Anastasia Eyeshadows | Now 4 for $32 / 8 for $64

Anastasia Eyeshadow Quad Idea | Sunset's Gaze
Anastasia Eyeshadows: Amber, Wine, Rosette, Chocolate

Anastasia previously offered their eyeshadows at four for $40 or eight for $70, and it looks like the brand has moved to further discount those who purchase four or eight at a time; prices are now four for $32 or eight for $64.

I haven’t seen Sephora’s pricing change yet, but it is in effect when purchasing through Anastasia directly (and it includes a free 4- or 8-pan palette) and Ulta (I didn’t see any empty quads, though, so they’d have to be purchased through Sephora for $1.00).  Ulta has it listed as a “deal” through 12/31/2018.