Anastasia x Norvina Mini Pro Pigment Palettes Now Available!

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Anastasia x Norvina Mini Pro Pigment Palettes Now Available!
Anastasia x Norvina Mini Pro Pigment Palettes Now Available!
Anastasia x Norvina Mini Pro Pigment Palettes Now Available!
Anastasia x Norvina Mini Pro Pigment Palettes Now Available!
Anastasia x Norvina Mini Pro Pigment Palettes Now Available!
Anastasia x Norvina Mini Pro Pigment Palettes Now Available!

Release Date + About the Launch

A limited-edition mini color collection featuring bright, vibrant, high-performance pressed pigments handpicked by Norvina. Each palette features nine full-size, high-performance pressed pigments with maximum payoff, carefully curated by Norvina herself. Containing bright, vibrant pops of color, these shades allow for a broad range of artistic makeup looks for any season. Limited edition only, this mini pro palette is the perfect gift for the creative makeup artist in your life (including yourself).

Now online, in-stores on 10/31

Products in the Launch

Norvina Vol. 1 Mini Pro Pigment Palette, $29.00 (Sephora Exclusive)

  • A1 Matte peach coral
  • A2 Metallic gold foil
  • A3 Matte sugarplum with pink sparkle reflect
  • B1 Matte deep pink
  • B2 Metallic pink champagne
  • B3 Matte magenta pink
  • C1 Matte deep lavender
  • C2 Matte cool violet
  • C3 Matte deep berry

Norvina Vol. 2 Mini Pro Pigment Palette, $29.00 (Sephora Exclusive)

  • A1 Matte banana
  • A2 Matte lime green
  • A3 Matte cantaloupe
  • B1 Matte vibrant clementine
  • B2 Metallic gold
  • B3 Matte dark teal
  • C1 Matte fuchsia
  • C2 Metallic green gold with sparkle reflect
  • C3 Matte mauve brown


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Seraphine Avatar

I didn’t go that far this weekend, but I did weed out all the lipsticks and palettes I rarely or never use and put them in a box. It’s a pretty big box and it’s almost full, and I still have a lot left. It’s a first step.

Valerie Avatar

My initial reaction was – more? Really?? I must have Hyper-Palette-Release Syndrome, where symptoms include spontaneous swearing, nausea, and wanting to throw all my ABH palettes out the window.

I’d be pissed if I were Huda, having my concept blatantly ripped off like that.

Having said all that, the yellow one is such a pretty color story and massive improvement over the visual travesty of the pro palette trifecta.

Valerie Avatar

True. I know of at least one instance – that whole baking powder concept Huda stole. But perhaps there’s more.
Pretty sure she was the first to do that square 9-pan but karma, I guess.

Marissa Avatar

I seriously hope they branch Norvina off into her own brand, as it seems like she is turning ABH into Colourpop or Morphe. It is just insane the amount of releases at this point and none of them are actually wearable for me. I can’t wear a neon palette to my corporate job (not that I want to anyway). No judgement at all for people who love these, I know there is an audience for them, but I wish they weren’t just disregarding a lot of people that supported the brand for a long time. The least they could do is release one classic neutral palette per year with the shimmer (not glitter; looking at you, Sultry) and matte formulas only.

Sarah Avatar

I forgot who said ABH is spinning off, either it was RawBeautyKristi or Mel Thompson, but someone said they reached out to ABH and got confirmation that Norvina is working on a side brand and that these releases are for that brand. Perhaps Christine can confirm?

So that’s the most logical explanation as to why she’s releasing so many palettes with her name stamped on them, in such a quick amount of time.

Marissa Avatar

I hope that means someone else can helm ABH instead of Norvina then. I would be much happier if she got her own more creative brand and then left ABH to a more classic look. I am so tired of all the glitters and neons. I used to love their old formula (like the Mario palette) that was shimmery but not glitter. I know you can still get a lot of those as singles but it’s not nearly as fun as a palette.

xamyx Avatar

This is the result of an actual oversaturated market, coupled with the ease of Social Media influencers to do a brands bidding… As long as the more “affordable” brands are entering the market, and are producing one collection after the next (and seemingly getting a “pass” because they’re so “inexpensive”), the higher-end brands still need to compete, if not even more so. Brands rely on “influencers” in order to push products, and as soon as as “Brand X” drops a new release, “Brand Y” has to do the same, or noone will be talking about them until the next thing comes along…

Ana Maria Avatar

I wonder if Norvina dropped the palettes in such a hurry because she found out about Tati’s release. 😆
In the end there are multiple categories of people: the ones who collect everything from a brand or are reviewers (will buy everything no matter the release), the ones who are make-up junkies, make-up artists or small influencers (will buy some parts of the releases, mostly what seems more close to their aesthetics / needs), the ones who are make-up enthusiasts (maybe buying 1 palette per month, maybe more during holidays/sales), the ones who are make-up lovers and have small collections (maybe buying 1-3 palettes a year, excluding gifts).

It would be interesting to know how much money each category actually spends, but the first 2 categories have few people and are overly saturated with products.
The second two are larger, and I don’t think they are in the market range of Norvina; but they are in the market segment of the other Anastasia palette (that’s why I still don’t understand why is not a separate brand).

I know that if all brands do this, selling/marketing studies have proven that it works. The question is when the market will over saturate and the bubble will pop. Because 2019 was the year of foundations and eyeshadow palettes; 2020 will be the year of something else or declutters.

Christina D. Avatar

I went through a period a few years ago (before the release of Modern Ren) where I disliked ABH and sold off all the palettes I had. I gave the brand another chance because I really liked the color scheme of Modern Ren, and since then I’ve been purchasing the 14 pan palettes. But this Norvina line is really becoming off-putting with the constant stream of releases. I know ColourPop is guilty of the same, but at least their palettes are in the $12 range (and usually good to great quality). I think the suggestion that Norvina branch off on its own is a good idea, but then again, it may be too late.

Deborah S. Avatar

I am not sure why but I am kinda liking both of these. I don’t need them that is for sure but the colour story in each is nice. I will await reviews before buying them though since Norvina can be hit or miss. I much prefer these smaller, more curated palettes as I tend to use them more than pulling out a huge palette. They are also so much easier to travel with, even if I took two. I also like that there appear to be more mattes than glitter/shimmer bombs, in these two palettes.

Genevieve Avatar

Another lot of Norvina – well I hope it isn’t average like the last lot. The format seems pretty similar to Huda’s too…..
Volume 2 has more varied shades, but why (like UD’s recent offering reviewed today) do brands think that orange and green work together?

Christine Avatar

This reasoning never made sense to me because the colors are arranged in such a random way that as a pro artist, if you’re on working on a client, aren’t you going to be like “I need a matte red” or “I need a matte purple” and then you have the pleasure of hunting for it? LOL.

Helene Avatar

I’m glad I’m not the only one thinking that enough is enough with palette releases.That said, these two look a lot better than the three huge monstrosities she released what feel like just a few weeks ago.
It’ll be fun to read the reviews if you do test them, Christine. I doubt I’ll be interested, but one never knows.

Veronica Avatar

I’m excited! More Abh products I can buy for half the price once they hit Tjmaxx, Marshalls, Nordstrom rack. Keep it coming make up brands! 🙂

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