Are you loyal to a brand?

Are you loyal to a brand? Or do you hop around wherever the wind takes you? Are there maybe a couple of brands you rarely stray from?

No, I don’t think I have any brand loyalty. Initially, sure, I was using about 99% MAC products, but the brand is such a perfect gateway drug–the price point is less than other high end brands but you get the same “experience” of the store/counter, range of products, etc. Plus, with something new rolling out every few weeks, you never have time to go anywhere else! Since I started blogging, though, that has all gone out the window, and it’s given me a better appreciation of what goes into good/bad products and what works and doesn’t work.

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I’m pretty loyal to MAC but only face products because of my sensitive skin and lip products, but as far as eye products I pretty much move around from UD, Fyrinnae, and KVD.

I’m fiercely devoted to Urban Decay. I’m into makeup for the color, and I don’t think anyone else does it as well. But they have misses, too (I don’t like their foundations, for example, and they haven’t done a really good lip gloss since the gunks got discontinued), and besides, there’s too much to explore to only use one brand.

Faced with two similar products, though, I’ll pick the UD every time.

I may be the weirdo here, but I have yet to be wow’d by mac. Everything I’ve tried from them has been mediocre. I really like Paul&Joe for their eyeshadows and Becca for skin products (blushes, highlighters ect).

I kind of agree wtih you! I like MAC well enough to check out their collections regularly for unique shades or products, but as far as the quality goes, they’re good but certainly not the best in my book. I prefer Urban Decay and even Rock & Republic eyeshadows and Revlon, Chanel or Rock & Republic lipglosses to MAC’s lipglasses. Also, Laura Mercier and Chanel provide foundations that far exceed MAC’s range. One thing I will say MAC has that ranks highly on my list are their lipsticks. But yes, I’ll go so far as to say MAC is slightly overrated. As one YouTuber said (I forget who!), MAC has sort of become almost a “status symbol” in the makeup community, and it’s not completely warranted.

I agree with what you said about MAC, I like some of their stuff but I can’t get into the hype. I love the lipstick I have as well as my 3 blushes but I don’t really find myself ever crazy about anything.

I think you can say that about a lot of things in the makeup community. For example, I have seen *so many* makeup amateurs who preach and preach and preach about makeup brushes! Makeup brushes are so great, but it’s definitely useful to know how to use your fingers or a sponge.
I really like MAC for their eyeshadows, liquid liner, and lipstick, but I hate their foundation. And, like I say whenever relevant, I don’t like UD. I think they’re more overrated than MAC.

When it comes to eyeshadows and eyeliners I absolutely love Urban Decay. I just really vibe with their products. The colors and pigmentation is absolutely awesome to me. Colors like Woodstock, Aquarius, Baked, and my all time favorite and first love Flash is why I keep coming back to this brand. There are always other brands that catch my eye but Urban Decay is definitely the one for me!

Loyal for a quick 5 minutes. I buy what is the latest when the new brand first comes out, but once the “new ness” wears away, I fish another new brand. And the saddest part is that if I see someone with a particular brand or a pretty container, I must get that exact same item the very next day when I was in high school…..Now, I just go to Temptalia and see what is the latest that tempt my eyes.

I use a lot of Merle Norman’s products. Their skin care has completely changed the way my skin looks and their Lasting Foundation lasts foreverrrr and plus it is matte. It looks amazing!

No, I usually stick with MAC or Chanel, but I’ll go somewhere else if there’s something I want. Although lately I mostly just want Chanel. 🙂 But it’s not like, “I must be only a Chanel girl!” I just happen to like their products.

As a make-up beginner (1 year or so) I am still finding the brands I love most but so far Benefit has been my favorite! I fell in love with the brand when I saw the minis on Sephora!

I am 90% to MAC, I love their products mostly the basic permanent line, but because there is no MAC where I live I stray from it and I buy Bourjois, MUFE, Bobbi Brown and some Lancome and Dior.
I believe Dior is really expensive as you pay more for the name so I try to avoid it.
I get Lancome mascaras religiously and I got Shiseido SPF pressed powder.
I try to buy what I need from MAC when I got to the city where its sold. Its 4 hours away.

I have to say that this has controlled A LITTLE my make up buying obsession.

From age 13 to about two years ago (that makes six years) I had an undying loyalty to Lancome. I got into them because their GWP purchase deals (especially the holiday kit!) were such a great introduction to makeup. Back then I didn’t use any foundation, concealer, etc… just eyeliner, mascara, lip gloss, blush, neutral shadows, makeup remover and haircare (RIP Lancome haircare!). My undying loyalty to them was broken when I took on the search for the perfect concealer (HATED theirs) and started experimenting with different eyeshadow colors (theirs aren’t bad, but the value is much higher in UD palettes). However, I’m still loyal to those initial products and if anybody trying to get into makeup asks me for advice, I always push them to wait for Lancome GWPs!

MAC is great because they have such a wide range of quality products. I’m still looking for a decently priced concealer that can compete with their stuff!

I definitely don’t have brand loyalty, different brands are good at different things.

Ever since Sephora came to Canada it’s where I do most of my cosmetics shopping. I love their return policy and beauty insider points! I also think it’s great to be able to see a product and touch it without a sales associate hovering.

I am with you on everything you say about MAC. However I do stick to a brand (for at least a while) once if Itried something good for them. I will go through a phase where I explore that brand excessively and buy more of their products.

When I first started getting into MU I was using mainly MAC, UD and Benefit but now I’ll go HE and drugstore if the products have had amazing reviews, I won’t just get a product for the brand anymore.

I’m really loyal to MAC but that doesn’t mean I don’t try out other brands because I love a lot of high end MU brands like NARS and Lancome and even drugstore ones like Wet n’ Wild, ELF, and L’oreal.

i used to be very loyal to mac, i would say right now, 80% of my makeup is mac. But thats because i found it pigmented, affordable and i have a freestanding store and a counter with a very good loyalty card reward scheme all within 20 minutes distance from my house. But with the latest mac collections and everything tending to be limited edition, the hype in trying to buy everything i like from every collection seems to have made me lose interest and im steering towards other brands. Mainly nars and bobbi brown and chanel.

It actually depends – I used to always buy Chanel foundation and Estee Lauder moisturer, I am sooo disappointed that both of my favorite products have been discontinued from these lines that I consider a boycott:) I am getting back into my Mac eyeshadows instead of my Chanel quads and will see where it takes me.

I wouldn’t say I’m loyal to one specific brand, but more to a handful. I admit I’m the kind of person who admires what is produced by the many companies, but I have a very, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” policy when it comes to my own purchases. I mostly have MAC and Kat Von D products, but I adore Illamasqua’s foundation primer. If I could get to a Sephora that sold their products, I suspect I would own more Illamasqua, but I am very much the kind of person who wants to try before I spend the money. (Yes, I know, I could just order from Sephora’s website and return it if it doesn’t work, but I feel bad wasting product in that way.)

I might also try more brands if it weren’t for the fact that my mother is very minimalist with her makeup. Unfortunately, I only get to the malls where high end brands are sold when I’m shopping with her, and I feel bad if I leave her standing there bored for too long. So I end up sticking with the brands I know, so I don’t take up too much time. Having said that, since MAC discontinued my foundation, I suspect when I next get to go on a big shopping trip I will be dragging her to ALL the makeup counters. (Unless there is another foundation by MAC that runs as light as Studio Stick and Studio Fix Powder? I hear Studio Sculpt does, but I admit I’m a bit cold on trying another MAC foundation. I’m still debating between getting Face and Body in White or purchasing Illamasqua’s white liquid foundation… but I may go with the MAC one just for the amount of product, since I have a LOT of foundation that needs lightening up.)

Hey, I am super pale too. Paler than most brands palest shade, boo. The only MAC foundation that works for me is Studio Sculpt NC15, which actually is an NC10. It is a gel-like foundation with a dewy finish and you get 40ml instead of their usual 30ml. You just need a pea-sized amount and I use either my fingers or the flat paddle MAC foundation brush to apply. It goes on pretty full coverage with the pea amount but you can slowly built it up even more. MAC told me people have problems when they apply too much or use other brushes to apply. I think I love it but not totally committed yet-the gel/dewy finish is new to me and I can “feel the mask” for a while. However, I do like full coverage and am so pale that it is hard to find a match. I think Bobbi Brown and Illamasqua make sub-pale shades. What other ones have you tried?

I don’t think I am brand loyal. There are however certain brands that I will buy more than others but it is still never one particular brand. I also have certain brands that I will buy certain products from. For example, I love the Max Factor Lasting Performance so I will also go back to that brand for that foundation but will buy other products from different ranges.

I’m pretty loyal to certain brands for certain products. I’ll try things if they look appealing, but I’m pretty loyal to MAC for eyeshadows, Benefit for blush and concealer, Dior for mascara. Lip gloss, I’m not loyal to anyone.

MAC is my go-to brand but I’ve recently started checking out other brands like NARS (for lipstick, blush, and foundation options), The Body Shop (for body and face care I like some of their lipsticks too), Bobbi Brown (veeeery recently for their bases/concealers and lipsticks).

I still am looking for the perfect HG foundation, MLBB and nude lipsticks (pigmented lips on warm toned skin!) and MAC hasn’t given me THE best options so I’ve been branching out. 🙂

I discovered Guerlain and Dior in my late 20’s and I usually follow their collections and launch. If you look at my makeup stash their constitute the majority of my stash. But i’m still influence by blog right now, I did purchase LMdB eyeshadows that I really like based on different blogs. I would like to try Rouge Bunny Rouge eyeshadows and lipstick. I think that each brand have some must have ex: Bobbie Brown Bricks, Chanel lipstick and glossimer, Lancome blushes etc. and i do not mind experimenting. 🙂

The only reason why I use a product is because it works the best for me. Period. I never feel compelled to purchase a product just because it carries a brand’s name. That doesn’t mean I’m not more inclined to test out a product from said brand by getting samples, but when it comes to purchasing, I’m loyal to no brand. And if I happen to have a lot of products from a single brand, that just means that that specific brand makes a lot of great products that work extremely well for me, not that I only use those products because of any particular brand.

Definitely YES, but for more than one brand 😉
My favorite brands, where i was loyal: Guerlain, Burberry Beauty, Bobbi Brown and Chanel

Greetings from Germany 😀

Yes, I am loyal to certain brands. I always gravitate to a few select brands and rarely choose others because I find that these brands have proven themselves over and over. I don’t need to get the same looking product from other brands just to check it out since I’m already happy w/ my favorite brands offers.

I get stuck on a brand for awhile. I fall in love with their products but then after 6 months-1 year later, I realize maybe there is something better ‘out there’ and start looking at reviews. I still love MAC blushes lipsticks more than anything, but I’ve moved away from their foundation. And I still buy their eyeshadows but I also love Urban Decay and Too Faced.

Yes and no. I say that because certain brands, like MAC, NARS, MUFE, YSL, Chanel, etc I have been using for quite a long time and will be more likely to go to them first for a product, or give them more chances if a certain product fails (even miserably). But I’m not brand loyal in that it’s the only thing I’ll use. I’m willing to try anything, I just give certain brands more leeway than others I guess.

Just a few, but in essence, MAC. I totally agree with it being a gateway drug, my god!!! I am such a sucker for pretty lipsticks that I am constantly saving up to buy them from MAC. I also realllyyy like Imju, for their mascara, they have changed the brush and the formula over the years but it is still ‘My Mascara’, and Tart for their blush, I have the same shade in both gel and powder XP

Same here – I just love trying new stuff! I’ve found things I love and don’t like in all brands. I must admit hautelook has been my downfall also as I’ve been trying brands that I never knew existed before but have found some things I absolutely love.

I’m loyal to high quality makeup and cruelty free products. I only buy the best that is for me as non of us has the same skin etc.
Honestly i don’t stick to one brand, i take the best from them.

I am mostly loyal to Bobbi Brown, but when I stray, I tend to stray to the same brands: Chanel, Dior, MAC, UD, and most recently Nars. I’ve tried select products from other brands because of good reviews or word of mouth, but I tend to be pretty loyal.

There are certain products that I will only use one brand. For example, I only use Bare Escentuals foundation, concealer, blush and mascara. I only use Benefit Erase Paste for under eye circles I have tried other brands of eyeliner, but keep going back to Urban Decay. As far as shadows, my favorites are WetnWild and Coastal Scents.

I have several mainstay brands, but I’m not overly devoted to a brand enough that I’ll go for one of their products that I know isn’t all that great.

I am extremely loyal to Bare Escentuals foundation, and about 75% loyal to their other products. I’ve been experimenting a lot more with MAC, and tarte is quickly becoming a new fave.

I like all sorts of brands, but I always go back to MAC and it’s the only brand that still gets me excited enough to check out all of the latest collections. Plus, when I was bullied I would go to the MAC counter and the girls that worked there would listen to me and cheer me up. So I have a special relationship with MAC products. So yeah, I think this is the only brand I am loyal to haha 🙂

I do like MAC but there are certain things I prefer in other brands, like foundations and mascara. I definitely check out other brands too, like MUFE, Urban Decay, Benefit, some NARS.

I use to be fairly loyal to Everyday Mineral but that change when they reformulated their foundation.

I would have to say not really but I can say now I have a huge Inglot collection for me with two 10 pan palette and getting another one of most matte AMC, Double Shine shades. Wet N’ Wild (shimmers over the mattes) and soon Yaby for eyeshadow exclusively. I do have some floaters in 5 in MAC Night Divine, Blanc Type, Wedge, Aquadisiac, Goldmine, Tweet Me, and in Urban Decay in Roach and Half Baked.

Eye liners I’m always up to trying something new and have many from different brands.

Lipstick is almost all MAC in cremesheen formula with two Estée Lauder shades.

Foundation I’m always on the hunt due to my ultra fair olive complexion and need full coverage. Why is it so hard to find olive fair foundation. T-T

I would say I follow Urban Decay, Dior, and Chanel the most but if something catches my eye from another brand I’ll pick it up by all means of course.

I used to stick to Maybelline when I was in High School. Then when YouTube came along, I moved over to MAC due to price points (more high end but priced less than the other high end brands). But now that I know more things about makeup, I hover through a lot of different brands. I have specific products that I like from certain brands but I don’t really stick to one brand anymore.

I’m going to be honest…I was solely MAC for a long time because I felt they did a great job creating products for lots of different skin tones. They have this down pat and they know it. Other brands are doing a good job at this now, so I venture out. I tend to avoid certain brands if I feel I’m going to have to hunt hard to find something that will work. I tend to buy lots of MAC of course, Urban Decay and NARS. Stila and Makeup Forever are nice as well. I love Chanel lipglosses, but they are pricey. They feel so good, because my lips are dry. But I don’t really look at the other things Chanel offers. Just their glosses.

I’m willing to try any brand as long as it produces quality products that are cruelty-free. That being said, a majority of my collection comes from several brands that consistently deliver. And of course I have holy grail items I don’t care to stray from!

I’d say I’m pretty loyal to a few brands (as in, obsessively checking out–but not always buying from–every collection): Chanel, MAC, Urban Decay. Other than that, I shop both high-end and drugstore/lower-end brands just as often. I’d say the only difference would be whether I compulsively check out collection after collection or just browse a brand when I’m on the lookout for new products….if that even makes any sense!

I am loyal to a few brands (Nars, Benefit, Chanel, and MAC) but that’s mostly because I know the women who work at these counters so well at this point that I do feel like I have a personal relationship with them. I’d rather do my shopping from a counter where they know me, and what I like, and when to call me for an event or a new product. It just makes life a lot easier for me. 🙂

I love Urban Decay! I’m willing to try just about anything they make, though sometimes the price point isn’t quite right, so I wait for sets or the occasional discount.

Aside from that, I’m very loyal to certain products. I love Seche Vite top coat, I love Maybelline XXL Extensions mascara, I love my CoverGirl Fresh Complexion concealer, and so on.

I’m loyal to Bare Escentuals for foundation/powders (when I’m not just using tinted moisturizers, that is). Otherwise, I like to try a little bit of everything. I try to buy from companies I feel are animal-friendly and ethical as much as possible. Nail polish and skin care are items I’m pretty loyal about though. I’m all about China Glaze and Zoya polishes, and use The Body Shop skin care almost exclusively.

When I first got into makeup, it was all about MAC. However, I agree with a lot of you on the fact that I do think MAC is over hyped. I will always love a lot of their shadows but I the only lipsticks that I have ever found of theirs that weren’t drying are the Sheen Supremes. Nars sheer glow, Chanel Vita Aqua lumiere and Revlon Colorstay blows all MAC foundations out of the water in my opinion. U.D. makes some of the best shadows in the industry though I wish they had more variety in their finishes (everything seems to be shimmer and glitter. More mattes please!!) For high end, I tend to check out Nars, Chanel, MAC and UD first. For drugstore, I think Revlon makes some great products as does NYX. I will really only venture out from these brands if I hear stellar reviews…

I was loyal only to Prescriptives many years ago, I still order one of my foundations online from them. Then in the early 90’s I switched to MAC eyeshadows and blushes. I also like a few Clinique lipsticks that are very moisturizing and fragrance free. So I guess I am loyal to the Estee Lauder company.

Sort of…I am loyal to specific brands for specific items. For example, for blushes: NARS and Illamasqua, lips: MAC & MUFE, Eyeshadows: NARS & MAC & Urban Decay, Skin/Foundation: MUFE, etc.

I am pretty brand loyal for skin care. I have 2-3 brands that I mix up that work best to give me the skin I want to have. Makeup – I tend to look to maybe 3 brands typically as to what they have in their line….but it does not mean I might not pop out for something else outside of those 3 brands. I wear less and less makeup as my skin is getting so great from all the good skin care I do and the advances in technology. Odd as when you get older, you are supposed to have more challenges skin wise – I find the opposite to be true.

Oh, forgot to mention I am always trying different eye creams because I am forever looking for the perfect ones for day and ones for night and then one for in-between needs some days – as well as a fast de-puffer to put on soon as I wake up while I lay in bed for a few mins before getting up.

I tend to look first at UD for eye products when it comes to make up, except for mascara. I like Tarte mascara and Dior Show.

How come I seem to always find the best eye creams are the ones that are mega expensive? I just have fallen in love with the new $95 eye cream Fresh Cream has come out with…hard to get, Sephora does not carry it yet. It’s made in really small batches so not widely available yet. So far the one jar I got, I am finding I actually can use the same eye cream AM and PM which I never have done for maybe 25 years!

I have preferences, Chanel and Guerlain being the ones I go to whenever I want to make sure I’m getting a great quality product, but I’ll buy from other brands whenever they appeal to me…

I’m a bit loyal to brands when it comes to high street/drugstore brands. I don’t have many products from Revlon, Maybelline and L’oreal, but I keep going back to Max Factor, 17 and Bourjois. When it comes to high end I’m a bit loyal to MAC because I’m newly addicted, and I also lean towards Chanel just because I like the look of their products and really want to buy a foundation from them at some point 🙂 I do like to branch out sometimes though.

I was loyal to MAC for a long time, but they are constantly releasing “new” collections, it just started to seem less and less exciting. Also the -in my opinion- bland packaging does nothing for me (unless it’s a Limited Edition release-even then it usually looks tacky).
I’m sucker for any kind of pretty/classy packaging (think Lancome, Chanel, Dior, and UD is fun too!) and if the product is good I just have to have it. Also GWP’s tend to suck me in too >.>

I am loyal to Chanel and YSL. I don’t like the taste/smell of a lot of other brands items. MAC lipstick tastes chemically to me. Estee Lauder tastes sweet and yucky. Even though these are nice products otherwise, I just can’t deal with the taste. Same goes for Bobbi Brown and Laura Mercier. I love the mango flavor that YSL uses in their lip products and Chanel blushes and lipsticks smell and taste vaguely of roses, which I love. It adds to the luxurious and feminine experience of applying makeup.

When it comes to lipsticks I find myself drawn to MAC because of the staying power. But thats about it. I’ll try anything else from drugstore to high end.

I used to be loyal to Urban Decay mainly for the eyeshadow palettes and primer potion. I also liked that they did frequent 30% off sales. I would always wait to purchase until then. However, after they came out with those Stardust eyeshadows I moved on. I just couldn’t believe that Urban Decay could come out with such a crappy product with almost no pigment and expect customers to pay $20 for it. I haven’t found a replacement brand, but I’ve been looking into MAC, Ben Nye, and Inglot.

I’m loyal to a few brands. So my makeup is varied, but it’s not completely all over the board. And it’s good, because there are some brands that I know I can rely on or that I should stay away from.
Also, because I study design, packaging is huge for me, so some of my decisions are influenced by a brand’s packaging. I won’t touch anything Urban Decay makes. Also, I nerded out and I have projected which brands I want to use when I’m older. x)

My brands are: MAC, Nyx, Physicians Formula, MUFE, Tokidoki, Benefit, Buxom, and Yes To Carrots (for skincare). I also use the Fairy Drops mascara.

It’s a mix. I have very strong opinions about their packaging (they should burn it completely and start anew), but they’ve also never come out with anything I’ve liked/wanted. I did buy an eyeshadow from them once in a basic color and I was pretty disappointed with it. Mostly it’s their entire image. I cannot get past their stupid packaging.

The only thing I like by MAC are the eyeshadows, for everything else I find better on other brands which I am really loyal to. They are: Dior, Chanel, Laura Mercier and Bobbi Brown.

I might buy one small thing here and there but I always go back to these 4 brands!
It would be REALLY hard to be loyal to only one brand… impossible!

At one time in my youth to young adult life I was married to Dior cosmetics and fragrances. I wore Explosive Red nail polish and lipstick and worshipped at the altar of Rose Italian petit solo eyeshadow. I wore all Dior EDP’s and blushes as well. Then they discontinued so many classic items, redesigned the packaging and all hell broke loose. I still venture back but never made up (no pun intended)with Dior. I can only say I’m loyal to Goldfaden treatment items, beyond that my loyalty is to my needs, not any one manufacturers whim.

i love MAC and NARS but have my favs in other brands like KVD eyeprimer, Maybeline Pulse perfection mascara, Revlon Grow Luscious mascara, NYX Milk, Napoleon Perdis face primer, Napoleon Perdis concealer..

Im still hunting for good cheap FACE PRIMER & CONCEALER & GROWING LASHES SERUM (stil to try Mac serum soon) because they quite expensive..
x x

i’m not loyal to anyone. I like to play around with different brands. I stick for a little while with the one that satisfies me the most at the moment, but it doesnt take long until i move on with another one. ;P

I’m very loyal to brands in general be it an airline/ hotel/ tv/ jeans etc. Same with my make-up – i’m pretty much a MAC gal – it comprises 90% of my collection. I do buy other brands as well like Chanel; UD; MUFE etc but i feel gulity as if i’m cheating on mac…i’m kinda crazy:)

Too Funny!! I was just thinking yesterday how I’m not super loyal to just one brand and wondering about if others were…LOL!! Great question!

I am loyal to MAC and Chanel but I do purchase other makeup brand if it interest me such as UD, Too Faced, Benefit, Bobbi Brown, and NYX.

i really thought i loved MAC but i have had so many horrible customer service encounters with them i may just stop buying it and move on. i really love UD because of their irreverent tone and hilarious product names. so far i super love cle de peau!i think my brand may end up being three custom color specialists. so far the products are amazing and i dig their vibe.

There are certainly brands I purchase over and over again, but no brand is immune to poor products. I like to keep my options open. And I agree with Maureen about Urban Decay’s image – it’s ridiculous, and one of the main reasons I won’t purchase.

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