Ask Temptalia Session #002

This is your chance to ask any questions you may have that you want me to answer! I will try to answer whatever you may ask, and if I don’t have an answer, I’ll at least do my best to point you in the right direction. I’d love to answer your beauty-related questions, but I will take non-beauty questions, too. As always, if you have a question you’d like to ask that’s private, just drop me an email!

So, not sure whether you should get Rollickin’ paint pot when you already have Aquadisiac eyeshadow? Need to know where to buy a product? Ask anything, and ask away! (And feel free to chime in with answers to other readers’ questions–the more the merrier!)

(I will periodically do posts like these where I will take as many questions as I get to answer.)

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hey, i wanna ask sth abt face makeup..usually when i apply my makeup in the morning my face looked totally fresh and shine free..but towards the afternoon the colour will start to get darker and shiny..but the thing is i did all my cleasing and moisturizing and primer to hydrate my face but this problem still it because i’m doing the wrong thing or i used too much loose powder? hope u can help mi on this! thanx!

Hi April – I had this same problem until I found out a couple of things. I went to a MAC class on Friday taught by one of the senior artists and she told me that when you have oily skin, your foundation and loose powders will get darker after some time. I bought a lighter shade of foundation and loose powder than I was previously using and have used it the last couple of days. Voila! The shade becomes exactly the color of my skin and I don’t have the problem of it getting darker anymore.

The other awesome product I’ve discovered is MAC’s Matte. It’s a product that you use instead of primer, per the senior artist, and your oiliness will stop. I absolutely love it and it really does work!

It’s probably your skin reacting to the foundation throughout the day (e.g. oil build-up). You might need to switch to a slightly lighter color so that it doesn’t get too dark by the end of the day!

a makeup artist tried studio fluid fix in nw15 on me (lightest they have) and it looked ok at first, but started to turn dark. she mentioned that the studio fix tends to oxidize darker than some other foundations…we took that off and tried select spf 15 and it didn’t get dark at all that i noticed. maybe it’s just the formula you happen to be using…

i’m looking for an eyeshadow, preferably a creamy one, that would give my eyelids a sort of glowing sheen, as opposed to sparkle. would bare study paint pot be suitable? or perhaps pearl ccb?

You could try frostlite fluidline.. Depending how dark you are, I just use a brush or my finger to apply it all over my lid. If you rub it in it makes a nice somewhat shimmery, glow. It’s nice but I’d suggest trying it on your hand in store first if you’re not sure πŸ™‚

I think Bare Study pp is great, but whatΒ΄s even better in my opinion is Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow in Tattle Tale (white gold) or My DateΒ΄s my Brother (soft light pink), they have a pearly effect rather than shimmer where you can see individual particles of shine. Also they have amazing staying power. IΒ΄m a MAC girl through and through but with those I make an exception πŸ˜‰

I totally agree about the Benefit Creaseless Cream shadows. Also, they make fabulous eyeliners πŸ™‚ I use Skinny Jeans and Stiletto almost daily!

Bare Canvas in the tube is pearlescent and more opaque (and less shimmery) than bare study. i got it on friday and i love it. Apparently they are discontinuing??? πŸ™

I think Pearl or Shell CCB will give you a glowing sheen.. but they are creamy white/off whites, so if you’re NC25+, you’ll notice a white-tint, too.

If you just want a glowy look, and not an especially light color, rubenesque is a beautiful paint pot, with a peachy-gold sheen. There’s also a Loreal HIP paint that’s a light color and more pearlish than shimmery–a really nice color, although the MAC ones have a nicer texture.

Hi, have read you blog for a long time(it really is a great blog!), but this is the first time I’m commenting. Have tried posting this question in different forums before but never recieved an answer, so I hope you can help me.

I love the colour of MACs Sweet William, but not the fact that it is a creme blush, as they tend to clog my pores. Therefore I’d like a similar powder blush, any suggestions?


Hi Cecilia!

There’s nothing TOO close in powder blush form – I would say Pinch Me might get you close… You could try Joyous from the beauty powder blushes, which is LE, but more like Sweet William.

Hey, I know you’re a student, (and I hope this isn’t too personal), but how can you afford all of the fabulous MAC and other more expensive make-up products that you use? Whenever I seem to go to the MAC counter I walk away with two or three things and am $100 lighter, haha.

And the TIME, where do you find the time? Your genius with makeup, was JUST telling my bf about you this morning, and how dedicated and helpful you are. I wish i had your time management skills. Thanks again!! πŸ™‚

P.s. I walk away deeper into credit, until the End of the Month rolls by… hehe

I think I live in another dimension of time πŸ™‚

My routine is very simple…

7am – wake up, let dog out; walk dog, feed dog
8am – check e-mail, answer PR, browse blog feedback [this does not mean answer]
9am – shower, get ready
9:30am – work on blog posts and/or answer feedback
noon – lunch & get ready for class
1-4pm – class
4:30pm – relax, play with dog, walk dog, feed dog
5:30pm – dinner, relax, watch tv
7pm – check email, prepare blog posts
9pm – relax, go to bed

I usually spend Sundays doing the schoolwork reading for the week. I also set side 3-4 hours every few days to answer comments left on the blog (on Saturday, I somehow accumulated approximately 500 comments to respond to, so that was a busy morning!).

I take out a $55,000 student loan that covers both tuition and living expenses–which does include some “fun money.” I get approximately $2,000 to live off of per month, and since I share my apartment with my boyfriend, it does help with giving me more fun money since we split rent (if I lived alone, I’d be scraping pennies together!).

(BTW, law school only allows you to work up to 10 hours per week, and they DO NOT advise it–in fact, they recommend you do not and make you feel ashamed if you do.)

I love your blog! I was wondering about the Clinique Quick Eyes cream e/s you reviewed. Do you still like them? I haven`t seen these IRL, but they sure look pretty! I already use a base (UDPP) with my e/s, but I`m looking for something I can use on top of UDPP with loose pigment shadows. Do you think they will work for this purpose, or are they more of a “stand-alone”-product? MAC Paint Pots didn`t work for me, sadly:-(

I still like them, my opinion of them hasn’t changed!

I’m not sure how well they’ll work on TOP of UDPP – I haven’t tried it (and don’t own UDPP to try it). If you can use other cream products over UDPP with no problems, then they should work well πŸ™‚

I think they’re great alone, but I use them as a base, too.

have you ever traveled by plane with your MAC pro palette? im going on vacation in 3 days and i don’t know if i should bring it (with all the rules i don’t know if they’d throw it out)but i don’t want to check it on, i want to bring it with me. have you ever done that?

Hope you don’t mind, but speaking up here since I’ve traveled a lot since the increased security restrictions were placed on carry-on luggage.

Regarding airport checkin… any lotions, toothpastes, mascara, etc that’s going onto the pane, must be under 3 ounces and all these items must go into 1 clear quart sized baggie if they aren’t getting checked. Your pro palette, being non-liquid, is a non-issue. =)

I travel with makeup a lot and I always put it in my carry-on. I pack a change of clothes in the bottom of my carry on bag and on top of that, I put my toothbrush, hairbrush, anti-perspirant (solid! if yours is gel, put it in your baggie), and makeup bag with makeup brushes & non liquid makeup items. Then I toss in my “keep myself occupied while flying” items and my 1 quart clear baggy of liquid stuff on top since they want that to be out of your carry on bag for inspection when you go through security and it’s much easier if it’s not lost way down in the bottom of your bag.

I usually put sample sized face and hand moisturizer, trial-sized toothpaste, mascara, travel sized hand sanitizer, liquid foundation and my lip glosses into the clear plastic bag.

Hope you have a great trip!

I’ve stopped putting mascara and glosses in my clear bag and they never ever stop me or notice. I usually don’t do it just because it doesn’t fit between all my skincare and hair stuff, toothpaste, etc. (I swear I don’t have that much, but between shampoo, conditioner, day and night moisturizers, cleanser, etc., it adds up!) I’m sure they’d notice something obvious, but they haven’t yet spotted my mascara or glosses. If you have room in your quart bag, definitely put them in there, but if you’re lacking you can probably squeak by.

Yeah, I don’t bring my shampoo or cleanser stuff on board with me. If that gets lost, it wouldn’t bother me. My makeup, on the other hand, I’d freak out about. πŸ˜‰

You can get away with it, but I wouldn’t bank on it, especially if you have high end stuff! I’ve gotten stopped a few times when I’ve forgotten to throw in certain items, actually πŸ™

Hi Alexa,

Your PRO palette will not be subject to any rules as the rules only apply to liquids – like your mascaras, lipglosses, liquid foundations, etc.

What is the best mark/range for foundations or concealers? Currently I’m using a L’Oreal foundation, which I can live with, but seems to slide off in a few hours. Suggestions? πŸ™‚

(Love your make-up tutorials, by the way.)

Hey Stargirl!

Have you tried using primer beforehand or setting with powder? I find both of these things keep foundation on longer. Most foundations will last between 6-8 hours, some lasting longer depending on your skin type. Oilier skin will be more susceptible to the “slide effect.”

You might want to try Maybelline’s Dream Matte Mousse – I’ve heard good things, and I liked the texture and feel when I tried it (I couldn’t try it on my face since it was the wrong shade).

I have two questions:

1. When using the Back to MAC program at a department store, they only allow you to get a lipstick. I know you can’t get Viva Glam lipsticks, but are other lipstiks like Heatherette and Slimshines free?

2. What is the proper etiquette for asking for a sample?

Hi, I love your blog and all the great advice/reviews you give! I’ve only dabbled in MAC cosmetics, and I’m hoping to expand a little more, but there’s just so much to choose from!

I don’t own any MAC Pigment, and I was wondering what exactly made them different (besides the really big container!). There are a couple of eyeshadow colours (black, beige-gold, copper) that I would love to have bigger containers of because I use them so quickly. Is buying a pigment just like buying a bigger container of shadow? Is it more like a paint pot? I’ve always been worried that it’ll smudge and smear much more than the other shadows/paint pots do.

Also, I use a Paint Pot in Blackground for an everyday eyeliner – should I switch to Fluidline? I’ve always been worried that mistakes will be too obvious if I do, but I’ve always wanted something a little darker than Blackground. Also, in terms of black shadows, does Carbon have good staying power? I usually just buy cheaper drugstore shadows, but they tend to disappear by the end of the day.

Okay, I promise this is the last part – I asked about this in a different question a little while back but do you have a lot of prolongwears? I love the idea of them, and I was contemplating getting one, but I read some poor reviews on Makeup Alley and so for now it’s just been basic lipsticks/glosses. Should I try one?

Thanks for your help!

Pigments can go on more sheer, or more pigmented, depending how you apply them. If you apply it wet (with water or mixing medium) their colour pay-off is much more intense than any eyeshadow, and they’ll last longer: especially with a good base under them.

Blacktrack fluidline goes on soooo nicely and it’s very black. I completely recommend it. I’ve never tried blackground as a liner so I can’t compare but if you want a truer black blacktrack fl is definitely it.

And as far as I know Carbon has good staying power, but the most important thing to keep eyeshadows in place is a good base! My favourite bases are MAC’s paints. Depending on your skin tone, Bare Canvas is AMAZING! They’re guaranteed to stay in place for 8 (it may even be 12) hours!! No creasing and the eyeshadows last soo much longer! It’s just a matte beigey-skin toned colour that’s awesome. There’s also Stilife but it’s very shimmery if you apply too much! Even if I want to use a paint pot as a base, I will put Bare Canvas UNDER that!

Sorry, here’s my 2 cents, just that i bought 2 of these products on friday! LOL!

Carbon: so far i love it! (It goes *slightly* bluish on me, but very nice) I also just got bare canvas paint, and applied it over that (AND – very bad i know – I slept in my makeup, but it survived the night!)
ALSO bought ProLongwear, and its the first ‘lipstick’ i own, i always wore glosses. I am absolutely HOOKED!

I can go out and EAT and not have to leave the table to check that my lips have gone all red. ( I like my lips pale, and sit and obsess about them until i can make sure they are right, lol!)
This stuff is a gift from above, honestly, wish id known about it all along.
Ok, ive been using it 3 days, and havent noticed any drying problems, but I moisturise ALL the time and use XXL Lip injection at night.

1) They’re loose and can be used in multiple places (eyes, face, cheeks, lips, etc.). PRO pigments tend to come with precautions so they may not be used everywhere (but usually there is an insert that tells you this when you buy). It’s more like buying a crushed up eyeshadow, but it’s not like a paint pot at all.

2) You can use Blackground as a liner, that’s fine. Blacktrack is darker, but I think you’ll be fine. Carbon has good staying power, but ultimately it’s about what base you use rather than just the shadows!

3) I have 10-15, I would say. I don’t wear them that often (because I have so many other things to wear, lol), but when I go to on vacation with the boy, I often opt for these so we can still get our kiss on πŸ˜‰ (By this, I don’t mean omg, makeout, I just mean pecks here and there). You have to have patience AND practice – plus keep your lips in good condition.

I have a question about skin tone. I am still a novice with this makeup thing but how do I know what colors are right for my African American skin?

thanks in advance!


Thanks Julia and Shefali for your advice…we cant go outside looking like a clown right ladies?!?…but what about eye shadows?? i love golds and purples

Depending on what you’re OK or comfortable with wearing I think bright colours look really nice on darker skin tones! Look at this for example…
It is a little over the top for everyday wear but I think it’s beautiful!!

I also love golds and purples… Trax, Stars & Rockets, and Parfait Amour are my favourite purples… And golds would be amazing on your skin, I bet. My favourites are Goldmine, Gorgeous gold (kind of greeny), and even Retrospeck!! Good luck finding the right shades!

I totally agree with Julie, African American women can rock almost anything and you look fabulous, I’m totally envious :). I’ve noticed jewel tones looks really amazing on darker skin tones. I think you can stay away from most of the tawnies, I’m not sure they’d be very beneficial for you. Soft pinks are often good for everyday and look gorgeous. Ultimately, just do what makes you feel beautiful, that’s the most important part!

Julie: I was looking at stars-n-rockets…its on my wish list lol. But i am going to search for some of the colors that you suggested it they sound pretty.

K: your right about Jewel tones because I have a sample from sephora of this brillant green from the shiseido brand and I love it!!!!…I just tried a look using UD’s Last call and I LOVE IT!..

Thankyou ladies for your suggestions…now the question is do u want to fund the project?? lol jk…THANKS!!!!

just an idea…try google pictures and look up famous African American women (models and celebs) to see what types of colors they tend to wear and look the best in. Thats what I have done in the past when I changed hair colors in drastic ways – red to black, black to blond etc etc. Just a suggestion πŸ™‚

Hi Lish,

You need to have a good base, because your skin is darker and it’ll absorb color without a good base. Something like Soft Ochre paint pot or UDPP is essential.

I think golds, light pinks, berries, and greens will go well with your skintone for sure, but I’m a firm believer in that anyone can wear any color they want.

you guys are so helpful!!!! i love our little family lol. Christine im loving that pro-choice attitude towards the eyeshadow colors lol.

I was just wondering as at 17 year old with dry sensitive skin(no breakouts but flaky and prone to redness) what steps do i need in my skincare routine in the morning and the evening?

Everyone needs…

AM: light cleanser (ideally you’ve already removed 100% of your makeup the night before), moisturizer (use a heavier one for dry skin), sunscreen

PM: deeper cleanser, moisturizer

You can add products like anti-aging creams, eye creams, toners, etc. depending on what you want from your skincare regimen. If the redness is caused by dry skin, more frequent and better moisturizing will eradicate it, otherwise you may want to look into Clinique’s Even Better skin treatment.

Hello Christine. I’ve really been commenting a lot more than normal lately! But, I actually have two questions that I’m interested in, though one isn’t makeup-specific and is really just a general question.

1. I was wondering what your opinion on teeth was. For a person’s smile, say, do you think that their teeth would be more attractive if they were straight or white? Like, what if they were the tiniest bit crooked, but also very white? I’m debating getting braces. Everybody’s fighting with me about it though because they want me to keep my Kirsten Dunst smile. I’m also not sure if it would be fun to go through my college years with braces. I like to remain as natural as possible.

2. Also, in some of your looks, is it possible to replicate them without having to use so many products/colors? I have to cut down my spending!

hi ya Sarah,
I really wanted to comment on your teeth question πŸ™‚ I did not grow in the US and I remember when I first moved over here and I saw so many people wearing braces…I was amazed!! Now, I see adult women wearing braces…women in their 40s and I just think to myself, WHY? I think as long as your teeth are nice and white, which is really what people notice that you should leave your teeth the way they are. There are many women who are famous who dont have perfect teeth…they do however have very white teeth. It seems like Americans are really the only people who are soooo overly obsessed with perfectly straight teeth…to the point that teeth end up looking freaky and almost “fake”.

Also adults have to wear their braces much longer than if it had been done as a child. I say embrace your less than perfect teeth, spend some extra cash and have them whitened…then just learn to love them for all their imperfect glory!! πŸ™‚

Thank you so much for this response, Tanya! Encouraging words are always nice. I have definitely noticed that straight teeth is more or less an American trend, so I’m glad to see that it’s confirmed.

Another worry I was having, and why I was going back and forth, is because braces are very expensive for a poor bum like me! Whitening is definitely less costly in the long-run and I think that getting it done with the ‘zoom’ or whatever would be good. I’ve heard some troubling things about crippling head pain after zoom, however.

I’ve had zoom whitening and it is the worrrrrrrst pain after.. I breathed in and I think they called it a zinger but I thought I was going to pass out my teeth hurt so bad. My teeth were already kinda white and I think they got too white. Its been 2 years and I still think in some pics my teeth look to white. Also, I think the whiter they are the more you can tell they need straightened ever since I got the zoom whitening I’ve noticed that one tooth isn’t so straight and I never realized that before.. now I’m thinking about getting invisalign.

to be honest with you teeth are very important according to every guy i’ve ever been with…they make a big difference in your appearance…i would straighten them

Well I am glad that neither Madonna or Lauren Hutton ever dated any of the same men that Sandra dated…oh and what about? Sandra Bernhard, Nicole Kidman, Bai Ling, Kristen Dunst, Helena Bonam Carter, Amy Whinehouse and thats just the women that my man and I could think of…none of them are ugly…well Amy is kinda skanky but not because of her teeth πŸ™‚ I have never had an issue with men finding me less attractive because of my teeth…and I use to model!! and I am sure that neither have any of these famous women. I really think that less than perfect teeth is so trivial…who really wants to look like some freaky Hollywood white picket fence tooth monster…those people are freaky with their orange tans and white teeth that glow in the dark.

hehehe I did not mean for my reply to sound quite so snarky…my man and I just got into a long talk about teeth and it moved me to respond…after I read what I had put I realized it sounded kinda snarky and I did not mean for it to come across like that πŸ™‚

my 2-cents are … don’t date the guys who are so fixated abt the teeth. so superficial!

i have 3 front teeth and people don’t notice it till i point it out. i’ve had no problems with boys/ men either. i go on a second date with the ones who find it quirky πŸ™‚

I was fortunate enough to inherit my mom’s straight, perfect teeth. I definitely notice people’s teeth when I first meet them.. but I wouldn’t NOT date them because of that! My boyfriend was an adventurous child and managed to get pierced under the chin to the roof of his mouth with a pole! *SHUDDER* His bottom front teeth grew in awkwardly, but that’s it! He wants braces because he’s so self-conscious of them, but I think it’s cute, LOL!

I really think perfectly straight teeth are over-rated. Slightly crooked teeth add something different to your persona – imagine if all of us had straight teeth – we’d look like clones!
Secondly, too uch whitening will definitely wear down the enamel, so that is not advisable either! You know the best way to keep teeth the normal colour without having to use chemicals? Simply gargle your mouth after every meal, and especially after ingesting foods/drinks that stain your teeth (like tea, coffee, and the worst offender – soda based drinks aka fizzy drinks). Seriously – cut these out from your diet and you control both staining of teeth, as well as your weight, as a side effect πŸ™‚ If you still feel your teeth are discoloured, then here’s an easy home remedy – mis a pinch of baking soda and lemon juice and brush you teeth with this mixture quickly. Dont let the soda fizz out. Do this not more than 2 times a week and you should have normal coloured teeth soon.

Wow, thanks for these tips! This is really helpful and I’ll be sure to use some of them. I do worry about wearing down my enamel, so it’s good to hear some alternatives. And I usually like DIY treatments for your skin and body anyway. That way you know exactly what you’re putting on yourself.

I definitely agree with these ladies, you do not need perfectly straight teeth. American women all aspire to an ideal of beauty that is simply not possible, and if it were we’d all look the same! I’m sure your teeth are beautiful and give a fun quirk to your appearance. My parents actually had a bunch of my teeth pulled when I was a kid so that my teeth would come in straight. They’re pretty straight, but I have a huge overbite, not something I think needs to be corrected.

Also as to whitening, I think people are wayyy too obsessed with this! I’m not suggesting your teeth should be smoker-yellow or something, but teeth aren’t supposed to be truly white and I find them distracting and fake when they are. If you drink lots of coffee/soda or smoke and they’re stained, some whitening might be good, but don’t forget the episode of Friends where Ross gets his teeth whitened and freaks out the women he’s dating–don’t go for pure white, they’re not supposed to be that way!

Hi Sarah!

Here’s my thing… you have to do what makes you feel good about yourself. I wore braces for nearly 10 years. I don’t even know how bad my teeth would have been without them (they expected my teeth to fall out very quickly, but no, I was a slow tooth loser). If they aren’t very crooked, I probably wouldn’t get braces. If you think your teeth are fine, there’s no reason to get braces if it’s a healthy mouth.

You can definitely replicate them – you should be able to see the basic colors and go from there. When you own palettes, it’s easy to get carried away.

If you really want braces and don’t want to deal with them showing, you can get lingual braces (they go behind the teeth). They’re a bit more expensive but if you care about the straightness of your teeth and have extra cash, why not? I’ve had mine for 4 months or so and they’re not too horrid. 😑

I was wondering if you had any recommendations for a water based mixing medium (I believe that is the correct term). I know that some shadows can be used wet (more intense color) or dry. I want to try it using the “wet” option but I think I read somewhere that you dont want to use plain water. Any advice would be greatly appreciated and still loving the site!

I just bought some yesterday at a CVS and it was located with the Aveeno lotion products and other similar items. It comes in a small brown bottle and cost me $3.49. I hope this helps!

I use 1 part glycerin, 3 parts water, personally…

I don’t use my eyeshadows wet, because it can leave a wet spot behind, so I can’t help you on that! You can use just water though, I think that would be fine.

what is the correct way to wear bronzer? the placement? w/ or w/o a blush? and which blush do u recommend? blushbaby, melba, peachtwist?

I always wear blush with bronzer! It just completes the look! And the shade of blush you choose depends on the rest of your makeup! For pink/purple looks use a plummy/pink blush. For blue/green/gold looks use a coral/peach blush. For neutral eyes you can really use any blush! I really like a blush called Trace Gold. It looks almost like a light bronzer, so it looks really cute on your cheekbones with a bronzer below it on your cheeks!

Cheeks, forehead, chin. I’d probably opt for no blush or minimal blush (like maybe a touch on the apples of your cheeks) if you wore heavy bronzer. Choosing a blush can depend on your skin tone, but Peachtwist is a good universal color.

Can you recommend a blush and lipstick that pair well with purple/pink eyes (i.e. the purple/pink Heatherette trio)? I’ve tried alpha girl, tenderling, margin, joyous, emote, otherwordly……everything ends up too orange or pinky-brown to match the eyeshadow. I’m nc37 if that helps- I’m very yellow based so that may explain why a lot of pinks look more orange or dark on me. =(

I think a more blue-based blush would be looking great, for example:
True Romantic, Secret Blush or Feeling Beauty Powder Blushes
Fashion Frenzy (LE from FAFI)
Fab (LE, from Barbie)
Bobbi Brown Plum, Raspberry or Pale Pink

as for lipstick:
IΒ΄d imagine a soft purplish pink to go well your eye look, e.g. Syrup l/s, Supersequin l/s, Dreamy l/g, Cult Fave l/g, VG IV LE l/g

Hope that helps!

Have you tried something like Well Dressed? Cool pinks work well with purple and pink eyes. I wear Well Dressed (or Don’t Be Shy from Barbie) as NC30/NC35 with no problems of it looking orange or dark.

Also, Plum Foolery could work for you, too. As far as lipstick goes, I go for pinks or berries, usually!

Thank you so much Shefali, Nell and Christine! I’ll check those all out when I go shopping tommorrow (even though I’m supposed to be buying shoes)!

Would you know anything about selling fake MACs? I’ve depotted 2 of the eyeshadows and they both had the indented circles on them. Would they refund me back?

Everything I’ve received from them has been legit – I don’t know who said that they sold fake OR where they got the information that this was the case… is a reputable site, so I personally find it hard to believe that they would suddenly start selling fake makeup. You should call them and talk to them (like their customer service). Other readers here have gotten recent orders with legit MAC.

I have been looking at the pictures you have of the new collections from MAC and I noticed they are all so colorful. For someone who usually sticks with MAC lipstick in Blankety and eyeshadow in Kid, what would you recommend for a step into new color. I have brown eyes and somewhat pale skin, and tend to stay away from strange colors but want to try something new. Any suggestions of what you think someone like me would like to experiment with? The colors don’t necessarily have to be from any of the new collections, any MAC color would suffice πŸ™‚

Thank you very much

Yesterday I was experimenting with colours and ended up doing a beautiful golden look… It’s not REALLY colourful but it’s definitely a step away from the neutrals you described above! I used Cash Flow as a base, Retrospeck in the inner corner of the eyelid, and Bronze on the outer corner and into the middle of the lid, AND in the crease slightly! I loved it!

However, if you’re looking into getting into MORE colour than that… I would suggest trying this look: . Probably my favourite of Christine’s looks ever.

Hi Megan,

You know, try greens or berries (like Cranberry). I think you’ll find those work well for you πŸ™‚ I think a color like Swimming, or even some golds (like Goldmine) will introduce you to color well!

I hope this question is up your alley!

I’ve been getting serious about my sunscreen lately, I apply an spf 55 under my makeup every day, no problem. The issue arises because most authorities say that for adequate all-day protection, you should reapply! I hate rubbing something all over my face and (a) getting that layered product feeling and (b) I don’t want to do my makeup all over again! Do you have any tips, tricks or products that you recommend for sunscreen reapplication?

Thanks! πŸ™‚

oooh! This is a GREAT question Glosslizard!! I’ve never thought about reapplying sunscreen on my face. I seriously should! What IS a good way to reapply over an already finished look?

Hey Glosslizard!

First, how often or how long are you out in the sun? I mean, ultimately if you’re not sweating or going into the water, it should last longer. You could try a spray SPF (I like Dermalogica’s) to mist it on your face. You could also try a tinted moisturizer with SPF so that you could put in on your face a little bit so that the layering isn’t as heavy as it might be.

I find I opt for a primer with SPF, moisturizer with SPF, and foundation with SPF. It’s not that it adds up to stronger SPF, but that there’s more to sweat off, I guess?

But no, it’s a pretty tough situation if you are being really vigilant about sunscreen!

Hi Christine!

I was wondering if there was a good spray spf out there! Right now sun exposure isn’t too much of a problem (and I do wear a broad-brimmed hat when I’m out and about) but come summer I will definitely be spending more time out in the sun (following the kids around, heh). I will happily check out Dermalogica’s spray sunscreen!

Thanks! πŸ˜€

What’s your absolute favourite lipstick and gloss?? Before I was just an eyeshadow girl but as I’ve said before, you definitely made me think more about lipsticks!

Same with me! I spent about $700 on eye products from MAC before I discovered I could get over the stickiness of lipglasses and actually quite enjoy lipsticks!

I don’t have absolute favorites, lol! There are too many to love. I think a good combo to start with is Sweetie lipstick and Cultured lipglass though πŸ™‚

hey ya Trisha πŸ™‚ The Frownies review was actually mine and yes, I am still using them and I LOVE them!!! I put one triangle Frownie on the frown line between my eyes and I do think that I can see an improvement in the overall dept of the line…its much less severe.

i actually have a few to ask!

1. what’s your favorite liquid foundation and powder?
2. what’s your favorite inexpensive moisturizer?
3. what’s your favorite color? hehe :]
4. what do you use to take off your makeup? i recently just used rimmel’s gentle eye make up remover and it burned the crap out of my eyes… -_-
5. how did you get started in your collection/begin experimenting with makeup?
6. what do you usually carry in your bag?
7. do you have any tips for the eyeliner not smudging like crazy from the waterline and lashline? i’ve tried setting them with eyeshadow but they still smear off and leave several marks that looks like i just played connect the dots..

I actually have an answer for your question number 4. While most people don’t generally use this, a great makeup remover is either olive oil or jojoba oil.

Both of these are also very beneficial for your skin, and your makeup just slides right off. Olive oil also conditions the lashes. They are extremely inexpensive and effective products, and I usually double up my jojoba oil as a facial moisturizer. They’re both multi-tasking. Hope this helps!

Wow I’ve never tried EVOO, but I’ll do that sometime. I personally am a devout user of Almay’s line of makeup removers. They’re very gentle and they have formulas safe for contact wearers. I’ve tried other brands but none have done the job as well. They come either in a liquid or you can get moistened pads, whatever you prefer. The pads are good for travel.

Hi Amy B,

1.) Studio Fix Fluid, Invisible Set
2.) Olay Complete
3.) It depends on where the color is going! Eyeshadow wise, antique gold!
4.) Renee Rouleau’s AHA/BHA cleanser, Lancome Bi-Facil
5.) I just fell in love with MAC, honestly πŸ™‚ I just loved the pigments.
6.) I only carry Fuschia Fix tinted lip conditioner – I don’t like to re-touch or re-apply my makeup!
7.) What liners have you used? I find that Blacktrack fluidline stays on my waterline fairly well all day, and when it does fade, it doesn’t leave any smudging really.

I was actually asking you what’s your favorite color in general :]

& i’ve used the kohl, powerpoint, fluidline, and the power kohl eye… they all smudge on me! (T_T)

I don’t have one, lol! It’s all about what the color is on for me to decide. Like I love beige walls and yellow flowers. It’s too hard to choose one color. I’m one of those people who can never pick out a favorite!

WOW! Have you tried setting them with a powder shadow?


I’d like to know what kind of make up someone can do with brown skintones (South Asian) for Prom. I have a black dress, and I wanted to do a bright red lip with it. Should I go for it? And can I do a smokey eye too? Or will that be too much make up?


Hi Shanza – I’m Indian and I just bought two permanent products that make an AWESOME red lip. Use Red Enriched cremestick liner and Venetian lustreglass. I got SO MANY compliments on it the other day, I couldn’t believe it.

I’d go for a bright red lip and neutral eyes – a smoky eye can be too much, and since it’s your prom, you may want to go for a classic look for photos and memories purposes!

Hey I just wanted to find out about Buff Brushes. Can you ecommend a good one and what’s the correct way to make the most of the buff brush, should it be a part of my daily routine o is it used to create a specific look? (Hint, I would love a picture tutorial on this from Temptalia!) : )
Thanks x

I like MAC’s 182 buffer brush, honestly. It just works wonders for me. I have three of them because I adore them so much.

I do have a tutorial about using buffing – look under Tutorials > Face!

christine, thanks so much for all of your on point advice and inside information! oh and i got some e/s on your recommendation for a pretty neutral eye and a bright green eye, and i am really grateful. thank you. now im e/s obsessed! okay i have a few. i’m latina so i’ve got that dark coloring and i’m nc400 in hyper real.
1) i want to highlight my tan what blush would you recommend? i’ve been eyeing springsheen, style, sunbasque, and pinch me.
i need recommendations for e/s that are fun and shimmery, should i buy pigments?
2) a bright pink/purple
3)a bright green (i already have juxt and swimming)
4)a bright green/blue
thank you for the post on what brushes you use. so helpful! oh and i bought some dermalogica sunscreen, and gentle cream exfoliant since you mentioned dermalogica is a part of your daily routine! i love that stuff.

I’m so glad that the recs are working for you, Arika!

1.) Try Sunbasque, I think that’ll suit you better than Springsheen or Pinch Me. Style may be too orange.
2.) I like using Passionate, Stars ‘N Rockets, and Parfait Amour for a bright pink/purple. Da Bling is nice, too, as a bright medium pink.
3.) Bitter is nice, and if you haver access to a PRO store, so is Bright Sunshine and Bio-Green.
4.) Freshwater is a great bright blue, as is Electric Eel.

Awesome! I’m glad you are liking the Dermalogica stuff πŸ˜€

Have you ever used a mascara base (i.e. Shiseido) before putting on mascara? If so, does it really make a considerable difference than putting on mascara alone?

I use MAC Prep and Prime and OMG does it ever make a difference….it really doesnt matter what masacara I actually use as long as I put on my Prep and Prime my lashes look amazing!!

Hey Thalia!

I have – sometimes they do things for you, sometimes not. It really depends on your lashes and what you’re trying to achieve. I’ve found that it helps lengthen, but not thicken, but the length isn’t so much so that I bother with primer.

Hiya Sarah, you need to consult with the dentist, though to just get the ok that it’s alright to leave teeth as is. You never know if all your teeth are out already and no additional one is lurking to pop out which will totally ruin your current nice set. I have a friend who had nice teeth and suddenly he had extra teeth out, ignored them and now his mouth is totally different.
That being said, if there’s no problem, i’ll say leave it. Imperfection makes people unique and in turn makes them perfect.

Thanks! I spoke to my dentist about this and made sure that he told me that they were alright. He said that they were still functioning and that they were fine. I do, of course, go in for regular check-ups, so if anything goes awry, it’s not going to slip by me!

Hey Christine! How are you? I just got engaged, and I am planning my engagement party and in the midst of booking a photographer for eng. photos. I was wondering if you could do a tutorial with tips and tricks for makeup that photographs well for wedding, engagement photos, etc! Maybe a review of that new Cargo blu-ray powder would be something cool to add in there, as well as colours or textures to avoid, or foundations that won’t reflect light that much, tips of what eyeshadows are appropriate, etc. What do you think?

Thank you! I am SO excited!! This has been such a dream for me.. sometimes I look around and be like “Yeah, OK, this is really happening. Let’s do it!”

hey christine,
i was wondering what drug store intense black eyeliner you recommend to line the lower waterline…one that stays put and doesnt fall down…also how do i prevent it from bleeding onto my skin? this ALWAYS happens and they i look like i have dark circles…how do i make it stay on my waterline? thanks

I don’t line my waterline, but l’oreal lineur intense has good staying power if you want a liquid. the l’oreal HIP creme eyeliner is good, too, pretty close to MAC fluidline in my opinion. In pencils, I like Rimmel and L’oreal HIP again.

I haven’t found a drugstore liner that I really like, to be honest. It’s going to be hard to find ANY liner that stays 100% on the waterline, it’s just not an area that’s meant to have product on it. You could the UD 24/7 liners, those work well.

This is slightly embarassing, but here we go!
Above my mouth, the skin is slightly darker and it always appears as if I have a moustache, even though there is no hair there! (I pluck the hairs:P)
What do I do, Christine?! helpppppppp!

OMG I totally use to have this problem when I was on the pill πŸ™ the skin above my upper lip turned a funny brown color…it was horrid looking…no one else said they could see it but I sure did notice it. So I stopped the pill (other reasons as well) and I got some lightening cream. Murad has a good one that works quite well and my Derm also gave me a sample of a lightning cream EpiQuin Micro. Changes in the color in areas like above your lips are often caused by weird hormonal stuff. Also I read that its one of the side effects of taking Accutane.

Im so glad im not the only one! Also had it from the pill, and the sun made it worse.
Have since used AHAs and high sunscreen ALL the time. Thank goodness its gone, but its still pretty nad under my eye area.. πŸ™ Which is difficult to treat cos im scared of applying AHAs there (its a bit wrinkly too)
Any recs?
I got good results from Clarins, but wow its pricey..

Hi Diana!

The best advice I can offer to you is to see a dermatologist and ask them if they can determine the cause. Otherwise, you may want to try a skin lightener, but I really suggest checking to see a doc first!

How much does it cost to go to law school in America? How do you plan to pay for tuition?

As a university student in the middle of finals I find it amusing that I’m PAYING these individuals to torture me. No more papers please!

Tuition is $35,000, but I also take out an additional $20,000 to cover living expenses (especially since you can’t really work during your first year). I take out a nice big loan each year, LOL.

Hi Tekoa,
I’m in law school in California and my tuition is about $35,000 a year. I pay for tuition by taking out loans and working part time. But basically I’ll be paying back my loans for a VERY long time to come!

Wow my loans are nothing compared to yours then! In the UK it costs Β£3,000 for fees (about $6,000), Living costs are about the same and I pay for this using a student Loan of about Β£3,500 per year. So I will have about Β£10,000(nearly $20,000)to pay back as my parents paid for my fees. I can’t believe how much you guys in the states have to pay!

Winnie, are you in law school or just in undergrad? From your post it sounded like you’re in undergrad. Tuition rates vary immensely in America once you get beyond undergraduate education. Grad school, med school, and law school are all usually significantly more expensive than a regular 4 year undergrad education. Grad school varies, it’s not always more expensive, it just depends. My grad school fees are slightly more, but I take less credits overall, so it depends on how you look at it. My hubby’s med school is astronomical, we will be paying back at least $150,000 in loans once he’s done, and I’ve also heard vet school is ridiculously expensive. Also consider time, law school is an average of 3 years, but of course that depends, med school is an average of 4 years plus 2-4 of residency (you get paid during residency), and PhDs are usually anywhere from 3-4 years as well.

There’s no real across the board cost for any of this, it depends on if it’s a public/private school and what kind of funding you get. For example, my M.A. tuition is paid because I work as a teaching assistant. It really varies from school to school.

LOL, Winnie! For undergrad, it was much lower, especially since I went to a state school – about $8,000 for tuition there. I’m going to a private law school, which certainly ups the price!

Hey Christine! I have been an avid reader of your blog… I absolutely love it! Here is my question:

Would you ever consider buying a fragrance from eBay, or an outlet store like Perfumania? I absolutely love Infusion D’Iris by Prada, but as a college student on a budget I don’t feel like paying 70 bucks for the smallest bottle of it! I would love to find a reliable place to purchase discounted fragrance without feeling jipped.

Thanks sooo much! πŸ™‚

I bought a fragrance from eBay only to realize it was a fake when I received it. πŸ™ I opened a claim then a dispute and the buy refunded my money immediately. So I’d definitely stay away from eBay!

I agree… I bought a Chanel perfume on eBay once… And it STINKS. Nothing like the original. I didn’t know Perfumania sold replicas… But really. Perfume is something that will always be expensive, and I think it’s worth it to get what you love, instead of wasting money on a potential fake-product that doesn’t last as long, doesn’t smell quite right, etc. because perfume totally makes you feel sexier and I think $70 once, maybe twice a year, is not that bad!

Hey Christina!

I don’t know about eBay, but I definitely don’t mind going to discount. I got my Dior Addict from Loehmanns, which is kind of a designer discount store.

CAN LIPSTICKS SWEAT? lol i was looking at my lovelorn and it had bubbles like water when i opened it all the way! so i looked at my other ones and some had and some didnt… i have all my makeup in this gold glitter betsey johnson things ! maybe because the weather is hot in the valley?! i dono

I’ve had some brand new lipstick arrive sweaty since they were shipped from places with hot or humid weather. I bought several at a time and only half of them were sweaty. My guess is that some ingredients used to make specific formulas are more prone to sweating than others.

I would like to ask you about Mineral Makeup!
(Let me first say that i love your site, and admire not only your talent, but your commitment to this blog! Its my homepage! Thank you!)

Ok. Here I go.

I have read about people using mineral makeup, but it wasnt available to me until i saw the Revlon colorstay mineral foundation(yesterday).
I believe bare escentuals is the best, but I can get MAC here, so will probably end up getting that. But in the mean time I thought I would give this one a bash.
What is the big difference between the two?

Can anyone use mineral Makeup?
(I am 26, smoker, dry skin, some wrinkles, and i have pigmentation cause by hormones. So i really need full coverage, and prefer a dewy look, as long as it doesnt make me look older. I dont know if mineral foundation is for me)

I find that my pigmentaion, which is under my eyes (right where my wrinkles have started) is not covered very well by this Revlon one.
Should i use a cream concealer? How would one go about this? Must it also be mineral, or can i use my MAC one? (i find it a bit cakey though)

Can one use a cream blush with mineral foundation? Im worried I will rub off my foundation when applying it.

Is the MAC mineral foundation better?

Will it dry out my skin futher, how can i get that dewy look from mineral foundation?

Thanks so much!

There probably isn’t a huge difference, maybe in ingredients and grade. The best mineral makeup tends to be from mineral makeup etailers, just because that’s their business. You can get mineral makeup that works for your skin type and still gives you a dewy look. MAC’s mineral foundation has mica, which can give a bit of a dewy look to your skin. You can use non-mineral concealer with mineral foundation! πŸ™‚ Mineral foundation is similar to loose powder, which people have used forever, so you shouldn’t worry about mixing and matching your products.

There are many etailers that offer mineral foundations that are designed to give you a dewy finish (try Everyday Minerals), actually!

Hi Christine!

this isn’t really a question but a suggestion! I think you should make swatches of all your MAC!!! especially like similar. i know you already do so much for all the new collections but i was hoping you’d do permanent as well :] esp e/s!! and p/g

thanks love!!
ps i freaking LOVE this website πŸ˜€

Hi Christine!

I’ve been coming to this site for well over half a year now, but just never got around to posting comments. In one of the forum topics “products you love, but never see anyone use” (or something similar), they mentioned Club e/s. I have Club and Plumage eyeshadows, yet have not been able to create a look with either one. Any suggestions?

My next question is directed to everyone that uses Fluidline. What do you use to apply it with? I took an old liquid liner application, cleaned it very thoroughly and use that. Now that the end isn’t as ‘sharp’ (for lack of a better word), I’m trying to figure out what type of brush I should use.

I’ve been to cheap to get a MAC eyeliner brush–I have a Sephora cream eyeliner brush, which is not bad, and one of the Sonia Kashuk ones, which is one of those bent eyeliner brushes, and that’s really good for the price.

Have you tried doing a smoky eye with them? They both work really well as a crease color!

I use the 208 to apply to the upper lash line, though I know everyone likes the 266 πŸ™‚ I find I prefer thin lines over thick ones, which is why the 208 is perfect!

The rude (but make fab cat liners) MAC artist here uses 209. I hate him but I shamelessly look for him when I want to try different fluidline. *grins*

97 comments already!! I have two questions:
1. You mentioned something about deodorant and how some you have used last only until midday. What do you do when you start to feel icky?
2. My face gets shiny and oily by midday…help! lol I’ve tried using shine control sheets, but I find myself using three to five as the day progresses and it doesn’t slow the buildup.

I reapply deodorant if I start to feel icky, personally! I honestly don’t sweat very much… like it’s quite difficult. LOL, I can go play tennis for two hours and not sweat sometimes.

You may want to try using a matte foundation and blot powder (MAC loose blot powder), which helps to reduce oil/absorb it throughout the day.

I have oily skin and I use the Tea Tree Oil wipes, cleanser, toner, and night cream from The Body Shop and MAC’s Oil Control Lotion. By the time the evening rolls around, I only need one of those blot papers. Before using these products, I was washing my face and reapplying makeup twice daily! I also switched to powder foundation, liquid tends to make me oily rather quickly still.

Most antiperspirants don’t last that long on me, but I have found one that works perfectly – Secret Platinum Protection Gel. It lasts all day even in the summer!

I have a craftstore brush that I apply Fluidline with. I think it’s a Loew Cronell 7400. It’s angular and soft and works great, plus it cost about six dollars. I also found that Fluidline works best when I don’t try to do one continuous line. I go from the middle of the lid out, and then from the corner of the lid into the middle. Hope this help!

I have a craftstore brush that I apply Fluidline with. I think it’s a Loew Cronell 7400. It’s angular and soft and works great, plus it cost about six dollars. I also found that Fluidline works best when I don’t try to do one continuous line. I go from the middle of the lid out, and then from the corner of the lid into the middle. Hope this helps!

Hi everyone! I love this blog and think that you do a great job. I recently saw an infomerical for an airbrush makeup system (luminess), and was wondering if you know anything about airbrushing makeup and your opinion on it since I think you are a makeup genius. Thanks.

Hey Ana!

I haven’t personally dealt with airbrushing makeup, but it is something that artists do for shoots. I totally recommend you to check out for user reviews, because I bet there are some for that particular system!

Airbrushing generally gives you a more even application, which can be achieved just by being patient and using good brushes, too.

Every time I try to use eye shadow as a liner, it leaves a very distinct line on my crease. How can one prevent this from happening?

Hey Charlotte! Are you blending it in? It sounds like you’re getting too much and it’s loose so it moves around.

I have never used the MAC pigments, although I am quite addicted to the paint pots. If I wanted to get started with one pigment to get the feel of it, which one would you recommend and what should I do with it?

My vote for a first pigment would be vanilla, since it can be used for SO MUCH. Mixed with your moisturizer or a liquid foundation, it gives an absolutely gorgeous glow to your face (this is STUNNING when combined with one of the beauty powder blushes). You can also use it as a highlight for your eyes or cheekbones. It’s wonderful when used to line under your eye or especially applied the inside corner of your eye to really brighten up your eyes. It’s great to mix with sunscreen for your body for the summer, too. Basically, anywhere you want a glow, vanilla pigment can do it.

Hmm, I really, really love Golden Olive because it is such an excellent color with amazing consistency. For something lighter, Melon is super pretty, too.

Try a green smoky eye!

Hola Christine!

I need your help 911!!! If you were to make a pallette from the PRO store, what colors would you pick? (for example: what green, blue, orange, red or yellow?) My hubby is going out of town and is staying 20 minutes away from a Mac Pro store! πŸ™‚

btw: I bought Chrome Yellow but it doesn’t stay on my eyes at all! Not even w/UDPP!!

Hey Mari!

OK, tell your husband to get the new PRO only colors that came out last year… like Bio Green, Bright Sunshine, etc. If you’re all about brights, those are the ones to get!

You can go to to see a list, actually!

Chrome Yellow never worked well for me, lol!

Plum Foolery is the closest I think, though it’s a little more purple than Afterdusk (which has more pink in it)!

Hi Calico – I’m totally obsessed with Bobbi Brown’s concealer. It blends so well and is not cakey at all! It comes in a small round container with concealer on top and powder on the bottom to set it.

I really like Clinique’s All About Eyes… it’s quite creamy, so I think it will be hydrating enough to work for you.

You may want to layer moisturizer thickly and let it settle into your undereye area before applying concealer to help!

Hi Christine,

I was wondering why when taking a picture my face looks a lighter colour than my neck. I think I have the right foundation colour, it’s the colour they suggested in the store, so what can the problem be?


It’s probably the SPF!! SPF can often reflect light making you look washed out/lighter, especially since it’s just your face looking like that.

If it looks fine in natural light, day light, and artificial light, then it’s probably an SPF thing. Ask others to tell you if it matches!

Newbie question, what does CCO stand for? Also Christine since you are not a MA or MA student, how do you get access to PRO products?

Love the blog! xoxo

CCO stands for cosmetic company outlet. It’s where Estee Lauder sends old products to die. Or, you know, for people to buy at a discount.

As for pro products, anyone can buy them! You can get them from a pro store in person or call a pro store and have them ship to you – you simply don’t get the discount pros get. Shipping is a flat rate (I know it’s $7 in Canada) and super speedy.

Cosmetic Company Outlet, which is owned by Estee Lauder and has their umbrella brands at 20-30% off (products that are discontinued or leftover stock from LE launches).

You can get PRO products no matter who you are – just stop by the PRO store or call them up and place an order via the phone!

For me, I treat my brushes as if they were made of real human hair (although they’re not, obviously). For my MAC 120, which picks up a lot of blush, I wash it twice with the shampoo that I use. (It’s been Paul Mitchell Extra-Body.) I also use a tiny amount of conditioner on the ends, and let the brush sit for a few minutes while I clean my other brushes. I’ll rinse it clean with warm water.

I can’t stand the feel of dirty brushes against my skin, so, following Karen from Makeup and Beauty Blog’s advice, I clean them daily after application with Wet Ones wipes. (The sensitive skin variety with no alcohol or scent.) I just swipe my face brushes with a couple wipes, and off I go. (Seriously, cleaning them with the wipes are super fast.)

Hmm… here’s a question about: Going Bananas and Bright Sunshine eyeshadows. I’ve heard Bright Sunshine is the closest perm/pro shadow MAC has to Going Bananas. How do they compare? Can I get a side-by-side swatch? πŸ˜€

Hey Christine!

I got a similar question to one above, I am traveling internationally and would like to carry my traincase as a carry on,(which has tons of lipglass,lipsticks,pallets,blushcreams,etc) I have travelled with it in the US with no problem, I’m just wondering about Internationally.. do you think I would run into some troubles? Thankssss in advance! (:

Two things to keep in mind would be a) ensuring the traincase stays within the size requirements for whatever airline you would be travelling with (they vary) and b) making sure you pack anything fluid within a one quart ziploc-type bag. Other than that, I’d imagine it should be fine.

As far as I know, the restrictions are very similar in terms of liquids… Lipsticks aren’t really liquids, nor blushcremes, but lipglasses should conform to the liquid restrictions. Best thing to do is go to TSA and check out what they’ve released! They change pretty frequently!

Hi Christine,
One comment/suggestion. Do you think you could do more posts about products other than MAC? I know MAC is fabulous and everyone loves it, etc, but I don’t use it and don’t really have any interest at this point, I’m happy with what I have. Sometimes I read the blog and it feels like one big advertisement for MAC. Posts about other product lines would also be helpful, and I know you do use some, it just sometimes feels like this is a MAC only blog (which I know it’s not).

I do love the blog and I’ll read it everyday regardless of whether or not you do more non Mac posts!


Hi K,

I try to do posts about non-MAC brands as often as I can. I know that in the past two weeks there’s been a lot of MAC info released, which is probably why it seems so MAC-filled. Prior to that, though, I think I had two full weeks of reviews of non-MAC products! I can assure you that it’s not my aim to ostracize non-MAC products πŸ˜‰ I have tons lined up for reviews!

Hi Kleri,

You should try Dermablend by Kryolan, it’s meant to cover up severe birth marks and scarring, including burn victim’s scars.

Hi Sarah,

For Fafi Eyes 1: try Patina for Hey, Howzat for Naval; Heatherette Trio #1: Hush, Aquadisiac, Black Tied; Heatherette Trio #2: Hush, Da Bling, Fig 1

Does anyone have issues with cyclopentasiloxane and/or other silicones drying their skin out, esp. when it’s in moisturizers or primers? I love MAC Prep and Prime SPF 50 but it dries my face so badly and I think it’s due to the silicone content. Any feedback would be great. Thanks.

Hey Alison,

I haven’t experienced this so I can’t speak to it, but it’s really too bad that it does that to your skin πŸ™ I’ve only found that harsh acne products tend to do that to me.

Depends on the eyes… Generally, if you’re warmer, a warm-toned blush, and if you’re cooler, a cool-toned blush.

You and I have a very similar skintone, so I thought you may be able to point me in the right direction when it comes to my recent fascination with the color purple. I have become obsessed with finding the perfect purple eyeshadow. Something similar to purple in Earthly Riches from MAC 07, but with less shimmer. Is there something out there like this?

Hi Angelica!

Have you checked out the Matte2 eyeshadows by MAC? They have two great purples that are matte in texture, no shimmer. I still love Parfait Amour as a great purple shadow with low shimmer. Make Up Forever has a bright purple everyone is ga-ga over (I think it’s #92?).

Hi Sarah,

Her looks seem just fine, but to be honest, I’ve never followed or paid much attention to celebrity makeup!

Hi C!
I did a do the green/gold eye make up look on myself for a friend’s wedding. How do I post Guest Look snaps?
Stay beautiful x

Hi Calico,

If you pour a little bit of rubbing alcohol into it, you can press it back together (use like wax paper and then press a quarter downwards to press it together).


I wear MAC Select Cover-Up concealer in NW25; and I want to buy the MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation. I tried the NC35 and the NW25. They both look good, but do I go for the NW or the NC? Does it have to match my concealer (“,)

No, it doesn’t have to match your concealer! It is odd that you are able to wear both, though, since they differ both in undertones and significantly in shade.

Yes I agree with you, I am surprised myself.I don’t know how the MAC Artist recommended the NC for me. I guess the lighting at their store was bad. She even advised me to buy both and mix them on my hand then apply it. How does that sound to you?

Art is something no one can live without. You’re a great artist =) I am a big fan of your website. Temptalia, YouTube, MACCosmetics, and my email are the only 4 sites I dont let a day pass without checking them =)

I loved the colors they used for the lancome makeover. I think it would be a great everyday look for spring/summer. I was wondering if you could rec any mac shades (e/s, blush, lipgloss) that would dupe this look. My skintone is nc40, i’m pretty sure I already have similar shades, but I haven’t seen the lancome in person to compare.

thank you,

They are? I hear complaints most about them, LOL! Honestly, I just use tweezers and try to maintain the “shape” that I have. I’m actually in the process of trying to thicken them, and I use Anastasia’s nuBrow gel, which is supposed to enhance growth…

Hello Christine,
I am a new MAC convert LOL and have been shopping for stuff online. However, sometimes I cannot find everything that I see on this site online.. I guess my question is, are the things that they sell online all the products MAC makes? OR maybe I am just looking for stuff that was LE. Ie. Rollickin’ paint pot.

Hey Jessica! Welcome to MAC πŸ˜€

I definitely use a products that are no longer available – MAC makes a lot of LE products. Rollickin you might find in a local store, but it came out in February, so it’s probably sold out on the website.

Hi! I just discovered your site and spent waaay too much time looking through it:) Here is a question I’ve had that nobody seems to know how to answer. I like the look of layering lip gloss over lipstick, however I never know just how to do it so the applicator doesn’t get all gross. I don’t like to put lipgloss over a lipstick, because no matter how hard I try to wipe off the applicator, it seeems like some of the lipstick color makes its way into the rest of the lip gloss. Am I just making a mountain out of a mole hill? Thanks.

Hey Kris! πŸ˜€ You know, you can buy disposable applicators, or you can take a lip brush and swipe it off of the lipgloss wand, too.

Looking for a miracle.

Here’s my problem. I’ve been using Bare Escentuals Bare Minerals for a while now. I really like the full coverage and ease and I love how it looks and how it stays put. But recently its been making me break out REALLY badly.

I need a new foundation. I really like the powder foundations, but I need one that’s full coverage, and will not make me break out. Any suggestions?

It’s really hard for me to say. I really have no issues with most cosmetic brands, but I fell in love with MAC first, and thusly have so much MAC that it’s easier to stick with it than try to learn about a whole new line (or get addicted to one). I do like Clinique & Lancome for simplicity; NARS for some items, and Dior when I want to feel luxurious.

i was just wondering if you know if there are any new paintpots coming out in upcoming collections?
like nice vice or rollickin or any new ones?

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