Ask Temptalia Session #007

Go ahead! Ask your questions–now’s the time to get product recommendations, comparisons, or just find out what my favorite moisturizer is. I’ll be keeping an eye out on this post so I can answer questions quickly aka today! 😀 Feel free to chime in with your answer to someone else’s question, too!

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I was wondering if you could review Benefit
Also, what’s your favorite face powder?
Could you do a swatch of all the permanent MAC paint pots?

I will try to review if I can get my hands on it.

Face powder as in loose, pressed, highlighter? A setting powder or more of a powder foundation?

Hi Naomi,

I have no idea exactly how her makeup was done, and it’s definitely hard to tell since her eyes are open (what she may have on her lids could be totally hidden!), but here are some things I see:

1. Lots of smudging of brown to plum shadow along the lower and outer lash lines.
2. Tightlining with liquid or gel super black liner.
3. Probably black liquid liner on upper lash lines.
4. Individual lashes were probably added to make her lashes appear fuller.

Hey Lisa!

Here are a few of my favorite day time creams: Kate Somerville’s Oil-Free Moisturizer (though you have to add a SPF to it), Estee Lauder’s DayWear series, and LUSH’s Vanishing Cream. I also keep a few tubes of Neutrogena’s SPF55/SPF70/SPF80 around!

I recommend using a face primer as well as using subtle shimmer rather than more obvious shimmer/glitter!

You know how some products can have really obvious shimmer? The extreme would be glitter, or large chunks of shimmer versus a product that gives you more of a sheen. A product like Dior’s Skin Shimmers are a good example of subtle shimmer, because it of how finely milled the product is, the shimmer goes on continuously and looks more natural.

Hi Luv J,

For lighter shades, I think Bamboo, Grain, or Malt are all good neutral colors that would work well for you. For a good smoky brown, Satin Taupe is fantastic!

Smokey Eye,

Chanel has a holiday collection, eye pallete called smokey eye, with 4 colors that include, grey, black, silver and white ( all shimmer), What colors would you recommend with MAC.


I love blues for smokey eye since blue is one of my fav. colors
I have contrast, and deep truth, what other colors would you pair with this for a smokey eye?

Thanks again

Silver Ring (silver), Print (gray), Black Tied (black), Crystal Avalanche (white)

I’d pair those two blue shadows with Tilt, Moon’s Reflection, or Electra.

Hi Christine,

So I followed your advice and went to MAC today.
I looked for the colors you recommended, and the MA applied the colors with a deep green paint pot, not sure of the name. It was all was just a bunch blues blended together…it looked smokey but not striking. I would tell you the rest but its too long to include here…

I walked away dissatisfied, b/cos the MA didn’t seem to have enough knowledge or expertise.

I do want to create a smokey look but with a good contrast. Do you have any other suggestions, I’m going back to return/exchange at another MAC store.

Hm, if you want something with more contrast, the problem lies inn using such a dark base. If you start off with something so dark, it’s hard to get enough contrast. I’d have used a light blue, silver, or light teal base.

For product shots and full-face photos, I use a Nikon D90. For close-up photos of my eye, I use a Fuji Finepix E550 digital camera. 🙂

I originally purchased the D90 to basically replace my regular ol’ point and shoot, but it’s SO heavy and it’s just hard to take close-ups of my eyes and lips with it compared to the point and shoot. Thus, I use the D90 for everything but my eye/lip close-ups.

My point and shoot is fab, I love it to bits, but I’ve always wanted a heavy duty camera and finally took the plunge 😉

It’s not as heavy as Moisturelush – just like Lightful isn’t as heavy as Moisturelush. I prefer Moisturelush over the other two, though, just because of how moisturizing it is!

Hi Christine

I’ve never really used MAC products (though I love them – mainly due to budget restrictions) but now I’m going to splurge and spoil myself. So my question is, what foundation would you reccomend for a flawless look? It’s summer here in Aus, and I get VERY tan, so I need quite a dark foundation that will still look natural.

Thank you so much!

My favorite foundation is Studio Fix Fluid, which is ideal for skin that isn’t dry/flaky (because it has a matte finish). However, since it is summer by you, you might want to try the Mineralize Skinfinish Natural line. It’s very nice for a light foundation!

I have pretty light, sparse eyebrows and I was just wondering if you have any tips for products to make them look a little darker and fuller. I’m not sure what type of product is most effective – powder, or something more liquidy, etc. If it helps, I’m a MAC addict!

I personally prefer using powder shadows to fill in my brows (I use Espresso eyeshadow by MAC), I do feel like I get a more natural look this way. Sometimes I will set with Brow Set (in clear or the darkest one, I forget the name!), though. I do find it’s nice to keep the brows in place and does look natural.

Are there any MAC dupes for Jampacked Lipglass? They can be permanent or limited edition. I was thinking maybe Date Night Dazzleglass. Also what is a good red Lipglass or Lipstick that isn’t too bright or dark?

Try Desire 🙂 Date Night is not similar at all – Jampacked is SO dark and vampy. Viva Glam I is a nice classic red – it stands out, but it’s not super bright nor dark at all.

Blue veins = cool; green veins = warm. Yellow is more sallow, less warm and more neutral; olive tends to be more associated with warm and deeper.

What texture of eyeshadow is easiest to work wtih for a begginer – Cream, matte, pearl/shimmer e/s, or loose pigments? Can you maybe put them in order of “easiest” to “hardest”? Thanks!

Pearl/shimmer, cream, matte, loose pigment. I only list loose pigment last because it just depends – I find them really easy to use, because I use mixing medium with them, but if you don’t have mixing medium, they’re not as easy to work with! Cream shadows are harder to use if you have creasing problems. Matte shadows can be difficult to blend, depending on the base and the shadows themselves.

what is your favorite foundation? i’m looking for a new one and been using LM’s tinted foundation for a while now and want something with more coverage. i tried a sample of MUFE HD foundation and not totally sold on it yet. thanks

I love Studio Fix Fluid! It’s been my favorite since it came out! I find it’s a really good light to medium coverage foundation; you can build it up or sheer it out. It also has a matte finish (which is my favorite foundation finish). If you have drier skin, it might not work as well (again, because it’s matte) – you might try Select Tint (light coverage) or Face & Body (light to medium). I have both of those foundations as well, and I tend to use both in the summer.

What would you recommend for a nice plummy purple eyeshadow shade? (as opposed to one with more blue undertones, I already have enough of those!) From the look and description on the MAC website, I was thinking Plum Dressing? What would you suggest?

Plum Dressing is gorgeous! It’s very similar to Hepcat, which is nice, but I like the finish and pay off of Plum Dressing way more! 🙂

Hi Christine, I am very grateful that I found your site here. I’ve been browsing it regularly ever since. I just want to ask what are the basics to achieve bigger, more open eyes? I’m Asian and have really chinky ones and they say I should try lining my eyes with a white liner and not use dark eye shadows (but I love smoky eyes!). Help!

White eye liner is a great way to open up eyes, actually! Using something like Pearl or Shell CCB on the inner tear duct/corner of your eye can also really make your peepers pop. For Asian eyes, for those who don’t want to imitate a create, a great way is to do eyeshadow opposite of most people – darkest closest to the lash line, then fade upwards.

Hi Christine, i wear MAC powders in NW50, i want to know, can i try out your make-up looks on the site as they are (using the exact same eyeshadow shades)? if not, what do you suggest i do…
Also, can you please list 6 must-have MAC permanent eyeshadow shades …

Hi Olaronke! As long as you use a good base, the eye looks should turn out very similarly. As far as blushes go, you might have to go for a more pigmented solution (like if I go for a coral, you might find Foolish Me will work and show up better for you), though.

Do you have any parameters about those six shades? It’s so hard to pick just six. Here are the first six I can think of: Goldmine, Bronze, Freshwater, Humid, Shroom, Ricepaper.

Hi christine! Thanks for holding this session, it’s really useful 🙂

I have really dark eyelids (i’m C40), and sometimes colors don’t show up as vibrantly on my eyes as they do on the pot :(. I do use primer and all. Any hints you can give?

Also, on the days when i don’t wear shadow, would you recommend that i apply concealer on my eyelids, finishing off with a dusting of loose powder, or is that overkill?

thanks loads!

What base are you using? I always find that a colored base can really get eyeshadows to pop when a neutral one (like UDPP) isn’t working as well.

You can certainly apply concealer and dust with powder, I don’t think it’s overkill at all. I think it would only add polish to your look!


Can you recommend a product to contour my cheeks with? I have NC40 skin and I’m using Harmony blush at the moment, but find it a little pinky sometimes.

Thanks so much!

I really like Sculpt, which might be a touch too light for you. However, Sculpt is a PRO product these days, so it might be hard to get it for you.

Have you tried a MSF Natural? Those definitely won’t have any pink undertones when you go to use them. In a pinch, I’ll opt for a slightly darker foundation to contour if a blush isn’t working!

thanks for this session….

can u pls suggest few MAC pigments which can be used more often and would look good on almost all eyes….
also some multi purpose ones like vanilla,,,,
expecting atleast 6 to 7 colors…:)

Pink Opal – highlighter, on lips, base
Tan – highlighter (for deeper complexions), base, smoky eyes
Melon – great base color, lips
Naked – neutral base, highlighter
Rose – cheeks, lips, pink base

Hi thanks for taking questions! I love this blog, check it twice a day! Any suggestions for how to make blush last longer? i love nars orgasm (who doesn’t!) but it seems to fade away with 3 or 4 hours…

Try using a cream blush first, then dust your powder blush on top, and then finally set with a light/translucent loose powder! 🙂

Also, a face primer before you use foundation/blush might help, too!

Hi Christine. I was wondering what the difference is between the Mac beauty powders and the colored mineralized skin finishes – beyond the fact that one is a powder and the other is a solid…I know you can wear the skin finishes over blush, but can you also wear the beauty powder as a highlight at the same time – or would that be too much?

Beauty powders are finely milled products – the pressed ones are very subtle in color and shimmer. The loose beauty powders are more shimmery, but also tend to be subtler in color, too. Mineralize Skinfinishes have more shimmer than both (in my experience), but they can give color, especially for lighter skin tones. You can really layer however you want — it’s just going to depend on which products you use together as well as your application. 🙂 You can definitely do it — nothing wrong with trying!

Hey Christine, I’ve been looking for a really good highlighter lately and there are just so many options that I have no idea where to begin! I was hoping to get one powder highlighter and one creamy one, but I wasn’t sure if there was any particular type. In terms of MAC, I was going to try out Pearl CCB and Strobe Cream, but I was wondering if NARS Albatross (the Multiple) would be better. In terms of powder, I really have no idea where to start. I wanted to ask you because I know you’ve got pretty tan skin, like me, so I wasn’t sure if there was a particular one that you liked (I remember Suncentered powder, but you always seem to have so many lovely cheek products 🙂 ).

Also, if you have the time (and the interest), could you possibly feature/review some of the NARS products that you use? I’m a huge fan of the brand and I loved the swatch you did a zillion years ago of Indian Red/Moon Fleet.

As always, thanks!

To be honest, for highlighting? I prefer powders. If you want an all over sheen, Strobe Cream is awesome for that! I used to use it all the time, but it’s just been phased out of my routine (no particular reason–maybe I ran out, ha!). I have NARS Albatross in powder form, and I think it’s really pretty.

My favorite highlighter is Dior’s Amber Diamond – there’s really nothing I’ve liked more than that. Sure, plenty of great ones have come in and out of my rotation, but Amber Diamond is a STAPLE!

I’ve only recently started playing with NARS – their prices have always put me off. I’ll be sharing any NARS products I review, of course 🙂

Hi, what MAC lipgloss has the same/similar consistency as the glosses that are on the pro longwear lustre lipcolours? I find lipglasses to sticky. Thanks!

Try Plushglass or LipGelees. These are both non-sticky! Lustreglasses are somewhat sticky (I don’t personally find them particularly sticky – I don’t notice any myself).

One more question (last one I promise hah!). I want to get some false lashses for christmas parties, any suggestions on something that isn’t too OTT but still bold and flirty? preferably mac so I can order it online

I’ve always liked #7s for lashes that go wow! but aren’t ridiculously fake. #36s are my favorites that I’ve seen on others – they are so perfect.


I need a good face and eye remover, what would you recommend?

I have semi dried and sensitive skin. Been using clinique liquid facial soap (2) and my skin have been acting up.


Just mix them with gloss 🙂 It can be clear gloss or colored — up to you. You can use them in your hair, mixed with body or face lotion, with clear nail polish (or colored), blush, highlighters, bases, shadows.

Hey, sorry, it’s me again with another quick highlighter question…I was thinking, can I use loose pigments for highlighting? I’m really worried they’re just going to fall all over the place and I don’t really wear any sort of primer. I was told once that I could mix pigments with lotion to get a “strobe cream” effect…do you know if that’s true?

Also, would you go for the Dior SkinShimmer over Bobbi Brown’s Shimmer Bricks?

Well, I guess if I’m here I can stick in another question 🙂 When you did the Bobbi Brown look, you used eyeshadows that gave off sort of a “Your Eyelid But Better” look, and I was wondering…would you have any recommendations for shadows with that same effect but for slightly tanner skintones?

You can use them for highlighting! I don’t really find that they fall all over the place, but admittedly, I don’t use them that often on my face. The more finely milled the pigment, the less fall out that will occur. Yes, you can mix pigment with lotion to get something akin to Strobe Cream (try Vanilla).

I’d definitely go for Dior Skin Shimmers over the Shimmer Bricks, no hesitation whatsoever!

To get “your eyelid but better,” it’s finding a shadow that’s similar to your lid color, but probably a shade or two lighter. On the outer lid, you want something with the same undertones. For a crease, you basically want to contour the area, so you want a neutral shadow that’s two or three shades darker than the lid color.

Hi, Christine! You mentioned before that you use Dermalogica Sunblock spray for your face. Do you directly spray it on your face? Does it sting your eyes? I want to try a sunblock spray instead of lotion on my face. Am interested in trying Dermalogica. Thanks!

Yes, I just spray it on my face! I do close my eyes when I spray it, and it doesn’t sting my eyes thus far. It definitely irritates them less so than the majority of sunscreens and I rarely find it gets into my eyes!

Hi Christine,
Thanks for the post… it’s been so helpful.
Well, I just bought the Mineralize Sheersheen Silver Aura and I don’t know which look to use with it. Do you have any idea of look that would be nice to wear the Silver Aura?

I recently bought Antiqued eyeshadow…but I’m not sure what to use it with…I want to be able to turn the look from day to night. help!
Thanks in advanced!!

Hi Christine, me again!

Thanks for your advice on the foundation 🙂 Will bear it in mind when I go makeup shopping next week! On that note, I decided today that it is time my entire “makeup wadrobe” got an overhaul. As I’ve become a massive fan of MAC, I will be heading to the concept store next week. My question is, what are the “must have products” I should purchase? My aim is to get products that will give me a fantastic “base”, so my main focus is on blushers, bronzers, highlighters, etc.

So what do you think of the Dazzle Lash mascara? I saw the pictures but I don’t believe there is a review. Could you compare it to the Plush Lash?


what do you think og mini eyelash curlers? (more specifically, the shu uemura mini eyelash curler). also, is it necessary to use a full size curler with a mini?


I don’t think you need to use a full size curler with a mini… it just depends on your eye size. If you have smaller eyes, a mini is probably better for you!

Hey Lina!

I actually don’t — to be honest, once I got into MAC, I never looked back. I do like L’Oreal De-Crease for a budget base. NYX is a great drugstore brand that has a lot of pigmented shadows and products overall. L’Oreal’s HIP line is similar to MAC, though I consider it pricey for a drugstore brand — if you can catch it on sale, though, then it’s not so bad!

Christine – if you somehow broke your camera(s) and had to buy a new one…which one would you get? If you don’t know specifics, then which brand would you get and what kind of features would it have to have?

Hi, Christine. I got a question on runway model look.

I think it’s emanuel ungaro. There’s a model featured on a magazine and she looks like hilary rhoda. She had black liquid liner along lash line and a fuschia pink on top along the black liner. I really like that look. But I don’t know where to get that bright dark pink liquid liner. I think the makeup artist is Pat McGrath again. THANKS 🙂

To be honest, I haven’t a clue where you could get dark pink liquid liner. I can only think of MAC PRO products (like Chromacakes, paint sticks, etc.) mixed with the eyeliner mixing medium.

Hi Christine,

I’ve been eyeing up Newly Minted eyeshadow for a while and am thinking of getting it :o) . I was thinking I’d like to use it as a lid colour and also, alternatively, as a crease colour. Could you suggest some nice colour combinations and shades which would go well with it? Thanks!


can u suggest a dupe for an e/s called unwind which was antique gold from nowel twist eye palate

also, i would like to know a dupe for other wordly blush, not in terms of shade but in term of shine…does that make sense?? i mean i need something like that to be used as highlighter, for that glow…


The only real antique gold that MAC has is Patina, which is not the best.

I’d definitely suggest checking out MAC’s loose beauty powders for that glow you want 🙂

ok.. so i dont own any lipsticks or non-clear lipglosses. is there any way i can do a nude lip without having to go out and buy a nude colored lipgloss or stick?

hello! I’m going to my school prom next friday and was wondering, what makeup should i wear with a gold dress? i’m a total newbie when it comes to make up!
im asian, fair skin, brown eyes and black hair.
please help me! 🙂

Hi Kirsten,

You could do a smoky eye or a gold eye with red lips! It depends on what feature you’d like to stand out more 🙂

Hi, I have another question, what color MAC eyeshadows do you think are good for a neutral, subdued eye look?
I don’t want an avant garde look for school. So, something subtle.
My personal taste is something like a bright eyeliner on the lower rim (example: Urban Decay Covet) then a neutral (example: taupe) or brown or gold-toned eyeshadow. I bought the Urban Decay VIP liner set but I’m not sure what colors to do for the shadow. Preferably MAC veluxe pearl eyeshadows!
Thank you so much!!

P. S. I loved these looks!!

Hi Christine,

Your site has been one of my “stress-busters”!!!!! Visiting it never fails to perk me up. Thanks for the work you put in to make it an interesting and fun site to visit!

I just bought TILT eyeshadow but am clueless what to combine it with. Would it work with the following which I also have: silver ring, black tied? What would be a good combination with Tilt for a day look?

Thank you and more power to you!

Aww!! I’m so flattered it’s a stress buster for you 🙂

Tilt is sooo lovely! You can make it work with Silver Ring and/or Black Tied for sure, but those would likely be more night appropriate. I love Tilt with a neutral like Ricepaper during the day — or even Tilt as liner on the lower lash line.

Hi Christine,

How is Dior DiorBlush in Strawberry Sorbets compared to NARS Blsuh in Orgasm?

If you are buying a Dior Blush which color would you get?
I LOVE Dior skinshimmer in Amber. My skin tone MAC NC25-30.

Thank you in advance! May the beauty forces be with you!

I don’t own Strawberry Sorbets, unfortunately! I couldn’t tell you how it compares to Orgasm. I only own Dior Skin Shimmers, actually – no blushes! Strawberry Sorbets is on my wish list, and I’m NC30.

I want to start off saying that I have no clue about make-up and that I love your blog. I’m not sure if it’s appropriate to ask you a little tutorial with the Dior 5 colors palette ‘pink idol’ that I just bought recently. I have your skin tone and brown eyes but I have no idea how to use it. Could you help me? I didn’t find anything that would help me on the internet.

Hey Cheryl! I’m not familiar with that quint at all, to be honest. I looked online for pics, and here are some suggestions…

Peachy-orange shade + mauve shade + highlighter
Mauve shade + brown + highlighter
Pink + mauve shade + highlighter
Peachy-orange shade + brown + highlighter

Thanks soooo much for responding. You’re awesome. Now, you might think that I’m pretty dumb (sorry) but I’m not sure what’s the highlighter and where to apply the 1 shade, then the 2nd, and the highlighter on my eyes.
It was be of a great help.

Another question, do you always use MAC’s brushes? I live in Europe so I’m not sure where I can get them.

I pretty much only use MAC brushes these days, because it’s what I accumulated and they work for me 🙂 You can definitely use other brushes from high end brands or even craft store brushes work in a pinch.

hey! i just found this site and i love it! theres so many looks! but a little too many. i want either a teal or purple smokey eye effect but idk which 1 2 choose! can u please narrow it down to a few easy, cheap ways to get a teal or purple smokey eye? i would RLY appreciate it!

I’m absolutely thrilled by the Beiges de Chanel Eye Shadow Quad, but unfortunately I can’t find it nowhere. Has anybody got a clue where I can buy it online? It should be a shop that delivers overseas, because I live in Germany.

If it is not available anymore, for it is a LE, are there any suggestions for other brands I could use as a substitute?

I really love this look:

Hello Christine! I love your site AND your new e-book. Comgrats! I have my own makeup line ( and I was wondering how to submit a few products to you for your review. I would love to know what you think about them! Please let me know the process. Thank you! 🙂

I received the Sephora Ultimate Blockbuster and so overwhelmed with all the eyeshadows, I don’t know what to do or how to use them. I find that when I put eyeshadow on, the color fades right away and does not stay. I put foundation on my eyelids but I am thinking that I need an eye shadow primer? Can you suggest a good one.

Also, can you suggest an eyeliner. One that lasts.

Yes, definitely try an eyeshadow primer!! 🙂 UDPP or Too Faced Shadow Insurance are both good.

MAC Fluidline lasts the best on me, or else Urban Decay 24/7 Liners!

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