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Beautiful Beginnings with Hourglass

Beautiful Beginnings with Hourglass

What was the first Hourglass product you ever tried?  Did it pave way for a real romance or did it put you off the brand entirely?  What was the first product you purchased?  Did you love it? Hate it? Still own it?

my answer: Hourglass is one of my favorite brands, because I think they put out a well-edited line of products. I love their eyeshadows, lipsticks, glosses, and primer range.

Share your first time experiences with Hourglass in the comments! 🙂


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everytomorrow Avatar

LIPSTICKS! I tried the Rouge Femme lipsticks, and Fresco was just so comfortable and such a pretty color that I impulse-bought it. I also ran out and bought two of the new fall shades (Fawn and Peace) once Sephora got them in stock. I absolutely love the formula, it’s comfortable and totally not drying and wears well, and it looks great while doing it.

I’ve been wanting to try out their foundations, but $60 is a bit steep for something I’m not sure I’ll be able to use (a lot of foundations break me out). I know their mascara doesn’t work for me but that’s par for the course; I can only manage waterproof mascaras because of allergies. I also keep ALMOST buying the eyeshadows but then deciding I don’t neeeeeeed them. (Clearly I’ll weaken and buy one eventually, though!)

mirian Avatar

My first product from them was thei tinted moisturizer. At the time it felt like I was blowing all my money, but it was so worth it! Hourglass is a super underrated brand. I recently have become obsessed with their lipglosses. Such a fantastic formula. Nearly opaque and non stocky!

GUSnail Avatar

I’ve only had one brush with Hourglass. I bought the bronzer/blush creme duo. I had read the bronzer part was a dupe for the Tom Ford Shade and Illuminate. I didn’t like the colors-not at all a good fit for me. I was really dissapointed (not in the product, I can’t speak to the product’s quality because I didn’t really try it) but in the colros. I doubt the color was anything like the Tom Ford, as far as I can tell from the pics. I’m still lemming the TF compact. It’s officially on my Christmas list.

I’m not anti Hourglass, but I haven’t see anything to truly entice me to try them.

blueraccoon Avatar

I have their Film Noir mascara, which I really like although I’ve noticed it’s a very “wet” mascara and can smear if I’m not careful. However, once it dries it’s golden; does not flake, smudge, smear, or move, and doesn’t give me raccoon eyes if I forget to wash it off at night. I also have the Veil Mineral primer, and although I don’t have a lot of experience with primers I like it a lot.

Tovah Avatar

I believe the firs Hourglass product I bought was the Creme to Powder bronzer duo. Oh my gosh. I tried it in the store and was absolutely hooked.

I know that this brand is a little bit expensive, but you get ALOT of product and it is so beautiful.

My next test is their lipglosses. They look so beautiful!

redshift87 Avatar

My first experience was the mini lipgloss set they had for the holiday season a few years back. I fell in love with Ignite, gave away Child, and liked Siren but was intimidated by it at the time (now I love both it and Fortune – Siren’s pink metallic sister-color).

I tried their lipsticks and eyeshadow duos next and was blown away by the quality and pigment. Their Veil primer is expensive, but has become my HG primer!

My only critique of the brand is that their packaging – luxurious and awesome though it usually is – has occasionally been an issue for me. One of their full size lipglosses leaked on me once, and I had a string of bad luck for a while with their lipsticks, with the tubes falling apart every time I opened the lipstick (I know they’re re-fillable and can be taken apart and put back together… my problem was they would not stay put back together!!)

In the end, Hourglass is definitely one of my all time favorite brands!

Becca @ The Beauty Sample Avatar

My first Hourglass purchase was the Suede eyeshadow duo. That was followed very closely by Dune. I love their eyeshadow formula, it’s really a good one. I haven’t tried much else from the brand, but I do have a few of the new Opaque Rouge Liquid Lipsticks to try though, so I’m very excited about that!

Ellen Avatar

Several years ago, I found a primer at Sephora that was FF, had only chemical free sunscreen and an SPF of 15, I thought, wow, made for me. The second time I went in to buy it the SA exaled me with stories that Angelina Jolie used it and it would make all my make up waterproof (not true!) In a short period of time, my mineral veil sunscreen/primer had achieved cult like status, but I knew her when!! Anyway, that is pretty much the only Hourglass product I use since I have never found any of their other products to be quite worth the price. Let me know if I am wrong.

Mariella Avatar

The first (and so far, only) Hourglass product I have is their Mineral Veil primer. I was a bit floored by the price (as much as it is in the US, it’s even more here in Canada) so I got the travel size. Within 48 hours, I was back buying the full sized container – that’s how much I love it. I do want to try their eyeshadow duos but the price is quite steep, especially in light of the fact that the 2 that interest me are neutrals and I’ve probably got several similar shades (maybe the texture and pigmentation aren’t as good but it will “do” for now).

Wwendalynne Avatar

The Veil Fluid makeup is my first Hourglass purchase which I purchased for a fraction of retail off eBay. While I enjoy the formula, I’m less enthused about their colour choices which are very limiting. This is old hat for me, but frustrating when I find something I like but the colours are not even in my range. I still feel this is a quality product for those lucky enough to be able to wear more standardized shades. Hourglass is also difficult to get my hands on so I look at their other products and end up buying Guerlain/Chanel/Tom Ford/YSL instead.

Ana Reid Avatar

For me, I love this brand! What I love most of their products is that the formulation of their cosmetic products are safe for all types of skin. Most of the time I experience dryness within my lips after putting on other brands of lipstick but with Hourglass, it keeps my lips moisturized. This is the reason why I keep buying it even though they are a little bit expensive.

Ruthie08 Avatar

Mineral veil primer is the first. I love it that and I don’t see any other primer that can replace it soon. Then tried immaculate foundation, it’s like match made in heaven….this s the mot expensive foundation I’ve ever bought but well worth the price. I so love the product that I Encouraged my BFF to try them and she ended up loving the primer and their tinted moisturizer….and this is coming from a person who never used liquid makeup products.

xamyx Avatar

As some others have stated, the products offered have not enticed me enough to get me to pay for anything at the current price point. I’m not saying the actual formulas aren’t worth the cost to some, but for me, there are just certain products I won’t go HE on. The only product I’m willing to spend a lot of money on is eyeshadow, and their shde selection just doesn’t cut it for me; if I had a less than massive stash, I’d probably be more willing to try it, but I have enough “safe” shades at the moment. Also, I haven’t been able to see very much of their products in person, as the stores I’ve gone to only carry a few items from the brand.

Wwendalynne Avatar

It’s a really difficult brand to get a hold of. That’s the biggest turnoff for me. Does it add any cachet or exclusivity to the product? Hell no, it just serves to annoy me. I know at least a dozen little independent shops that are happy and willing to ship anywhere in the world. That’s just savvy business practices in a global marketplace.

Brilliant Dawn Avatar

Hourglass Tinted Moisturizer was the first product I’ve bought of theirs. I will be repurchasing again and again because it is a good value for money, it provides medium coverage without feeling like I have something on my face or the heaviness that I feel with many foundations. Plus it is provides anti-ageing “stuff”, and is without parabens and without animal by-products (as in VEGAN).

Espe Avatar

I fell in love with Hourglass when I was looking for a foundation after my kidney transplant as Sephora. A SA who came up to me and asked what I was looking for. As she was showing me the different foundations, she told me my skin was flawless, but I told her that I felt really self-conscious because I just had a transplant and had some swelling in my face because of the steroids and anti-rejection medications. Her eyes lit up and told me about the Hourglass Veil Fluid Makeup. She told me it would take some of my swelling away because it had a certain ingredient that could do that. I was skeptical, but I allowed her to try it on my face. She gave me a mirror for me to watch and as she put the foundation in 1.5 Nude on one side of my face I saw the swelling come down! You could definitely see it in my cheek area. I was amazed! At that very moment I bought the foundation and the Aura Sheer Cheek Stain in Petal! I love Hourglass because it made me feel somewhat normal while my entire body was changing because of the medications. The brand may not have a large line of makeup, but what it does have is good quality products.

Donna Avatar

Hourglass appeared in SpaceNK in the UK early summer. I pounced on it as new brand and had heard about it.

First things I bought concealer which fabulous and Whisper lipstick. Then I bought the primer, Veil foundation, Suede and Gypsy eyeshadow duos and the concealer brush and Edition lipstick. I wish they did more eyeshadow colours and powder blushes too.

Angie Avatar

My very first product from Hourglass was their Mineral Veil Primer. It was love at first application, there is no ther primer that makes my foundation last as long as it does with the mineral veil, and it was the first silicone-based primer that didnt break me out everywhere, I consider this well worth the money, especially for someone with skin like mine. Before this primer I literally thought everyone was cray cray for using primers, I mean they never did much for me, I thought it was an unnecessary extra step. Now I realize I had to find the right primer 🙂 As far as other products, the only other product I have tried is their new liquid lipsticks, I have the shade Raven, it looks stunning on me, but it’s def a bold lip that I dont get to wear super often. I really want to try their mineral veil foundation, but that will have to wait, as I have an array of different foundations at the moment.

lily Avatar

I dont own any hourglass but I have the lipstick in ballet on my wishlist. I’ve been drooling over it for awhile but I have a drawer full of high end lipsticks that I just cant bring myself to spend the money on it…..AND I just bought a NARS Lipstick today! (Manhunt)

tess Avatar

After seeing lots of swatches, I bought Extreme Sheen High Shine Lip Gloss in Siren last year. Love, love, love. Since then I’ve only tried some sample products, but I think I need to try a couple more lip colors soon. I’d love to try Veil Mineral Primer but I should probably wait until I run out of one of the ones I’m currently using.

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