Anastasia Master Palette by Mario for October 2016

Anastasia Master Palette by Mario for October 2016
Anastasia Master Palette by Mario for October 2016

“All of the shades are named after the most influential women and places in my life. These women and places have all been very significant in my life and career.” @makeupbymario

September 29th on Anastasia; October 4th online at other retailers, October 15th in-stores

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The Details

Master Palette by Mario, $45.00 (Limited Edition)

  • Hollywood
  • NYC
  • Kim
  • Muse
  • Marina
  • Claudia
  • Lula
  • Isabel
  • Violeta
  • 5th Ave
  • Bronx
  • Paris

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Don’t have any idea who celeb MUA Mario is…but looks like well done Mario! The last ABH palette didn’t speak to me but this one looks like a nice mix o finishes and shades. Can’t wait for your review on this one!

Michelle, I am in the same boat as you but now, knowing who he is, I am having a crisis of conscience. I really dislike the Kardashians and all they stand for and so I’m unsure as to whether my conscience can let me buy this! πŸ™‚ assuming that it’s a good palette.

Rub it in, why dontcha! πŸ˜‰ I’m in Canada so no Ulta (unless we head over the border, which we might do later this month) and no Ulta points (I did start a customer card thing with them some years back but as we’re there so rarely, I eventually lost track of the card) no Ultas in Canada though we do have Shoppers Drug Mart – they don’t carry ABH or a lot of brands that are exclusive to Sephora here in Canada but they carry some darned great stuff that I’m able to buy with points, much as you did with the Mario palette.

I always hear of Shoppers doing amazing discounts…plus you have Hudson’s Bay! Hudson’s carries one of the makeup lines I love, love, love and have trouble getting here – Teeez. I think if they were here in the US, Teeez would easily rival MAC (and most likely win as they have more consistent quality).

I thought I was the only one. Before I knew who Mario was, I was tempted to get this palette. Once I found out he was Kim’s makeup artist I didn’t want it anymore. Oh well, money saved. πŸ˜›

Hi if you watch Stephanie Nicole’s review on this palette she gave a brief introduction about Mario how he started out at 17 years old at sephora at the fragance, started experimenting with customers in makeup before moving to the makeup side. He has humble beginnings and worked his way up in the industry. That is a good reason to buy this palette!

I don’t know who Mario is and I am loathe to buy anything with the name “Kim” but I think I might really want this palette. I love the ABH shadows I’ve purchased – love ’em so much – so this has piqued my interest (no buy, no buy – Mariella, you made a promise…)

…also, October is my birthday month! But if this is not available at Sephora, then my no buy won’t be facing a big challenge. I will be very interested to see how this performs, though.

Mario is actually Kim K-W’s makeup artist. And I am *not* a fan of hers, so I hear you. I generally don’t like to spend my money on things attached to their family name. They just don’t represent what I’m about. I LOVE Charlotte Tilbury’s lipstick named “Kim KW”, but I have yet to purchase because….UGH. Why couldn’t she call it something else?! LOL

Oof, I just saw a short first promofilm with Kim K. and this Mario (he looks like a 22 year old) ‘doing’ her makeup. It totally turned me off. So another thing I do not need to buy! πŸ˜€

I saw the same thing and had the exact same reaction. Lol!!
According to Mario (who I wasn’t aware of who he was either until I saw that promo) both the shades “Kim” and “Muse” are for Kim K-W. So in a 12-shade palette, 2 are for her? It’s practicallly a palette between KKW and ABH.
At least Claudia (aka “Norvina” on social sites, Anastasia’s real daughter and business partner) has her name represented in it.

This will not be a problem passing for me. I just got the email from ABH announcing that it’s available. I looked and closed the browser. $45 saved!

Hahahaha! I feel better that I am not alone in this! I started looking at it again, because it’s available now and I must admit that the shades are right up my street, but then I got this comment notification, and I read your comment! It’s like a sign! Lol. I will resist. I am not a palette kind of girl anyway.

Yay! So happy to help resist the temptation, ouineque! We have to stick together to let the companies know we want them to stop promoting the K/J’s. Happy savings and happy (early) holidays!! πŸ™‚

Soooo agree, not a fan of Kim or her family bs. You have to wonder why people worship someone who was made famous in the “way” that she was. However, Mario is still a makeup artist, and ABH is one of my favorite brands. They really know their stuff, so you can’t hold it against them. Good makeup is good makeup. ?

I am the same. I will not buy anything that I know puts money in that family’s pocket. I like this palette but it resembles their first one I have so it’s like…eh

This is beautiful!! I not tried the Anastasia Palettes yet but this sure pushes me over the edge to try. Just beautiful rich usable colors. I hope the actually palette lives up to the professional photos. On another note I hope you are surviving our Arizona monsoon season… High humidity mixed in with over 100 temps and throw in some serious dust storms. This is the place to test if makeup holds up or not LOL!!

TBH, it’s been super easy. Yes, it’s hot, and no, you do NOT go out and walk around in 110+ for fun, lol! I love the storms, though πŸ™‚

I want the modern renaissance palette (i’m in love) but here … i don’t know … colors are bland to me.

I totally agree with many others about being completely turned off because of the Kim association, but in terms of the actual product, it’s beautiful. I wandered into Ulta hoping the Mod Ren would be in stock (ha, nope), but the Mario one was. Maybe the disappointment of Mod Ren not being there helped, but the Mario seemed season-appropriate without being gloomy and I loved that there is both a blue and green included in one place. Then I swatched some of the colors and wow, unbelievably buttery and glowy! I don’t think I can buy this in good conscience, though, which is sad.

I’m REALLLLY hoping these are consistent with the quality of the Modern Renaissance palette! They knocked it outta the park with that one, so it would seem crazy to change the formula for future palette’s. If this is the same quality I’ll definitely be purchasing! This probably won’t appeal to those who love bright, colorful colors, but I’m 37 and a lover of neutrals, so this speaks to me! Plus, Mario’s into neutral glamour, so this is what I expect from him. Looking forward to reviews!

Unless this one is just as richly pigmented and easy to use as the Modern Renaissance palette, plus not as dull and boring as it appears in the promo pic, it’ll be an easy pass. ALTHOUGH; I would love to see Bronx as a single!

I want to like this — I love and often use my Modern Renaissance palette, loved the Sweets highlighter set this summer, and admire how ABH evolves and puts out quality products. This palette is cohesive and makes sense to me, but I’m hard pressed to get excited about these shades aside from Muse and Claudia. This said, I tend to give all chances to brands I like, so will actively seek this out for in-store swatching and hope to be impressed.

Ever since I bought the modern renaissance palette, I’ve been using it non-stop. I didn’t think I’ll be this in Love with it .. so to me, this Mario palette seems very basic, I like the colors but theres nothing new.

Omgggggg! I can’t wait to get this! This will definitely be sold out! So super excited. Haven’t been excited about a palette like this since last Xmas with the Lorac Pro 2.

I think the palette colors are beautiful.Mario actually does a lot of other celebs makeup like Gabrielle Union,Emily Ratajakowski,Priyanka Chopra,and Chanel Iman.There is a beautiful swatch picture of this on @makeupbymario on Instagram.I was on the fence about this at first but that swatch pic has me sold.

It looks promising! I know everyone raves about the Modern Renaissance palette, but although I love the concept behind it, I just cannot wear those red-based shades without looking like I’m sick! I’d love to experience the quality of ABH shadows though, so this palette could be a good opportunity for me.
I’m not of fan of the K family at all, so the “celebrity” aspect of this launch does not appeal to me, but at least the collaboration is with a makeup artist rather than with one of the family members directly.

This looks gorgeous, but I think I might pass (too similar to things I already own – but the quality could change everything for me). The comments about “putting money into the family’s pocket”… ladies, this is by a freelance makeup artist who has a celebrity client. This isn’t a Kardashian product… so in reality, you’re helping someone who loves makeup and is great at makeup further their career.

I wonder if those people are always so cautious about whose products they buy from. Do they avoid all of the thousands of brands owned by Nestle (including the Body Shop, Lancome, L’Oreal, and Maybelline), a company that has contributed to the deaths of infants? Or is it only the people the ditzy people on TV?

Does anyone know why ABH palettes are now $45? LE palettes used to be $29 two years ago and I’m not sure if the quality has improved so much that it justifies the huge price jump since it looks like the same number of shadows as the amrezy palette.

Trendmood just has October 4 online and in stores. This blog has a different date. I would like to get direct info. It is a long drive to the local beauty stores.

As posted by Norvina (from Anastasia) and Mario (the collaborator) when the palette was announced:

Please consider calling your local store, as they are going to be the ones with the most up-to-date information about what is coming to their actual store location!

This post might be why there is confusion:, since it suggests that it’s online and in-stores on 10/4, but they could have also meant that those are the retailers it would be online for (and didn’t word it well). It is also possible they moved the launch date.

I’ve seen this in a couple of Instagram posts already. Bronx looks like the color of artichokes. It struck me as comical.

I think the comments that this is pedestrian compared to MR are quite funny because I guess it just depends on your personal stash. I haven’t bought MR (although it looks beautiful) because I have dupes for almost everything. This, on the other hand, looks quite neat to me because I think I don’t think I have dupes for anything except maybe a couple. I don’t usually get caught up in LE hype but I think I might actually go for this. I feel like it’s the most cohesive palette and eye-catching palette that’s come out this season.

It would be such fun to know people’s stash, in 50 products or fewer. Not feasible, but interesting. I backburnered MR, due to perm status, but I know I’ll cave. Your Nestle comment is on the money. That was egregious and heinous, a real bifecta. It is not always easy to unravel parent companies. Nestle foods, including their American acquisitions, will usually have the name and bird. Non-foods, not so much. My intro to this odd grandparent business was when Peter Pan peanut butter was owned by Smith Corona Marchant….a typewriter co. Certainly not any more, and dk what SCM morphed into, with the demise of typewriters. Didn’t know Nestle was the overlord for those cosmetics cos.

On further look, it seems Nestle is 30% owner of L’OrΓ©al, which in addition to the brands you mentioned, will also include Garmier, Kiehl’s, YSL, GA, and UD, amongst many others. Nestle sold Alcon eye care to Novartis. God, I love my iPad. Instant gratification for the curious. We do make decisions without being truly informed.

Looks like a nice, cohesive palette but not interested. Just cannot support KKW. You have to draw the line somewhere and this is where I draw my line. I love ABH and have Modern Renaissance which I use consistently. I hope it reviews well for those interested in purchasing but I am spending my dollars elsewhere.

Yikes, I’m disappointed at how petty a lot of these comments are. It’s a palette by Mario Dedivanovic, not the Kardashians, and he does makeup for a lot of other celebrities too. Lets be adults and stick to the actual topic at hand – the palette itself. That said, I just bought this today from Sephora and I hope it performs as well as MR. Most of the reviews I’ve read so far have been positive but I’m looking forward to seeing your thoughts on this one, Christine.

You are absolutely right, my comment was very petty. It is about the palette and I am sure it will sell well if it proves to be good quality. The colors will suit many people and I look forward to seeing the swatches. I suspect I have dupes for many of the shades so do not plan to purchase unless the swatches reveal that they are more unique than they appear.

I think I need to add this one too to my Holiday list, these are really pretty colors! I just started using ABH eye shadows and I am so impressed by their pigment and long wear, need to buy more of them.

This is a really beautiful palette. I know it’s the effect of the freebies to makeup bloggers, but I always get a twinge of desire when I see all the looks people create with these ABH products XD. My mom would love something like this for the holidays… hmm…

I’m honestly not understanding how people are making the association that the Kardashian’s are somehow benefiting financially from this palette. To each their own on who you choose to support – but ABH + MUA Mario does not equal Kardashian $$.

Ugh, I’m in New Zealand and ordered this and the Ultimate Glow kit direct from ABH on Sept 29 and now they’re both sold out and my order hasn’t shipped yet and I’m quietly freaking out that I won’t get them πŸ™

I put off buying ModRen for so long because I prefer shimmer/satin finish to matte and it’s such a matte heavy palette but I LURVE it so much!

After reading some of the comments I had to just say this palette is freaking amazing. The shadows are the same formula as those in the renaissance palette. The colors are amazing! My favs are NYC, Muse, Marina, Bronx (sooo good), and Paris.

Thank GOD! There are other ladies with the same sentiments about the Kardashian Family. I honestly was kind of torn between this palette and the previous MRP. I hate the Kardashians and what they stand for but I also saw a lot of videos and the looks that seemed flawlessly done. But I think based on your comments and reviews on this and the other palette MRP is my go-to

Hi everyone,
For those living in Canada, on the Sephora website, this product just vanished last week. However, I went to my nearest store and there were a few left in stock. Does anyone have any idea what happened to it online?

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