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Eye creams bc they are literally repackaged moisturizer in smaller packaging but they charge you double. I also don’t use cream or lotion based moisturizers. I use gel or liquid ones. I think many are uneducated about what toners do. They bring balance and soften the skin. For someone who cannot use most moisturizers , toners are essential. But I think it is hard finding one that is well formulated. I don’t use products with SD alcohol/alcohol denat or fragrance even natural ones like lavendar, menthol, citrus, witch hazel etc.

Everything you said is exactly what I do! IF i use a moisturizer it is a gel. If not, my toner is generally enough moisture for my skin. I wish companies would move past the OUTDATED toner formulas of witch hazel, alcohol, everything that strips your face. So, so damaging to your skin. Honestly, it is probably best that people DONT use 99.9% of toners on the market! The only company that I have found that have great toners is Paula’s Choice and surprisingly MAC. In a consumer era where the skincare market is so oversaturated with products with such hyperinflated claims, it is SO, SO important for us as consuners to be educated on what ingredients our skin actually needs, and more importantly what ingredients are sensitizing or irritants! I would say 75% of skincare products have bad formulations &/or packaging problems. Also, any skincare product that has even a small amount of fragrance..I avoid it like the plague! I also do not exfoliate in the traditional scrubbing sense. I use a good AHA for that!

Good to see that someone recognizes that even ‘natural’ ingredients can be irritants. Alcohol, denatured alcohol, sd alcohol, menthol, rose, menthol, limonene, linalool, citronellol, geraniol, lavender, the list just goes on forever. It actually helps me weed out products to potentially buy.

Other than some basic witch hazel for my somewhat large pores, I don’t bother with toners. Nor do I bother with eye makeup remover sold as such. Just gold ol’ baby oil!
I will say that I steer clear of any face product that is either too drying or too heavy and greasy. Aging, but breakout prone skin here, so I don’t need to add to my grief!

I don’t really see the point of toner so I usually skip it. I also don’t use eye cream, per se, but I use a richer moisturizer around my eyes, for sure.

I only use toners now and then – more in the summer than in the cold months. I rarely use “essences” or similar products. I honestly believe we pile too much stuff onto our skin – serum, essence, moisturizer, sunscreen, luminzer, foundation, powder, blush and bronzer. And then people wonder why their pores are clogged? And then they basically have to sandblast their faces, overusing products like a Clarisonic WITH an exfoliating scrub or wash, sometimes twice a day!!!! Anyway, I think it’s the “essences” that are the one product I don’t use. Toners, sometimes and the same with serums/oils. I like them in the winter but only use them at night, for the most part. I have several “sleeping masks” but rarely use them also – I’m still confused by them. But I am religious in my use of eye cream!!! Ditto sunscreen or a moisturizer containing sunscreen.

I have to say that I use a ton of product on my face — oil wash, gel wash, toner, essence, serum, moisturizer, eye cream — you get the picture. (Not to mention makeup!) When I got more careful about the skin products I used, layering them, and using them religiously, my skin did a 180. I’m in my 50s, and I’m not sure it has EVER looked better. Sure, signs of aging are there, and I don’t mind them so much, but the skin itself has been transformed.

I have no issues at all with clogging or dullness. It’s been just the opposite, FWIW. Everyone is so different, but if you start to question your actual “skin,” then adding this and that can help. I really, really like the advice by Caroline Hirons. When I use my stuff up, I’ll be experimenting with some different products because if it. Check her out when you think you need to dial it in a bit differently.

I’m not much of one for masks — I am currently using a product that’s called a mask, but you use it like a night cream, which means that it’s one your skin long enough to really do some good. I don’t use physical scrubs, because chemical exfoliation is both gentler and more effective.

Actually, the variety of skin care products available is pretty overwhelming — just looking over all that’s on sale at dermstore — I don’t use skin care supplements, or electric brush cleanser systems, or lasers or needlers (although I’m curious about needling, in spite of the ouch factor, there might be something to it), or self-tanners, or dedicated neck creams (I just use what I use on my face), and I finally stopped needing acne treatments in my late 50s. The only anti-redness product I use also does other things, because I haven’t found a dedicated anti-redness product that reduces my redness more than temporarily.

No toner for me either. I have not found one that does not burn my skin. I am also very careful with scrubs. They have to be very mild, and not feel like sandpaper.

I too usually skip toner as most of them no matter how “hydrating” leave my skin dry. I am a devoted double cleanser with oil first, gentle cleanser second. Coupled with either my Clarisonic or Foreo Luna 2, there is no residue of makeup left when I pat my face dry. I also never used eye creams or neck creams when I was younger and unwrinkled. I dearly wish now that I had. My friends who did have much better skin in those areas than I do. Prevention in the eye and neck area is critical as they are notoriously difficult to turn around. Jus sayin’ 😉

No eye creams. No neck creams. No peels. No sheet masks. No self tanning products. No “pore” products. No retinol products. No acid products. No clay products. No hair removal products. No hydroquinine products. No cleansing, buffing or exfoliating brushes. No cleansing cloths or wipes.

I don’t do any under-eye or neck creams, and I haven’t used a toner in a long time. I never do those clay face mask things, like Glamglow, since Glamglow completely ruined my skin and I’m afraid to try any out since that happened.

Boo, I lost the comment when I was mostly done. This seems totally nuts, but at times I use multiple toners. The essence or lotion form can be too occlusive and congestive for my skin, which is oily, highly reactive, and dehydrated. BHA has to come first, at least for me, as it goes deep. I think I like Cosrx, but am not married to it. Then I stop and think what my skin feels like right then. Remembering which ingredients drive which care functions, I might do a second toner, like Paula’s resist or Cosrx galactomyces. The thin and watery aspect of the toner absorbs better than thicker textures. Then more BHA with resist bha! Then on to thicker things, point treats, etc. I have a massive Avoid Me list. Cosdna is often lengthening it…like when I use a sheet mask that congests my forehead…where I never broke out! Check the product out, and, whoops, there are 3 ingredients with acne ratings above 4… there are some other ingredients I can live without! I know my rule of thumb is the lighter,more watery, the less likely to mess me up. I haven’t fully figured out what products/ingredients in thicker products are good vs. problematical. Some days it’s 3 products for eyes before m/u and 5 for face. Some days more/less. I try to avoid etoh and fragrance. But snail is good. Gel creams are generally good. Oil based is not great, except cleansing. For a sleeping mask, I like Sephora pearl. You look so good in the am, that you hate to wash it off.

I just so happened to buy my first toner in many years (Clarins Gentle Exfoliator Brightening toner) but otherwise, I don’t bother with them. I also do not see a point to essences or pre-serums. I feel like, on the whole, less is more. There haven’t been any sheet masks which impress me, either.

There are very few *types* of products I won’t try, but very few *formulations* I will try. (I read derm studies on Medscape when I’m bored–so many skincare products have ingredients that are either ineffective or actively damaging to skin!)

I used to use toner, but stopped. Most of the reason I stopped was because my toner was also a BHA product, but I swiched to another form of BHA, so dropped the toner. I actually miss using toner, so I’ll probably work it back in somehow.

I don’t use the masks that harden, like clay masks. No sheet masks either. In fact the only masks I use (with the exception of one “mask” that I choose to use as if it’s a skin creme) are the peel-off type, and those only very rarely.

Nothing mechanical — Clarisonic, needlers, etc.

I recently started using an eye cream, even though I spent most of my life avoiding them because of my “why bother when I can use lotion” feeling. I started realizing that my face lotion wasn’t working well enough for my under-eye area, but creamier lotion wasn’t necessary for the rest of my face. I tried using creamier lotion only under my eyes, but it was making my mascara smudge, which I didn’t have a problem with before. So, long story longer, I found an eye cream that makes my under eyes smoother without ruining my makeup. I’m officially on the bandwagon.

I don’t use scrubs of any kind. Nor do I use self-tanner. Also — to be more specific than the question intended — I don’t use products with mint, rosemary, tea tree oil, hydroquinone, or benzoyl peroxide, as all of those “burn” me to some degree (I get an actual chemical burn from BP, the others are sensitivities).

I don’t use serums or neck creams yet, but I might in the future. I don’t use skin-peel type products or acids; they make my face turn red and itchy. I don’t use sleeping masks. I don’t use self-tanners. I avoid anything with strong fragrances or botanicals that irritate my skin.

I don’t use toner, only facial soaps, no retinal or Botox. Used to have Botox injections until they tripled in price. I believe they came down some now with competition. Not really into eye creams although I have many. Am allergic to eye gels so Leary if anything like that near my eyes (was not a pretty sight). I prefer Belif Aqua Bomb water for my face. So refreshing. No masks.

I don’t use eye creams that much. I use to use witch hazel as a toner but now I use Bioderma Hydrabio as a toner and I love it. I use to not use a toner at all but afterI learned the importance of a toner, I don’t skip that step anymore.

Christine I also started Late with eye cream, it is hard to find a good one but for me it is very important now.
I use a lot of skincare products so at the moment there comes no product in mind I do not use.


I have a minor obsession with avoiding excessively expensive skin care. The basic evidence-based ingredients are the same as cheaper brands and I feel like an idiot buying creams/lotions for the “expensive feel”, which is usually a result of silicone-based chemicals. I like brands like Paula’s Choice, Neostrata and Eucerin.

No heavy creams at all for me. I have oily, breakout-prone, sensitive skin and I have to use gel or water based products for skincare. No toners because no matter how gentle they are…they overstrip my skin and then it becomes more oilier than normal.

There are a few:
Toner – never use it as it really reacts to my skin leaving it irritated and sore. I don’ think that this is a necessary product in one’s anti aging arsenal.
Retinol products – I have to be very careful about how much and what kind of retinol is in a serum, otherwise my skin gets irritated.
Perfumed skin care: it doesn’t matter whether the fragrance is ‘natural’ as in rosehip oil or included – I really prefer fragrance free.
Mud masks – far too heavy for my skin.

I don’t use a toner and I rarely use anything in spray form. Toners are drying or don’t do anything for my skin, and sprays are gimmick-y. I also don’t use specified “neck creams” as I’m not shelling out more money for a separate moisturizer when one will do just fine. I also don’t use face wipes/makeup wipes unless it’s all that’s around (which would be like, in a car or something) as I don’t like the waste aspect and they’re not great for skin.

My geologist cousin, on the other hand, loves wipes as she’s constantly out in the desert on digs with only water for drinking so she swears by any kind of face and/or body wipe that keeps her from using her rationed water, so I think it depends on the situation.

It’s really just specific ingredients or formulations that I avoid, I’ll try most categories of product. I don’t normally use any serums or essences because I haven’t found one that didn’t cause me more harm than good. I skip any heavy moisturizers because my skin is oily, but I can’t imagine skipping eye cream, that’s the one part of my face that gets dry.

I don’t use eye or neck cream. My regular serums and moisturizers are more than up to the task! I never use anything that absorbs oil as my skin is quite dry. I also do not have any need for products that are geared towards acne, blackheads, or breakouts–one of the perks of being in my 70’s. My skin is smooth, even-toned, and never breaks out :-). For me, it’s all about hydration.

Having breakout prone skin pretty much makes you wary of everything thats out there. I avoid shia butter products and anything clogging the pores or too heavy. Having oily acne prone skin makes you so tired of trying products,things that work in clearing breakouts dry the skin and others just dnt help. *cries for help*

I don’t use toner. I have some and rarely use it. I don’t use some anti-aging items (the Paula’s Choice or the Ordinary) but expect to introduce them onto my skincare routine this year.

I make my own skin care products as I never found any HG skin care products. I make my own whipped body butter, liquid soap, facial serum (with vitamin C, ceramides, cider vinegar, and other super antioxidants), lip balm, facial moisturizer, face scrub, and cream cleanse. My skin has never looked better. That’s one way to utilize my pharmacy degree!

I don’t use serums or anti-aging or firming anything. Still searching for my dream cleanser. But my general steps are cleanser, toner, moisturizer, eye cream. I have an eye cream that does wonders for me and am surprised by all the dislike for them in the comments. I use a balancing moisturizer and would never want to put that same stuff around my eyes. Although, my skin only gets this stuff every other morning with extra moisturizer in the winter on the areas that are less oily and a homemade sugar scrub and/or mask on the weekend. I am perplexed by people who cleanse twice a day.

I’m confused by serums. They seem to be hydrating but not a replacement for moisturizer. If I still need a moisturizer, why use a serum? No Clarisonic, nothing above Paula’s Choice-level prices, no spot correctors (they seem like they might burn my skin), nothing that stays sticky overnight (I’m a side sleeper), nothing strongly scented (makes me itchy). I do use a toner lately. I bought a bottle on sale when DCL re-labeled their products. I don’t think it does anything but it feels nice.

I try to stick with natural products, coconut oil for makeup remover and oils for moisture and some rosehip oil and that’s all. If it’s got a million ingredients and tons of chemicals I avoid. My skin looks better with less.

I’ve learned the hard way that most “100% Natural” skincare products trigger a serious sensitivity reaction for me, because of essential oils used in the products. Especially lavender, which shows up in so many products that are supposedly for sensitive skin, it’s maddening!

I don’t use peel off or bubble masks…too much weirdness! I also don’t use toner, can’t risk drying out my already dry skin in dry winter weather.

Toner, masks, especial creams for the eyes,
Many cleansing masks I found to be overdrying. I do love one by Borghese which moisterises instead.
Exfoliating scrubs either.
Clarisonic brush to me is useless and too expensive another gimmic i use instead one of those simple brushes and not often.

I don’t user toner. I have very dry skin, so I think it’s not right for my type. I also have bad memories of the 80s alcohol-y toners that were pretty intense (I hated that overly clean, tight feeling to my skin!).

Right now it’s sunscreen.

I know, I know, I REALLY should be using it.

I’ve been trying to find one with enough SPF (preferably 30+) that won’t break me out and I’m just tired of my face constantly being covered with painful, sensitive blemishes.

Most of the sunscreens I’ve tried tend contain titanium dioxide, or have it as the main ingredient, which I’ve pinpointed through trial and error to being one of the main causes of my breakouts. I’m doing some research as I really want to find a new sunscreen soon.

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