Ask Temptalia – Question & Answer Session #8

Thanks for all the questions! Keep sending them in to [email protected]. If you have a time-sensitive question, please let me know so I can try and answer it on time. If you didn’t see your question, check for it in the next Ask Temptalia post. Keep on sending them in!Q: When I try to use the paint pots (in Rubenesque), it looks caky and uneven when I apply, even without a primer. Do you have any suggestions on how I can fix this problem?A: Are you applying too much product? What do you apply it with? I find applying it with a firm, flat brush (249) works wonders, and I only use a sheer layer, not a lot of product.Q: I have really small eyes, how can I make them pop and open them up?A: Using a good mascara paired with a good eyelash curler can really open up eyes. Lashes should have decent length and a touch of thickness to really do the job. By curling the lashes, you accentuate height and open up the eye. You can also try lining either the upper lash line, lower lash line, or even both – it depends on your preference and natural eye shape. Many will argue that upper lash lining does wonders for enlarging the eye. You can make eyes pop or be more defined by accentuating the depth of your crease.Q: Could you give me some suggestions on color combinations for the following palettes? Delights/Trend, Lace/Warm Eyes, Thunder Eyes, Smoking Eyes, and Inventive Eyes?A: Okay, I’m not entirely familiar with which palette is which, just because I remember colors better than palette names, BUT I do know a few of them, so I’ll give you suggestions for what I am familiar with! 🙂 I believe the Lace/Warm Eyes palette consists of colors like Valet, Limo, and Sablewrap, which are all favorites of mine. Valet is this gorgeous coppery color, which pairs amazingly with rich chocolate browns or lighten it using softer oranges and golds (Goldmine would be awesome!). Limo is a sensuous cranberry color, very dark, very Beautymarked meets Cranberry meets Black Tied – delightful color to incorporate into spicing up a fall smokey eye or delivering a defined crease. Sablewrap is a dirty green-gray color, and I just love it for subtle green smoke eyes or in an eye that’s mostly green – I’m thinking Velvet Moss and Juxt, then Sable Wrap on the outer edge and above the crease; maybe some Greensmoke to really darken the crease. Thunder eyes has some of my favorite shadows in it – Rye, Scarab, and Thunder (pink). Rye is gorgeous with browns and golds, for sure. Scarab is an awesome green color, similar to Humid, but even better – so it naturally pairs well with other greens, not to mention golds, blacks, and browns.  I adore Thunder in any pink or purple look, even in gray-blue looks it goes well. Smoking Eyes just came out, I believe, unless you mean the Smoked palette, but nonetheless, it was meant to create warm smokey eyes, and I find that that’s really the best look you can do with that palette. I do think you can mix and match up colors from that quad with your other shadows, though, to come up with different combos.  I love Showstopper in the outer lid, Smoking in the crease, and Next to Nothing all over the lid and brow. I’m not very familiar with Delights/Trend (I think I’ve done looks with it, but I don’t remember what’s in it…), nor Inventive Eyes (never bought it).Q: What colors would you suggest for a beginner? I love all of your multi-color techniques but I would like ideas that don’t require the use of so many colors, maybe 3 at the most.A: Five great staple eyeshadows to own would be Ricepaper (excellent neutral and highlighter), Carbon (matte black to darken any look), Bronze (warm chocolate brown), Goldmine (true yellow gold), Woodwinked (velvety brown), and Soft Brown (warm medium brown). You can throw in some colors by adding Juxt (light yellow green), Humid (deep green), Da Bling (warm pink), Stars ‘n Rockets (purple with pink shimmer), and Deep Truth (rich dark blue) if you’re feeling adventurous.Q: Which Shadow brush is the best all purpose brush that can be used for blending as well as applying a simple wash of color (gasp).A: The 239 is going to be your best all purpose brush because it’s fluffy, not too small and not too large, so it can handle a myriad of jobs decently, if not well.