2011 Editor’s Choice Awards: Part 1 – Best of 2010

2011 Editor’s Choice Awards: Part 1 – Best of 2010

One of the most fun things I get to do with Temptalia is my very own awards–it actually gives me a chance to really think about what products I love and covet. It also helps me provide readers with a reference of standout products that are fabulous from start to finish; there are no so-so products here–if I don’t think it deserves an award, it doesn’t get one, even if that means I don’t give out any award at all!

The process is never-ending, because I consider any and all products that I try, whether I review them or not. All products are trialed for a thorough testing period: body care, hair care, and skincare for 3-8 weeks (as appropriate per the particular product); makeup for 1-2 weeks (as appropriate per the particular product). I evaluate using the following criteria: product efficacy, packaging, value, feel/texture/color (as applicable), and actual results. The majority of the categories do not require products to be released from a specific timeframe–the way I look at is I want to know what is the best of the BEST, not the best of what happened to come out in a given year. There are 73 categories, split into five sections.

The first section is the Best of 2010 awards, which is followed by (in order): eyes, cheeks/face, lips/nails/tools, and body care/skincare/hair care.

Best Brand of the Year

Some of 2010’s best products came from Urban Decay: Book of Shadows: Alice in Wonderland, Book of Shadows, Vol. III, Naked Palette… I really feel like Urban Decay continually put out quality products, and I also think they expanded their core line with new product types and showed a lot of growth as a brand this past year.

Past Winners: Guerlain (2009), MAC (2007, 2008)

Best Indie Brand of the Year

Sugarpill debuted and really made such a splash in 2010, and the feedback from the blogosphere has been entirely favorable, including my own experiences with the brand. The brand has a very strong commitment to quality and their customers, and you really get a sense of how personal the line is to the creator. Something I really love is how customer feedback really does get incorporated into future products–Amy reformulated two of the Chromalusts based on feedback received and the products are better for it. (See my reviews here.)

Check out winners for New Product of 2010, Most Surprising Product of 2010, along with Best Seasonal Collections of 2010!

Best New Product of 2010 (High-end)

These are so divine, and I love how workable they are as a product. They multi-task to the extreme–eyeliner, base, cream eyeshadow, for cheeks, for lips–and the shade range is fantastic. One of things I always like to see is a broad shade range, because while it’s all well and good to have a great product, when you really love it, you can’t help but want more! (See my reviews here.)

Past Winners: Chanel Rouge Allure Laque (2009), Clarisonic (2008)

Best New Product of 2010 (Budget)

Wet ‘n’ Wild hit a home run with their new Color Icon Eyeshadow formula–it’s soft, smooth, and nicely pigmented and won’t empty your wallet either. With singles, trios, and palettes, you may find yourself with a whole new stash for under $20. (Review to come.)

Past Winners: L’Oreal HIP Chrome Eyeliner (2009)

Most Surprisingly Amazing Product (High-end)

Talk about some of the coolest nail polish to hit the block! I fell in love with this new formula/texture as soon as I applied the first coat. Though I’m loathe to admit it, even the promotional photos and marketing jargon had me a little excited to try them. (See my review here.)

Past Winners: Stila All Doll’d Up Palette (2009)

Most Surprisingly Amazing Product (Budget)

See above for description — but I know that I didn’t see this product topping my favorites’ list from the get-go! (Review to come.)

Past Winners: Aveeno Positively Ageless Warming Scrub (2009)

Best Spring Collection of 2010

The Cabana Corals Collection was a really nice way to kick off spring, and I loved how they introduced corals for all skin tones. I often hear readers say that corals only work on warmer skin tones, but I think Bobbi Brown did an excellent job of making them more wearable and universally appealing. One of my favorite products from this launch was the Nectar Shimmer Brick.

Past Winners: Guerlain Exotic Paradise (2009)

Best Summer Collection of 2010

I really loved the summery theme of MAC’s To the Beach Collection, and I think the overall quality of the products was exceptional. Besides, who can forget when I attempted to stuff Mellan in the To the Beach Bag? Loved Sweet & PUnchy, Firecracker, Thrills, Fun Bathing, and Float on By. Oh, yeah, and this collection gave birth to the phenomena known as Marine Life.

Past Winners: Dior Cristal (2009)

Best Fall Collection of 2010

NARS created a sophisticated collection of darker, smoldering shades just in time for autumn and did so with true skill. Strawberry Fields was a winning gloss, while Rajasthan and Tzarine are both beautiful eyeshadow duos. It’s a shame Rajasthan, being so lovely, was limited edition.

Past Winners: Bobbi Brown Ivy League (2009)

Best Holiday Collection of 2010

For the holidays, NARS captured my attention with Etrusque Eyeshadow and Melusine Eyeshadow Duo–but they also gave me Downtown Lipgloss and Petit Monstre Lipstick. It was a nice cohesive collection with a few holiday-esque colors mixed with more wintry shades.

Past Winners: Guerlain Imperiale (2009)