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We hope you'll consider supporting Temptalia by shopping through our links below. Thanks!

Maybelline Dream Matte Powder! I never wore the mouse everyone talks about but I would brush the powder over my face everyday before school – I still have the brush I used to use 🙂

I remember that! Such a fun, cool collection. I wish companies would do that more, and not just with the “influencers” who have the most followers, but with people who can be creative and think critically too. Anyway. Do you still use JW? Have a bunch of backups? I’m curious!

For me, I do tend to remember every piece of makeup I’ve received as a gift, since it’s generally rare for my family to support my makeup/nail polish hobby. I’m always touched when they do. Probably my favorite example is that my mom got me Rock & Republic Spark blush back when those were all the rage so many years ago. I still use and cherish it! Mine has a big dip, but no pan yet. 🙂

I’m glad people don’t gift me make-up, I would hoard it for years. 😅 I’m very due diligent with expiration dates even for make-up and I am a minimalist at heart. But if someone very dear to me would gift me make-up, I think I would probably save even the box it comes in. 😅

*Lisa Eldridge Go Lightly (Velvet Lipstick)…..because – Audrey 🙂
*UD Naked (original)…..it was my very first “big girl” palette.
*Bare Minerals powder foundation (with the black cap)….was my first “high end” foundation….doesn’t work for me now, but I am still fond of it

Anything from The Body Shop, because I remember exploring the store in Dublin in the 90s when I was a kid.

Stila’s clicky lipgloss pens, because in the 90s they were THE thing to have. I never did own one but they smelled amazing and were so pretty.

Lancome Juicy Tubes because they were the first “big girl” product I ever bought. I haven’t tried the rerelease because I just don’t need them and remember them being horrifically sticky.

Probably MAC’s Grand Entrance and Smoke&Diamonds. Both are Starflash finishes, which I loved (along with quite a few other MAC finishes that have been or are likely to be d/c’d) and I use both quite sparingly to make them last….

I was never able to get JW but I did get another shadow from that Bloggers’ Choice release (Hocus Pocus). I wish I’d been able to get Jealousy Wakes and would love to see it brought back.

Hi Christine,

Lovely green indeed!
The most sentimental makeup item to me is MAC Matte Lipstick “Rocker”, which reminds me of my mother. It was launched in 1999. At that time we had to go to Paris to find MAC products. My mother fell in love at first sight with this somewhat eccentric shade! What she loved most about it was the multicolored glitter in the formula! She bought it again and again until it was discontinued a few years later. She used to wear dark lipstick shades such as burgundy and purple. But “Rocker” really was “her” color.
In 2018, a few months after my mother passed away, I went to the MAC corner in Le Printemps department store in Rouen (Normandy, France). As I was talking about ”Rocker” with the MUA, she told me it had just been reissued (it this the right word?), as a limited edition. I bought the lipstick, and once again when there were sales at MAC. Since “Rocker” has been discontinued again. I cherish it because this shade will remain “Mom’s red” and I wear it from time to time as a kind of a “tribute”.
Here’s my (long) story…
Love from France

Such a wonderful story! Thank you for sharing!

On my first trip to Paris I purchased the Urban Decay Makes Smoky palette from the Sephora on Champs-Élysées.
For a make-up lover it’s a nice memory (although it’s the most crowded Sephora I have ever been to).

Hope you’ll be able to go to Paris again to re-live those beautiful memories with your mother at some point.

Clinique products, in general, because it was one of the first brands my mother bought for me when I started wearing makeup. A specific item was the Raspberry Glace lipstick color–I wore it in my senior portraits!

The sugarpill Edward scissorhands palette just takes me back. I’ll never part with it. Also anything my mom ever bought me as a present that she picked out herself.

I have a soft spot for my old Bonnie Bell gel blush and bronzer that came in squeeze tubes in the 70s. Those were the first makeup items I used regularly, when I wore no other makeup, and they were just perfect.

There are a few!
Firstly, Lorac Unzipped palette, because it was my first large higher end eyeshadow palette, and also because my daughter sold it to me when she worked for Sephora 7 years ago. I still have it and do sometimes use it.
Second up, UD Urban Spectrum Palette because a fellow reader and good friend IRL, helped me to get it after I had several misses at doing so. That one was an insanely difficult Palette to get!
Lastly, everything I got in the MAC x Aaliyah collection, since I was one of the OG signers of a petition to MAC for them to do this great honor to a beautiful and highly talented star taken far too soon.

Oh, and I treasure my MAC Jealousy Wakes because you created it, and because it practically matches my eye color! Well, no, my eyes aren’t as bright, but they are literally teal green. For those reasons, it is truly special!

I rarely have sentimental attachments to make-up, for me in the end make-up products can be easily replaced with dupes… and most of my dear memories don’t involve make-up.

The Marc Jacobs Highliner in Blaquer reminds me of my mom, MAC Diva reminds me of falling in love with bold lipstick and becoming unapologetically confident, Prolongwear Waterproof has been with me even on some amazing hikes and fun mud races (I am not proud of my 20s self, refusing not to wear at least foundation when in public)… but it’s nothing sentimental…

Who am I lying about sentimental things… 😅 I just remembered that although I tossed my Urban Decay Naked Smoky palette I bought from my first trip to Paris, I still have the brochure with looks it came with, I saved it in an envelope with some post cards.

Revlon Naked Pink lipstick, circa 1965. HS, end of girl groups, bring on the London sound. Aziza Clinging Vine mascara. Dark green. College. Hippie era. Wore it as long as they made it. Also College: Dior Tomorrow’s Beige, because we were too young to wear red, lol. Plus, pale l/s was still pretty much in. Biba Blue Roses gloss, which even gets internet mention today. Spirit of place and time. Nothing sentimental since the 70s. Although the original Poppy range was OOTW. Maybe I outgrew sentiment, or associating m/u products w/people, times, places.

Besame Cosmetics x Snow White The 1937 Storybook Palette. The packaging perfectly matches the cover and style of a story-/art- book my dead-beat father had gotten me for my birthday when I was a pre-teen. He’d forgotten my birthday as usual, but instead of his getting me a cheap pair of shoes from Kmart or slipping me a couple $5 bills with a mumbled excuse to get my mom to stop nagging him, he bought me that book. He delivered it in person, and apologized for missing my birthday. It was more expensive and had more thought put into it than any gift he’d ever given me, and it was not given in front of anyone, so he I don’t think he chose it to impress anyone but me. I like to think it was one of those rare peeks of my real father behind the schizophrenia and narcissism. I’m probably giving him too much credit, but it’s a happy delusion. I’m never getting rid of that book or the palette.

Pat McGraph’s first Mothership palettes. I was so happy to see a famous black makeup artist launch her own brand! And she did such a good job. I’ll always hold a special place in my makeup collection for PMG.

I have several makeup products that are sentimental to me but that implies I have them in my stash and sadly, I don’t have any of the makeup products that I feel most sentimental about. So, I will stick to the letter of the question and say, the original Too Faced Natural Eyes palette in the cardboard packaging. I still love it today and while the new and the old version are very comparable, I just don’t feel the new palette like I do the old. Maybe has something to do with my falling out of love with Too Faced. The other products that I have a real attachment to are my original MAC Fix Plus, meaning the original formula and my Guerlain’s Meteorites in the holiday iteration from 2015 Perles de Neige. That particular Guerlain Meteorites taught me not to dilly dally too long in buying something I really love and know I am going to buy anyway. It sold out and I had to go to a secondary seller to get it and it felt like I paid roughly my daughter’s first year of college, to get it!!

Yes, there are a few: Estee Lauder’s Sea and Sky Teal blue quint was the ‘first’ palette that I bought many years ago – on my birthday. It was hideously expensive, but I was so taken by the beautiful blue/teal colour story, presented in such a different way to all the other little quads that I had been using, that I just had to buy it. The quality is not that great, but it was definitely better than Revlon’s.
MAC products were just a dream here – none of the brands like Too Faced, Tarte, Stila, UD etc. had never been heard of here in Aus., so beautiful shades such as your Jealousy Wakes was not available. Even the concept of wearing green eyeshadow was unheard of.

Many. Some of my favorites are full or sample size eyeshadows from indie companies no longer in existence. Or, in some cases, shades the company discontinued. I miss Geek Chic’s geeky collections. And Shiro cosmetics. And Detrivore cosmetics. And Archetype cosmetics. Fyrinnae has outlasted them all. lol

For commercial companies – Essence Soo Glow! It was a cream to powder finish highlight without silicones, was light enough for my skintone, and looked amazing on me. My first and favorite cream highlight.

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