I went so long without it! Ocean Salt is my favorite, I love it so much the $30+ price tag doesn’t even hurt anymore 🙂 Love the massage bars, shower gels, body butters. Volcano foot mask and Fair Trade Foot Lotion are also amazing. After I use them it makes me feel like I am walking on clouds. I could seriously go on and on

Super huge bonus for me is now that I have the kids using Lush products bath time is no longer a big fight!!

Chris25 Avatar

It was about 8 years ago. I think it was Alkmaar soap. I thought it was okay, but nothing to write home about. I didn’t repurchase it. I opted to try their other soaps.

cassandra Avatar

I actually just tried LUSH for the first about two months ago. Like alot of others I was overwhelmed by the selection. I finally caved and tried some of the face care, and am in LOVE and now obsessed. First products tried – Angels on Bare Skin and American Cream Conditioner. Will repurchase both for sure. Not crazy about the bath stuff as I don’t take baths that often.

Becca @ The Beauty Sample Avatar

I STILL haven’t tried anything from Lush! But at the top of my list is the Flying Fox body wash (I think that’s what it’s called…it never interested me until recently when I read and review and learned that it smelled like jasmine and honey. Yes please!!!) and one of their solid shampoos. Oh, and their dry shampoo!

Carrie Avatar

I’ve enjoy using their soaps in the past. That said, if I suddenly didn’t have in-store access to them I’d probably just switch to something else because while I like them, I don’t find them to be ZOMG amazing either.

I might try their solid shampoo next time based on the raves here 😀

Sheryl Avatar

I WISH I could use their products. But I get such a headache whenever I walk by their stores (due to the smell) I cant bring myself to go inside. 🙁

Joni Avatar

I first bought some basic skincare things last winter. Ultra Bland was okay, Eau Roma Water irritated my skin, Skin Drink needed more oil added to it in order to work for my skin. I liked them all well enough so I decided to try some of their other things. I like the bath bombs I’ve tried (love Fairy Jasmine, but it’s really easy to win me over with glitter), love Shimmy Shimmy, the soap I have smells quite good, and the Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner does an alright job and smells amazing.
Overall, I’ve gotten the impression that they make nice stuff, but it’s kind of gimmicky and if I want natural things, I’ll use real natural things (my nighttime skincare is just olive oil, apple cider vinegar, and sweet almond oil). Plus so many of their products have SLS, which is pretty much the worst thing for my crazy dryness.

Collier Phillips Avatar

The first lush product i used was the dragon’s egg bath bomb. I loved it, everything about LUSH. Their caring for the environment, the fact that most of their stuff is vegan, and it smells DELICIOUS. I use LUSH for almost all of my shower/bathing products.

Michelle Avatar

I started with a sample of Fresh Farmacy. I really really like the smell of it, but after I tried washing my face with it, it made my face so dry that it stung like a mother. And THEN my face started bleeding around the few pimples I had, like the skin was so dry and tight that it started cracking. It sure made my pimples go away faster, but holy crap, I don’t think I’ve ever felt a worse pain on my face in my life. I think I’ll just stick to my current face wash that is more gentle. I also tried Aquamarina, and although it didn’t irritate my face, I felt like it wasn’t doing anything at all, so pass on that as well. Lush seems pretty great in a lot of departments, but I feel like I can get equally great products elsewhere for a cheaper price.

Maggie Avatar

The first thing I ever tried was Lemony Flutter (still one of my favorites). It soon progressed into a full addiction when I branched out into their bath products, shower gels, and body lotions. Eventually I switched over to LUSH skincare and my face as never been so happy! And then I started working there a few months ago, so now I’m really doomed 😛

casey23 Avatar

The first time they arrived here I really wondered about the brand. Unlike most people I really do love the smell of the store and that’s why I bought so many products from them and placed them in every corner of my house to give it a “lush”y smell 🙂
I tried so many products of Lush……. As for hand and foot cream I used LEmony Cutticle Butter, Smitten hand cream and fair trade foot lotion. The cuticle cream was too buttery for me my skin didn’t absorb it quite well, smitten cream and fair trade lotion has the same problem they always left a bit sticky feeling on my skin but yet gave no moisture!
As for their body cream department I tried shower creams like buffy and you snap the whip, buffy I didn’t like but I liked the smell of YSNW but it finishes quite fast. Karma cream and sympathy for the skin was also sticky without moisture feeling but I did like Vanilla deelite..
As shower gel and soap stuff, flying fox is still one of my favorite shower gels I buy it occasionally but their soaps were too drying. The same problem occurred with their shampoos, their solid shampoos (big, squeaky green, jumping juniper) were too drying even for my very oily hair which I stopped using them eventually. I still have snake oil and I still didn’t use it :S
Their skincare range were the worst for me. Cleansers (herbalism, fresh pharmacy) gave me pimples where ocean salt scrub nearly cut through my face. Tea tree water was useless and enzymion and imperialis were again useless, only made my skin oilier.

Overall, I don’t go to Lush anymore unless if I want to get some bath balistics or Flying Fox. I used almost every product of them through years and I gave them a lot of chance but I guess they didn’t work for me.. Still the best thing about Lush is their workers! They really help you without smuddering kind of pressure and they always give lots of testers and stuff!

Katja Avatar

I’m not quite sure but I believe I startet my Lush love with Fresh Farmacy (About 3 years ago) which was one of my favorite cleansers for a long time. Meanwhile I worked my way througn nearly their entiry soap range. I absolutely love the Karma prodcts (shampoo, soap, perfume, … lovely smell) and also the Herbalism cleanser.

In a few days I will hopefully receive a package with some of the (new) hair products. Can’t wait to test all that stuff 😀

Swati Avatar

My love affair with Lush started an year ago, when I finally decided to go for the ‘quality over quantity’ philosophy when it comes to skincare. I started with the most their basic facewash for oilies- herbalism. It did a fantastic job and I have been hooked ever since. I have used 6-7 of their fresh facepacks and none has had any adverse reaction on my skin.

Lush products I have tried myself, loved immensely and then recommended to friends – Herbalism, aquamarina, ocean salt scrub, godiva solid shampoo, cupcake facemask, ayesha facemask, shower jellies

Kimberly Avatar

I love Lush! A store just opened last Friday and I’ve already been there 4/5 times! My first product…products for a bath cocktail were Dragon’s Egg (bath bomb) Yuzu & Cocoa (bubble bar) and You’ve Been Mangoed (bath melt.)

Not crazy about their scrubs though, crumble too much

Lauren Avatar

I’ve never tried it! We have a Lush store at one of our local malls (the one I go to most often) and I don’t think I’ve ever walked in there. Though I have smelled it. Looking at the website, it looks like (some of?) the conditioners are silicone free, so I may need to check them out!

Amanda Avatar

Aww, this question takes me back to high school! Around 2001 or so, my Dad took me to the LUSH store on Powell Street in San Francisco. He bought me the After 8:30 massage bar (that looked like a chocolate bar) and the Amondopondo bubble bar (it’s name is similar to mine, Amanda). I saw that they had Happy 4 SAD bath gels in little packets hanging on the wall, but didn’t buy it.

Anyways- that was my first foray. Later on in college, my Dad sent me a box of LUSH products for Christmas…this was in 2005 or so. Since I had my own part-time job and some money then, I slowly started buying more and more LUSH. Now I shop mostly from the UK (online) and have a ton of exclusive forum-specials. 🙂

Mar Avatar

The first products I ever bought were Enzymion moisturizer and Ultrabland cleanser and I still love them. In the meantime, I’ve been using Angels on Bare Skin, Herbalism, a few Bath Bombs, Flying Fox shower gel and my latest discovery is the Lust solid perfume stick… I love it!

Jessica Avatar

The first products I bought were ice blue soap(discontinued) and so white bath bomb(Christmas line LE) I absolutely fell in love with so white, and ice blue I thought was okay, but so white really did it for me and since then I’ve spent over 600 dollars on lush!

Rachael Avatar

The first time I went to a Lush I bought their Mint Julips lip scrub – which I have still not run out of, not even close – and their American Cream conditioner. I’m a huge fan of the lip scrub but the conditioner didn’t do much for my hair. It wasn’t thick enough and didn’t really moisturize. Since then, I’ve bought their henna in caca rouge (which worked amazingly on my sister’s light brown hair but barely affected mine), snow globe soap (really great for morning showers in the winter), and most recently, the Godiva bar shampoo, which makes my hair smell absolutely amazing, will last me forever, and makes my hair so so soft. I’m quite obsessed with Lush right now and I really want to try their makeup line!

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