Are there any products you purchased this year that you regret buying?

I just want to say most Melt Collections come close, because I still get the “value” out of purchasing that I expected (to swatch and to review), but Melt is so inconsistent.

— Christine


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clidre Avatar

Pat McGrath. I regret buying her Celestial Odissey and Huetopian Dream. I find her latest color stories so uninspiring. They don’t add anything to my collection. I will skip her next releases until she gives us taupes and cool neutrals in the blitz formula.

Z Avatar

It was a few years ago now, but buying the Bronze Seduction palette was my biggest PMG regret. It isn’t a color story for me, aside from two colors, and I didn’t find the quality of her eyeshadow formula to COME CLOSE (they’re sooooo dryyyy, wtf??) to the price tag on it. Now everything PMG is pink. I just can’t, man, I’ve never been a pink girl and now pink is insidiously the undertone of nearly every eyeshadow released in the last five years.

Genevieve Avatar

Amen to your sentiments Z. I am not and never will be a ‘pink’ girl, athough I do like Rose gold. But nearly all the offerings for quite some time now have lots and lots of pink, orange or red shades that just don’t work for me. Which is why I like Lorac’s latest offerings – not a pink in sight.

Z Avatar

I actually used it yesterday after trashing it on here to make sure the experience of using it was the same as I remember. Yep. Dry, “meh”, and overall underwhelming. One of the shades got hardpan as I watched and tried to build it up on my lid.

Packaging though? yeah, I feel pretty luxe pulling it out. Too bad using it is a chore.

Z Avatar

Nope. I’ve been very careful to really read reviews, weigh out if things fill holes in my collection, and only buy what really strikes me.

I adore Melt, well – used to, and have been fortunate enough to only purchase one bust. The Beetlejuice Waiting Room palette is one my prized possessions. It’s essentially me in a color story and the quality is definitely there as far as Melt goes. I love it. If I had the Muerte palette too I’d be even happier.

It’s not exactly a regret so much as an annoyance because hopefully it’s a one-off – but the Milani weekend brow I have is faulty. Liquid FLOWS out of all the parts of it when the cap is taken off. Such a waste.

Linda Avatar

My biggest disappointment was Tom Ford Nude Dip. Bought into the hype, the cool tones looked so depressing on me and wasn’t blown away by the formula. Guess it’s not a regret as I was able to return it. I also bought Mini Retro and Mini Star and ended up Poshmarking them, just never got amazing looks from them, no matter how much I wanted to like them!

Mariella Avatar

I got the Mini Star palette in error (I meant to order Mini Gold but clicked on the wrong item without realizing it until it arrived). I was SO disappointed in it as well. When I exchanged it for Mini Gold, I was so much happier. I think she’s got some good products and the Minis are at least not obscenely expensive but you’re not alone in your disappointment about that Mini Star palette.

Erica Avatar

Wet n Wild Tint Hydrator, Milani Conceal n Perfect Concealer, Tom Ford Cream and Powder Eye Color, Colourpop Pretty Fresh foundation, sulfate free anything hair care is a no for me. It does NOTHING. Chanel nail polish is terrible!

Erica Avatar

Regret is a rather strong term. I don’t really regret anything as I wanted to try some things. I just didn’t end up liking them for various reasons. No matter how many reviews I can read, I buy things out of a need or out of an interest and some things just fall flat and are just not for me.

Mariella Avatar

The only think I can think of that’s even close to a regret is Benefit’s Cookie highlighter. It is SO shiny that I have to be very judicious when using it on my cheeks. It is nice on the inner corners of my eyes, though. I was just really in a mood to buy “something” new a few months back and this was what I bought on a whim. So not really well thought-out but still, not a serious regret.

Nancy T Avatar

MAC x Rosalia Spicy Pimentón Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolor. Not because it isn’t beautiful on me or looks splotchy or anything like that, but it didn’t fully dry down and wound up smearing outside my liplines under my mask when I wore it to my Remicade infusion center. I looked like The Joker met “It”!
So now I’m saving it for after the pandemic gets under control or for times where I don’t need to wear a mask.

Lesley Avatar

Although I was not a real fan of Becca, I got caught up in the Internet’s distress over it closing and I purchased the peach color undereye color corrector/brightener that the Internet loved. It’s not a bad product but I already had two peach color correctors in my stash, one barely used. Hopefully the Becca will still be usable by the time I get to it.

Natalie Avatar

I regret purchasing the Natasha Denona Zendo palette. I thought that ND was a good brand, but for a very first purchase it was a letdown. Mainly because of the formula and that I used it maybe 4 times. I wonder if I would do better with one of ND’s other palettes, but I feel a little gun shy.

Erica Avatar

It’s tricky because even for the price Natasha Denona is a somewhat inconsistent brand. Not all of her palettes are good. I cannot say what palette to get from her as I’m unsure of what’s still available but I’ve heard people not liking the mini Star and the mini Sunset. The midi Zendo, Love and Sunrise have had complaints. I’ve heard complaints of her larger Blue/Purple, Lila, Sunset palettes. Generally Biba, Bronze and Glam have rave reviews but I’m not sure how into warm tones or neutrals you are😉

BrandiD Avatar

Colourpop That’s Taupe — I love most of the CP palettes I own, and am very happy with Of Quartz, but That’s Taupe has too many shades that literally don’t show up as distinct from each other on my eyes. They’re also very dupe-able and the one glitter shadow almost immediately broke and fell out of the palette. I’m not a glitter person so it wasn’t much of a loss but still irritating.

Cat Avatar

Regret is a bit strong because I love all my singles really but if I would do it over again I’d probably not have bought so many sparkling singles from Glam Shop. I love their mattes and would purchase mattes from them again and they’re an amazing value, but I really feel like anything I’ve gotten from them I could have gotten through a mix of other indie makers here in the U.S. without the huge pricetag for shipping and custom fees.

Lucie Avatar

Not a specific brand/product, but looking over my purchases for the year I bought an inexplicable amount of mascara. I have two never-fail holy grails (Clinique Lash Power long wear formula and Glossier Lash Slick), but I think I kept reading articles with “best of” lists and watching youtube videos and convinced myself to explore and make sure I wasn’t missing out, especially since it seems drugstore mascaras have come a long way since I attached myself Clinique or Glossier only. Plus, I didn’t want to place a Glossier order for just mascara. I’ll play fast and loose with expiration dates so long as it looks and smells in good condition except for mascara. So now I have at least a dozen full size mascaras sitting here plus a few various samples I picked up along the way and I don’t want to open them up to test or switch off because it will be a waste.

Genevieve Avatar

No, I haven’t regretted any of my beauty purchases this year – all my eyeshadow palettes have turned out to be wonderful – the Sydney Grace Temptalia On the Horizons palette, Lorac Noir, By Terry Bonjour Paris and hopefully soon – the Lorac Fairytale Forest palette.
As far as lipsticks go – with the mask situation being what it is globally, I have stuck to my favourites – Maybelline’s Spice for Me and Mauve for Me, CP’s Foolish, Gallop and Tea Thyme.

ShariP Avatar

I was disappointed in the quality of my Colourpop High Tide palette. Colourpop just hasn’t sold me on their powder eyeshadow formula. I was also disappointed in a Dior blush. It has too much sparkle for my taste, but I kept it anyway. I dont really like returning things….I will, but I don’t do it on a regular basis.

Erica Avatar

I’ve decluttered every last Colourpop palette. I don’t think their eyeshadow is good but rather just cheap. I hated Going Coconuts. I have a few pressed singles and tbh they are nothing compared to my Sydney Grace, MAC , MUG. They aren’t the easiest to blend and they fade and disappear quite quickly. It’s sad so many push them when really they are just as terrible imo as Morphe 🤦‍♀️

Tiffany Nicole Avatar

The Melt Amor Y Mariposas Palette is my only beauty regret this year. The more I play around with it the more I regret spending so much on it. Its not a horrible palette but it definitely isn’t worth $70 to me. A lot of the mattes are super patchy and hard to work with and several of the shimmers don’t have enough pigmentation. If it wasn’t so expensive I probably wouldn’t regret it so much but for $70 I greatly regret purchasing it.

Helene Avatar

Pat McGrath 18 pan Celestial something or other that came some months ago. I thought I was so careful, reading reviews not only here, counting the “I like” shades and the “unlikely I’ll use” ones. The like ones won.
I have swatched it, and used it once. Once!
I think that’s my only regret.
I’m annoyed with myself for getting it as the same happened with last years 18 pan palette, and honestly, the only products I use from the brand are the two 6 pan palettes I have.
Oh, well, I hope I’ve learned my lesson

Kay Avatar

Natasha Denona Glam Palette…not horrible or anything just boring. Everything about that…color, finish, names of the shades. I understand that it meant to be a workhorse type neutral go-to palette but still my Sleek palettes and UD Naked are ten times more versatile and interesting.

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