Are back-ups worth it?

Generally, not usually for me, so I have learned to resist backing up products, especially color cosmetics that take forever to get through (and probably, literally, forever for me). For haircare/skincare, it has to be something that I would repurchase and keep using (and even then, I find I test too many new products that backing up is not a great idea there either).

— Christine
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Back ups for hair products are a necessity—for saving money. I only use Living Proof, and I use about 6-7 products every day on my curls (from leave-in, to split-end mender, to products and finish sprays) so I buy extra when there’s a sale.

While I’ve never finished a color product, I’ve never felt the need to buy a back up until recently. I didn’t know when I bought the Hourglass Metallic Strobe palette that they’d NEVER make that formula again; had I known, I’d have bought back-ups. With that regret under my belt, I’ve bought a back up of the Chanel Tweed Beige as it’s a very small blush and it’s unlike anything I’ve seen on the market. It really is exceptional in its finish and color. Other than that, I’ve never felt the need to buy things only because they’re LE or to have a backup for the design on the product, etc. I will say Dior did me dirty when they changed the Forever foundation formulation, & I now know that they change their foundation formulas pretty regularly and if there’s ever another I love as much I’d buy a back up of it.

Everyday staple products are the only ones it makes any sense for me to back up, it never works for more thrilling color cosmetics. It needs to be something I’ve already repurchased time and time again like my trusty PC Hydralight cleanser or CALM SPF 30 moisturizer for dry skin. Or in your case hair care. I never end up needing to repurchase more exciting products because I never actually run out, or it takes so long I’ve moved on to the next big thing or my backup has expired.

I do have backups of Laura Mercier setting powder and often mascara but I only buy minis. In skin care, I almost always have backups of Sensibio Micellar water and Cera Ve facial cleanser in the none sudsing sensitive type. When I say backups, I don’t buy unless my product is half gone or the is an insane sale. None of these products are opened ahead of time.

Sometimes yes, sometimes no. I’ve wasted money on backups in the past, so I’ve limited my backup-buying to three HG products: Estée Lauder Double Wear Makeup, NYX Proof It Waterproof Eyeshadow Primer, and Clinique Mild Liquid Facial Soap. I’ll buy backups only when they’re on sale, and no more than two backups are allowed in my stash.

I love backups, but I don’t select them willy-nilly. Just certain items. I buy them because I love them, and will use them, and because eventually I know I will need them. After running out of something, I get a weird thrill out of being able to reach for and immediately open a brand new replacement. (I cannot stand to run out of certain things and have to make a special trip to the store. I guess the hassle bled over into beauty products. I dunno. I give myself bonus points if I stocked them when they were on sale. ?)

I buy backups of my usual skincare products/”perishables” (stuff that expires within a year mostly) during sales so I never have to pay full price for them. With the amount of sales going on these days, it just seems wasteful not to plan to take advantage of them and save money, at least for permanent line products. Also, that way I never have the bad surprise of finishing a product and not having a new bottle in time.
I however learned the hard way that backing up colour cosmetics is not usually a good idea, with a few exceptions (ride or die lip colour getting discontinued…). I once fell in love with an LE Dior sculpting stick and bought a backup, only to eventually get steered towards other options and never finishing up the first one…

I feel the same about sales. 😀 If planned properly, you can get a deal with every purchase. For example, I still love MAC products, but since they have almost quarterly a 20-25% off deal, you will never caught me paying full price. I just back-up on what I know I’ll need replacement for in the next 2-3 months (especially on the eyeshadow and blush refills).

I think so- although within reason (reason defined differently probably with how much someone is into makeup!). I used to go crazy buying backups but now with so many launches that I may want to try, I reserve my backups for the essentials/products I really love which if they became discontinued I would miss them.

The only backup as a true backup I have is PMG Bronze Temptation. I have almost hit pan and am relieved to have it.

I buy “backups” of my go to glosses, lip liners, a few lipsticks, UD Space Cowboy single, a mascara and some face oils. I have the lip products at my make up vanity and then the others in my lip stick makeup bag to throw in my purse. I love Space Cowboy as a shimmer topper for lips as well, so it’s in my lip bag. The oils I keep in my bathroom and downstairs. I typically clean my face downstairs and use the oils after, and then before bed. These are high use, go to items and I usually only purchase on sale.

I also have backups of essential makeup brushes and hair products that I keep in my travel bag so I don’t have to worry about packing them.

Oddly, I don’t know, even though I’ve purchased backups of some of my favorite LE or DC’d lipsticks and pencil eyeliners, because I have yet to use up their OG tubes or pencils. I suppose it is? I mean, it’s a comforting thought to know that they are there, so I can use the first ones with wild abandon!

I keep backups of things where shipping is as much as the item, like stuff from the Ordinary. Now that both Sephora and Ulta sell them I won’t have to get backups. I also have a backup of things like makeup remover or eye primer. I get those items when there is a sale, and I am terrible at judging when I am going to run out.

It depends on the product. Having backups for things like shampoo/conditioner, lip balm, products that are a favorite if you’re prone to your favs being discontinued are great to have. Otherwise, I don’t find that backups are generally worth it.

Only certain things. I’ve gotten more in the past (such as EL Modern Mercury (which I probably didn’t need to get) and to-be-discontinued Burberry Trench shades (which still work for me so no regrets)), but less lately. For those that I’ve only got one backup, such as a particular mascara and a colored brow gel (w/fibers in it and w/o an allergen), it’s frustrating to find that Ulta and Nordstrom both dropped both critical products (although the mascara was discontinued by the brand so I can’t blame the stores too much).

Besides Burberry Trench, I got backups of an Illamasqua eyebrow powder and Shiseido pencil in shades that were perfect my my cool coloring and salt-and-pepper brows; both products or shades were subsequently discontinued despite glowing reviews and people begging the companies to bring them back.

What makes me get backups is I’ve allergic to certain ingredients, have sensitive skin, and have specific aging issues such as strong blue undertones/veining in few places on face, salt-and-pepper hair (getting more salt now), etc. It’s so hard finding certain products that work that unless I think the product will be made for a long time, I feel I have to get backups to save me much research and experimentation down the road. Sometimes I’m spot on in determining which are more likely to be discontinued and other times I miss out or discover I didn’t need the backup to begin with. If I didn’t have these issues, I’d no longer get backups.

Certainly!!! If I can get some of my regular products during things like VIB Rouge sales or with significant savings at Shoppers Drug Mart and they really are regular/”holy grail” items, it’s totally worth it. Also, it it’s a product I love and use all the time and I see it’s on the road to being discontinued (Sephora’s house brand of eye liners, for example), you can bet I’ll grab a backup! For a lot of other products, though, there’s really no need since just about everything these days can be “duped”, thanks largely to Christine’s Dupes List.

I’m a true believer that cosmetics do expire and are better the more recent they are from the manufacturer (not sitting in retailers or my own storage), so I consider that back-ups are not really worth it.
When it comes to skincare and liquid complexion products, I prefer to delay the purchase of a back-up as much as I can, without having the risk of finishing my current one. 😆
If sometimes I have back-ups, it’s because there was a sale or something. For example, I get free minis with deals on most my Paula’s Choice order so I have like 2 AHAs and retinol back-ups, but I won’t be purchasing a full sized product until I finish those.
I only buy a specific shampoo and conditioner, so I’ll get back-ups of those if a sale comes along. With hair care I’m less concerned with product ‘freshness’; I also don’t use too much styling products, so I’ll usually stick-up on minis when they are available as Sephora perks.

Yes, I think backups are worth it, especially as you never know when your favourite beauty product is going to be discontinued.
I have backups in my favourite foundation, L’Oreal’s True Match in porcelain rose. I purchase backups when they are on sale to keep me going.
I also purchase backups of my favourite lipsticks too – Milani’s Cinnamon Spice, EA’s Cocoa Bronze, CP’s Foolish and Gallop. I wished that I had another backup of Tea Thyme (darn) but it was sold out on the last CP sale.
I also purchased a backup of one of my favourite eyeshadow palettes – Lorac’s Pro Metal – which I had hit pan on more than half the shades.
For skincare – I always have a backup of daily moisturisers, cleansers, serums, argon oil and night time moisturisers – again, when they are on sale. Ditto for shampoos and conditioners.

Yes for comfort level, no for necessity. 2 years ago, my answer would have been a yes, they are worth it, but now it seems that there is a dupe for pretty much any product imaginable. There are always new things popping up and it seems that lately, companies competing for that beauty dollar have really upped their game and are putting out more quality than quantity. I have yet to tap into any of my backups bought but it’s comforting knowing I’ll not be without my favorites when (if) the time comes.

Some times back ups are necessary. For body, hair and skincare. I run through those pretty quickly and like certain brands.
Make up you always need mascara, concealer, bronzer and setting powders. I do try different powders but I re purchase MAC mineralized skin finish and the Hourglass finishing powder and I love the Laura Mercier Setting and candle glow powders.
I used to buy back ups of certain eye shadows but they come out with so many new palettes I fins I dont need to do that. I have hit pan on some of my favorite palettes like the Pat McGrath Bronze seduction… but I may wait or see if she comes out with singles of those faves.
I will say that I do buy back ups of my favorite MAC lipsticks.. and highlighters.

When it comes to color cosmetics I never purchase back ups except for mascara. Because I toss my mascara every three months, I usually purchase it when Nordstrom has their Mascara Madness sale (three for the price of two). I always stock up on my regular skin care when it is on sale as well. Good skin care is a constant for me whereas color cosmetics are subject to trends and innovations which means I’ll wear something for awhile and then move on to something new.

I have learnt that makeup back ups are not worth it. There was a rumour that Benefit Dallas would be discontinued so I bought a back up. I have now learnt that I can only finish one blush per year. I’ve finished the original one and Benefit still sell Dallas. I will buy back ups of OPI lacquer if it’s limited edition and I really like it.

I like to stockpile skincare too and have several pots of Elemis ProCollagen Marine Cream, Ginseng Toner and Rose oil in readiness care of a recent QVC UK deal. It’s worth it for me to do this as my daughter uses these items as well.

Unless a favorite is getting discontinued, no. I’ve bought backups of permanent products on a sale before only to discover something new that I like better. Then I’m stuck with backups of a product I don’t love anymore.

Backups are a must for me!!! Whether it’s skin care, makeup, clothes, and anything in between…if I like something I have to have at least two. There’s nothing worse when I run out of something only not to be able to find it anywhere especially when it’s sold out or discontinued.

Sometimes. Having backups of products I know I’ll be using up in a timely manner, such as hygiene, foundation, powder, mascara, etc. is very handy. I can buy them on sale and keep them around for when I need them.

For most color products, no. I rarely use anything up, and if I do, something even better will be out at that time.

I find it worth it to buy a back up or two of favorite discontinued products, though, if they go cheap enough. For example, I love my UD Electric, Naked Basics, and Gwen Stefani Palettes to death, but was afraid to travel with them — or just use them as much — when they were DC’d. I bought backups of each one when it went on closeout price, and the backups were definitely worth the peace of mind. I bought backups of Elizabeth & James Nirvana Black, Bourbon, and French Gray when I learned the Nirvana Line was being DC’d. Definitely worth it.

I buy on sale backup items that are HGs that I use on a daily basis– this includes brow builder, concealer, eye primer, mascara, sunscreen, toner, nail base coat, favorite liquid eye liner, and favorite moisturizers. Also shampoo and conditioner.

At a sale, I also backed up products from a natural line of skin oils with fabulous ingredients and I am so glad I did because they have since doubled their prices and more than halved their amounts.

At recent sales, I got a backup of the Viseart brow palette because I was worried it might be dc-ed. I regularly use 2 out of its 3 brow waxes, so once those are gone, you are left with an eye shadow palette. That’s okay because for me, those are my favorite neutrals for my skin tone in the Viseart line. And I suppose I could continue using them with a different eye wax or keep them in place with a clear brow gel. But I feel very glad to have that backup nonetheless each morning when I use that palette.

On the other hand, my most used lipstick is a long time Tom Ford, and about a third of it remains in the tube. I was considering backing it up. But there are so many dupes and I have some of them. So decided not to.

I always buy back-ups. I always seem to find my favorite products get discontinued. After I use the product I love up, I pull out the back-up, and I hunt for a similar product or I find a new love. I don’t worry about palettes, I usually only buy singles as far as backups go. The palettes I usually like are LTD, and I can usually shop my stash to find things that replicate what is released. When it comes to palettes, there are usually a few colors I can’t pull off, and I am trying not to be wasteful. If I like a palette, I want to be able to use every color in the palette. There are times when I have swatches on my arm when I go to Ulta or Sephora, and I will swatch the products in store to find a dupe, or even a new product.

Only for hair and skincare! And even then only if they’re HG status, or near enough that I’d be really bummed if I ran out and couldn’t find it again. I go through everything else way too slowly to keep backups.

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