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Where do you apply your makeup?

Where do you apply your makeup? Share!

There’s a second bathroom upstairs, which is pretty much referred to as my bathroom, and that’s where I do my makeup!

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Kristen Avatar

I turned my old desk in my room into a vanity. The lighting sucks and I really need a vanity table, but it is a good place to put everything and I have a nice, comfy chair.

Alyza Rae Avatar

I do my makeup at my desk in my teensy tiny dorm room! And often I do it in the dark (by the light of my laptop screen), since most days I have to wake up earlier than my roommate.

Katherine T. Avatar

I have a very tiny bathroom, but the sunlight is good. Inside, I have an open box with my most used cosmetics, but the rest of it is organized on shelves, right outside the bathroom, so I kind of hop back and forth in between. If I ever win the lotto, I’m going to buy me a house with the biggest bathroom and huge makeup/hairstyle room. It’s going to look like a Sephora store with a professional hair salon, and I’m going to have a makeup artist and hairstylist follow me around, so I look perfect all the time.

Codename Duchess Avatar

I did it the same way for years, and only switched to doing it at my desk so I could have both hands free when it’s time to do my eyeliner.Truth be told, I had much better lighting on my bed as at least then I was facing my light source rather than sitting with my back to it.

LeeLee17 Avatar

I do exactly the same thing. Someday, I hope to have a vanity,for now a shoebox and a magnifying mirror is working just fine.

Astrild Avatar

I have a little vanity in my bedroom. There’s not a lot of space, but it’s much better and confortable than my bathroom. If only the lighting was better…

Anna Avatar

I really wish I had a dresser with good lighting! Since we live in a small apartment, I just do my makeup in front of the bathroom mirror. I’m fortunate enough that my makeup turns out well despite the size of the mirror and the inadequate lighting, so I’m not really complaining. 🙂

Fran Avatar

I put my makeup on in the tiny bathroom I share with my adult son, so that requires some schedule coordination! I would like to re-arrange my room to set up a vanity, but I really like having the bathroom sink there for some things… but, I could at least finish up in my bedroom, leaving the bathroom free!

LMM Avatar

I built myself a vanity last summer (tabletop found on the street + 2 IKEA sawhorses) and now that is where I do my makeup! So nice to sit down after years of standing in front of the tiny bathroom mirror that isn’t high enough for me, ha.

Lenore Avatar

It depends, lately I haven’t done anything creative with my makeup lately so I’ve just done it in the changing room at work or on the bus (just going with brows, shadows and mascara).

Anet Avatar

In the bathroom. I love that it has a lot of natural light. Also, I like applying makeup with my fingers, and I tend to wash my hands a few times through the makeup application, so any place other than bathroom is out of question.

Nicole Avatar

I have an alcove in my bedroom where I have a desk and set of drawers deemed my “makeup space” . It’s still a progress in the works . But I used to live in a condo and had a small bathroom with three drawers and a caboodle and stuff just it is much better than that!

Mariella Avatar

I have a small ensuite (ours is an old home, from long before the time when builders built homes with massive ensuite bathrooms but this is “my” bathroom and it’s where I put on my makeup and skin care. I have to say I find this new trend to “makeup rooms” (usually a spare bedroom made into a makeup room) kind of odd because I can’t imagine putting my makeup on in a room without a sink and so having to do my skin care separately from my makeup because to me, they’re all kind of part of the same process.

Rachel R. Avatar

My makeup room is right across from the master bath, but really I don’t use the sink while applying makeup. My house was built in the 70s, and the bathrooms are tiny and the master bath doesn’t have a window. The ensuite bath to my bedroom is even smaller, and the bedroom doesn’t have room for a vanity + makeup collection. It does have four bedrooms, though, so I went the makeup room route. It’s nice to have a place of my own to hide in, too. 🙂

Someday, I’d love to remodel and have a proper ensuite bath again, with lots of counter and storage space.

Rachel R. Avatar

A few months ago, I turned a spare bedroom into a makeup/craft room with proper lighting and a large mirror. Before that, it was in my master bath.

Eileen Avatar

I apply makeup in the bathroom. It is large and the vanity has lots of drawers so I am able to have separate drawers for various types of products (eye, lip, face, etc.) which makes everything easy to get to. The bathroom also has abundant natural and artifical light. Best of all, it has two sinks and so I don’t have to worry about my husband hurrying me along 🙂

Lulle Avatar

I have a little mirror on an articulated arm (I have no idea what it’s called) that I can pull right in front of the window in my bathroom, which happens to be facing North. So I have plenty of natural light but never any direct sunlight, which I think is the perfect setting.

Rachel Avatar

It depends on if I’m at home, or at my boyfriend’s place. At my place, I have a vanity in my tiny studio where I apply my makeup. I’m lucky that my apt. gets a lot of natural light and has wood floors, so its really bright and airy!

At my boyfriend’s place, i usually sit wherever I can get the best (artificial) light. His place doesn’t get any natural light, so its a bit trickier. Usually I’m sitting on the sofa, facing the back of it, so I can get the little bit of natural light coming through the window.

Judy H. Avatar

In my bathroom. I don’t really like doing it there, but I am close to the sink (water), a large countertop, waste can, hair appliances and supplies, etc. I would hate to drag all of that stuff into my kitchen, which has the best light in the entire house.

Kris Avatar

I have a vanity in a spare room that’s basically become my makeup room. I have a dresser in there that holds all of my products. It’s my girl cave.

Deborah Avatar

I sit on my bed, always surrounded by my three little fur kids, and put on my makeup : ) (I use a magnifying mirror these days)

Telesilla Avatar

In the bedroom, if I’m doing it during the day. If not sometimes the bathroom, but usually I take everything downstairs and use the dining room table. The light in our dining area is too harsh to use while eating, but it’s perfect for make up. If I look good in that light, I’ll look good anywhere.

(PS: this question isn’t mine, that was yesterday. 🙂

fuchess Avatar

In the bathroom in front of a large mirror. I have a hand towel laid flat n put my BM foundation n finishing powder on it. I also use the towel to wipe off all brushes after use. My gold sm bad hold foundation, primer, and blush. My silver bag holds lipstick, eye n lip primers n some brow utensils. My lg basket holds all my eye n brow shadow pallets and brow pallets. Behind me is my overflow lipstick drawer. I have everything before me…oh brushes in one glass container n liners in anthr. All at my fingertips. I’m usually sitting.

Susan Dowman Nevling Avatar

For years, I applied my make up while sitting on my bed and holding a mirror. My children have now flown the coup so we had two extra bedrooms. One is a guest room but the smaller one is light filled. I bought a vanity with a mirror, a lighted make up mirror, and two plastic sets of drawers like they sell at office depot. I use the drawer sets formation and hair products. I have a small set of wooden drawers that I use to store extra products that haven’t been opened yet.
I feel like I’ve gone to heaven.

Staci Avatar

I have a small room built off of my master bathroom that I use. My husband built this house before he met me. Guess he must’ve sensed I was coming to include what he called “the powder room”.

Brittany Avatar

If I’m home, I use my tiny desk (which I’ve already outgrown!) in my bedroom. I can’t do my makeup in my bathroom because I’d have to stand the whole time, which would definitely hurt my back and bad knees after a while of standing half-bent-over.

For work on weekday mornings, I leave my apartment really early to be early for work so I can get a parking spot and do my makeup in my car. 😛

Alecto Avatar

We have a couple of extra bedrooms, and I turned one into a sort of office/studio/private space. I have a huge, old-fashioned drafting desk in here that has my computer and a Zadro lighted mirror. My job gets me out and about very early, so the sun is never up before me (except sometimes on the weekends), so I can’t rely on sunlight to apply makeup by. I used to just use the light of the computer and a gooseneck desk lamp, but it was hurting my eyes, so I got the Zadro. I’m a lot more experimental with my new lighting setup!

Vanessa Avatar

I get a lot of natural light thanks to the big windows in my room, but I work early in the mornings so I can’t use that light. Depending on my schedule, I’m up between 3-5 am. I don’t have a desk or vanity table yet so I use my bathroom. Does anybody have any recommendations on light bulbs that give off more natural lighting? The light bulbs in my bathroom give off a yellow/orange light which sometimes makes it difficult to not over do some of my makeup.

Shea Avatar

I have a similar situation to you, Christine. We have a half-bath in our bedroom which is where I do my make up. I have a shoe organizer on the back of the door that I use to organize my make up and nail polish. One of the best organizing ideas I have ever had. It doesn’t clutter up the main bath and we can keep that one looking neat for guests.

Emilie Avatar

Sitting on the floor in front of the full-body mirror that hangs on my closet door! Sometimes, though, when I’m feeling especially lazy I end up doing it sitting on my bed with a large palette mirror. If I’m making a video, in front of my window so I have natural light to film with.

Hannah Kat Avatar

In my bedroom! I have a dresser that is the height of a desk/vanity that i keep mostly makeup in, and I steal a chair from my kitchen to sit in! About 5 years of collecting makeup and I still haven’t gotten around to buying my own chair. lol.

Nancy T Avatar

Bathroom. I use the sink vanity as my makeup table and the toilet seat as my seat. Uncomfortable! But there is a south facing window in there, so the lighting is great. Also, it’s a decent size bathroom for an apartment. I keep a rolling 3 drawer cart filled with my favorite and/ most used makeup products.

Kat Avatar

Heh. I apply mine in a palette mirror. I got used to doing it this way while I stayed in a very small apartment with my in-laws where I couldn’t be in the only bathroom for long periods of time. When I finally moved, I tried to go back to doing it in the bathroom, but it felt so awkward, I couldn’t do it. My arms do get tired though.

Heather F. Avatar

In front of an freestanding floor tilt mirror thing. Dressing mirror, I think it’s called? It’s next to a bureau, on top of which I keep my makeup. The only problem is that it gets strong natural light from the right side, so I always worry about my makeup being uneven!

My husband is the one who first planned a powder room (complete with, in his words, “one of them fancy-style makeup desks with huge lights and a puffy stool”) into our fantasy house. Someday!

miekogirlie99 Avatar

i have a very small house (smaller than most apartments) so i have a tall drawer with my lighted mirror next to the bed where I stand & apply my makeup.

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