Another year, another anniversary | Happy 11th Anniversary, Temptalia!

This October, the blog celebrated it’s 11th anniversary, and I remembered briefly the first week of the month, meant to acknowledge the milestone with a post as I often do, but with the madness of holiday review season, I forgot all about it the next time I sat down at my desk!  I didn’t even remember again until yesterday evening, and I figured, it’s still October, right? What I like most about the blog anniversary is its an opportunity to express my gratitude to my readers, and then the second aspect I enjoy is reflecting on the last year and what has changed (or what hasn’t).

Beauty blogging has changed dramatically over the last five years; its viability as a full-time job is completely different today than it was five years ago.  I’d say that 11 years ago, it wasn’t viable.  Beauty blogging was still getting its legs back in 2006, but I think by 2010 or so, it started to emerge as a successful niche with lots of opportunities. There’s always been some back-and-forth since beauty has taken off on YouTube, but the last few years, I have seen an increasing number of long-time beauty bloggers retire, back off of their blogs considerably, or transition to lifestyle content.

It makes me feel particularly fortunate that Temptalia is not just still here, still surviving but that it is actually thriving with a strong, loyal readership.  It is the ongoing, tremendous support of all of you, my readers, that has made it so I can focus on creating content and improving the site without fear.  That’s why the trust of my readers is so paramount to me because that’s who I consider my #1 customer, so it’s all about how can I help you, how can I make your life better/easier/more fun when it comes to beauty.  Your support gives me strength on a daily basis to make the right decision and to make those so-called tough decisions very easy more often than not.

The blog is as much my baby as my fur-baby, Magellan, is. It is home. It is also family.  It is what has given my life purpose and direction and a place where I can always be.  It has created a community of knowledgeable, enthusiastic people all in the name of beauty. I am deeply committed to and passionate about what I do and doing it to the best of my abilities.  I never want to take this opportunity for granted because doing this has been one of the best things that has ever happened to me.  I always want to look for ways to improve and be better and do better for you each and every year.

There are, honestly, no adequate words to even express to you how thankful I am to have you here on this journey with me. Thank you for reading, whether it’s been an hour, a day, or 11 years.  Thank you for your trust, which I know is earned and not just given.  Thank you for being such a huge part of why Temptalia is where it is today. I look forward to seeing what the next year brings 🙂

Temptalia By the Numbers

Here are some interesting numbers I pulled out in honor of our 11th anniversary 🙂

  • 150,000 dupes on The Dupe List
  • 210,000 photos in our database (comprised mostly of photos from 2011 to present)
  • 11,500 lip swatches (again, mostly from 2011 to present)
  • 16,881 reviews since 2013 (estimated 20,000 from inception)
    • 2013: 2,285
    • 2014: 3,251
    • 2015: 3,564
    • 2016: 3,996
    • 2017: 3,785 (so far!)
  • 25,371 blog posts
  • 1,557,204 votes cast in our weekly poll

I reflected more deeply on a personal level with respect to blogging and the journey last year (which was the big 10!), so if you’re curious about that, check out my 10th anniversary post 🙂

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Another year already?? Happy Eleven, Temptalia!! (And speaking of Eleven, Stranger Things S2 is also back this week…see, it is fate!) Thank you for all you do!

Congrats Christine! I have been following your blog for the last ten years and you are still my #1 source of beauty information. Your reviews are honest and unbiased . Look forward to see what next years brings.

Congrats!!! I appreciate all the work you do in reviewing products. I check your site several times daily to see if I can catch any updates on reviews. Also frequent your site for dupes, and love to see your highest rated products. Thanks so much for maintaining this site, and hope it’s around for many more years!

Congratulations Christine, what a wonderful accomplishment. Those numbers are amazing. I for one am grateful for all your hard work and dedication to your blog. Well done.

I have never commented on your site before, but I felt the need today after reading your post to let you know how much I appreciate your work. I have lost respect for many bloggers and YouTubers because of the cheap and careless way I am treated as a consumer. As someone who has always preferred blogs to videos, I find your reviews to be highly intelligent, thoughtful, and influential on my own purchasing decisions. Your professionalism sets you apart from the rest of the beauty community and you truly deserve the success you have earned. Congratulations on another year!

Congratulations on your anniversary! I love your blog and I’m in awe of the breadth and depth of your coverage. I don’t know of any other beauty review blog that measures up to yours. I check it several times a day actually, and it’s gotten to where I don’t even want to buy anything you’ve rated less than B+. Thanks for all the great info and beautiful pictures!

Truthfully, there are SO many products to choose from that there’s no reason to settle for just good these days, lol!

Thank you, Patti!

I thank God for you!! You have helped me a lot by your swatches and being able to see a lot of the collections before they hit the stores. I wish many more years of success for you bless you.

Christine, you are a wonder. I’ve been a reader since 2009, and I buy no makeup without researching, and without a doubt, Temptalia is my first and most trusted resource. In the internet beauty/makeup world, you and your creation are in a separate class. Happy anniversary and keep up the strong work!

Thanks for all the work you do! This site isn’t the first thing I check when I wake up in the morning, and it’s the last thing I check before bed! Your grades have a huge impact on how I spend my Money, and I love reading your thoughts on products

Congratulations on 11 years, Christine. The dedication, knowledge, creativity and professionalism that you bring to your blog is invaluable to all of us beauty enthusiasts. Following your blog has changed my entire beauty experience. I am more confident, knowledgeable and passionate about my own beauty experience than ever before in my life. I have always loved makeup but my purchase and use of beauty products was all over the place. Having accurate and reproducible quality has helped me develop a better understanding of what I really will enjoy and what will work for me.
More than that though is this wonderful community of like enthusiasts that has given me a place to share information, learn about products and to meet many wonderful people who are beauty friends, here in the cyber world. As regular readers know, I live in a tiny town in Western Montana, USA. There is not a single other person here who feels the same as I do about beauty and makeup. So, my acquaintances here on Temptalia are literally my only beauty friends. I so appreciate them and you. Thank you, Christine.

Oh, that is just amazing to hear, Deborah! Sometimes it feels like a very superficial, shallow niche to be in, but at the same time, it can really be a source of confidence and finding time for self-care.

We are honored to have you here with us, Deborah!

Well said, Deborah! I know how you feel. If not for Temptalia and a few other excellent beauty blogs, I wouldn’t have anyone to talk makeup and beauty with, either. I’m glad to consider you and several other readers as friends.

Thank you, Rachel. I know I can blather on a bit but have to mention that when I watch YT videos and the “beauty gurus” are telling their watchers that “they love them” I use to kind of cringe, you know, they don’t even know these people. They don’t really have any contact. Then I started reading Temptalia and I know a little bit better how they feel. I feel like I know the regular commenters on Temptalia and value their opinions over any one else. It is a funny kind of relationship but it is a true relationship. I am honored to think of you as a friend.

Congratulations! And thanks for keeping this project going for so long — it’s the first place I check when researching a makeup purchase. You’ve saved me (and my wallet) from some terrible decisions.

Here’s to another eleven years of you getting to do work about which you’re passionate!

Love the site and so glad to see it continue strong in a shifting internet landscape! Such an achievement, congratulations!

Sorry if this has been asked already in another entry or AMA, but would you consider creative direction or another corporate role at a cosmetic brand, if you ever decide to move on from the blog? I am always curious with how people continue their career after blogging, Youtube, or other internet success.

It’s certainly possible – I imagine my skill set would work best where I could be involved in ensuring quality and consistency of product ranges/collections. I would definitely consider continuing to work in the industry in a more traditional role if that’s the path open to me if I moved on from the blog. I think most transition into jobs within the industry that focus on a subset of their skills — could be freelance writing, handling social media, curating collections, be the face of a brand, etc.

Thank you for the response! Ah, more R&D then? Makes sense! Good luck to youy if that is every your choice.

Also (I don’t know where else to say this), the way you respond to commenters is very inspiring! Sometimes it’s hard on the internet to convey emotion, intent, or tone and I have been looking to you for ways to respond/word choices to communicate more positively and less self-involved. Thank you!

Incredible! Congratulations, Christine!! I consider you my absolute #1 source of information on beauty, and just plain fun to read. Your passion for what you do is really admirable, and the professionalism with which you run your blog is so impressive. I hope the blog is around for another 11 years, or more! 🙂 Cheers!


You are my absolute go-to for swatches and reviews – being in New Zealand means limited brand access (and also higher $$$!) so buying online, sight unseen is much less of a crap shoot with you as a resource for research. Also, the sense of community here is so respectful and inclusive (and drama free!) and that’s down to you. I recently connected with Deborah S. and we did a product swap through the post – she’s a real gem… Rule #1 is never trust a stranger on the internet but we figured Temptalia readers should be exempt! 😉

Here’s to the future! 🙂

Ooh, that is neat! Glad the product swap went well 😀

The markup in pricing in AUS/NZ is brutal to see. Canada is bad, but whew, AUS/NZ seems insane.

I join the others in congratulating you on 11 years and in thanking you for keeping the blog going at such a high level and for bringing together such a great group of strong and interesting people. I do hope you are having fun and are getting pleasure everyday because that’s what you bring to my life.

Pfft! We’re all our own worst critics, I bet it’s a lot better than you think, but I’m always happy to give tips if I can 🙂

Happy Anniversary! I know you’ve become a part of my daily life. Usually over afternoon coffee, st home and at work. I’ve learned so much, avoided some costly errors, and bought a lot of makeup because of you. Thanks for being honest and sometimes brave in your reviews. It’s why I keep coming back every day.

I love this blog. I check it several times a day. It is such an important resource with all of the swatches and the vast amount of information given. I don’t know what I would do without this blog.

Congratulations Christine! I have been reading you since I think 2006 and I think have seen and been thru all the changes. And it’s only get better. It evolves while other so called beauty blogs simply disappear after a while. Such life. Congrats again ! Keep strong and keep going !

Hi Christine

You have trust and loyalty from your readers because you’ve EARNED it, big time! I can’t tell you how much I rely on this blog to steer me in the right direction when considering a purchase; it’s truly one of the very best beauty resources on the web. Keep up the great work!

Thank you so much Christine – this is the most informative and results based blog around on the internet today and it is a pleasure to read your reviews and discuss the results with you. Not only that, you have also created a wonderful community here too.
It’s a testamant to your strength that you are still here 11 years on.
I love the way you always add in new features, combined with your impressive dupe list and enjoy the opportunity to engage with you and others here.
Well done Christine and your family.

Thank you for all you do! I particularly appreciate the ability to do side by side swatch comparisons!

I love having access to your consistent swatches of color cosmetics. It could only be better if full sets of swatches were available for permanent drugstore lines. (Milani lipsticks, Revlon’s classic lines etc.)

Best of all is your willingness to call things as they are.

I’ve only been a devoted reader since last year but you have certainly won my loyalty.

Ah, if only brands would stop dropping 100 lipsticks every week, I’d have time to go back to permanent lines of yesterday!

Thank you! 🙂

So many lipsticks, so little time! I hear you. The struggle is real!

I am so glad that you have retained the blog format where many have gone to video content. I have such slow internet!

Congratulations, Christine and a heart-felt “thank you” for creating and constantly improving this wonderful site. I feel I’ve connected with “friends” here – people with whom I can share my interest in cosmetics and skin care, etc. and the other aspects of life too! Here’s to 11 more years and on….

I have to take a minute to thank you! For the past 6 years I find that I don’t make a cosmetic purchase without checking to see if you have anything to say about it first. It amazes me how absolutely thorough your sight is and I can always count on your opinion. I am always in awe, and wonder how many hours you must spend. I know it must be a lot and I am so grateful that you do. For the last 6 years I’ve loved my afternoon email from Temptalia! You are my go to resource for all things color! I plan my holiday shopping from your sight each year and love to see all the sneak peaks and coming seasonal releases. Aside from that it’s so nice to always have your reference, when I discover something that isn’t new but intriguing I can simply check with you to see whether it is worth a purchase. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I’d be lost without you! It is appreciated and it is loved! Have a wonderful weekend😊

Here’s hoping you get some lovely holiday picks this year, HS! Thank you for six years (and hopefully, at least six more!) of readership 🙂

Congratulations! I’m so glad that beauty blogging continues to be viable for you, because I find this blog to be such a valuable resource — You help me decide what to buy and what to avoid, with your very clear system of rating things. I enjoy watching YouTube for makeup inspo and entertainment, but it’s really worthless for reviews most of the time, everyone hypes everything as “THE BEST NEW THING EVER.” Thank you for all of the work you do to not just swatch things, but to truly rate them based on the brand’s claims and how they really wear.

I like videos sometimes, but I can’t honestly imagine waiting through them for reviews except on occasion (if I really wanted one person’s opinion). I need to skim, lol!

Thank you, AJ!

Hi Christine!

I’m a recently new follower. I found Temptalia via searches for online reviews for products I was looking at buying, and everytime I typed something in your blog would be the first thing to pop up. So after 6 months of this I decided to subscribe, and now I can honestly say that I don’t purchase anything without looking it up on here first. I’m 41 and my makeup routine was always quite basic, but with the rise of beauty blogging and from watching vids on YouTube, I now own far too much makeup and I’m having so much more fun with it all!! Thank you for your hard work and this awesome blog. Honestly I don’t know what I’d do without you!! ❤❤❤

That is so cool that you found and discovered makeup through blogs and videos! Life is so much easier when there is a video or post how-to on anything one might need to know, haha.

Thank you, Yasmin!

Gosh, I feel like I should be thanking you for sticking in there for 11 years. I often wonder how you do it, day in and day out. I take your recommendations seriously and you’ll often hear me saying Tempatalia gave that a great review, or, not. Thank you for doing what you do to give great, informed, knowledgeable content. You make us all feel like friends.

It is mostly fun 🙂 There are, of course, always little things or parts of it that aren’t that fun (usually nitty gritty, fine print, crossing Ts and dotting Is kind of things), but by and large, there is a lot of fun had day in and day out!

Thank you, Ruth!

Congrats Christine! I don’t know if you’d remember me or not, but we were friends on LJ and I actually designed your old logo way back when! Haha! This blog has continued to be my go-to resource after all these years. It’s amazing to see it grow like it has <3

Big congrats with deep respect to you and Team Temptalia for another year of having the most informative, professional and inspirational beauty blog on the entire internet! This is where I’ve come to find out out more about new brands that have literally sprung up like flowers in recent years, new product innovations and reformulations, along with many other great features like Temptalia Asks. All within a respectful, supportive community of fellow beauty enthusiasts where one really can cultivate solid friendships outside of the blog.
WOW. What a difference a year makes, though! So many advancements and added features made on this site, it has my head spinning. It just keeps getting better and better!

Right?? There are soooo many brands now! It’s incredible how many brands the industry can support. I always feel like there’s no more room but am proven wrong all the time!

Thank you, Nancy!

Hello, Christine! I’ve been lurking on your blog for years, since…I don’t even know, my MakeupAlley days in the late 2000s? I remember fellow members would always refer us to your blog as a great reference when looking for information on the latest makeup.

To this day, I still look to your blog for the most comprehensive makeup reviews. So thank you!

Anyway, I was touched and inspired by your anniversary post from last year (I only just read it now). You’ve come a long way! I also had an “e-zine” as a teen on AOL. it was the earliest form of “blogging” I ever knew. I only had a few dozen subscribers, but it was so much fun!

I finally decided, after years of telling myself to, that I would finally start my own blog. It’s not easy, and I get down about it at times, but your post reminded me that I can do it if I just persevere and stay motivated. I’m still working on it, but I hope to be able to launch soon!

Thanks for the encouragement!

How cool! What was your e-zine about?

Best of luck starting your blog, Melody! Just keep your eye on the prize, whatever your goals may be!

Congratulations and happy anniversary! I have loved watching the site grow (so many swatches, reviews and features!) and yet stay the same with your commitment to reliable and valuable content for readers.
It’s my one stop shop for all things beauty and I really enjoy how interactive it is. Here’s to many more years to come!

ENORMOUS CONGRATS! You were THE source for MAC back in the day when that was the only brand I cared about, and then you slowly started to introduce me to other brands. I come here several times a day and I’m always happy to see new reviews and, at the same time, totally incredulous that you can pump out SO MUCH CONTENT! Cheers to you, Christine!

Congratulations, dear Christine! Temptalia isn’t just a blog, it’s a Bible! I read you from France and I really admire your amazing work, so thank you for sharing your passion with us <3.

Happy anniversary Temptalia!! 💐. Thank you for always being there for your readers, I have all the appreciation and all my respect for Christine and the team. You are always timely in your reviews. Always inspiring in all things you do, the looks you create, the artistic photos you take, the non biased reviews. But most of all you inspire your readers to look at things with a different perspective, and to not be quick to judge others in their choices, you teach and model inclusion and respect, for this I thank you.
You are honest and never waver from being true to yourself and your values. No matter how busy you are, you always take the time to connect with your readers on a personal level, it feels like a family here.
For all these reasons, and more, I look forward everyday to reading your blog. Thanks again for all that you all do! I can’t imagine a day without Temptalia!

Thank you, Karen! That really means a lot to me because I really want people to feel like they can wear whatever they want and enjoy their preferences, whatever they may be!

Happy anniversary Christine! I love coming to this blog to check out what’s new and how well it performed! My sincere thanks the time and effort you put into this!

Happy Birthday, Temptalia.
Without you, I would not procure some of the better makeup, be on the ball with the latest releases, and not purchase the yucky ones without needing to check them out.

Congratulations to you Christine and those family members who work with you. I’m so thankful that I found your site. I enjoy reading your reviews and that has become a way for me to unwind and relax before bed each night. I very seldom make a purchase without looking for your review and score. You’ve earned my trust and loyalty by being who YOU are and I appreciate you. Again, congratulations on 11 years!!! 💐🎉🎉🎊

Aww! I love hearing when people do their beauty reading. It is interesting to see who’s a morning/afternoon/evening person!

Thank you, Shari!

Christine, you are just legitimately the nicest person in the industry. You deserve all your success and more and I know how thankful all of your readers are for your hard work!

Happy anniversary! And thank you for being my guide, personal shopper, and addiction pusher since I started following you. It was 2008, I had suddenly fallen ill and it was life-threatening. I found MUA and they all referred to your blog. You got me through 6 tough months and I’ve been a loyal follower ever since. Hugs to you!!

Congratulations, Christine! I’m still a new-ish member, but your site has become absolutely invaluable to me…and a lot of fun! I’m always excited to log on and see what’s new. I also love how you’ve created such a friendly community through the surveys, polls, and comments sections. Here’s to another 11 years!!!

Congratulations, Christine. I started reading in 2007, along with the other blogs of the time: Erika Makeupbag, Annie Blogdorf, Karen, Best things in Beauty,….etc, most of whom have moved on to other passions, so it’s good to see the ones still beauty blogging and thriving.

It is bittersweet when I look back and see who’s still left! Sometimes you don’t even know who’s up to what, but I hope they’re all doing well.

Congrats Christine on the 11th anniversary! It has been such a joy to discover your blog a few years ago. Apart from the unbiased, reliable and in-depth reviews, I was personally drawn to your blog because you stayed true to who you are and to your values along the years, and because of this wonderful community of readers. More so, by setting up clear standards and metrics when reviewing beauty products, by being transparent, consistent and methodical in your approach, you provided me with valuable guidelines that helped me choose better and evaluate carefully a product. And for all this, I thank you!
Your blog has gathered around a wonderful community. We share our love for beauty, in all shapes and forms, our skincare and makeup picks, our opinions, as well as glimpses into our lives, all this while showing respect for each other. For me, this aspect of your blog matters a lot. I’m always grateful to the other readers who take time from their busy lives and post their experiences with beauty products, hauls and mini reviews, because I learn so much. We are all here to learn and share like “beauty friends” would do it, as Deborah S. put it 🙂

Thank you so much, Nicole 🙂 The community here is really spectacular – thanks in part to YOU, so must appreciation from me to you for your participation over the years!

Please, please keep doing what you’re doing. Eleven years and your heartfelt words clearly show you still love what you do. Why go corporate (ugh!) when you can be your own boss? And as the owner, you can decide when to lighten the load with more assistants, whatever. You’re the only beauty blog I want to follow, and yes, I’ve checked out others after discovering you Christine. Nobody compares. Thank you!!!

No plans to stop any time soon 🙂 It’s always important to have backup plans and think ahead in case there comes a time when this is not a viable way to make a living (there would not be money for assistants!).

Thank goodness I stumbled across your blog! My stash wouldn’t be as great (or as big) without your help. Since none of my family or friends are really into makeup, thanks for creating this 2nd home, where I can share my love of makeup with others. I really look forward to reading your blog everyday, and putting in my amateur 2 cents. Thanks for all your hard work, and I hope after the holiday rush is over, you get time to rest and relax a bit . Life is a journey, and you can’t sprint all the way 🙂

You could have climbed the corporate ladder anywhere, or been a partner at any law firm in the country. And you chose to put in those 80 hour weeks on this baby. (We all adore your fur baby, too.). A labor of love, insight, and analysis. At times, Temptalia seems more of a service than a blog, that we all deeply rely on. I confess to not reading in times of way low funds, so as not to be enticed, but for all of us readers, m/u is an avocation. It’s pretty serious, and requires measured analytical reporting and true color representation. There is nowhere else that reports accurately, in depth, and with zero bias. If someone asked me to describe you, and why this is the premier blog in the world, I would have to say integrity and intelligence. (Well, and a certain lab….). We thank you and congratulate you on your ever evolving masterpiece. Bet this is the hundredth kudo!

I’d like to think I’d do decently in whatever career I went into, since I think that I’m a hard worker and want to do well, but I’m so thankful that this was the path I got take! 🙂

Thank you so much, KJH! You are always so encouraging.

Happy Anniversary, Christine!

In the new world of beauty blogging (YouTube and influencers and the cosmetic companies going from ignoring bloggers to co-opting/corrupting them… can you tell I’m not a fan?), I offer you the highest praise I can think of: even though I know you rarely have to pay for makeup, it’s never caused me to question your ratings or opinons for so much as a nanosecond. I never even suspect that you’re giving a company a pass on a less-than-stellar item because of their past performance or you having a long history with them, or anything. You are truly a credible source, as so many people have pointed out.

Also, now seems like a perfect time to thank you for your replies the many, many times over the years I’ve asked you how you created an eye look (back before you carefully logged them all… I LOVE that you do that! Can’t count how many of those I’ve used, but at least 25… possibly more like 40!). You always took time you probably couldn’t spare to explain–and sometimes more than once if I was confused by your answer–until I was able to duplicate what you did. You’ve taught me more than any makeup artist out there because of your generosity with your replies.

I believe those reasons are why you’re still here. I know they are why I’m still here after 7 years.

Hi Emily!

You’d actually be surprised how often I purchase makeup 🙂 In the last three years, I have almost doubled the expense of products to review. I’m a little terrified to see the final numbers this year!

Thank you for always taking the time to ask questions, Emily! I’m glad I have been able to help you, and I look forward to answering more of your comments sooner rather than later, I’m sure 😉

Congratulations, Christine! You are my first (and usually ONLY) resource for make-up reviews – I love your rational and thorough approach. But even more than that I admire how much you respect readers 🙂 Wishing you so much more success in the years to come!

I don’t comment often but I read your blog every single day and appreciate your reviews from years , they’re always instructive and useful but most of the time I actually simply enjoy admiring the various products and looks you’re proposing….

Happy anniversary to you and the team, Christine. Your love, dedication, and consummate professionalism shine through on every level. This blog is an amazing resource with a wonderful readership. Thank you for everything!

Congrats Christine. I love this site and always check your reviews before getting anything. I appreciate that you give unbiased reviews and focus on makeup products. Wish you continued success.

Before I found Temptalia about 3 years ago, my approach to makeup was utilitarian — a few basic neutral items. With what I’ve learned here, I have a much more creative and effective approach, and I’m more confident in my look, which has follow on benefits of course.
So — thank you for all you do!

All I can say is, Thank you Christine for not succumbing to “makeup drama” ugh! I’ve loved Temptalia for its wonderful, helpful contents eversince I’ve discovered how fun makeup is and loved it!! But the last couple of years there have been numerous drama surrounding makeup/community!!! I can’t take it! Makeup is supposed to be fun!! Thanks again for being true and a reliable source of reviews! Your the only blog I trust and read!! Cheers!!

I don’t know if it’s more drama or just that the community seems larger or social media’s influence is greater that it seems more apparent, but there’s definitely ~drama~ every so often.

Congratulations Christine! Add mine to the chorus of voices singing the praises of this blog and YOU. What you have created – both in terms of your reviews “par excellence” AND the inclusive, thoughtful, spirited but respectful community – is unique to the internet and I hope you feel as proud as you deserve to. I can’t think of many other places on the internet where I’m entertained, inspired, amused, educated, and even touched by others’ input so frequently.

I spy with my little eye…..on your makeup table, I can clearly make out a Real Techniques brush (looks like the Expert Face Brush) and also a bottle of what looks like the Clarins Fix Makeup, a product I’ve used for years. I went to look for your review of it because I know I’d mentioned to you in past how much I like the stuff and feel I might have pushed you into using it, but was surprised to see that you don’t seem to have reviewed it, even though there is a category for Clarins setting sprays.

Congratulations Christine and the Temptalia team! I have been reading for 11 years and will continue to do so for as long as you post. I am truly thankful for all the hard work that you put into this blog. I don’t buy as much as I used to (too much makeup!), but I still enjoy visiting the site multiple times a day to hear your thoughts and see what the everyone else thinks about the newest releases. Temptalia is just a fun site to visit to be able to connect with like-minded individuals. Plus, I love seeing pics of Mellan-if I had a dog, I would hope he’s as adorable and likeable as Mellan!

I wish you many more years of success and happiness in the future!

11 years is impressive! I’m always in awe of long-time readers like yourself, since it’s just so hard to imagine someone wanting to read Temptalia for that long!

Thank you, Christina!

Congratulations on your 11th anniversary. You deserve your success because you have are creative, forever fine tuning and improving the site, and a tireless worker. Most importantly you have integrity, we trust you – no small thing. May Temptalia continue for many years to come, and thank you.

Huge congrats Christine, you’ve earned your reputation and authority. I truly believe your site is the best in the industry, and I hope to be a loyal reader (ok addicted) for years to come.

Dear Christine,

Thank you so much for being so awesome and working on this blog for us makeup lovers! I have been a frequent visitor to your blog since you started the foundation matrix, but only recently have I made an account here. Anyway, I just wanted to chime in and tell you thank you! I love your reviews, your swatches, the interaction we get to have with you, and getting to interact with other makeup lovers/addicts everywhere in the world. Thank you for being honest and unbiased and previewing (as much as humanly possible of course) the thousands of releases we get throughout the year!! =) So from one makeup lover to another, merci beaucoup! =)

You are the be Christine! You put in so much work and it shows! I remember back in the day I used to read so many blogs and now most of them are gone, except for Musings of a muse, Makeup and Beauty Blog, and a few others that I still read. Now it all about YouTube.

Just want to let me know how much I appreciate your site and all the work you put into it. It has been an invaluable resource for me over the years!

Congratulations! I have followed you from the beginning and although I don’t comment often, I check here almost daily. I have watched you grow from a young college student to a beautiful professional. I have laughed at an april fools joke or two, awed at a sweet doggie pic or fifty, and enjoyed hearing anecdotes of your relationships evolving with your husband, friends, and family. I feel as if I know you and the story behind your craft. I agree that blogging has evolved tremendously over the past 5 years and I’m glad you are still around to provide the consistently great reviews.

I have recently been toying with the idea of starting my own blog for hypersensitive-skin and allergy girls like myself but I question if it’s worth the work. Perhaps I can be a guest writer somewhere. Oops random a.d.d. thoughts.

Anyways, back to the topic here. Congratulations on 11 years and here’s to many more: Cheers!

It is pretty crazy just how different blogging is today compared to five years ago, let alone 10 years ago!

I think that if you write it for the love of it, it’s not so bad, and the “work” will be fun, you know?

No way it’s the eleventh year I have been following your blog, and still reading it day to day. Congratulations Christine to your persistence and improvements over the years!

Congratulations to the team! This blog is a gold mine. Between the sensible reviews, the inspirational looks, the interactions with the readers, the tools developed over the years… Temptalia is so unique! I am grateful for all the hard work, the kindness and the community that you gathered around you.

To many more years 🙂 !!

I have loved following you on your journal from LJ to here.
This blog is the first resource I go to for everything beauty related. You are really detailed and unbiased. I don’t always comment, but I am a faithful reader. Thanks for all the hard work you put into the blog!


I save you blog for slow or hard days at work (hospital worker, sometimes I need a little glitter to get through the hard stuff). You really help people more than you know, this blog can be an escape from the grind. Also window shopping has been proven therapeutic (I’m sure this is a thing, the internet told me so). Thank you for all your swatches and hard work, I always think better you than me when I see your lip swatches.

You are amazing for fighting the good fight in your day to day life, Kim 🙂 I can only imagine that a little escape goes a long way on some of those days!

Thank you for finding Temptalia to be yours!

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