Are there any products for face that you don't use?

I don’t wear powder foundation (loose or pressed–I just prefer liquid/cream) except when I’m testing one. I rarely use face primer, but I definitely use it when I’m on vacation or for special occasions. Ah! I can’t see myself adding a color correcting step to my routine, so those products are lost on me.

— Christine


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Deborah S. Avatar

I don’t really contour or bronze. I am super pale and when I have tried to use these products, even ones for pale skin, they just don’t look right. I occasionally use highlighters but tend to use them as blush toppers because my hyperpigmentation is on the tops of my cheeks. I do use primers and some color correctors for the hyperpigmentation from sun damage in my youth. If I had known this would happen or how difficult it would be to disguise I would have avoided the sun like crazy. I have recently hit on the best disguise so far and it is mixing a couple of foundations with a little concealer and that does a good job. I have used powder foundations and mineral foundations in the past but do not use them as my principle foundation. I will use a powder foundation for some touch ups on the go. I primarily use liquid and cushion foundations. This year I am hoping to find and use more skin care within my makeup products.

Nancy T Avatar

I don’t mess around with those large contouring palettes or 20 shades of cream, because even though I like to look good, I don’t want or need Instagram *perfection*. Or powder foundation, either. Also, other than a spot acne medication, I don’t use anything drying on my face on any regular basis. Well, except witch hazel for my large pores, but that never dries me out.

Roxi Avatar

Mineral powder foundation. So drying.
Translucent loose powder. I hate dust in the air and frankly haven’t found anything that doesn’t dry me out.
Setting spray: I use finishing spray sometimes to give me some hydration or make my power adhere more seamlessly, but i honestly don’t think setting spray makes any difference.

I don’t use any highlighting products that are not your usual highlighting powders.
Cream highlights make my face patchy.
I’ve never tried any liquid highlighters.
Highlighting shades that every contour palette throws in: the cream versions are usually so dry they can’t blend with my foundation, and I don’t know how setting my undereye area with a light colored / banana powder can do anything for me.
Light concealer: I only use a tiny bit of concealer of my skin tone where my dark circles are. I don’t do the excessive highlighting at all, always amazed how so many girls can put that much coverage on their face without feeling dry. I myself have to even skip the foundation on dark circles and use concealer only there, otherwise it’s too heavy.

I don’t use a cream blush, like ever. I can never make it look blended seamlessly with liquid foundation.
Cream concealer (in the pans or pots): I don’t spot conceal, so I only use concealer in tubes.

SueG Avatar

Bronzer. I’m much too pale for that. I also don’t use liquid or cream foundations, or facial primers, though I have a few of the latter. They make my face feel hot, almost smothered.

Erica Avatar

Stick foundation, cream foundation or cream blush. No lotion or cream based moisturizers. Nothing with alcohol denat/sd alcohol. Nothing with fragrance, lavender,rose, menthol, citrus and other irritatants. I rarely contour bc I have a narrow slim face so I don’t buy most contour products on the market today!

Brynn Avatar

I don’t use color-correctors or concealers. I’ve given up on powders; for some reason they end up “migrating” into my eyes with a few hours, or less, and irritating them. I’ve also given up on ever finding a foundation that matches/looks good, so I don’t use that either (I did find one that matches my neck, but put on my face it looks very very odd).

Nichole Avatar

Outside of under eye cream care (cream/gel/concealer), I do not put ANY creams on my face. No moisturizing creams, primers, foundation, highlighters, blush…nothing. It masks my skin too much and will cause break outs.

Caroline Avatar

This is kind of an opposite question than Christine is asking, but would you mind sharing some of your favorite under eye creams, gels, concealers???
I am looking for some worth using, and am not having tons and tons of luck.


Nichole Avatar

I’ve been using deluxe Sephora sample eye creams at night, but haven’t tried anything worth buying yet. Although, the Fresh Black Tea serum works well in the AM to depuff the eyes. I’m still using a sample of that and may buy a full size after. I’m having great success with Mac’s Pro Longwear concealer. It performs better over a serum. For the past few months, I’ve been using Grapeseed Oil as a moisturizer and like it better than jojoba. It’s also supposed to help undereye circles, but jury is still out.

Hannah Avatar

I would never use purple as a color corrector. People use it to “brighten,” even though putting purple on your face makes it more dull. I’ve seen people put purple instead of peach or yellow under their eyes, and it drives me crazy.

HeavyMetalJess Avatar

I don’t wear any unless it is a super special occasion and then only a medium coverage powder foundation. There are a couple exceptions. I like Tony Moly’s Cats Wink Clear Pack as needed to combat oiliness on my nose and forehead and will occasional wear spot concealer if I have an especially red bump. Kat Von D is the only company I’ve found with a super pale concealer in my skin tone.

MacKenzie Avatar

I pretty much never contour or bronze, I’m super pale and it looks a little strange on me. I love powder foundation and I actually rarely use liquid/cream foundation, usually just concealer and powder (pressed, I hate lose powder bc it gets everywhere). There are few things that I don’t at least TRY because I love experimenting!

Christina D. Avatar

I don’t wear foundation in any form. I also don’t wear concealer, but I could probably benefit from it. No color correctors, no cream blushes, either.

It’s easier to say what I do use on my face: moisturizer (tinted or not), occasionally bb or cc cream, powder blush.

I’ve been experimenting with highlighters but I haven’t found one that doesn’t emphasize pores, only some that are better than others (and I’ve used low end to high end and everything in between). I think highlighters work best over foundation, but that leads me back to the beginning of this post.

Amanda Avatar

Bronzer/contour and except for the very rare occasion, I don’t highlight. I only wear powder foundation or just a setting powder over primer. Oh, and as terrible as it may sound to some, I don’t do my eyebrows because it’s on the list of things I cannot figure out how to do them and not look ridiculous for the life of me.

Glenda Avatar

I don’t use highlighters…I have some pore issues that I don’t want more attention brought to and highlighters do that in spades.
Plus, they’ve been overdone IMO. They can look lovely on some people but on many people, it’s just too much.

Aeri Avatar

I’m dry skinned so I never use powder foundation. I’m also a goth, so I almost never bronze, and being super gaunt I don’t contour unless I’m trying to look really undead/zombie like. I rarely color correct.

Bon Bon Avatar

Powder products wrinkle my face, especially eyes, up so I don’t wear that. No contouring or cream blush. I prime my face and lips. I used to prime my eyes until I started wearing cream shadow sticks. They stay on forever.

Stephanie Avatar

Powder foundation and, most of the time, primer (not because I don’t “need” it, but because it doesn’t help much with my skin texture and never makes my pores any less obvious). Other than under my eyes sometimes, I don’t color correct unless it’s an emergency (facial injury, etc). I rarely use finishing or setting powder because I haven’t found a way to use it without looking like an old lady, and because I tend to be dry.

Genevieve Avatar

There are a few:
1. I don’t really use a colour correcting product as foundation covers any bits of redness that I have.
2.I never use powder, cushion or pressed foundation – just prefer liquid
3.I certainly don’t contour or bronze – on my very pale complexion it would end up looking like stripes.
4. I don’t generally use concealers either.

Lisa Avatar

The only way I’ve found to set my makeup w/powder is to use the same foundation brush (usually for me it’s a buffing brush) and blend the powder over my foundation then spray w/skindinavia. Any other way looks too cakey & matte for me.

Denise Avatar

I’m such a sucker for all this crap. LOL I use everything all you ladies have posted, and then some. After a few uses, I pack it all away, never to be used again. Why I ask myself do I buy all this stuff, when after I use it a few times, I look in the mirror and say ” what the hell is this **** I put on my face”? LOL. I just go back to my usual, primer, foundation,meteorites face powder,and blush with a touch of highlighter. Call me crazy, but I try all the new products that come out, hoping for some kine of miracle.

Alecto Avatar

No powder/mineral foundation: I used to use it, but eventually gave up because I couldn’t find one that survived my oily skin for more than about 2 hours. No setting spray. No liquid or cream highlighters or contours. I own concealer, but so rarely use it that it’s probably going to go bad before I make a dent (my foundation is full-coverage, and works very well for that purpose). No color correctors. No bronzer, though I’ve had times in my life when bronzer was all I could be bothered to wear; the urge comes and goes, but I find I don’t like the look of bronzer over full-coverage foundation, and that’s all I wear anymore.

I’d love to eventually say that I don’t wear foundation, but it will take IPL to get to that point. And this is the year — I mean it!

Tammy Avatar

I don’t use sheet masks, color correctors (too lazy), or powder foundation. I don’t do much bronzing or highlighting, kind of feel like highlighter just emphasizes my pores sometimes.

Ziwei Avatar

I don’t use color corrector, powder foundations too often. I don’t usually use cream blush but I’m trying to get into it, because I found it gives me a more natural flush than powder but requires more effort to blend. I don’t highlight very often because of my oily skin type. I don’t use primer, setting spray, and cream/liquid contour/bronzer at all.

Silvia Avatar

I bought a small kit of color correction but have never used it. No need really.
I use liquid or very light foundation just to even out my skin tone a bit. Maybelline Fit Me is great.
Used to wear compacted/cream foundation when we traveled more often before my two kids boy.girl started universities now I wear them for those especial ocassions on my ghostly legs after having applied cream first. It works better than those Jergens Glow bronzers I tried even up to medium shade didn’t do a thing but developed an itch that quickly when away when returned to Target. (Although I’m a runner and wear shorts most of the time my legs are ghostly white. Hate it! Lol! But also lucky somehow my skin is pretty clear except a few freckles around my nose here and there with all the sun I have taken for years but I love it).
Odd enough and I love to check closely the makeup isle especially drugstores these days, I’m not aware there’s actually a powder foundation? Need to check into that!
No cream blush, have tried it but much easier is powder although I read cream is better for dry/combination skin but messy to apply and uneven.
I do apply just the slightest almost invisible contour under my cheeks and also a bit of highliter on top of blush but hardly noticeable since I’m pale but I love knowing I’m wearing it for fun.

Lesley Avatar

I stopped using anything powdered, including blush, after I developed fine lines. I don’t contour. But I use everything else on the list. A pore minimizing primer is essential for me as is an orange corrector for undereye circles. I used to use a green corrector for redness but don’t seem to need it now.

Erin Avatar

I don’t usually use traditional color correcting products. I have a lot of redness so I just use a thin layer of very yellow foundation, like NARS Siberia or MUFE’s lightest yellow water blend foundie. Up until recently I didn’t need a ton of coverage, but I’m breaking out now from BC change so we’ll see if that holds true!

I don’t use much bronzer or contour but I do occasionally.

I don’t have a setting powder specifically for the eye area either.

Tamika B. Avatar

I don’t use primer but I feel like I should. I haven’t found one that doesn’t break me out or leave my skin feeling weird. I don’t contour because my face is naturally angular so it’s unnecessary, also bronzing is unnecessary because I was born bronze…I don’t know how I got talked into buying that! I guess it looked so pretty I couldn’t resist, lol!

Kim Avatar

I don’t wear primer, color correctors, or under eye concealer. For most everyday looks, I use concealer for any acne and maybe foundation. If I have time, I’ll set it with powder. I love all other face products though! Gimme all that blush, highlighter, contour, setting spray etc.

Adriana Avatar

Contour powders or creams – just dislike the contour craze and who has time for it anyways. Also no powder foundations, no color correcting & no false lashes.

Heather Avatar

I don’t bronze or contour, and I never use powder foundations. (Millions of parched skin cells cry out at the very thought, haha.) I also don’t use anything that requires a ton of layers–no color correcting, no concealers that aren’t swipe+blend, no complicated highlight process.

Bonnie Avatar

Start with…I’ll try almost anything. So if I get it in a subscription box, I’ll give it a shot. But…when I’m not sampling, just doing my thing, I use liquid foundation, either powder or a powder foundation over that, sometimes an undereye concealer, bronzer, and blush. And I like to use Miracle Blur or something like it on my forehead to fill in the three lines across it and my ’11s.’ No primer, no countour, no highlighter (except maybe as an eyeshadow).

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