Monday, September 29th, 2008

Look what arrived today… YSL’s Pur Black Gloss. Yes, Black. Yes, I paid $28.00 for it. No, I will probably not wear this anywhere out except, perhaps, on Halloween (kidddingg). I think it speaks for itself; I mean, what are you looking for in a black gloss? For me, novelty. YSL does a good job delivering a luxurious black gloss that’s surprisingly opaque and incredibly glossy. Most glosses always show some of the lip color through it, and this one is no exception.

See lip swatches, skin swatches, and a full-face photo…

A peek at today’s look, but I won’t post it until tomorrow 😉 Obviously, I didn’t plan a look wearing this gloss or anything – I just thought I’d take a full-face photo for you.

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120 thoughts on “YSL Pur Black Gloss for Fun

  1. cloudburst

    They weren’t joking – it’s really black!

  2. Amy

    It looks so pretty.
    It almost looks like a deep chocolate when on the lips instead of black!

    • I think it’s the fact that it isn’t 100% opaque, so the natural pigmentation of my lips shows through a bit, changing it from black to a burgundyish color. The fact that my shirt is a deep burgundy probably doesn’t help either, LOL.

  3. Could you try wearing it Louboutin-style? I remember seeing a lip combo that was modeled after Christian Louboutin shoes, which have a red sole. I think it was by Lancome, but you could still duplicate it with this gloss! It was a really vivid red lipstick (like Russian Red or Port Red or something) with a black gloss on top (but applied so the red showed through).

    Do black glosses mix with other glosses to darken them? Like, if you were to mix this gloss with a red sparkly gloss, would the result be burgundy? Or would it be a strange muddy colour…not that you have to go and mix your glosses or anything, I was just wondering :)

    • I’m definitely going to try it that way! It’s been in my mind since I first put it on. I actually put it on over my lip combo for my look yesterday, but it turned the color into a gross purple-gray mess (and it was just too glossy, which is why it was a mess!). But it totally gave me this “just bitten” idea.

      Yep, you can mix it in with other colors. MAC makes Black Lip Mix, and the lip mixes are designed to be mixed with other things. I’ve never tried it, but I imagine it’s a good way to get a quality, more opaque black gloss for less (I think they’re priced like a lip gloss).

      It would depend on the color of the gloss, but it’s what I do with Jampacked lipglass, which I find too dark most of the time. Super dark glosses are great for just adding that touch of vampiness when you need it–but not going over the top!

  4. pquanda

    I was going to say the same thing as Miss Fred – remember that crackle nail polish from a few years back? Where You put, say grey polish and then there was silvery cracks in it? Lancome or someone else put a bright red and seem to just put a bit of the black gloss in the middle and smack – it looked really cool!

  5. Carrie

    I love it. Seriously! I am ordering it!

  6. wow. It’s rather delicious on isn’t it?

    Love it!

  7. SnickerDoodle

    It’s kind of vampy hot, you know? I hear you on the novelty only thing though :)

  8. Wow… it’s almost a brown based black. Do you think you could still use it in wearable looks? Like, how you use Carbon to darken up shadow, you could add a touch of this to deepen a lip look?

  9. Minty746

    This is definitely a novelty item! I can see how someone can pull this off, but it would be extremely hard, I think. I imagine this gloss would be pretty high maintenance! Christine, it looks pretty good on you, but I think the gloss would look better if you layered it on top of a red lipstick, kind of like how Lancome is marketing theirs. Anyway, looking forward to what you wore for this look! I’m liking the smoky purple crease.

    • Oh, yeah, the maintenance? Tons. Just getting it to apply nicely is a pain. I did it using the brush-wand, but to get a better line, you’d have to go back with a lip brush to make the lines cleaner. I’m definitely going to try the just bitten look – it’s the first thing I thought of yesterday!

  10. the pictures look nice. it does have this nice richness to the lipgloss. it is really black, but it looks lovely if worn properly, oppose to halloween ha. but still great! you can def pull it off

  11. Lucy

    It looks awesome on you! I think it suits not only for Halloween, but for the bold look, like in the night club?

  12. jami

    so what are you going as for halloween?
    how much was the lipgloss?

  13. dee

    I adore it! Mind you I’m not paying 28 dollars for something so novelty-ish(I barely use my Bing as it is), but I definitely think it’s gorgeous and you should be able to find a way to mix it into other looks. And even though it’s just a peek, I’m loving the eyes too.

  14. Amy

    Um, I’m sorry but that is awful. Your eyes and hair look great though. I think this is one of those novelty items people will look back and and say WTF?

    • Well, the look doesn’t match the black lips for one, so I imagine that’s why it looks awful!

      I like it for its novelty aspect. I like that it’s pretty much unwearable and totally drastic and opposite of traditional makeup — that’s what makes it fun and unique. It inspires me to get more creative to try out how I might make it more wearable, more everyday.

  15. That color is ridiculously hot. I WISH I could pull it off!!!

  16. Macaddict

    Last week I tried to order it online from YSL but they were already sold out. Last friday, I called my Holt & Renfrew to see if the only YSL counter in town was receiving it and if I could put my name on one of them (It’s been the MUST HAVE thing for me this fall…). Anyways, I’m glad I did because there were on 15 lip glosses sent in the whole city (all to Holt) and already all of them (minus mine) were spoken for!!! They are HOT! Where I live, they cost $35.
    They called me the day after (last saturday) to tell me that they were in and I had to go get it right away :-). Today, I decided to be kind of bold and to wear it at work. I put it on top of a very pale pink from Lancome (last spring Pink Flora). It looked subdued and kind of purply/grey. I will try it again (on top of red) but more on the weekend.
    Yes,it is definitely a novelty item but to me, it is also something that will play with my imagination and help me to create different looks to try to incorporate it into.

    • I’m REALLY glad you were able to get your hands on it. I’ve heard that while MAC prices are cheap relative to brands like YSL here in the states… in other countries, it’s not much cheaper. Was that the case?

      And exactly the same reason and why I like it, too :)

  17. claudia

    Wow! I’m not crazy about the eyes paired with that lip, but maybe if you kept the eyes and face super neutral, you could totally pull off the black lips look. Or, if you layer it with a red lippie, it might look like a chocolate cherry color…just a thought!

    but black lipgloss, not for me at all!

  18. Tiffany

    hmm since you said you wouldn’t wear it again, except for perhaps once a year on Halloween, would you find the $28 more valuable being spent on something else? I’m sure you can return the lipgloss. this kind of purchase would make me feel really guilty just seeing the black gloss sitting there day after day without use, and without the probability of being used.

    I get in the habit of returning things once I realize I will not ever use it. Even if I love it at first. Usually I was just on a trend-high. $28 can get you half a tank of gas!

    • Lil

      I couldn’t agree more Tiffany! Well Said.

      • Hi Lil,

        Like I said to Tiffany, I bought it for the purpose of having something that’s off the wall–it inspires creativity and makes me happy, therefore it’s completely worth it to me. It’s hard to imagine anyone buying a black gloss thinking they’d wear it all the time. It was a bit of a joke about Halloween, what with it coming up – just like Jampacked lipglass, there are ways to incorporate it that are less dramatic.

        • Lil

          I have to say that I think it is interesting that you ONLY responded to my comment in regards to what Tiffany said. That was kind of random. I think other people wanted their questions answered more than we wanted a full explanation. If you like it that’s great, but it’s really not that hard to find with Halloween coming around, there are lot’s of dark colors that only come around once a year for dress up.

          • Hi Lil,

            I only responded to Tiffany and your comments, because I wanted to explain it right away since if you thought it, it is likely there are some others, too! This way I only have to explain it once (well, twice). :) It has nothing to do with not answering other people’s comments.

      • CP

        Lil & Tiffany…Sorry but what do you care if she’ll wear it again or not? It just sucks to see people worrying about whether or not she’ll wear the l/g again or not and the fact that she paid $28 for it! If she liked it enough to buy it although it’s black & she ONLY wants to wear it on Halloween, then that’s her problem. Everyone does what they want with their money….Just my 2 cents:)BTW Christine…You really can rock this girl!

        • Lil

          The point is not about the black lip gloss itself. The problem is the fact that there can only be one opinion on here that matters and if you disagree at all then you are chastised for it. You can have your opinion but you should also respect mine. You can’t expect everyone to agree on everything, that’s just ridiculous. The fact is that this is beyond being just an excess item. Christine has already shown us the tons of lip glosses and lipsticks she has and to add this on top of it, is a bit much. It’s great that she can spend money that frivolously but not everyone can buy things because they look pretty or “inspire” us. $28 is steep, and not to mention it was bought online. You can have your own opinion and I can have mine. Agree to disagree because I really don’t need to be harassed about my own personal opinions. Meanwhile, Christine is perfect and everybody has to agree or else! That’s not realistic in life, and I don’t know what world you’re living in but if Christine went down the street with that lipstick, it would definitely attract attention.

          • I see lots of disagreements everytime a look is posted. However, makeup is the whole point of this blog – if Christine decided not to spend her money on it, it would be little more than corporate release materials and I don’t think it would be nearly as much fun. You are, of course as you said, entitled to your opinion but I’m not sure what you hope to gain by chastising Christine for buying and reviewing makeup, you know?

          • Lil

            Obviously you didn’t read the previous post because I am not chastising anybody. But I think that I should be entitled for my own opinion and I don’t need a lecture as to why a person likes a product. I’m not gaining anything because I’m the victim here. I can’t say anything unless it’s a compliment and that’s unfair. Buying and reviewing makeup is not the issue, it’s how my opinions are attacked when I am entitled to have my own opinion. One person can’t always be right in every situation. And if I don’t like something, I’m sorry, but I don’t think that my opinions in particular have to be under a microscope at all times either. Other people are saying essentially the same thing hun, so you can’t single me out here for my opinion.

    • Hi Tiffany,

      I bought for the purpose of having a novelty item, though. I don’t feel guilty about it. I mean, if you have ten pink lipglosses, isn’t that superfluous already? I was joking about it being relegated as Halloween-only, but it’s clearly not an everyday gloss, you know? It’s a gloss to inspire creativity and have some fun with. It’s something I’ll experiment with to see how I can make it more wearable or pull out when I want to be bold and dramatic.

      Value for me is derived by happiness, and this gloss makes me smile and inspires me – worth it to me :)

      • Tiffany

        it’s cool it’s cool, i didn’t know you were kind of joking about the Halloween comment, it is hard to detect emotion from text sometimes.

        If you hadn’t said the halloween thing then I guess I wouldn’t have either. I commented on what I thought I’d feel if I had though the same. but, if you love it and makes you feel adventurous, then all the power to u!

        thanks for replying, i know these take a long time :)

        • :) I’m not very funny, LOL, the boyfriend says not to tell jokes on the blog for fear people will stop reading! Ironically, I don’t dress up for Halloween, so I doubt I’ll be wearing it then! But today I think I will try it over red lipstick!

  19. Asta

    I love how it looks, but I won’t wear it enough to justify trying to hunt it down. Sigh. The only time I spent $28 on a gloss was for the long-wearing one I wear almost every day (Hourglass Extreme Sheen in Ignite).

  20. Christian Dior, of all lines, put out the most amazing amazing black lipgloss years ago. I scored Orlando looking for it – it didn’t allow any show through at all and looked like wet black vinyl on your mouth. Incredible stuff. The closest thing I can find to reproduce that look, is anyone wants a genuinely black mouth, is black Lipmix from MAC with clear lipglass over it.

    I like this because it does read as an amazingly vampy brownish red. Very cool.

  21. Caitlin

    It actually works well with your skintone, you could totally wear this as a day/night gloss with nude eyes. I think just the bright eyeshadow doesn’t work well with it. Now I’m wondering if I could pull it off, but I’m too white… curse you DNA

    • You know, if you think I can pull it off, you can do it, too. Because trust me, when black gloss arrived on my doorstep, “You can pull it off” was never in the equation, LOL!

  22. Jennifer

    Ahhhh so cool. Not that I could ever wear black lipstick IRL without looking uber-goth (I’m NC15, it would go badly), but this makes me just want to play with it. And it would be interesting to see how it looks when combined with other lipcolors (over red, perhaps…)

  23. Maren

    I wanted this SO much. how did you manage to get a hole of it?

  24. Ohhh I would so wear this!!

  25. lindsey

    it’s funny that you say that “macaddict” because it’s readily available on the YSL website!

  26. Helene

    Have you tried it over bright red lipstick, I bet it would look fantastic,and be wearable outside the house too 😛

    • Not yet, Helene! I only had time to do a quick swatch on my lips as I promised you all I would do :) But it was my first thought when I was opening it – I had to do the just bitten look.

  27. Virginia

    I need this!…but to justify the purchase I should probably start wearing my Bing lipstick lol

  28. wow, nice, but this takes some guts to wear and carry off.

  29. Ari

    I think that lipgloss would look amazing with pale skin and simple eye-makeup. With cold purple eyeshadows that don’t work at all.

    • I could see it working really well with porcelain skin. I think I mentioned in the post that this look wasn’t designed for black gloss, but I wanted to show you guys a full-face shot. I had, literally, JUST finished doing my makeup when the gloss arrived from FedEx.

  30. Lolli

    it sure looks chocolatey to me :/
    Beautiful though
    Would Look amazing on top of bing :)

    • I think if I wore a base, like Lip Erase, or a darker lipstick like Bing, it might come out less “chocolatey”! My natural lip color is showing through a bit, which is where the brown comes from. I found it really quite black on its own.

  31. Allison H.

    I think you look amazing! This is a very “high fashion” lip-gloss. You look straight out of a magazine! I like the glam purple eye with it, too – unexpected and chic.

    It really makes me want to try black gloss, but I’m ultra fair, and I might look more Corpse Bride than haute couture. 😉

    • You know, but I think really fair skin could rock it. I’m medium in skin color, and if you think I can work it, then it must work across the spectrum 😛

  32. Claire

    This does need a neutral eye. Purple eyes and black lips are not good together. I would sheer down the gloss more if I wore it.

  33. shangrila

    i loooove it! i would totally wear it! i wear mac cyber lipstick sometimes (i used to wear it AAAALLLLL the time back in the day. lol), and this would be a nice shiny alternative. hmmmm i wonder how it would look lightly applied.. like a stain, you know?

  34. cloudburst

    I just got the gloss put on hold for me – I will be getting it on Thursday! Very excited – Christine, maybe you should do a “black or super dark lips challenge”!

  35. Kella

    I was soo intrigued when I heard about this gloss and I’m so happy you posted this! I think black gloss is such an off-the-wall fantastic & fun item to have and play with. I love how it matches your hair for a monochromatic look.. I have dirty blonde hair so I wouldn’t get the same effect :( but I would still love a black gloss to add to my collection. You could create some really fabulous looks with this.

    • With Halloween just around the bend, I imagine you could score one at a Halloween store! I admit my makeup snobbery preferring YSL over Halloween makeup (mostly because, in my experience, it’s never any good!). Another reader mentioned MAC’s Black Lip Mix being a good substitute, though!

  36. Aprilrobin

    lol, very goth. I have it too and I’m really liking it over red and bright lipsticks.

    I think in that respect, not only is it wearable, but I can do tons of the deep lip looks without investing in every shade of vamp lipstick.

    I also like that it removes very easily.

    • Awesome 😀 Any particular lipsticks you’ve been using it with?

      That’s very true. I have to say, even though you can use it more often, I want to covet it, too! It’s pretty and luxe and indulgent. I don’t want to use it up, LOL. I’ve yet to use up any gloss, though, so hopefully I’m good on that front!

  37. Kristelle

    that combo does not work at all. wow.

  38. LocaLoli

    I realy like this. You wear it so well too. I just checked online and its sold out. I dont know where else I could buy it from. :( I would love to see you show us how it looks over diff lipcolors. Like light pinks to bright red (maybe a red with shimmer in it) maybe even under a dazzle glass. Lucky you get to have fun playing LOL!

  39. KyaLyn

    I just ordered it off the Nordstrom website! I’m so excited to try it. I also grabbed a gold one that I couldn’t pass up.

  40. Not my thing! I call it the Kiss of Death. 😉

  41. natalie

    that is so hideous

  42. natalie

    please tell me you didnt wear that in public

  43. I would NEVER use it.It is too expensive.Too unusual.
    But I want it badly, your lips look so beautiful!!!

  44. Annie

    wow.. this is sooo hott!! im getting it!! this can be a very modernly-classy look.. IM DEFINITELY GETTING THIS!!