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5 Stormy Gray Eyeshadows to Tempt You

5 Stormy Gray Eyeshadows to Tempt You

I love a good gray!  What’s really cool about gray is it can be easily tinted, so there are lots of possibilities.  I’m partial to blue-tinted grays myself 🙂

What’s your favorite stormy gray eyeshadow?

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We hope you'll consider supporting Temptalia by shopping through our links below. Thanks!


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Doesn’t really have anything to do with this particular post, but you’re freakin amazing. I wish I had even HALF the drive and motivation you do!

I love M.A.C Weathered, it’s perfect for stormy or changing weather, I wore it this very morning. It’s one of the gorgeous gray shades ever. Gunmetal is good too, but no blue-tinted gray, my fav is the M.A.C Pro Longwear eyeshadow.

Ha, my favorite dark grey eyeshadow is that very first one!! MUFE #1 in Anthracite. It’s actually one of my favorite eyeshadows ever (I have a slight obsession with greys of all shades & grey-silvers). Last time I went on a trip, I wore Anthracite almost every day for the 2 and 1/2 weeks. It goes on so smoothly, doesn’t fade and is glorious with a variety of other colours from silvers & blacks to purples and even pastel pinks.  I also love a Kat Von. D. grey from a duo called Motorhead; it’s a lovely graphite with faint silvery sparkles. My other 2 favorite greys come from diff. Chanel Quads: one is the Smoky Eyes quad, the other I don’t know the name but it has pink, brown and white in it as well. The Smoky Eyes quad is glorious and probably one of my favorite small palettes of all time. It’s this one: http://dailycookie.net/wp-content/uploads/2010/01/CHANEL-Smoky-Eyes-Quad.jpg.  Look at those greys and silvers!

 @annedreshfield  I find they can be a bit hit or miss, and there definitely is a diff. between those made in Europe with the round shape and the ones made in the US with the square shape. But that Smoky Eyes quad is truly one of my favorite things *ever* from Chanel.  The colours are to die for, imo. Then again, greys/silvers are my favorite colour group after purples, so I might be a bit biased. Just a wee, little bit. 😉

 @Kafka Just a wee little bit? Heheh. I didn’t know the packaging was different in the US vs. Europe! Why do you think that’s so? Interesting. I have yet to own anything Chanel besides my wonderful, wonderful, wonderful Vita Lumiere Aqua foundation and a few Rouge Coco Shines, but I would LOVE to have more…obviously. 😉 

 @annedreshfield  I don’t know why Chanel changes its formula depending on market. There is always a big debate about that.  I don’t even think it’s a processing/factory plant thing either. Chanel quad eyeshadows in the US are square-shaped, not baked and generally supposed to be more pigmented. Chanel for the rest of the world (I think it’s all the rest) are round in shape, baked and either with more of a sheen or more sheer (depending on who you talk to).  A lot of my Quads are the European/Asian version and I generally haven’t had a huge, constant problem with lack of opaqueness or pigmentation, but it depends on the Quad. There are other problems that I’ve found to be more constant with some of the European Quads: for example, dryness in texture and some patchy application. That said, as mentioned up thread, I do have a hit-or-miss relationship with Chanel *in general,* whether their US or Euro quads, their nail varnishes, their blushes, etc. 

 @wwendalynne  Wendy, and it’s glorious on, too!  You can build it up for a sexpot, dramatic look or make it softly demure, sheer and more dove-like. I don’t think they make it any more, even though I only got it a few years ago. It’s a shame how quickly Chanel stops putting out their stuff after just 2 or 3 years. It’s like they have a very diff. interpretation of “permanent” than I do.

 @annedreshfield  Tzarine is very, very pretty! I bet it goes wonderfully with your colouring. It’s on my list of grey eyeshadows to get, along with Dogon.  First up though is Underworld which is a NARS Duo that is a medium-light grey and smoky-grey-blue.

 @annedreshfield  I hear your pain, Anne. My solution is to get some things from eBay. Not all my NARS stuff, but maybe 1/3rd. Some people worry about fakes but NARS isn’t MAC. And I haven’t found any fakes when it comes to NARS. Especially not with a US seller. There are one or two people whom I’ve found  who sell almost exclusively NARS and who I have perfect or virtually perfect ratings (and that’s with thousands upon thousands of sales).  They’re prompt, trustworthy and reliable. (One also sells a ton of Cle de Peau lipglosses, Tocca perfume and other high end products.)  I’m not a snob about eBay; the massive savings help me justify my NARS addiction and the hundreds I spend on something or another each month. Plus, I love, love, LOVE a bargain! (Sometimes, I love the bargain more than the product even! I’m not kidding either. LOL) And the savings, which are generally about 30% off (sometimes, as much as 50%, irrespective of free shipping and no tax)…. well, it all adds up. One should always be careful but, thus far, I haven’t had one problem yet.

 @Kafka I’ve never even thought about hitting eBay to get NARS! I usually try to space out my NARS purchases to once every month or so so it doesn’t hurt quite so much, lol. Unless it’s something I use everyday, like the eye or face primer, I try to space them out so I know I REALLLYYYY want them, you know? But if you get great savings on eBay then I’ll have to check it out. This could be dangerous… 🙂 

 @annedreshfield   If you’re interested, this is one of the NARS sellers that I have bought from repeatedly and trust: http://stores.ebay.com/Toquepala-E-Store?_rdc=1   If you lose out on some item, she’s bound to have the exact same one the following week. She restocks every Sunday. I got my amazing Melusine Duo from her, NARS Luster blush, & the Eurydice eyeshadow. She also sells a lot of Cle de Peau for 1/2 the price, Clarins, Shiseido and more.  I’m not affiliated with any of eBay seller, btw. I’m just an enabler and tempter. ;P

 @Kafka  @annedreshfield Yup, I’ve purchased from ‘her’ as well and can vouch for her as a quality eBayer.  I’m an enabler too ..  Like Christine doesn’t do enough damage on us…  *maniacal laughter*

 @annedreshfield  @wwendalynne   You’ll have to let us know if we succeeded in corrupting you.  <grin>  Seriously, I mean it. It gives both of us great joy to enable people and bring them over to the side of abandon. 😉  

Both my faves are from Too Faced. From the Romantic Eye palette, Un-veil (it’s actually almost black, a sort of purpley tinged dark, very dark grey) and from the newer Smokey Eye palette, Up In Smoke (just gorgeous).  I also really like Inglot 444, if that counts as a “stormy grey” – it’s similar to but just that bit different from Mac Smoke and Diamonds and Stila Diamond Lil and it’s very purrrrty and very wearable.

I love steely greys and purple tinted greys..  I wear grey a lot in fall/winter because it works with anything and everything in my wardrobe.  I already own countless grey shadows so I’m just peeking through my fingers at these as I attempt to shield my eyes from more.

I think my all-time favorite gray shadow (and I love grays, so this is a pretty wide field)  is Inglot Matte 349.It is so PERFECT. Gray eyeshadows tend to look blue on me (not good with green eyes!), but 349 has that slight hint of brown/taupe that makes it uber-flattering. It’s like a lighter version of MAC French Grey, another favorite of mine.I adore taupe/grey eyeshadows, because they set off my green eyes, and work so well with the screaming bright lip colors that I love to wear.

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