2016 Readers' Choice Awards: Nominate Your Favorites Now!

It’s that time of the year again! It’s time to nominate your favorite products and brands from 2015 as well as your all-time favorite formulas. We have tried to make it easier for readers as well as on our end when it comes to compiling nominees. You can start typing your favorite brand or product, and it will suggest what you’re looking for using our product database (57,000 products), but as always, you can write-in your favorites as well. All of the nominations will be compiled and the top 10-15 (depending on how many ties there are) will make the voting ballot. You do not have to nominate for every category; fill in as many categories as you wish to participate in.

  • Nominations: December 17th, 2015 through December 28th, 2015 10AM PST.
  • Voting: January 4th, 2016 through January 11th, 2016 10AM PST.
  • Results: January 20th, 2016

This is our first year doing it this way, so if you encounter any issues, please email nick[at]temptalia.com. Thank you!

Nominations are now closed. Thank you!

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Voted! Great opportunity to look through my collection and lust list for treasures.

For how big brows have been in the last couple years I was surprised to not see it as a category! πŸ˜‰

Thank you for nominating, Annette! πŸ™‚

We don’t have all categories, just because turnaround drops the more categories we have, so we’ve actually tried to prune the list more than add to it!

I think that’s really how it should be, though! A really good product should be able to stand the test of time, so true holy grails probably wouldn’t change every year. Some do, some don’t! I know that when I pull together my picks for Editor’s Choice that a lot of them stay the same over the years – it takes a really, really impressive product to unseat a prior HG-status product, lol!

True! I didn’t even purchase many new-for-me formulas this year, so I guess I’m locking into my HG formulas for the most part. Good news for my budget lol.

I keep trying to submit my favourites and accidentally clearing all my choices when I try to add something that isn’t in the pop up choices. Now, I’ve managed to “submit” and essentially lock myself out of the nominating process….I don’t recall having quite so many problems in past years but clearly, I have managed to mess up.

Hey Mariella,

We will look into this – I do have about 19 nominations from you – we can manually delete all so you can resubmit, or you can email me christine[at]temptalia.com remaining nominations and we’ll add them in manually!

Yikes, now I just deleted my reply to you! Not my day! Anyway, I think I finally got it to work. Where I was running into trouble was with items that weren’t in the “drop down” (so many times, I had to click “stick with my original submission”, or however it was worded). I was surprised that Guerlain Baby Glow isn’t in the list of possible selections. I got it a week or two back and it is so wonderful – not quite a bb or cc cream, not quite a foundation (though I think it’s billed as one) and not quite an illuminator but the best of all those with a good SPF mixed in as well.

It’s fun! And this year, it should be a lot easier πŸ™‚ I normally spend what feels like countless hours compiling nominations (because they were all write-ins, so I would manually group everything together and tally them). This year, there should be a lot less!

Some of my nominations are based on what I actually use. I find I can’t nominate a product that I haven’t tried. Hence the Natio products. Also some DS brands have different products in different countries. So annoying.

I have been super impressed with Colour Pop! Especially their pressed products. I just got my latest and biggest order in yesterday – seriously each time I feel the eyeshadows they feel even SMOOTHER and MORE BUTTERY than I remembered if that’s even possible! I got the blush Sticky Sweet because it looked so great on you Christine. I noticed before taking it out of the box that it got broken in transit. I thought oh well, I will let them know and get a replacement and I can fix this one with rubbing alcohol. Well the formula is SO creamy that I didn’t even need alcohol or anything, I was able to just mold it and press it back together with my fingers! Amazing! lol! <3 Looking forward to the results of this year-end poll!

Oh, so glad you were able to check it out and, thank goodness!, they are creams and you were able to just press it back in, haha.

I enjoyed doing this although it wasn’t easy! I’m sure I’ve forgotten some vital item lol! I’m sure Colour Pop will do well, although I’m sad I haven’t been to to try their products as I live in the UK.

Christine, I thought I finally managed to vote last night (after a few tries where I messed up) but I’m still being shown the entire “ballot” to nominate products. Does this mean that none of my stuff went through?

It does! If you try to submit again, you would get an error that you’ve already submitted. I know we tried to make it so the form would disappear, but there’s an issue with cache where it can stick (so it may show as closed for someone who hasn’t) – there was some technical mumbo jumbo Nick as telling me – but basically if you try to re-submit, it checks against what we have and won’t let you.

We don’t have all categories; it’s not meant to be inclusive. We try to use categories that we get a good amount of participation in πŸ™‚

I had answers for a portion of the categories but had to leave a lot of them blank for lack of variety in the products I’ve tried or experience in knowing if it’s really good or not! I will definitely want to see what the survey says once the results are in!

Christine, if I’m still seeing a blank list of nomination categories, does that mean that my nominations (the ones I was finally able to finish without messing up) did NOT go through?

I have your nominations, Mariella! You will see a blank form – if you tried to submit again, it is supposed to reject the submission as a duplicate (it will tell you that error).

We couldn’t get the form to hide because of caching concerns/issues – basically if we hid the form, it might also get hidden for someone else who hadn’t. I couldn’t explain the technical details, but we made it so if you try to resubmit, it will reject your submission as a duplicate. So long as long as you got to the page that acknowledged your submission you are good.

Christine, I noticed that the drop-down menu for best liquid eyeliner includes Make Up For Ever Artist Liner — but that’s a gel-creme in a twist-up pencil — I wrote in the MUFE Graphic Liner, which is a liquid.

This process is always so much fun! Although it turns out that there weren’t too many new-this-year products that have become beloved parts of my personal kit. I’m very impressed with MUFE’s new lines of foundations and primers even if they don’t fit the needs of my own finicky, sensitive skin, so I nominated them for best high-end brand, since, even though I love the new Bobbi Brown Luxe Lip color formula, I wasn’t crazy about other products the brand came out with this year.

Also, although the Make Up For Ever Holiday 2015 was my favorite eye palette released this year, the Ciate London Olivia Palermo x CiatΓ© London The Smouldering Eye Palette was a *very* close second, and I’m hoping that someone will nominate it.

I can’t wait to see how everyone else feels about this year’s offerings πŸ™‚

Hey Fran,

The drop down list is just confined to “eyeliners,” so while you can’t type in say, Make Up For Ever Artist Shadows, you can theoretically pull from anything within eyeliner. There are a few things that might get miscategorized or prioritized in one but not the other (this happens more in blush/bronzer/highlighter). So, just to be sure, we limited some of the drop downs, but we left enough room for any errors on our end for categorization.

Yeah, it’s great. I think of Clever Girl Erin. I was in a Sephora tiff, and nearly returned my whole package, including this. It’s a good formula and well selected colors, as they say, cool-running.

That was fun though I had to let it sit a couple days and think lol I took my voting so seriously! I don’t know why I thought there would be a finishing powder category or I’d have gone with my beloved meteorites instead.

Dude! When I was testing it, I had to think seriously, as if my nominations weren’t going to get deleted before we went live anyway, LOL!

Hi Nerdy,

We removed those due to low participation. We are only attempting to narrow the list of categories, not expand it, at this time πŸ™‚

That was hard! I think all my favorites come from different brands. I didn’t realize it until I completed this survey! Surprised myself! No brand loyalty here — lol!!!

No category for liquid lipstick?! they were my absolute fav product of 2015 (had fun trying different brands!) Also I had to choose “keep my original” a lot because i felt like I was voting for the formula like for example all of becca’s liquid highlighters in my opinion are unlike anything I have ever tried…shade depends on the person..but it wanted me to pick a particular shade…

Also Christine if you are open to suggestion, may I suggest doing a year end round up post of your blog; like ‘most viewed post’, ‘total number of visitors/views in 2015’ or along those lines, ‘most discussed post’, ‘most liked reader’s looks’, ‘most “duped” product’ or something like these please? I know another blogger who does this and I absolutely love reading that..!

Sorry, the list isn’t comprehensive – it is an edited list of categories that are most popular/most participated in πŸ™‚

Oops, I accidentally nominated too faced “sweethearts” blush instead of the newer “love flush” blush! The names are confusingly similar!

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