Are miniature lip color sets useful?

Yes, I think so, as long as they are substantial enough not to break too easily at the base. I prefer smaller sets–like three to six shades–over mega sets.

— Christine
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On the one hand , they can introduce you to a brand ie the Bite mini lipstick tins. On the other hand, they can teach you don’t bother with a brand ie Bite lol

I’m uninterested in the mega sets too. I know I won’t use them. I also don’t like ones like NARS or Clinique maybe too where what you see is the amt you get ie you cannot twist up or sharpen. You think you’re getting a lot but you’re not. It’s really fancy samples. Nope

Very! They work as shade samples, can be a money saving way to get several different products and are good for traveling.

I do like them since I really don’t use them up as fast as I should. With certain sets it’s a bit of a letdown when the colors are too similar to be worthwhile to buy the whole set.

Yes, as long as there is enough product in them, they don’t break too easily, and the whole set isn’t all similar colors of red or nude.

I prefer smaller mini sets because I never finish a whole lipstick/lip gloss and I’m wary of hanging on to cream products. I only own two full-sized lipsticks; one in a classic red color for date nights and the other one is a tinted balm for work.

Absolutely if they are at a good price! I love the Kat Von D, Marc Jacobs, Lipstick Queen, and Smashbox sets. Especially when they have fun crazy shades I wouldn’t normally buy.

I also love the smaller lip sets for three reasons. First, I find them easy to carry with me for daily use or travel. Second, I never use up an entire full size product. Third, I find it’s a good way to add shades to my collection that I want to use but know would be a lesser used shade for me.

Love mini lippies..but yeah I tend to dab them on some just to be sure of no breakage. Like the mini mac ones..I lightly dab/blot a lot with mine since it is a matte. Or..I guess one could use a lipstick brush…if that seems like an option. And they are so cute, take less space, portable and affordable.

I like the concept of mini lipsticks in a shorter regular sized bullet rather than a slender one. I find I have to be ultra careful with TF minis for example and twist them up a little bit at a time . I’m with you on the smaller sets versus mega. Too many shades usually results in value lost for me. The other neg: so many lip products to choose from. I do not ‘collect’ lipsticks in the same formula like I used to. Oy, getting belaboured in my response.. I would have to go with no.

I agree with your preference of a regular width, yet shorter length for tubed minis, Wendy! My lips are on the full side, so narrow tubes can be an utter pain. More liable to break off, too.

Not for me. But with the baby lip products I find that I either never think to use them or I lose them. So I tend to only buy full sized lip products.

I love them. Like the current Vice mini set. When you have TMS, minis are a godsend. 1993, liked enough for a mini, but not for a full size. Love Drunk is in there. The purples are fun. Occ mini sets lean too heavily on colors I deselect, like the Nars VLGs that are at Ulta. Adore VLGs, but there’s only 1-2 I would wear. Those minis become easy skips. But mini sets are great for those of us who value variety, but have enough l/s for metropolitan NYC, and will die fully stashed!

Fully stashed, my Gran left strict instructions to put her red lipstick on and pull the #$&&@ hairs out of her chin before she was cold. Another fabulous woman with an offbeat sense of humour.

I like miniature sets, it’s a way to sample products and colors with low cost/risk. I agree — 3-4 items is my preference; I wouldn’t buy a larger set.

I really enjoy them. It’s a lot of fun to try on different colors from a brand. I do think there’s the possibility of buying them, falling in love with a color or two, buying the full size of those colors and then never touching the minis again, at which point they’re “useful” for trying on the color but kind of a waste. I also think that in order to be reasonable they need to be priced pretty low. I can’t get into these mini lipstick sets that cost upwards of $50, at least not without a discount.

I used to really like them, but now I have way too many lipsticks. The one exception that I will still buy is the Fresh Sugar tinted balm holiday sets, because I really do use those at least once a day most days, and have actually used them up.

I like mini sets if the product is liquid lipstick, gloss, or pencil. For a traditional tube lipstick, I would rather get a lip palette (MAC 6-pan, UD Vice Junkie) than have mini tubes that are prone to breaking, melting, or getting lost. My all time fav lip sets are the Buxom Lip Polishes and Lip Creams. However, I think they need to work on providing new shades in every set. They have over 100 shades, but they still include Dolly in every set?

They are great for trying a new brand, color or type of lippe such as liquid. The main reason why I have decided not to bother with them is that I always lose them.

I think they’re very useful for trying out a new brand without spending a lot of cash or having to worry about so much waste if one doesn’t like them. They’re also great for those of us with large stashes who are most likely not going to use up a whole full-sized lipstick. Plus, they’re really cute and make great gifts.

I’m usually not into mega-sets, either. There are usually too many shades that I wouldn’t use.

I like em!!

I’v only ever fully finished two full sized lipsticks in my whole life. So I like minis!! They’re great to throw in my bag to touch up. And I think they’re fun to try out a new shade without dishing out for the full size!!

I really enjoy the sets. I like to have 2 or 3 minis or deluxe samples in my purse at any given time. I like having choices, and lipstick really is my vice! I use most of my Sephora points on lipstick samples. On a side note, I added all of my minis and deluxe samples to my Vanity. It is helping me to use my stash before I buy new things.

The only mini lip sets I’ve bought have been both Nars Velvet Lip Glides sets. Basically, because I don’t have to worry about them breaking off or having to use a too narrow of a tube for my full lips. As for the Nars VLG’s minis, I’m very glad that I did get them, as it has allowed me to see which ones work for me, and which do not.

I love sample size everything. πŸ™‚ I don’t wear lip products very often, because they either dry my lips out or wear off while eating, so it’s the perfect size.

If I didn’t live near enough to Sephora to be able to test colors on myself, I’d say they probably would. But generally sets have at least a couple of colors that are really no good on me at all, I’d rather spend my money on full sized colors I know work for me.

I’m definitely in the minority on this. Conceptually I like the idea, but I rarely ever buy lip sets and would never buy a mega set. I did just buy the NARS set from Ulta and have been happy with that; I’m still hoping they make some of them permanent. Beyond that, the only mini lipsticks I have bought and use are the Tom Ford Lipd and Boys and I only have 4 or 5 of those. I prefer full size overall since I only buy colors I’ll wear regularly and are work appropriate types.

They’re nice to try out a brand. I prefer mini sets because usually there are at least a couple that I cannot pull off. Usually it’s the lighter shades. But they need to be sturdy. Really frosts my cookies when you barely use it once and it breaks. It doesn’t help matters that i’m like a bull in a china shop. Hehee no patience, thats me. And the price point is almost always better. That being said, if a full size set ever appeared with a formula and all colors of my liking (anything except pale shades) I’d jump on it! I’ve used up full size lippies but it’s been awhile. Mini lippies, mini perfumes…minis seem to be where it’s at.

Yes, they are if the brand puts out a couple of different combinations of lip shades. It’s a good way to try the formula without breaking the bank.
I don’t like the mega sets at all because they generally contain too many nudes and pinks for me.

I’m a sucker for mini lipsticks. I find its a great way to try multiple colors without buying full lipsticks. Then if I don’t like a color I don’t feel as bad. I keep a clear glass vase on my makeup table to store them in. I have found several favorites his way. I just bought the UD holiday set….Some keepers in there too.

I prefer them — I like having a wide variety of color options, have never finished a full-sized lipstick, and dislike the idea of waste. Additionally, I feel like smaller bullets make for more precise application on my small-medium lips. πŸ™‚

i like some of the mini sets-I found smashbox mini set had different colors, not 5 different shades of red. Some nude, some red, some mauve etc. I have a special little plastic tray inside a drawer for mini lippies-name side up and use them quite often. I have smashbox, MUFE, UD, Marc Jacobs, and a bunch more. If I find a few that I can’t live without (rarely) I’ll buy full size. I like them better than those blister pac samples, that are 1 use and then useless.

I never use up a lip product, so I love the smaller sizes! It helps for me to try out some different shades, and get use of a few of them, rather just trying to use just one!

I’ve found quite like them – I don’t feel in such a rush to use them before they turn and after using them up, I get to try something new.

Yes! I do like them to try new colors, easy to carry and practical when traveling. I hardly finish one full lipstick and live tgem all pretty much except plain nudes or too dark brown but vampy yes. Winter I’m ready for you!

Absolutely! There aren’t many lipsticks in my collection that I wear enough to potentially run out of, so I love buying value sets with minis. Often, they’re a good value for the amount of product you get in there too, so you’re not just paying more for shade variation. I love Bite Beauty minis (both the little single lipsticks and those 2 sided ones they put out), Kat Von D Studded Kiss and liquid lipstick minis, Marc Jacobs minis, BΓ©same minis…. I don’t find myself buying lipstick much anymore because I have a shade range I’m pretty content with. If I ever did run out of a mini that I love (unlikely and rare), I’d buy it full size during a sale.

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