Beautiful Beginnings with Inglot

Beautiful Beginnings with Inglot

What was the first Inglot product you ever tried?  Did it pave way for a real romance or did it put you off the brand entirely?  What was the first product you purchased?  Did you love it? Hate it? Still own it?

my answer: I really like their eyeshadows overall, and the price point is really good (though, it was better). I haven’t tried much outside of their eyeshadows and nothing else extensively!

Share your first time experiences with Inglot in the comments! 🙂


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corallista Avatar

I don’t quite remember what my first product was, I think it was either the eye shadows or lipstick refills. However once I tried it, I was hooked! Love the freedom system and the price point, allows one to try out a lot of shades without burning a hole in one’s pocket! I’m a self confessed Inglot hoarder! I also like their brushes, blushes and slim gel lipsticks!

Kiss & Make-up Avatar

I love Inglot! The first Inglot product I tried was a customized palette, all with super bright colors. I did a full-color eye look with it. I was so impressed by it that Inglot can’t do anything wrong for me anymore 🙂

shelly Avatar

This is a brand I would love to try out. Unfortunately, I can’t buy it locally, so my only option is to order online. Even more unfortunate, I’ve read some bad things about their online customer service. If they’d put as much effort into that the way they’ve done with their social networking, I’d be more apt to place an order. 🙁

I’d also like to see them add more stores and counters in the US and Canada. They’ve got NYC pretty well covered, along with California and some other states, but not New England, the rest of the Midwest, the South, and the Pacific Northwest. Canada-wise, they’re only in Quebec (Montreal, mainly), which is a massive surprise to me, as I’d think they’d have added shops in at least the rest of the major Canadian cities by now. I don’t think Canada even has its own online shop yet. Heh.

Helene Avatar

They used to have more stores and counters in Canada but they closed. You can contact them by e-mail with your order and they’ll send it to you by Canada Post. I did it once, I was too lazy to go to the store lol! Check their Facebook page.

fatima Avatar

Oh my goodness – the eyeshadows are amazing. The colored mascaras are soo amazing because they actually show through. Their lipsticks are so creamy and pigmented. The liquid foundation is decent but I liked the powder foundation more. Overall it is truly an underrated brand.

Shannon Avatar

I bought a 10 pan palette and chose mostly neutral shades, but WOW they are amazing!!! I want more! I really want to try their blush, lipstick and gel liners (I have heard great things about their gel liners)!

Lulle Avatar

That was a long time ago, maybe 5 years? I was living in Istanbul, Turkey, and the brand had a store in one of my favorite malls. I bought eyeshadows, a single and a trio. I was very happy with the single, but the trio lacked pigmentation.
Later, I bought a gel liner (part of an all matte collection they had that year) which was just ok, and an angled liner brush, which is the thinnest I’ve ever seen in my life! I use it a lot for tightlining.

Jaz Avatar

I have only tried 2 shadows , but I am hooked. I want more shadows and to try the rest of the line. I LOVE the price point. 2 full size , great quality, eyeshadows for 16 bucks is a deal in my book. I plan on buying a ten pan pallette later this year.

Marta Avatar

I adore Inglot eyeshadows and their Duraline (I use it to make loose pigments into liners, set glitter, revive old fluidines…). Their cream blushes (the ones in the small pots) are very good, long lasting and natural looking. And their travel brush set is excellent for the prize, the brushes are great and no matter how much you wash them they never shed! There are only 5 or so Inglot shops in Spain though… I’m really lucky to be close near one, I couldn’t choose between all those colours online!

Mariella Avatar

I never even realized there were Inglot stores in Canada til I walked smack into one while in Montreal in the spring, visiting my son who was doing his first year co-op term at a high tech company there. I FREAKED – I had no idea what to buy so immediately hit my computer and checked this site as well as Makeup Alley. I purchased a palette with 3 shadows in it for an amazingly affordable price. I ended up getting 422 and 444 – both Pearl – and a neutral pinky beige (I keep forgetting the # but it’s not unlike MAC Orb or Vapour). I’ve not been back since but do plan on going to Montreal in October and will purchase a few more shadows. I absolutely love all 3 shadows but 422 is THE BEST!!!

Kasia Avatar

I’ve been using INGLOT since I was a little girl. My mum used to use it too. It is because INGLOT is a polish brand and I’m from Poland 🙂 I love the quality of their products, of course especially eyeshadows and nail polishes.

Maybe someone want to do a snap with me?
INGLOT products for some MAC or Lush products? If there will be anyone interested, just write it here and I will send my mail. I think it’s an interesting idea. INGLOT in Poland is cheaper and there are more colours and products.

jenninka Avatar

I’m in the us and live by a Mac store and work near a lush store. I’m desperate to try inglot so I’m down for swapping sometime!

blueraccoon Avatar

I just put together my first 10-pan palette when i visited their store in NJ. Had a great time doing it, and i will definitely be buying more palettes 🙂

Angela Avatar

Just a few days ago I bought the YSM powder, and I LOVE it! It’s super creamy, opaque, and the packaging is nice. I was shopping around for a powder, and it was cheapest out of all the high end powders, but still had great quality. I live nearby an Inglot store ( Aventura Mall, FL ) so I’m hoping to go back and try their YSM foundation and possibly a matte lipstick.

Helene Avatar

I bought my first Inglot eyeshadows and gel liner before all the craze when they just open the store in Montreal. They had a sale of 2 for 1. I absolutely fell in love with hem! I was a MAC fan but my love for Inglot surpassed my love for MAC. I basically buy just Inglot. Their lipgloss, lipstick, liquid foundation and nail polish are top notch quality. I truely recommend their nail polishes. I cannot get enough of Inglot.

Malika Avatar

I bought my palette on ebay, from seller from Poland in really low price.
And i wos so scared that i wont get them, or colors wosnt good.
But i LOVE them. Theye are super pigmented, blend so nice, palette look sooo clean !
Im collected monay for next palettes 😉
I also want to try other products, maybe duraline or gel liners 😉

Karin Avatar

I overall really like the Inglot eyeshadows, so I decided to create a blush palette. What a mess! The second my brush touches the blush there is powder everywhere. And being careful or using a tiny amount makes no difference. I will stick with “better” brands, like Nars or Chanel, or even dare I say…MAC!

Rae // theNotice Avatar

I have yet to give Inglot a try, but my sister and I have an order on the way! (Thanks to your extensive swatches of the line — have I mentioned recently that you’re my favourite? Because, seriously: favourite)

I believe we both just ordered eyeshadows & empty palettes, but I’m a bit curious about the rest of the line, too. I suppose we’ll see how the eyeshadows go, first!

Mietta Avatar

I fell IN LOVE with their pigments. They’re soo beautiful and such a good price for being in Australia where we pretty much pay double. I’ve since moved on to blush which is gorgeous, eyeshadows where I’ve made my own palettes (and have been quite happy with the total cost!), lipsticks which are gorgeous and glosses. So many things! I’m probably going to buy some coloured eyeliners next. My only complaint is, I want more coloured/brighter mascaras!!!

stacey Avatar

I tried and yes, I tried to buy it at the Inglot store in Las Vegas…but the display were not appealing…there were many missing colors….and the service was badddd terrible….Then I try to buy it at Macy’s SF….and I could do it again….so powdery…….just really not my cup of tea….it really reminds me those 88 BH cosmetics palettes but better quality…..I think I am a HE designer label kind of girl…

C_Justine Avatar

I live and Belgium so we don’t have an Inglot store here, I would have to go to the Netherlands, but that’s a little bit too far just to visit Inglot :p But I went on holiday to Lisboa last month, and I found an Inglot store! I felt a bit starstruck. The eyeshadows were so pretty! The service was great. So now I have my first palette with 3 eyeshadows and a blush. I love it!

I like Inglot even better than Mac!

Nicole Avatar

When I went to the Inglot store in NYC last November I bought a 5 shadow palette, their eye primer and a travelbrush set.

In the shop I was really impressed of the eyeshadows But I didn’t try them directly on my eyelid. They look pretty swatched on the back of my hand, but on the eye like a mess. After that experience I never thought about buying anything from Inglot again. The primer doesn’t suite my skintone, so I stick to my Paintpot.

I still own the palette, but I rarely use it. I think of donating it to a 15 year old teenager, to play with it. She will enjoy that.

I use the travel brush set more often compaired to the shadows. They are not as goog as my full size MAC brushes, but for the prize they do their job.

The prize of the products is okay, but after reading lots of reviews online, I expected more quality. Maybe I just got the wrong colors. Inglot is now awailable in my home country, but I don’t think I ill buy more products of that brand.

I stick to my MAC paletts knowing that they provide less product and a higher price, but I am satisfied with the mix of prize, quality and sales staff.

Amanda Elisabeth Avatar

The first thing I bought from Inglot was a Freedom System 10 Palette
I got it in Ireland so the prices were jacked up (lesson learned haha) but that’s the only thing I really regret.

The first eyeshadow I used from it was AMC Shine 17 which I ADORE!
A few of the other ones aren’t so great but it’s like that for any brand, I suppose.

Jinete Avatar

Looked a lot online before making a trip to Southern California. Made a stop by the Fashion Island store in Newport Beach. Arrived in the morning on a weekday and had the place to myself while the sales assistant applied some of the products on me. Great service. I bought a variety of products. Love the matte eyeshadows, regular lipstick, and 5 pan lipstick palette, and gel eyeliner. I don’t like the eye makeup remover and the foundation is just ok.

My daughter loves my eyeshadow palette. Later I ordered an eye shadow palette for her from the New York Times Square store. They were not stocked with all the shadows I wanted, but the person I spoke with made helpful suggestions for substitutes. My order arrived promptly.

Nothing is better than seeing these products in person, but the online swatches are very helpful for those of us who cannot get to a store.

Naty Avatar

I’m a MAC girl. However, after seeing swatches on Temptalia’s website I had to go and check it out in person. I was really impressed with the pigmentation of the eyeshadow’s. The first product I got was the 5 eyeshadow Freedom system. I also got a blush and two lipsticks. Not too crazy with the scent but it glides on nicely and lasts for a long time. I’m really impressed and it’s also at a reasonable price. I recommend that everyone should go at least once and take a look at their products.

Rebecca Avatar

I’m an MUA and just ordered my first 5 pan palette. I have high hopes! I ordered based off of swatches and reviews/pics instead of the computer generated images they use online. I read a few bad reviews on Makeupalley, but overall they’re positive and other artists love them. I think some people will always find fault in a brand or be die hard MAC fans (which I am not). We need more stores on the east coast!

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