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Are there any trends or styles you refuse to give up?

I love the return and prevalence of the bolder brow. I thought I had to have thinner brows when I was in my late teens/early twenties, and I think we have a lot more variety in brow shapes and styles these days that maybe I’ll be forever content with what I have now!

— Christine


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Nancy T Avatar

After practically destroying my brows during the later half of the 70’s, getting them back to good during the 80’s, and then very STUPIDLY going for the skinny, barely there brow AGAIN during the 90’s into the early 2000’s…now they look healthy and full again after much patience and work. They are STAYING put!!! Oh, and I think I will always love having at *least* a kitten flick eyeliner look until I go 6 feet under. ?

Linda Avatar

I’m hanging onto my 90’s brows. Whenever I try to make them any thicker all I see is caterpillars on my face and I have to wipe it off! And I’m keeping my 90’s browbone, a little bit of champagne highlight below though the MAC Nylon of my 90’s teen years *is* out of the rotation. I know the trend is to stay matte and Wayne Goss would shame me for it 😉 but I do like a browbone you can see from space.

Andy Avatar

I agree! I’m 62 and I still can’t wear that “dewy” look. I think very few people can, at any age. It was in style for a while back in the late 70s, too. I remember my grandmother – about my age at the time – saying she thought it was a terrible look even for girls young enough to be trendy. ♥️

Flaky Avatar

I’m with you on that one. I’m at an age when the sales person at department stores all try to get me to put on “luminous” foundation formulas. Sorry, no – it makes me look like I belong in Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum.

Betty Valls Avatar

I so agree. That totally glowy look all over the face does not look good on me at all.
A little subtle highlighter here and there is enough for me.

emily Avatar

frosted lipsticks, kinda coming back with all these metallic lips but frosted lips in my personal opinion are much softer and more flattering

wha Avatar

I agree, I love having thicker, straighter brows. I have a feeling that the really dramatic cat eye trend is going to die down somewhat but I’ll keep rocking it. And liquid lipsticks, though I am glad to see more glossy/creamy lip products coming out.

Katherine T. Avatar

I don’t do super skinny brows anymore, but I do like to keep them neat and plucked, with a natural arch. I just think it looks better on me. I tried doing bushier natural brows, but it didn’t look good. My eyes are small, and bushier brows made them look smaller. And I like an arch because it gives a lift to the eyes for a more youthful, rested look.

Ray Avatar

I don’t think I’ll ever fully get away from the sort of uber-matte face that seems to have been the look in the ’90s. I can’t seem to enjoy wearing highlight anywhere besides my cheeks.

Julia Avatar

If highlighting ever falls out of style, you’ll have to pry them from my cold, dead hands because I will glow til the end, haha! Also glossy lips- even when matte lipstick was at its peak, I could just never make the shift- I feel that gloss is more comfortable and flattering. I’m glad that looks seems to be making a comeback.

Sabrina Avatar

I am with you completely! I have highlighters to last me a lifetime. And I want more with each new collection, haha! Also, never I never really got on the matte lipstick trend. So yeah, I feel you!

Arantxa Avatar

I started loving makeup even more when I discovered highlighters. My collection is growing fast and I love it so much, I can’t imagine that I’ll ever stop using all my pans and palettes. I see big differences when I don’t use it and like how my makeup looks more vibrant and sometimes even natural while wearing it.

Mariella Avatar

A bright, coloured lip. I never bought into the “nude lip” look. “They” say that if you were part of the trend the first time around, you shouldn’t be part of it in its later iterations. As a child of the 60’s, I remember the flesh toned lip that was part of the “London Look” – big eyes with lots of mascara and a nude lip (back then, there were no nude lipsticks but there was Erase, from Max Factor, which we all used as lipstick and would sometimes top with Max Factor lip gloss – the first one on the market, ever…a clear, slightly lip-tone-tinted really shiny, sticky gloss stick…I still remember it cost $3.95 which was a LOT of money back then).

kjh Avatar

Didn’t you get Revlon bare Beige, that came out along with the original naked pink? ~1964? A shimmery one that popped up a little later that I adored, was Dior Tomorrow’s Beige. It was much easier then to throw on a beige, if you were wearing red, ’cause (wtf?) we were too young for red lipstick. Now, being a 50s-60s girl, I have to run through far too many red lips to get the one that matches. On some level, I always do something that’s matchy-matchy. M/u colors have to echo clothes, or jewelry, or s.t. Unless I’m doing a diametric contrast, like purple shades, when wearing yellow. As to the nude lip, I liked it ok, if it was not too concealer-y, or too coral. Pretty much same as now. Plus ca change, plus ca reste meme chose. (For those of you that don’t use French cliches, the more things change, the more they remain the same.)

Andy Avatar

I remember all of it! Good Morning Slicker, London Luv Slicker, and those triple pan things – white eye shadow, blue eyeshadow and black liner.

Wednesday Avatar

Not really. Change is usually very welcome from my perspective. However, as much as I like to stay current, I do not a tendency to go all in with trends either. I like to take cues and incorporate with my own personal makeup philosophy. Example: My brows are groomed and shaped and get a bit of help with product, but I do not care for the overly defined and theatrical hi-def brow trend.. . I like to ride a look on my terms. That’s just age speaking and also experience after suffering very disastrous brows following the 90’s. Neither is that a judgement against what anyone else is doing regardless of age; merely an observation from my own personal comfort zone.

Ginny Avatar

I’ll never give up the bold brows. I have really thick, dark eyebrows. Plucking them in the 2000s was a nightmare, I would have to do it almost everyday. Now I do it like once a week! I don’t really shape them anymore, I just pluck the strays underneath. I’ve embraced the shape they come in, which is pretty straight across like Brooke shields.

Hildegard Avatar

Maybe bold, strongly coloured lipstick? I just love the way it brightens up my face and I don’t see myself giving it up. Nude lipstick is something that doesn’t work for me at all, nor does it bring me joy to try.

I’m more of the idea that trends should be a source of inspiration for our personal style, be it to add stuff or re-evaluate what we already do, but not something to be followed just because. I’m glad I started paying more attention to makeup in the past few years: I’ve learnt what a difference blush can do for me and I’ve started experimenting with different shades; and more to the point of this entry, I’ve seen what a difference a little highlighter can do for me. I’d have never tried it on if it hadn’t become a bigger, trendier thing.

AB Avatar

Not really, in that first I hold tight to that which really makes me look better — warm neutrals, colors that make my blue eyes pop, lip colors that bring a brightness or enrich my overall color look as it were. After years of kissing a lot of frogs, these are my princes. They stay, no matter the finish, product and color trends. Then from there, it’s a playground, like lately highlighters, more frosty lips, redder a/o brighter color eye products, etc.

HeavyMetalJess Avatar

I’m never going to thin down my brows and I’m not going to wear foundation day-to-day or anything that goes with it (concealer, bronzer, blush, highlight, contour). I just like my natural skin more than any product.

Sarah Avatar

Contouring! Personally, I just take it against my cheekbones, around my temples, and under my jaw. I don’t go to the full extent of a lot of Instagram gurus–I apply it more natural, just enough to make me look less like the moon emoji. The other one I’d say is matte foundation. There is no highlighting for me, only 20 minutes in the sun, without super matte skin. Also, I agree with the brows! I’m gonna keep my bold brows for years to come ?

Elle Avatar

Shimmer on the lids. Some say that ladies past a certain age should only wear matte but, I love that pop of summer on the center of my eye.

WildDove Avatar

Dewy foundation looks.
Red-orange and brownish lipsticks (I never gave them up as they’re so flattering on my coloring. Now they’re in style.).
Frosted lipsticks and gloss.
Cake eyeliner.
Shimmery eyeshadows at any age.
Under brow highlights (I’ve backed off on this in recent years, but still do sometimes).
Long hair at any age.

Sounds crazy, but it works for me. 🙂

Lucia Avatar

Black eyeliner in my inner eye line and under the eye area. I don’t care if it makes my already small eyes smaller or if I shouldn’t use this style anymore because of my age, I just love it!

Andy Avatar

Regular lipsticks – creme and shimmer. Can’t stand theses mattes, glosses, and liquid lipsticks! Glad UD and Bare Minerals have introduced new lipstick collections. It’s about time.

Teresa Avatar

I have never and will never do anything to change the natural shape of my eyebrows though I do use Wunderbrow to give them more depth and color. I feel sorry for all those people who plucked their eyebrows down to nothing and now have to draw them on every day because once plucked to nothing repeatedly, they never grow back.

maria Avatar

I agree with you Christine if thin eyebrows came back I would never ever thin my eyebrows out I have a Brown brow now with a couple of grays medium to thick with a good shape and I plan on leaving them alone. I am lucky because when I was really young I would always over pluck and a lot of hairs don’t grow back but I let them finally grow out 8 years ago and I still have good brows. I don’t like when people use a lot of brow pencil on their brows unless they really have none.

Rachel C. Avatar

I prefer a matte foundation and always powder my skin to set my make up. I know the trend know is setting spray and ‘dewy’ skin, but I still prefer matte.

Dianne Avatar

Let’s see, I’ll prob be a beauty magazines “don’t” column in the future. I’m 45 and not giving up: long hair, natural/thick brows, semi-dewy foundation, nude lips, colored eyeliner, false lashes, dresses/skirts as 90% of wardrobe, high heels.

Nancy Fagg Avatar

I will always stick to natural eyebrows rather than the thinner type placed high up on one’s forehead. The natural type give strength to one’s entire face.
And blush and cheek rouge will always be a “must ” for me.
The natural eyebrows look relaxed and real and the blush gives a wholesome energy to one’s face and expression.

Alecto Avatar

I don’t have a particular style or follow any particular trend, so nothing to give up. My most commonly repeated look is a very strong — almost harsh — eye, and I will likely be motivated to do that on and off for the rest of my days, but I don’t do that every day as it is.

Bon Bon Avatar

I’m so over trying to get any eyebrows back. Thin and skinny was in when I had my RK surgery and my eyebrow hairs have barely come back. My newfound wig will forever be with me or wig #2/3/4…as far as makeup I love my Dior Showstopper mascara and Dior poured shimmer highlighter.

Deborah Avatar

I can’t give up shiny lipstick/gloss. I will never be able to do dark eyebrows because my natural ones are so light. I looked silly. I’ve tried it and it was awful. My pale face and hair – then dark eyebrows – that’s all you could see when you looked at my face.

Heather Avatar

Blush for me, no matter what–I’m too colorless otherwise! Even when my friends/family are only bronzing or contouring, I’ll never go without a little cheek color.

I have dark, unruly brows; and though I’m happy to pluck strays and trim the crazier hairs, I’m never going to try to change their shape or thickness. (Tried that in the early 2000s, and it didn’t look good with my face shape anyway — left me with one weird tiny bald patch I have to deal with every day.)

RMW (Rose) Avatar

Hi Temptalia!
I have to say, “trends” come and they go! I don’t care about trends, at all! If I NEVER like “the trend”, why on Earth would I follow any of them?! Because everyone Else IS and I’M A LOSER IF I DON’T? I’LL DO What makes Me Happy and Comfortable In My Own Skin! (You will see that I answer the same every time when it comes to trends!) L. … And the saying goes, “if everyone jumped off of a bridge, would you? Because it’s a “trend”!? I love bang’s, they just don’t look good on me anymore. Love mascara! But, I’m not Tammy Faye Baker either! Lol. I don’t have Brooke Shields eyebrows and I certainly didn’t over pluck them. I found a happy medium. I don’t look good with “matte” face or lips. ( It just happens when you reach 42 and beyond, trust me, lol). I do love looking “glowy”! I also have combination skin, and there Is a difference between sweaty, oily, greasy to looking glowy, dewey and healthy! (A little shimmer goes a long way.) I have always added a little touch of gloss on my lips. I don’t want to look like I ate a greasy pork chop for breakfast. Hahaaaaaa, lol. The nude lip color… hmmmm. Well, why wear any lipstick at all if you want nude plain lips? Frosted lipsticks, if you look great in it, I say go for it!
You said it perfectly Wwendy!!
The basic moral of trends… They come and they go. Don’t do anything overly drastic where it takes a longer time than the trend itself, to Fix It! Not everyone will like the trend, and some will love it! Whether it’s in or not, always be True To Who You Are! ??

Naomi Avatar

metallic lips. I’ve been digging the metallic lip for a while now, YEARS before it was a trend. I’ve always loved a sparkly, metallic lip with bold thick fluttery lashes. also contouring, though I don’t do anything major, the day I don’t contour my cheekbones is the day I’ve fallen deathly ill. like someone else on here said, I do trends on my own terms (like highlighting, love a subtle highlight on myself personally)

Betty Valls Avatar

I am 61 years old but I will be a hippie chick forever. Still a sucker for tie dye!

On the makeup front, I think cosmetics are so much better now than ever before, so no going back
in that area. I still prefer natural looks, much prefer neutral eye shadows (but not plain beige and brown, more like copper, amber, topaz, pumpkin, etc.) to the more colourful ones, prefer more liplike lip colours instead of the browns and dark vampy ones (forget colors like green, etc.). I can see the colourful looks on the very young, they can get away with anything they want and they should enjoy it.

Bonnie Avatar

I won’t give up my nude lips. I may stray from it, into purple or pink territory, but I always come back to nude eventually. I really like that nude pink, 90s Pamela Anderson lip. It looks great with the smoky eye, a neutral eye, or brights. Always sexy but prettier than no lipstick.

lizalea Avatar

I have a really small face and my eyebrows never grew back from 2000 so I’ll be rocking the thinner eyebrows till the end. I also love winged eyeliner so I don’t see that changing.

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