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Since moving into an apartment, I now have the desk I never used in my room so it acts like a vanity and since I have one of those mirrors with three sides AND different light settings, I just apply it in my room now!

Three sided mirror!!! Please tell! I am using the very small Powder Room downstairs in my home. I had a knee injury and going up and down stairs is too difficult now as well as bumping into my husband in upstairs bathroom! I like this little room, made it very pretty a couple of plexiglass organzers and on a small table just outside the door. No natural light. I try to keep it tidy (yeah, sure) especially when company comes (lots, often). Only problem for me is difficult to see without glasses, especially eyes. Other issue is I really have a difficult time standing for any long periods of time, but too small for a chair. I had a great magnifying mirror with suction cups on door, worked great until it fell and smashed!!!

I have built myself a small makeup station in my room at my parents house. i lost my job so i am living with them at the moment 🙂 i have put two sets of drawers together and have my little makeup mirror and a lamp on one of the sets of drawers and my perfume and skincare on the other one 🙂

I had vanity lights installed above my vanity in the master bedroom (daylight bulbs of course). That’s where I apply my makeup. I’m working on getting space converted in our computer room into a small studio so that I could shoot videos in there, which will mean more lights! I don’t really like the layout of any of our bathrooms so I never put makeup on in them.

We live in a 4-1/2 so the extra room is mine. I have my closet, my couch, Tv and a vanity. It works well because he works nights so when I get up I don’t bother him

I apply it in my own little bathroom. It’s a nice spot with good sunlight but it is small and I would love to have an area large enough to have a proper makeup table with serious storage drawers. I’ve thought of putting something in our bedroom, which is a large room but an unusual shape, with an alcove that I’ve set up as a reading/relaxing area, with a small sofa, etc. and I’m not really keen to lose that, though it would make a fabulous makeup area.

I can’t see without my glasses, so I have issues. I apply my eye makeup sitting on my bed with every light on and hold a mirror really close. I apply the rest of it in the bathroom mirror.

Can you replace your lights with something cooler?

I do my makeup in the bedroom, sitting at my vanity. It’s nice because there’s a window right in front of me, so I can use natural light.

Depending on your light fixture, you might be able to use LED bulbs. They are much cooler. Though you need to select the correct “color temperature.” 3000k or less is generally a warmer, more natural light.

I apply most of it in the bathroom mirror, but it’s a PITA since I keep my makeup in the bedroom closet (it’s dark & dry), so I have to go back & forth. Most days, though, I will only apply face products in there, since mirror is large & the lighting is pretty good. Eye makeup is put on in the bedroom, and lip products are kept in the linen cabinet next to the bathroom, so I jist grab something from there when I’m done.

In our second bathroom, although the light is not the best. Often, I dash into the master bathroom to check something out in the wonderful natural light there. I just can’t clutter up the counter of the master with my makeup hoard.

I use a desk in my bedroom and sit in a chair. I can’t see so i use the magnifying side of a fancy standing mirror my husband bought me. it’s gotten so the only makeup I can apply in the bathroom anymore is lip gloss or lipstick.

In the bathroom. Great lighting. Not too bright. lol. I don’t care if I am only fooling myself.

One time my husband had this really bright light bulb in the bathrom and I couldn’t believe that was what I really looked like. I made him change it IMMEDIATELY!

The horror!

I do it on my vanity desk in my makeshift walk-in closet (which is basically an extra small bedroom that I converted into a dressing room). I wish I had better lighting, though, because even though I have a white fluorescent lamp that I use to add to the room’s light, I still find it a bit inefficient at times. 🙁

I have a blog post featuring photos of those, in case you’re curious (it’s not one of my most recent posts so the link below this comment isn’t to that blog post in particular). 🙂

In our second bathroom, which is all mine! 🙂 I need to put on makeup at a sink, because I wash my hands a lot. The lighting is much better in my husband’s bathroom, though, because he has a skylight.

just the bathroom! when i’m up north on vacation in cabin country i’ll sit next to a window [1. to let others use the bathroom and 2. i always look better haha] my mom’s bathroom has THE BEST lighting ever! it’s the most flattering light ever

When I first saw this in my Bloglovin’ feed, I seriously was confused to why you were asking this. My face, duh! Then I read more than just the blog post title. Haha.
I have a desk (that I like to call a vanity, but we all know it’s just a cheap desk) in my bedroom with all of my makeup, so that’s where I apply it.
I really wish my husband and I had a better setup because when he’s on the night shift (which is for 6 months out of the year), I either don’t wear makeup or I wake him up with the lights and my loud self rattling my makeup around or opening and closing drawers. It’s not a great setup, but we don’t have really anywhere else to put it. We are toying with the idea of taking the sliding doors of the closet in the living room/apartment entrance and putting my desk in there though. We shall see!

In my bedroom I have a chest of drawers. I use the first drawer and the upper side to keep my makeup stuff. So I have a medium mirror in the wall and a small one to help me to put on my eye makeup.

Standing in my bedroom at my dresser which is COVERED with my makeup! I’m too impatient to put things away and go digging, so everything sits out on top on stacks. The lighting in there is terrible, so I never find out how my blush application turned out until I get to work and see myself in the elevator mirrors, haha.

I have a makeup vanity that my better half and I created last year. It is the Ikea Malm vanity in black which I found on a second hand website last year. I really like the Malm table for doing makeup although the drawer is a joke haha

I inherited an antique desk from my grandmother, and it serves my farding needs beautifully. While I’d like to set up a contemporary makeup station/room, the nostalgia of sitting at her desk is just too appealing. It’s got a great lap drawer that holds all my “dailies” and then six side drawers that are nice and deep, which hold back-ups, palettes, etc.

She raised me, so it brings me joy to use her desk regularly. 🙂

I have a raised platform area next to my balcony – separated by a glass door and windows. On the window-sills (near the ground), on one side I keep my books and on the other side I keep my makeup and some hair accessories. There are pillows, cushions and rugs there so it’s nice to sit and read. I sit on the other side with the makeup – I have a large round adjustable mirror – and apply it there. I like to do it there because it’s usually very sunny and I can see how the makeup looks in natural light. The only problem is that I always have to look down into the mirror and my back and shoulders hurt a bit when I do that for too long. I tried to solve the problem by moving my bedside table closer and putting the mirror there but then the sun is behind me and I can’t see as well. :/

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