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Are there occasions where you won't wear any makeup?

If I’m going to be doing an outdoor activity for a prolonged period of time, especially if it is warmer out, like hiking. If I’m really sick, then I would also skip!

— Christine


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xamyx Avatar

There are days I just don’t feel like wearing makeup… it was a ridiculously hot/humid, very long Summer this year, and I wore barely anything. I also tend to skip makeup when I plan to go shopping; I don’t want to be “that person” who gets makeup all over a garment, then puts it back on the rack…

Katherine T. Avatar

If I’m going swimming, I don’t bother. Otherwise, I’ll wear minimal amounts while hiking or to the beach – at least brows and lip gloss, maybe a BB cream if I don’t get too sweaty. And on weekends, I’ll usually go around the house without makeup so my skin can breathe. But the toddler is so used to seeing me with makeup, that she looks at me weird when I’m not wearing any… “uh, what happened to momma??” look on her face

Tracey E. Avatar

When I’m feeling unwell, I wear no makeup, My basic look is under eye corrector & concealer, foundation, a little pressed powder, and lipstick. That’s mostly what I wear around the house, when doing something sporty, going on a scenic walk, even running quick errands. Eye shadow and mascara are abandoned in 200% humidity unless I’m going to an event/dinner that calls for a more complete look.

But for under eye redness, I’d only wear lipstick and sheer foundation.

CatherineM Avatar

I don’t wear anything whenever I’m working out. In my opinion, if your’re not sweating away any makeup you have on, your’re doing it wrong. I might make an exception for yoga.
I also skip makeup when I go to the spa, since it usually involves swimming, sauna, massages and facials, and would actually be in the way.

Rachel Avatar

Definitely, going to the gym or for my long walks and bike rides. Oh and no makeup when going to the pool. I just wear sun screen and jack black lip balm.

Shana Avatar

When I’m not working or going to some party. Also in summer when it’s very hot, or when doing sports, it’s useless to wear any makeup.

Generally I feel ok without makeup. I can go out without it. When I see myself in a mirror, my skin looks quite even, and I feel that I don’t need makeup. But when I take pictures, the imperfections are emphasised, I see redness, darkness under my eyes, more or less, it depends on the lights. Also when I look myself in the mirror, my face looks more slim than on pictures, it’s because the camera deform the images. For example if you take a picture of a school paper with straight lines, you’ll see that the lines are deformed on the picture.
So for me, if I’m going to be photographed, makeup is useful to correct the deformation and the colour “errors” the camera made from the reality, lol !
But for shopping, seen friends, and doing other casual things, makeup is useless, so I guess I saved a lot of my time. But when I do it, I do it with pleasure, cause I love to draw and add colours on my face, try different textures, etc.

But I have always my brows done by any time.
So you can say that I “always” wear makeup. But for me the brows don’t count as makeup, cause it’s necessity, lol. Because my natural brows are very very light, they make my face to look weird.
Most of time I do my brows quickly with my HG brow pencil, in the most natural shape I can. I didn’t like my natural brows when I was young, but now i’m happy to be able to play with the shape as I like, straight or arched, it changes just like a different hair cut ! I just can’t live without my brows done, event when I sleep ! It can have some urgence by night, lol. And I always have one of my HG brow pencils in a coat and a purse. 😉

Michelle Avatar

If I’m outdoors or somewhere where I need to reapply a lot of sunscreen, I won’t wear much makeup. I always fill in my brows and wear a little lipstick though!

Momo Avatar

If I’m going to my local corner store, pharmacy, or Dunkin Donuts then I won’t wear any makeup.
There’s no need for me to ‘powder my face’ just to get some breakfast. It’s not like I have to impress a handsome doughnut. LOL

Mariella Avatar

Very, VERY few. Since I won’t leave the house without sunscreen, it only makes sense to wear one with a bit of colour in it (a TM or BB/CC cream). And I need some colour on my face, so some tinted gloss, if nothing else. As I’ve aged (ahem, ahem), I’ve got more and more pale and so my under-eye circles seem even more pronounced so concealer or at least the TM/BB/CC cream under my eyes is also a must.

Gillian Avatar

Yeah, I skip makeup all the time. As much as love it I prefer to have the time to do it properly. I can get it done quickly though if I have to. I’m very lazy so sometimes I can go all week without wearing a scrap of makeup!

However, I am the kind of person who will do their makeup in the middle of the night because they can’t sleep and are bored. :S

Sarah Avatar

Unfortunately, atm no. I’m pretty self conscious about my acne hyperpigmentation so even when I went hiking with my friends I wore some foundation. I would like to be confident enough in my skin to go without, but years of acne problems have made me pretty self conscious about it.

Leslie Avatar

Not really. Even if I’m staying home, I put on foundation, blush, mascara, and lip gloss….a three minute face lol. I don’t like my face completely bare. In fact….and I’m not ashamed to say it…when I had a major surgery, I put on foundation and mascara lol. No bare face for me!!

KJH Avatar

The water, be it beach, lake, or pool. I don’t get ‘swimmable’ eyeliners, water resistant blush, or any of it. Otherwise, at least minimal: cover-ups over skincare and no color, e.g. to day job. But I seriously don’t get why anyone would wear color cosmetics or anything other than sunscreen to the beach. And I wear concealer to my mailbox, and that’s 5′ from my back door.

Fran Avatar

I even wear some makeup when I’m hiking, because my makeup is also my sunscreen (IT Cosmetics CC Cream SPF50). While I’m at it I’ll add a swipe tinted brow gel to tame my brows and cover the bright white brow hairs, and, since I’ll be wearing a lip balm with SPF anyway, I’ll wear one that’s tinted to bring some color to my face. Maybe it’s silly, but I just feel better that way! Those three products are pretty much my minimum for leaving my apartment. Unless I’m really sick.

Emi Avatar

Whenever I workout, outdoor activities, etc. I always make sure to slather on some concealer though to make myself look alive! Just that. (I have really bad dark circles + deep set under eye)

Michele @Binxcat4ever Avatar

I work from home. If I am not leaving the house on a work day, I don’t wear makeup (although I still shower, dress, and do my regular skin care routine.) If I’m home for the day, I also don’t blowdry and style my hair. If I am leaving the house, for any reason (incl. hiking) I always wear makeup although I adjust it from natural on up depending on the plans and, of course, I do my hair.

Wednesday Avatar

sickly (sometimes makeup can be a pick me up when I am sick and other times…I’m like who gives a sh*t),
sadddd (when one of my horses tragically died a couple of year ago, I didn’t wear makeup for weeks..would look at myself in the mirror and immediately start bawling)
snorkeling (that kinda goes with swimming, right?..I am hellbent on this ‘s’ tangent)

Tarzi Avatar

When I’m sick is a big one! And sweaty outdoor things, or very cold outdoor things…Anyone else have the problem in winter where having a scarf wrapped around your face makes your breath fog up your glasses and then soften your mascara and you end up looking like a crazed, blind raccoon?

MissJae1908 Avatar

To work…I have tons of makeup, but I’ve never worn more than my EOS lip balm to work. I mostly wear makeup after hours, on the weekends, or for special occasions. It’s weird.

Lacey Avatar

It’s very rare that I leave the house without at least skin coverage and mascara. (I’m very self-conscious about my dark acne scars and hooded eyes). But if I’m at the beach or headed to the pool, or if I’m only stopping at a drive-thru, I don’t bother.

Eileen Avatar

Oh, yes, I also don’t wear makeup when I go for a professional makeup application. I want the MA to have a clean “canvas” prepped with my own skin care products since I have rosacea.

Marissa Avatar

if i’m going to work out, sweat a lot, going to swin, beach etc, or going clothes shopping… i could stain something and that terrifies me! also when i’m sick or just when i don’t feel like it… if i have class very early forget about it, in the mornings i don’t even want to be awake, let alone doing highlight and contour haha x

Anne Avatar

I’d say I tend to not wear makeup more often than I do wear it. When I was healthier, I went to the gym almost daily, and definitely wouldn’t wear makeup there. Depending on the family function, I might eschew makeup as most people don’t wear makeup in my family and we’re always very casually dressed. If I’d doing outdoors-y stuff like going for a hike or kayaking I wouldn’t bother with makeup (but would put on and bring extra sunscreen). When it gets hot enough in the summer I kind of just give up on makeup because I tend to just fail in the heat.

Sarah Avatar

Yes, when I’m doing exercise or going to the gym I won’t wear makeup. Also for those sick days and for days that are just the stay at home, not going anywhere.

Ray Avatar

Only if I’m home (and I work from home so that’s a fair amount of daytime hours without makeup), though sometimes I’ll throw on an older lipstick for fun and to give myself the feeling that I’m using up my old tubes (so I can buy more!). I don’t wear makeup to do boring stuff like buy groceries or go to the post office.

I always wear my Becca primer, NYX finishing powder, and some kind of lip product if I’m venturing outdoors for any kind of social activity. My skin is so oily that it can start to feel uncomfortable if nothing is balancing that out.

L Avatar

Not really; I did a marathon last year & still wore a light coverage foundation. I can skip eye mu & brows completely, but I have very problematic skin & prefer to wear a little something than nothing at all. Just my personal preference. =)

Irene Avatar

At home if I’m not going out, in planes/airports where I’ll take my makeup off and then redo it, and if I’m very stressed like when I moved apartments. Otherwise, I never go anywhere without at least foundation and concealer. I’ve dealt with skin problems all my life, so I’m very self conscious without makeup around other people.

kellly Avatar

Yeah, plenty. When I’m in the shower. When I’m sleeping.
I pretty much wear it every other time, even when I’m just staying home. I may use less in the way of products when I’m not doing “full” makeup like for work, but I NEED to have concealer and mascara and lipstick at the very least.

Lynne Avatar

While I’ll wear bare-bones (concealer, mascara, light lipgloss) even to the gym, I don’t wear makeup when I’m headed into facials. I’ve got sensitivities to most removers and nothing spoils a great facial faster than having problems when the aesthetician taking off your eye makeup. Learned that the hard way. Also, so I can maximize the session, I don’t like wasting minutes having my makeup cleaned off. Of course, I generally head over to the facial wearing a big pair of dark sunglasses 🙂

Genevieve Avatar

My husband thinks that I would have to be in intensive care for me not to wear my makeup. Even when I have been on school camps (as a teacher), I have put on my makeup. Even after I had my babies, I put on my makeup at the first opportunity (I packed it in my baby bag – I wasn’t about to leave that one for my husband to pack – who knows what he would have chosen!)
In other words, I would have to be extremely ill.

BonnieJ Avatar

I also applied makeup after cleanup after birth. With my first, I was in the Army, and we had a secretary in our office who kept telling me I’d never fuss over my appearance or do anything fun ever again, etc. As soon as they took me and the baby to our room after recovery, she fell asleep in her bassinet. I put on a fresh nursing gown, curled my hair, and put on makeup. As soon as visiting hours opened up shortly afterward, who was my first visitor? Our secretary! She said she couldn’t believe how good I looked after giving birth. Somehow I knew she’d be the first or one of my first visitors. It was worth it.

Kris Avatar

Hiking, running, water-skiing, swimming. Pretty much any outdoor sports or activities. If I’m just running to the store or post office I might not bother. I enjoy putting makeup on though, I don’t think of it as a chore.

Judy H. Avatar

Oh, if I’m going to go to an outdoor event over a period of hours, (unless it’s a wedding or some special occasion) only a tiny bit of mascara and a tiny bit of clear gloss over my lip sunblock.

Sarah Avatar

Definitely not wearing makeup to the gym. Plus, living on the Texas Gulf Coast, the summers with the heat and HIGH humidity can make it feel pointless to wear makeup if I know I’m going to be running a lot of errands on a particular day.

I always wear makeup to work but never to the beach. I went without makeup for most of my honeymoon because we were visiting Yosemite and Sequoia. Therefore hiking a lot. In those instances it’s really a “Why bother?” thing. You’re outdoors sweating and makeup is pointless, IMO. I LOVE makeup and am a total junkie but when I’m barefaced, people sometimes still think I’m in my twenties. I’m 41. So I’ll take that. But I love applying makeup, coming up with new looks. It’s fun.

Susan Avatar

I don’t wear make up if I’m staying home all day, if I’m doing my physical therapy program, both land and water at our recreation center. I have sensitive skin sometime so if I’m feeling itchy, I won’t wear makeup but my use neutral moisturizer that is a familiar low allergy stand by. I also don’t wear makeup if I’m going for a color match or to my doctor if ill.

Cat Avatar

Only if I’m sick or if I’m specifically ordered not to do so for a medical procedure. When I had knee surgery, the instructions said I didn’t HAVE to wear makeup. I took that as makeup being optional and wore my no-makeup makeup. =) Also, I don’t wear makeup very often if I’m not leaving the house, so I sometimes go a week or longer without wearing any makeup.

Phoebe Avatar

If I just need to go to the shop quick, and I don’t already have makeup on, then I won’t bother. Or if I am sick, specially if I’m in bed all day, however I might put on some if I have to go out to make myself feel a bit more normal. Also, if I don’t plan on leaving the house. Oh and on very rare occasions, if I am supposed to be going out during the day and my friend is right there waiting for me and it’s already late and it is just going to be us 2 and they obviously don’t care if I wear makeup, then I might just skip it and enjoy myself (although putting on makeup is very fun for me too anyway).

Lisa Avatar

Very rarely do I go out without a speck of makeup. I have skin redness that I prefer to diffuse slightly. I’ll at least pat on some foundation on trouble areas and a bit of concealer. Even when I’m sick I’ll make the effort to make myself look awake. I prefer to avoid the comments, “you look tired/ sick today”.

Kayle Avatar

Fairly often, actually. Haha. I won’t wear makeup daily because my skin doesn’t particularly take well to being caked in foundation etc every day, and sometimes I just don’t feel like wearing it. To be fair I do my brows every day, but at this point it doesn’t even feel like makeup anymore, it’s just part of my day like brushing my teeth and showering!

BonnieJ Avatar

Ummm…. cleaning the house all day, or gardening and yard work in hot weather. I am older (a well preserved 62) and do not otherwise go out of the house without at least light makeup and my hair styled. Quick story- my husband once worked for a woman who thought her excrement did not smell, and she seemed not to like me. I played it cool and just smiled a lot.

Fast forward 20 plus years. Hubs is yelling at me to hurry up because we have to get to the market and do a bunch of things on a Saturday during the holidays. He says don’t bother with makeup; of course I ignore him and finish putting on my eyes. We get to the market, and who’s there? His old boss! We said hi and yakked a few minutes. She kept saying I looked great (she looked OK so of course I returned the compliment). We said good-bye, and I continued to shop a while. I’m getting ready to check out, and I catch her staring at me! I smiled and waved. Thank God I put on my makeup that morning! You just never know who you might run into!

Sarah Avatar

That’s so true. But interestingly enough, when I was in college I got hit on the most while grocery shopping post mega workout with zero makeup. There I was a sweaty (glowing?) hot mess and more boys hit on me. At the gym then and now, I’m there to workout. Not meet a mate. Especially since I’m already happily married. But even before that. But I know women who put on a full face just to go to the gym. To each their own. But I can’t take them seriously.

Ryou Avatar

The short answer is: I generally won’t wear make-up when I don’t feel like it.

The expanded answer is: When I’m sick, when it’s too hot, when my eyes are being sensitive, when I haven’t gotten enough sleep the night before (I’d rather get a few extra minutes of sleep), when my sensory processing issues are not playing nice, when it’s an overall low spoon day, or really when I just don’t want to bother.

As much as I love make-up, I’m not going to apologize for looking the way I look with no make-up on.

koolchicken Avatar

I don’t like wearing makeup to ballet since I tend to sweat so heavily it would just trash my skin. That and it wouldn’t last. I also don’t wear it to the beach, because it just seems silly. Not even a tinted moisturizer. The same goes for the pool or any time I might be swimming because it’s just going to come off. Plane travel is the only other time I skip cosmetics. I just don’t see the point. It doesn’t matter if it’s a long flight or a short one, how I treat my skin before hand, or how I’ve been feeling. It tends to freakout within a half-hour of boarding and I have no idea why. I suspect it’s the major stress that is TSA that will trigger an instantaneous breakout (because it’s happened even when I didn’t actually make it onto my flight and I thought it was odd). Otherwise I’m makeup optional, that means if I have the time and I feel like playing I wear cosmetics. 🙂

doroffee Avatar

Heavy hiking, going to the beach and working out are totally no-makeup times for me. I also don’t always wear make-up when I’m just home with my fiancé, family or super close friends. And of course, if I do garden work, spring cleaning, snowfights etc… Oh, and I’m not that type of a person who is afraid to go without makeup if she just has to go down to the grocery store (unless my skin looks really bad).

Candice Avatar

I wear makeup every two days on average so yeah, a lot of skipping! I work in an office that doesn’t have clients over so I can feel free to wear (mostly) what I feel like and don’t have any pressure to look a certain way. I feel comfortable bare-faced and I want to keep it that way, so if I notice I’ve been wearing makeup every day for a week or more, I’ll stop for at least a few days.

Kate Avatar

I don’t wear makeup more often than when I do, so it’s more of an occasion when I do wear makeup.
I hardly ever have time to even put on mascara and fill in my brows lately, so I’ve been au natural. I only ever wear makeup on the weekends or days I have the time (ultra rare)
but there are days where, even if I have the time, I refuse to wear makeup:
humid/hot days where the makeup is melting off my face as I’m applying it
physical activity events
if I know I’m not going to have time to take it off
to the beach/anything water related

Karen Avatar

Rarely when I’m home, definitely not for exercise. Many times I’m rushing to work and leave with nothing and make up there. I’m going to stop though because it can’t be good to layer on make up after my moisturizer/sunscreen and auto exhaust.

Violet Avatar

I do not wear makeup to my Dentist appointments, none at all, not even a bit of eye shadow or just mascara. I feel it will only get messed up and it honestly really grosses me out when their water sprayer thing gets on my face, the Dentist just touching and smearing on my face skin, etc. and I will literally come right home and wash my face immediately after an appointment! I used to wear makeup to the Dentist when I was years younger (even lipstick, which I’d wipe off right before my Dentist saw me… nonsensical silly young me…) but now I see no point since I only end up having the Dentist mess and smear EVERYTHING all up from anything on lips obviously, to foundation, concealer, blush, even my mascara will get wet, clumpy, run, and just be ruined from having the water spray tool they use getting water on my face and me having to redo my face again. Now I just want my skin to be and feel clean ASAP after the Dentist so I’ll cleanse right away, even if it is just a cleansing towlette, and if I want to wear makeup for the rest of the day I’ll just apply it after cleansing after my appointment. The MOST I will wear to my Dentist’s ever is some Sweet Mint EOS and if I remember/have Time/or even care I’ll wear some Urban Decay De-Slick Compact powder.

Roma Avatar

Funerals or wakes mostly, why should I bother wearing something if I’m just going to cry it all off fairly quickly, especially if I genuinely don’t want to spend too long on my appearance. Or just couldn’t be bothered

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