Anastasia Norvina Pro Pigment Palette Vol. 4 Launches May 11th

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Anastasia Norvina Pro Pigment Palette Vol. 4 Launches May 11th
Anastasia Norvina Pro Pigment Palette Vol. 4 Launches May 11th
Anastasia Norvina Pro Pigment Palette Vol. 4 Launches May 11th
Anastasia Norvina Pro Pigment Palette Vol. 4 Launches May 11th
Anastasia Norvina Pro Pigment Palette Vol. 4 Launches May 11th
Anastasia Norvina Pro Pigment Palette Vol. 4 Launches May 11th

Release Date + About the Launch

“This new Vol. 4 is the palette that can be worn day to night on any occasion. It’s what I call my version of a soft glam palette, for those that love glam but also need a pop of pink. I can wear this palette every single day. It makes me feel so pretty.” — Norvina


Products in the Launch

Norvina Pro Pigment Palette Vol. 4, $60.00 (Sephora Exclusive, Limited Edition)

This limited-edition pro palette is part of the Norvina® collection and features even more Norvina-curated shadows and pigments for endless amounts of creative looks. Get inspired with a wide range of highly pigmented spring colors—from fresh floral tones and bright pops to muted mauves and rich neutrals.

  • A1 Warm metallic silver
  • A2 Lavender with a duochrome shift pressed pigment
  • A3 Metallic magenta pressed pigment
  • A4 Matte peachy taupe
  • A5 Multidimensional rosy metallic pink
  • B1 Metallic golden sand
  • B2 Matrte mauvy pink pressed pigment
  • B3 Matte light cinnamon pressed pigment
  • B4 Multidimensional metallic deep rose
  • B5 Matte gray with a pink undertone pressed pigment
  • C1 Frosty metallic baby pink pressed pigment
  • C2 Matte electric pink pressed pigment
  • C3 Blue with a duochrome purple shift pressed pigment
  • C4 Matte lavender pressed pigment
  • C5 Matte red pink pressed pigment
  • D1 Matte peachy base pressed pigment
  • D2 Matte electric yellow pressed pigment
  • D3 Dazzling metallic beige amber
  • D4 Pink with a duochrome magenta shift pressed pigment
  • D5 Matte deep cinnamon
  • E1 Matte carnation pink pressed pigment
  • E2 Multidimensional gold sea foam green pressed glitter
  • E3 Multidimensional mauve pink pressed glitter
  • E4 Matte deep berry pressed pigment
  • E5 Matte hot pink pressed pigment


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Mariella Avatar

I’m glad Norvina can wear this palette every day. For me, approximately half of it would be unwearable and I guess I’m also a bit leery of pressed pigments so I’ll wait to hear how these actually apply and perform.

kjh Avatar

Rather looks like Norvina’s take on a pastel palette. Interesting that it’s (presumably) the last for 2020, in early May. Is this because the other mega releases were so jammed up, or related to Covid? It will be interesting to see how this milestone, defining pandemic affects the industry. Suspect Covid will definitely confirm the trend towards online purchases. I do like the colorways and muting, but hardly need a palette.

Ana Maria Avatar

Most make-up products (except Colourpop 😆 ) are planned months and years in advance, working on formulas, color schemes, marketing approach / release campaigns, sourcing ingredients and packaging, etc. With cosmetics labs and fabs being affected by the pandemic, I assume that the biggest gap in releases would be probably end of 2020, early 2021. Most of fabs are still in China, but even the US, Canada and Europe ones had to shut down.
I assume it’s hard for brands to decide if to further postpone planned releases or just put products out and take the bullet.

ljh Avatar

In a way, I want to say obviously. I realize that all seasonals and new ‘permanents’ are planned years ahead. Clearly mfg took a big hit and closed, no matter where they are, esp. in personal care items. And the creative teams have lots in the pipeline that they cannot make or distribute. You notice it already, with scent being featured prominently…it’s not just Mother’s Day. Spring releases? A bit on the DS side, but only the items which were already mfg’ed are out and virtually only online. The mashup of 3 Norvina megas left me confused. One question that follows then is, how come so many brands put out highly similar collections simultaneously? And the ‘better’ knock-offs virtually immediately follow suit? Rarely do we see an original like Mod Ren, that sets a color standard to be copied/varied/exploded across other brands for a half-decade. I would love to read an expose of industrial espionage in the industry. One good thing is, with the oncoming lapse in product, Christine will have more time to spend on looks, color stories, and the more creative side of her blog.

Ana Maria Avatar

In the software industry (where I work in) we do a lot of competitive assessments, trying to understand / predict what our competitors and industry (in general) will go next. I always wondered if the cosmetic industry does this sort of things, or it’s indeed just a mater of industrial espionage (which is quite easy considering many cosmetic companies use same manufacturers and labs, if they don’t have their own).

Alexandra Avatar

Considering it’s supposed to be a “soft glam” palette, I do wish they hadn’t included the ‘pops’ of violent pink and what appears to be neon green. That’s already in the other Norvina palettes, so I wish this one would have been a bit more, well, soft. I love the ABH formula and the majority of the palette looks beautiful, but I can’t get myself to buy a palette where more that five of the colours wouldn’t get any use.

dana Avatar

Yikes, Is that a pressed glitter I spy in the bottom row? That would complete the Colourpop analogy in my eyes. I never picked up any of the others because of Christine’s low ratings and the fact that ABH was charging $60 for these and they were manufactured in China. I own other palettes made in China, but the price point is considerably lower so it sticks in my craw that these are so much more. You can easily dupe this with cheaper singles. Easy pass for me.

Francesca Avatar

Less appealing that the other three previous releases, that were actually quite unappealing to me… honestly I’m not a fan at all of the colour stories that this brand propones, neither the ones arranged by the mother (yes, I am the only one in the universe not in love with normal abh palettes), nor the crazy creation of the daughter

Gwen Avatar

Hard pass for me. I won’t purchase any of the Norvina collection because they simply don’t appeal to me. When I think of everyday, violet pink does not immediately come to mind. I’m not a Norvina fan at all and I’m falling out of with the ABH brand as a whole.

Gilad Avatar

My thought exactly! If you’re going to have this many pans, why not give people real variety? And I’m always gonna vote for less cool pink and more yellow & green, which could easily have been incorporated here. To me it’s already unrelated to Soft Glam, so why be falsely constrained?

Christina F. Avatar

I’m excited to see this swatched. These colors are right up my alley. I can’t wait to read reviews on this one!

Kaitlyn Avatar

Out of the 4 palettes I like this one the most, but this whole Norvina collection hasn’t done anything to endear me to ABH as a brand. I think they bungled how they handled these releases from a marketing perspective and it’s muddled their brand image/identity, at least for me.

Aurora Avatar

This legitimately looks like the highly cursed love child of a Morphe and a Colourpop palette – with a price tag that makes me wish it wasn’t even real. Norvina calls this a “soft glam” palette, yet by my standards of “true neutral” tones, there’s barely ten in the whole palette – with hardly any variation in undertone or nuance. You can pull off one or two muddy smoky eyes with those tones, and that’s about all the options this palette will offer in terms of “everyday looks”. Of course, everyday is subjective, but considering that for the vast majority of makeup wearers (myself excluded) that IS what makes up a wearable, everyday combination of colors, it makes for a very poorly executed color story.
This palette doesn’t know if it wants to be neutral, bright, neon, pastel, cool-toned or warm-toned, and there clearly was NO curating whatsoever in regards to that with the ten (TEN…) neutral shades it actually has. If this palette was truly 25 pans of all neutrals, it’d have enough space to include various depths and undertones (Biba does it with 15 shades…), but with those clownish pops Norvina’s shoved in there it’s just a disaster. The pink mattes are all warm-toned, yet two of the three pink-ish shimmers are blatantly cool. Where’s the harmony in that in this supposedly “soft and everyday” monstrosity? The glitters on the bottom row are truly the finishing blow. A soft glam, everyday palette… and it has massive, flaky plastics on it? Suitable for any occasion? Whose occasions, exactly?
Norvina honestly gives me the energy that at this point, she’s doing what SHE wants to do with ABH, instead of what makes sense for the brand or appeals to the customers. She’s living her playhouse fantasy of “if I had a makeup collection” when she’s supposed to be the head of a company. How tone-deaf do you have to be in order to put out a palette that has 10 uninteresting neutrals, 13 garish, nonsensical brights and 2 pressed glitters and think it’s going to appeal for the actual market of people looking for “soft-glam, everyday, suitable for any occasion” palettes? I truly cannot wrap my head around this one.
The way she worded her description is such a telltale sign, too. “It’s what I call my version of a soft glam palette.” “It makes ME feel so pretty.” This is business. Your customers are the ones who need to identify with those statements, not you as the brand owner. I haven’t even lived through ABH’s golden age and it makes me depressed to see the brand tank this hard.
This comment is definitely on the harsher side but truly, I don’t even feel anger at Norvina’s antics… mostly just a profound confusion in regards to how this even ended up happening – tinted with a bit of second-hand embarrassment and frustration at the needless downfall of such a prestigious brand.

Serena Avatar

But… Am I the only one that doesn’t know the reason to buy a palette where 90% of the shades are “ not intended for immediate eye area? “
Maybe I don’t have enough big eyes???

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