Are your friends as into beauty as you are?

Are your friends as into beauty as you are? More so?

I am definitely the beauty addict within my group of friends! Even those who do like makeup and follow some of it definitely don’t do so on the same level that I do!

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I definitely am! A lot of my friends are me for advice about colour or for wedding looks and I don’t mind it at all…it’s fun! (And cheap for them, since I don’t charge friends <3)

I only have two friends who are even remotely into make-up. One of them is the eyeliner only sort (shewas horrified when she saw my eyelash curler, haha!), the other pretty much only makes a big effort to go out. The rest are either guys or tomboys!

Hahaha, oh I’m definitely the ‘Barbie doll’ within my group of friends! They always ask me for advice though, or to accompany them when they go shopping for beauty products.

no, i am pretty much the only one. i do know some people who really like make up but aren’t exactly my friends, just some people i get to be with every now and then. fortunatly we get to talk about it then, otherwise i only talk to my boyfriend about makeup (poor thing). but being the only one, i often feel displaced from my group of friends.

My Best friend doesn’t wear makeup, only on super special occasions. None of my friends actual wear makeup. I wear makeup for fun mostly, to feel more dressed up too, but I also have exzema, and bb creams cover the redness nicely.

I’m definitely the most obsessed. But I have a cousin who is pretty close and always buys loads of products. When I went to school in NYC, overall I found the makeup/beauty scene to be fairly non-existent with the average person. I was the only one of my friends/roommates who wore makeup on a regular basis and took care of my hair, skin, & nails.

Same here, im the one most addicted or knowledgeable about it out of all my friends. They mostly just buy drugstore stuff and use the bare minimum. Ive never seen them go crazy with eyeshadow looks or blushes etc.

You know what? It seems as if beauty addicts are just about the only ones in their circle of family and friends! I don’t know any other person in my life who is obsessed with makeup like I am. Anyone else I know through blogging say just about the same thing!

My best friend love’s makeup but I feel that I enjoy the very sight of it more than she does. She doesn’t get as excited as me when we walk into Sephora. Lol. 🙂

Actually, yes. My best friend is definitely sucked into the youtube scene, and a couple of my university friends toe that line between normal interest and obsession haha.

Yep, same here! I’m the one and only beauty junkie in my circle of friends. I’m in my own league even, as most of my friends probably own maybe 5 makeup products max!

None of my friends really wear much makeup. I have one that is obsessed with lip gloss but that’s it. So everyone comes to me for advice and tips. They also like to just look at my collection in amazement. it’s kind of fun but I would love to have a friend close by that loves makeup as much as I do.

No they are not. I have like a whole cupboard of beauty items. Plus a few make up bags that are filled with various stuff. Also in every bag I have there is also at least one lipstick (just in case).

My friends dont even come close. Actually they all think I have a bit of a beauty addiction, and what can I say they’re right. No one ever has a problem though wanting to borrow my stuff.

The friends that aren’t as into it are smart. Let’s face it, it is a total waste of money. We could be putting that money into other things.

How can you say that? If you enjoy something, it is not a waste of money! Makeup and skincare can be a hobby or a business — but it also is something that can make you feel confident about yourself, give you enjoyment (I love reading blogs and watching videos), and help you take care of yourself better. If you think it’s a waste of money for you, then that’s fine, but for those who enjoy it, it’s far from a waste of money.

I second that, very very very heartily!! It helps us to become the best version of ourselves, NOT a different version as some people would argue. It really truly helps with the whole confidence game to when we are looking the best we can both inside and out!

It *can* be a waste of money, especially if you buy things just for the thrill of getting them, and then you end up using them very little, because they just don’t suit you. GUILTY!)
Most of the time, though, I think it’s worth it, because of the pyschological benefits. The few women I know who never wear *any* makeup have “given up” on their appearance, and I think it shows.

Dear Makeuptray –

The fact that you are reading and responding to a makeup blog indicates that you love or seriously like makeup. Anything in this world that brings you joy without harming others is not a waste. I am 49 and recovering from a heart attack I had on Halloween (athlete, fit, rotten family history). Trust me, money isn’t everything and you can’t take it with you. I’m back to work now and wearing my makeup every morning. It is a mood booster and I forgot how fun makeup can be. Smart women wear makeup. Now get out there, wear your makeup, and enjoy it!

Thank you so much Christine! Your blog is amazing and I’m so glad I found it during my recovery period. You have definitely contributed to my new glamour girl status (lol).

No, definitely not. At least not on the surface. I’m always surprised though that once I start talking about makeup, they usually are interested, just not as obsessed. Plus, in the last six months with starting my blog, I’ve connected with a lot of lovely bloggers and beauty addicts who share my obsession, so that’s been really cool

I have about two friends that are as crazy as me, haha, my BFF and another friend that I used to work with. They don’t bat an eye at my crazy collection and we always share what we’ve purchased or what’s coming out.

In general, they’re not.
I have a few “makeup friends” with whom I can prattle about beauty, but I have at least one friend whose eyes glaze over at the mere mention of the word “makeup.”
There are even a couple of people with whom I’ve become friends *because* of our shared interest in beauty. It’s not *all* we have in common, but it was a place to start.
I think it’s kind of like men and cars. They have friends they work on cars with, and some they don’t.

Same here, lovelies, the only one. My best friend likes them alot. I have a problem, its an addiction, but oh myyyy, WHAT AN ADDICTION!! hahaha, Most of them will roll their eyes and make fun, but you will never see me making fun of some of their loves and hobbies!! But its worth it I tell you, some people collect clothes or shoes. Me? I like em colourful and powdery… ahahahahaha sounds so wrong!

No, none of my friends are as into makeup/skin care as I am. My true friends don’t make any negative comments and accept that it’s my interest. Even my Husband, who I consider my best friend, accepts it.

But, over the years, I’ve had a few friends and especially aquaintances that find out that I collect and have an avid interest in makeup/skincare and for some reason they think it’s perfectly okay to make negative comments about my interest. I wouldn’t think of telling someone “oh that’s stupid to be so interested in ______”. Or, what a waste to be interested in ____. It’s rude and although it doesn’t hurt my feelings I wonder why they think it’s okay to say it in the first place?

All of my friends are guys…and while they tolerate me talking about makeup, they’re not interested in it at all. In fact, they think I should buy/wear less of it.

Xero, I find it annoying when men make derogatory remarks about girls who “wear all that stuff on their faces,” but still expect women to look drop-dead gorgeous, all of the time.
Women who look flawless without makeup are few and far between. In the real world, you can have nearly-perfect-looking, OR you can have “completely natural,” but rarely both at the same time.

I’ve been lucky that the friends/boyfriends I’ve had genuinely do seem to prefer “natural”, instead of “fake natural”. At least, the men I’ve dated have always told me I look beautiful without makeup, even when I have pimples and dark circles under my eyes. They’ve also understood that I don’t wear makeup to look beautiful, I do it because it makes me happy, so I’m not going to stop wearing it to please anyone.

Xero, I’m glad to know that there do exist men who genuinely value women for qulities other than the superficial, but I guess I just don’t know any of them. 😉
Back to topic: Most of my friends are pretty bewildered by my fascination with all things beauty, but my best friend has become almost as much a fanatic as I. Her husband has been known to say of us, “Those two are makeup *crazy!*”
But it’s not all bad – my friend is a mother of 10 children, six of whom she home-schools, and she is anything but the stereotypical “frumpy housewife,”and she attributes her chic look to my influence. I like to think that’s true.

No, I’m the craziest about it. They tell me I spend too much money on it, but then they like me to do their make-up before going out with my high-quality products…haha. But it’s okay, I love using the stuff and showing them how great they are. 🙂

MY buddies are not into makeup as hard-core as I am but they do come to me for advice and some of them are starting to do some of the things I do when applying their makeup… ahhhh.. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

I love makeup… a lots ! Every early morning, I woke up about 5:30AM, after feed my son milk, I can’t wait go thru bathing and follow by doing my makeup ! Most of the time is neutral and flawless makeup make me feel good, because is the ‘Better version’ of me before facing the world, which will be my work in the office. Is always feel great to start the day! Having said that, my surrounding colleagues and friends hardly put on makeup. I wish I have a friend love makeup just like me.

My BFF is totally into it. While my BFF has a larger collection, I’m more selective in my purchases and I buy higher end products. I research great bloggers like you (!), ask MUA’s lots of questions and swatch like crazy at dept stores (lol). Other friends are into it at certain times – weddings, milestone birthdays, special occasions. My Mother is a major makeup addict – at 73 she still researches and buys makeup! We talk about new collections regularly. My friends and I use her as a consultant because she wears her makeup lightly yet beautifully. I guess my Mom is my makeup mentor. I’m a lucky girl!

I’m lucky that my bff is also very into makeup 😀 We’re both addicts and are always texting each other about whether we see new products or not and ask each others opinions about things 😀

I have a few makeup fanatic friends, but my main friends think my addiction is ridiculous. They’re always on me about how much money I spend on my makeup or that I want to go into MAC or Sephora… It makes me sad. But on the other hand, it doesn’t stop me LOL. Normally… They’re all on board for my no-buy.

Definitely not! I don’t actually have any girlfriends irl and of my guy friends, only one of them does drag makeup and then not very often. I do have a friend in art school though so sometimes he’ll talk to me about promo images and such.

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