Are there any areas of your collection you're trying to build? Which ones?

Nothing at the moment; I went through a period of trying a lot of different lip balms, and then I went through a lot of primers (all with the intent of posting all the results someday!) in the last year.

— Christine


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Lulle Avatar

Base products. I started getting into makeup because I loved all the color products, but I never built my base collection much. So I need a few more primers, maybe powders, concealers, and I’ve been trying a lot of foundations. It’s been hard though, I don’t know if I have difficult skin or if I’m just a perfectionist, but most foundations don’t satisfy me. I just bought Tarte Rainforest of the Sea, and although I love how natural it looks, it emphasizes dryness I didn’t know I have, and it breaks down on my chin after 6-7 hours. Maybe I just need a good primer?

Ray Avatar

Sometimes I think about building a better collection of MLBB shades just to add some interest to my workday routine (I’d enjoy pulling out a different product even if no one else could tell the difference). But my undertones are tricky and I look somewhat “natural” (as in, it suits me and doesn’t look out of place) in darker colors so I haven’t really investigated new MLBB’s.

Katherine T. Avatar

I took an inventory of my makeup collection recently, and here’s what I’m looking to add
*pink lipsticks that don’t clash with my skintone
*nude lipsticks that don’t make me look dead
*gold shadows
*red shadows and red eyeliners
*lip liners in unique colors – blue, grays, purples, blacks

Linda Avatar

Bronzers. I used to only ever own one at a time, and I never used blush until relatively recently so I’d just go through until it was all pan and then find another one. I thought a bronzer was a bronzer was a bronzer, and didn’t realize the differences in finishes and undertones etc. Thanks social media for bursting that bubble and creating a perception that I “need” more than one at a time! (No really, thanks, I can’t wait to start collecting)

Pearl Avatar

Not at the moment (but that could change!). I feel like I have enough of everything so unless I get a wild hair and want to start collecting something really random (for me) like brow products or color correctors, I’m good. I’m actually quite relieved that pastel highlighters and glitter eyeshadows and frost lipsticks and non-traditional lipstick shades are on trend because those are not my thing and I can take a break from feeling like I have to get All The Things.

This past year though I did fill in the gaps in my brush collection, have some new mascaras I like thanks to the Nordstrom mascara sale, and have a few primers and foundations in rotation. I can’t think of anything I want more of at the moment. Until the holiday sets start rolling out . . ??

Natalia Avatar

My collection is not as big as I want it to be, so pretty much, apart from lipsticks and single eyeshadows, could do with some additions all around 🙂

I would love to get two palettes: 1) UD Naked 3 and 2) MUFE x9 #1 cause they look gorge, but I know I will not use half of the shadows so I cannot justify the purchase.

Primers also would be great, but again, I do not think they do much to me, so it is a matter of me splurging on MUFE nourishing one or Chanel balm instead of using a good Institute Arnaude moisturizer as a primer, like I do now.

Mariella Avatar

Nope. Just the opposite – I have too much of EVERYTHING. I should do one of those “Project 10 Pan” things or even 5 pan but I never use one thing consistently enough even to achieve a “Project 1 Pan”. I really think I need to put myself on a “no buy” though with the fall collections coming out, it will be SO difficult (I want to check out the new Chanel red lippies).

Nancy Avatar

I’m the opposite – trying to use up what I already have. The only recent purchase has been to add to my Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks. I have 5 of her nude shades which I rotate through daily. They are a bit of a splurge, but I don’t mind paying more for products I actually love and use up!

Wednesday Avatar

I have recently been setting myself up for a bit of a binge on the ‘perfect’ winged eyeliner product (I had placed a number of products in various forms in shopping bags while I mulled it over), but then put screeching halt on the plan.. I do not wear it frequently enough to justify. Right now, my stash is flush. I do not lack for anything and have lots of solid performing products. I need nothing, but know a small number of products here and there will invariably trickle through.. probably lipstick (sigh) or maybe one of those sleek blush palettes… (double sigh).

Kimberly Avatar

I’m slowly trying to acquire more blushes. As of this moment, I own 3 and pretty much use only 2. One is Clinique Peach Pop and the other is MAC Full of Joy. I’d like to get a nudey rose blush (either nude-nude like Tarte Sensual/Exposed or nude-rose like Clinique Rosy Pop) and a dolly cool-toned pink one eventually.

AB Avatar

I also am not building in any particular area. While I am always on the lookout for perfect/better versions of a few specific items (warm neutral and light-to-medium plum eyeliners, red lipstick, mascara), I do have all I need in all categories.

Dianne Avatar

I am pretty happy with all the makeup I have right now after recently going through a crazy blush phase. I

The one part of my collection that I feel like I am always working on is brushes, especially eye brushes and blush brushes. I definitely don’t need more, but in my mind I feel like if I find holy grail brushes my face will be perfect every day.

Tracey E. Avatar

I’m interested in adding more anti-aging skincare products to my routine. Experimenting with Paula’s Choice 1% retinol as well as eye creams to deal with an assortment redness, puffiness, and under eye creasing.

Rhea Avatar

Foundation and concealer. I got a tan this summer and now my products are too light for me. Also I only have one so clearly I need more.

Nell Avatar

No products, but…
I seem to always be on the lookout for the PERFECT brush.
I have lots of brushes, so I’m not interested in adequate brushes. I want The brush. It could be eyes or face. I have to live with a new brush for a while, therefore I never return them if used. Thanks to this website and Christine, I have a nice collection.
How can I be sure that an expensive brush will do what I want without trying it first?

Alexandra Avatar

If you don’t mind dropping a bit of cash, I would get the Makeup Forever Ultra HD Pressed Setting Powder. I find that the loose version is a bit to dry and it makes everyone look cakey, but the pressed version is just a dream.

Lea Avatar

There are a few items on my radar from fall collections, but nothing that I’m specifically looking to add. I did just buy a few new cleansers to try as the weather changes. While I was happy with my previous one, finding it in stock has become a pain in the a$$. It’s not that the line isn’t carried at a number of places, but the cleansers are just never available for whatever reason. Otherwise, I’m working on using what I have already and trying to use the bazillion samples I’ve gotten. I give a ton of them away when they don’t match my type or color, but I’d guess I have a few years of skin care and mascara samples stashed away. I won’t even start on how many perfume samples I have. Egads.

Maria Avatar

I go on different rampages it varies it might be nail polishes which I probably have at least 80 and I don’t wear nail polish all the time I use to but not so much right now. Then it will be blushes or primers it really changes at one time it was makeup brushes which I will purchase one now here and there. I wish I were like most people they just purchase a complete collection from a certain makeup line. That would probably make more sense.

Ruth Avatar

Skincare. It’s so expensive and I find the ingredients confusing. So I would invest in good skin care if only I was certain I was doing the right thing.

Brandi Avatar

There’s nothing that I need to grow. I have a ton of makeup. But, as I’m learning more and more, I need to grow my facial products. Stuff like primers, foundations, concealers, and powders. That’s the stuff that I will buy one and use it until it’s gone before I even consider buying a new one.

Nicole D Avatar

A couple of brushes I think. I prefer to use what I already have and try to invest in good quality makeup products that work for my daily needs and routine and not necessarily go with the hype.

Lately I’ve started to replace my skincare routine with “green” products (serums, day/night creams, masks etc.).

Heather Avatar

I need some unique lip liners to work with my more unique lipsticks (blue, black, grey, etc).

The ‘boring but makes me look better’ category has some gaps. I could use a decent blemish concealer for my acne-marked skin–I’m just too lazy to get matched to one, and my skin is so flaky that it might look worse. I also need to get a clear brow gel or wax (curly, unruly brows–thick and dark enough, though!) and a better face primer. I’d also like to switch out my current loose powder (NYC HD) for the NYX HD one. (Yes, the NYC purchase was a case of mistaken identity.)

I need some good eye brushes.

I think that’s about it! I wanted a set of go-to transition shades in a single palette so I could use my colorful palettes more easily, but I just last week made a custom MUFE trio. Mission Accomplished.

Katherine T. Avatar

NYX just came out with Suede Matte Lipliners in 36 colors, including hard-to-find shades, and only $4 each! They have 6 purples, 3 blues, 1 gray, 1 black. They’re on NYX website and Ulta. I haven’t tried them yet, but I’m waiting for an Ulta sale, then will pounce on them!

Flaky Avatar

Eyeliners. I’ve drifted away from kohl pencils and even the felt tip pens. I only have a few liquid liners & am looking forward to the new UD ones.

Twyla Avatar

There is a couple bronzer I want to get and I want a few of the marc jacobs air blushes. And I want to get some different lip glosses and lipsticks but I’m going to want until the holiday collections. I can get a lot of minis in different colors to try.

Yenners Avatar

I need to reduce the make up I have – like many others here, I have to much! But I’m always on the looking for a great brush, especially eye brushes.

Silvia Avatar

Nope. Not really have everything of all kind that I need. But have purchased different colors of blushes lately for fair skin. Also the Lumi foundations from Loreal I’m liking they really don’t give an exaggerated shine on me it goes on very natural loving them! Would like to add a few more soft highlighters and some beautiful green or aqua eyeliners before Summer is over but don’t need a thing but a girl can always want! Lol! The Moondust mermaid colors I’m interested to get!

Naomi Avatar

I need a good powder highlighter, one more intense than the elf illuminating palette but less intense than your typical highlight. I’m thinking Laura mercier matte baked radiance or tarte exposed highlight. also looking into trying some more popular foundations, UD naked skin, the new UD all nighter, and tarte amizonain clay. just recently filled all my primer gaps, I now have a hydrating, mattifying, illuminating, and pore minimizing one which is good enough for me! still constantly searching for that holy grail blush brush though!

Katherine T. Avatar

Naomi, I have the ELF Illuminating Palette and the Laura Mercier Matte Baked Radiance powder, and I think LM is a great choice for what you are looking for. I also have the Laura Geller French Vanilla Highlighter and like that one too, I can use all over face without looking like a disco ball.

Susan Dowman Nevling Avatar

I think I dislike most of my lipsticks right now. So many seem colorless or much too bright. Nothing is just right, like the three bears, I guess. I really haven’t purchased many recently so maybe it’s time to cull and replace. I do like my colored lip balm but will need more color for winter and fall.

Genevieve Avatar

No – I don’t really need to add anything to my collection. I have way too many eye shadow quads, quints, palettes as it is. And I am trying to use one foundation (or two) at a time; ditto for mascara. This is to make sure I use them all up and not waste my money.

Cat Avatar

The only thing I’ve been actively looking for is a blush in a pinky-brown shade, a few more lipsticks and liners in shades I lack, and more brushes. I try to resist the urge to purchase brushes myself because those are the only beauty-related item my children will purchase for me!

BonnieBBon Avatar

I have way too much of everything except a heavy duty concealer which is now what I need the most. I have only tried a few, been waiting on Kevyn Aucoin’s SSE to be in stock in my color and it finally is so that should be here tomorrow. I’m so excited to try it but would still greatly appreciate any suggestions! This scar on my face is messing with me and I really really want to find a way to cover it up!!

Katherine T. Avatar

Bonnie, I’m glad you like my idea on how to re-design the Star Trek Luna powder. Thank you! I’m hoping to retire early and do some different things, would be great if some were beauty-related. Never thought about working for MAC, but it’s an idea, as it sure looks like they could use some help on the creative side!

Connie Avatar

My answer is definitely not!!! But then I have some free time and I happen to find an email from Sephora or Ulta or Mac and I start to browse and then in two seconds I find beautiful things ❤️ and suddenly I really “need” something again!! Something SO unique, and SO different of everything I have…! ???

Caroline Avatar

I’m trying to find a decent concealer which will successfully cover the dark circles under my eyes without looking too obvious. And, of course, a good powder to set it with.

Angelcat47 Avatar

Cream eye shadows as they leave a nice finish and are easy to work with. Plus, I’ve seen reviews of some good, inexpensive ones I want to try.

Alexandra Avatar

I have an overwhelming amount of lip products and eye palettes, so I am good on those, but I would like to try and build my highlighter, bronzer, and contour collections. I tend to get in a rut where I use the same things over and over again, like the Anastasia Glow Kit in That Glow, the Hourglass Ambient Bronzer in Luminous, and the Kat Von D Shade + Light Contour Palette every day. I reall don’t have that many foundations, powders, or concealers either, but I’m fine with that.

Mo Merrell Avatar

Not really. I have all the essentials so now my focus is just buying different items that i like. I do not have much on my radar other than some holiday stuff but for the most part I’m good.

Marie-Estelle Avatar

This year I’ve mostly built my stach of matte eyeshadows (singles MUFE ones and viseart palette). I think that I will have almost everything I need if I pick up the last artist volume from MUFE :).
Still looking for more blush/lipstick combinations that I can wear with any eyelook. But for that I am in no hurry as I am more in a mood to indulge than to try a lot (I have some projects pan in progress)

zVintageFashionizta Avatar

I have more than I can ever really need in this lifetime so I have actually been getting rid of a lot of products in the last 2 years but of course I get weak and purchase a few products anyway.
The only thing I absolutely need is a HG foundation and I would like to keep adding to my Besame Cosmetics collection.

Stephanie Avatar

I am severely lacking in concealers that work. The few I have are barely passable to horrible on me.

Granted, I have stubborn hereditary dark circles and am no longer in my 20s, so not only do I need industrial-strength coverage and/or correction, I need those things in a formula that doesn’t draw attention to every fine line and crease in my undereye area. I’m not convinced that such a formula exists.

Alecto Avatar

Weeeeell. Hm. I tend to think I have too much makeup, but I have some obvious gaps that I’ve been thinking about filling:

1. In matte green eyeshadows, I only have a couple pale-toned (nothing darker than my skin tone), and I’d love some light, medium, and dark matte choices in both cool and warm. Same with blue-greens (e.g. teal). I’m set with dark blue mattes, but have no medium and light. Honestly, my current matte eyeshadow palette is only half the spectrum.

2. Lip liners; I have two near-lip-tone (pale purple-taupe and pale pink-taupe), one MLBB, one clear, and one red. I don’t want to buy any lip pencils at this point because I’ve set myself a task of culling my lipsticks, but when I’ve accomplished that task, I’ll probably go for it.

3. Brushes; some of the ones I have do what they’re supposed to, but to be honest, most of them are close-but-not-quite.

I don’t need to add powders or foundations to my stash, but as much as I really like my UD loose and TF BTW, I’m not ready to assume they’re the absolute best choices for me. I don’t want to buy whole foundations, but I’m willing to add samples of likely candidates for my personal HG foundation to my stash for experimentation.

Otherwise, I think I pretty much have everything I need.

Nikki J. Avatar

I’m not trying to build per se, but I’m currently looking for a really great eyebrow pencil that I love, so I’ve been trying out a few different ones.

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