Are you comfortable leaving the house without makeup?

Yes, I am! When I first started wearing foundation, I did not. I would hate to leave without foundation on, but I have grown out of that mentality (thankfully!) after realizing that I needed to be OK with no makeup just as much as I was happy to wear all the makeup.

— Christine
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I always wore foundation because of acne. The loss of constant acne plus summer heat (and constantly being at a pool during the summer) changed that.

Short answer: Yep!!!

Long Answer: I used to NEVER leave the house without at least concealer on under my eyes and on my then cystic acne. I would get legitimate anxiety attacks at the thought of leaving the house without foundation, and mascara on. Then I started seeing a Trauma Counsilor, to help with un-related things to makeup. And she noticed I always wore makeup. And we spoke about it. And I realized, I was wearing makeup for the wrong reasons FOR ME. I was wearing it to make me look like someone i’m NOT. I always used to contour my wide, flat, non-white nose. I always used to try and make my small almond eyes look bigger. etc.

This was a good year and a half ago, and now if I wake up late, I’ll go out with just a good thick layer of SPF on.
I also started down the long road to self love, and acceptance!!

Every day I tell myself that I AM beautiful, I AM smart, I AM hard working. And I’v also stopped denying compliments. When someone tells me im beautiful, I’ll say thank you. Instead of saying no.

I went WAY off topic whoops!! But I really think self love is a very important thing that goes hand in hand with makeup!!

Thank you!
I used to go out w/o makeup. At 66, very white skin, silver hair, I need some color definition. I also have a “newborn baby nose” no contour will work on that!

I do have to put a minimum amount of makeup to leave the house. I have never been someone who went anywhere completely bare faced but I don’t need to do a full face either. At the minimum I will use my foundation or a BB cream. I like using a cushion foundation for these quick looks as they just seem to go on so much easier. For me they are no fuss, no muss. I will always do my eye brows because I have large gaps where there isn’t any brow hair from my chemo and then lipstick/balm. I don’t have to do eye makeup or wear mascara although if I have a little bit more time mascara is the next thing I would add. I am not confidant enough in my skin to go bare faced. My daughter says that I make too big of a deal about my hyperpigmentation but it truly is what I see every time I look in the mirror and although wearing foundation does not completely cover it I feel less conspicuous with it on.

No, not really. Not that I wouldn’t or haven’t left home without​ it, but I really felt very self conscious about my bad complexion plus near invisible lashes and brows. At minimum, I try to at least have my It CC cream, brows, lashes and some lip balm on!

Yes. By the time I crawl out of bed on Sundays, have a shower, breakfast and walk the dogs, it’s usually too late to ‘put my face on’ anyway, so I use that to my advantage whereby I’ll wash my makeup brushes, apply a face mask and just generally chill out instead.

No. I’ve come up so far in achieving flawless completion (not bragging, it’s just the difference before and after is reeeeally apparent) that I get conscious about being pale and my dark as a night under eye circles. That said, I do enjoy being able to freely rub my eyes and face in general when I’m not wearing makeup πŸ™‚

I started wearing make up at 13/14 and have probably never left the house without it until I was 18/19. I was definitely not confident enough to not wear make up.
I’m 22 now and despite being a make up lover I sometimes go weeks without wearing any make up. And I don’t feel any less confident when I have no make up on than when I do.
It was definitely an age thing for me πŸ™‚

Totally agree with you! I like to wear a little something, like mascara, brow gel and lipstick, but I’m totally ok if I have to leave the house without makeup πŸ™‚

Yes, under certain conditions. In my free time I have no problems not wearing makeup, however if I am going to work or meeting up with friends for an outing I like to wear some. It also kinda depends what my skin is doing for the day! A good skin day I skip foundation, even for work, but on a bad day? Full coverage time! Having said that my skin has been fab recently with the rise of serums etc, rose-hip oil in particular has made my skin look flawless cancelling all pigmentation and marks. I maybe only wear full coverage once a month (go figure), very much preferable in summer temperatures!

Not really – I like a little concealer at least, otherwise I feel I look like a zombie! I’ll walk the dogs without it (sunglasses on, lol!) but if I’m going to be in “public” It makes me pretty uncomfortable to be without.

noooooooo. after 6 years of poor sleep taking care of little ones, my skin tone is very uneven and blotchy. i mean i can (in a fire or some other evacuation) but i wouldn’t want to scare anyone.

Honestly I don’t really care if I don’t have much on. I’m more worried if I have too much on haha. I wear medium to low coverage foundation anyway so it doesn’t really bother me if I have a pimple or two showing.

Yes. In fact I feel much more comfortable leaving the house with a fresh/bare face.
Whenever I have makeup on I can’t stop worrying about the products melting or caking or smudging on my face and that can be kind of stressful so not having to worry about it is always more comfortable.

I am! I did not wear makeup in high school, so I am very used to not having it on. My mom, who until very recently was NEVER comfortable leaving the house barefaced (the change is in part due to my influence), is so amazed that I’m willing to walk into places like Sephora and Ulta without a stitch of makeup on. For me, it’s the norm. I don’t begrudge those who feel they need to though. Just because I’m comfortable doesn’t mean everyone is or should be, and it’s not my job to police other’s faces.

I prefer to have my game face on. I do enough around the farm here without a stitch of makeup. If I go out, I WANT to dress up and look polished and pulled together. As far as people seeing me without makeup: who cares.

Yes I am, and I become more and more comfortable with it the older I get. I’m fine without makeup at home, running errands, at the gym, hanging out with my friends, etc.

The only place I’d feel really uncomfortable wearing no makeup would be at the office – and that’s because my coworkers are used to seeing me with makeup every day, so to not wear it would ‘break the norm’ and be probably noticed as out of the ordinary since I’ve set the precedent of ‘this is what I look like’.

I think that if at some point I change jobs, I will probably try to wear a bit less makeup from the beginning so my colleagues are used to seeing me with minimal makeup on my face, and then I’ll have a little more leeway to wear more or less depending on my mood!

I agree with you about the office.

I’ve noticed that my co workers who regularly wear makeup, when they come in without makeup have been asked if they are sick! I do wear minimal makeup some days and more on other days, but I definitely like to feel and look “fierce” at work. For me, this includes make up.

I’m really shy about my eyebrows, which are very thin and light. My thyroid quit in my mid-20s and my doctor kept saying my tests were within normal limits as I got sicker and sicker, duh. One sign of untreated hypothyroidism is that your eyebrows fall out, starting with the outer edges. Once I lost my eyebrows, I went to a different doctor who diagnosed me right away and started treatment. Twenty years later, my eyebrows are still really thin. I can go out without makeup, but it’s hard not to put something on my brows.

Are you tired, depressed, often cold, gaining weight, having night sweats, losing the outer edges of your brows? See your doctor about your thyroid.

To run to the corner store? Probably. More than that depends on how my skin is doing. I have sensitive, reactive skin so if it’s angry and red, I’m happier with it covered up. If it’s looking pretty calm, I’m more comfortable without.

Yes. I like giving my skin a break so no makeup is a good way to go. I also don’t like wearing much (if any) makeup when it’s warmer outdoors. But I’m almost at a point with my eyebrows that I won’t feel comfortable without filling them in everyday. But overall, I think my skin condition nowadays can be attributed to going many days (over the years) without makeup on.

I feel most self-conscious without mascara due to pale eyelashes, so no, I guess not. Although in the past I’ve gone long periods of time only wearing mascara and nothing else on my face.

I’m not — I feel most self conscious about my sparse eyebrows. They are even more sparse because I do them everyday with dipbrow, and I feel like I lose eyebrow hair when applying (but they were sparse and not symmetrical to begin with). I feel like eyebrows and eyeliner are my minimum. I am only comfortable going outside without makeup when I’m going to only be around close friends, or when I’m back home in Los Angeles and not on the East Coast.

I am . This year I had a lot of eye infection due to allergies ( not makeup) so i have not choice but i don’t bother me . Just i missed to put eye makeup .

I have the comfort level in myself to say nope, not comfortable leaving the house without makeup. πŸ™‚

I don’t need a full face, but I do like certain things to be in place to make me feel good.

Yes. I’ve worn makeup 3 days this month, which is 3 days more than I wore makeup last month. I think makeup is fun and I love to play around with it, but I’ll always choose 10 more minutes of sleep over makeup. πŸ™‚

I also live in an area that gets very hot and/or very humid, so in the summer (which is May – September here) it is often just easier to go without to make reapplication of sunscreen easier and ensure my mascara hasn’t smeared all over my eyes. (I once wore a brand new mascara out on a humid summer night to an event I didn’t know was outdoors. That did not go well.)

Not comfortable all the time. I live in a small community where people recognize each other and i run a small business so people often approach me as well. Without makeup, people express concern about me working too hard bc I look tired or sick (which makes sense, I have dark circles, discoloration, and a tinge of grey undertone in lip area). So it gets awkward saying I didn’t wear my no-makeup makeup for that day. But when surrounded by strangers while traveling like on a plane or going camping? I could care less.

Yes, and I do regularly, especially when I go out for a run, or workout class. On these occasions I really couldn’t care less how I look in the beginning, considering I’ll be tomato red and sweaty within the first fifteen minutes, lol!

Yes, definitely. I don’t wear makeup on the weekend or when running errands.

I would not go to work without makeup, though. It just feels like I’m not “put together”. I like to use concealer (for my tired eyes) eyeliner, mascara and a lipgloss/ lipstick at minimum. I usually don’t wear foundation, just a little powder.

I have no problem whatsoever leaving home bare faced. That was not always true especially when I was a younger, unattached, less confident woman. Those insecure years are decades past and my life has written an interesting and positive story on my face; one that I don’t mind sharing. To be honest, I love the expressiveness of makeup and seldom venture out “naked”, but when I do, I don’t mind at all. Since I don’t frighten small children πŸ™‚ I guess it’s OK.

Nope – not at all. I never leave the house without a full face. I guess the only time I have gone out with partial makeup is to the local swimming pool in summer. My skin, whilst good, is very splotchy with a little redness, so I have always worn foundation at the very least. And lipstick – always wearing lipstick too.

I’m more than willing to leave the house without makeup on, but it definitely depends on what I’m doing/where I’m going/who I’m seeing. If I’m only seeing really good friends or total strangers (like at the grocery store or something), I’m content with a bare face. If I’m seeing not-so-close friends or coworkers, I need to have a bare minimum of a tinted moisturizer, concealer under my eyes, brows and mascara in order to feel put-together.

Yes! I was never introduced to makeup until I was 18. Of course I had lipgloss but I never knew anything besides that. My mom taught me that good skin care, water exercise and sleep was the most important thing to being young and pretty.( pretty is a general term here meaning: well kept up and young meaning age gracefully, no disrespect intended) I still hardly wear makeup during the day, New Orleans is hot and muggy! Wearing foundation or cover up seems too much of a hassle πŸ™‚ So I just prefer wearing a blush and Fresh sugar lip treatment to keep my lips soft.

I’m usually comfortable leaving the house without makeup, but sometimes if I have any spots, I’ll conceal those! It just makes me feel a little better!

I’m a bit ashamed to say I’m not comfortable leaving the house without makeup (other than taking the dog for a walk). I have very bad dark circles under my eyes and skin discoloration from sun and acne in the past, so I at the very least like to put on a BB cream. I lost my eyebrows to chemo 10 years ago and the tails never grew back, so they look totally weird without brow makeup. My lashes are tiny and sparse for the same reason. I don’t wear false lashes, but I do like at least a little mascara. My lips are ok naked, though!

Yes and do often. I prefer to wear makeup though, not because I feel less-than without it, but I love the process of putting it on and it’s one of the few things I feel like is all mine and I really, really enjoy that part of my getting-ready routine.

Absolutely! To be honest, I don’t even wear makeup on a consistent basis. I will wear it for special events during the work week when I have to interact with visitors, and on the weekends for outings/dates with my husband. Other than that, I’m bare-faced all the time and think nothing of it!

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