Friday, December 2nd, 2011

Win a R29 + Color Club Nail Polish Set!

For the holidays, Refinery29 has teamed up with several brands to create their own holiday products, including Color Club. The set includes six 15ml exclusively designed shades: Snow Pixie, Happy Hunter, Punch Drunk Red, Rolling in the Deep, Swan Lake, and Wine, Cooler. Color Club polishes are vegan, formaldehyde-, toluene-, and DBP-free.

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258 thoughts on “Win a R29 + Color Club Nail Polish Set!

  1. Stephanie S.

    My favorite tip for maintaining healthy nails is using a good base & top coat. Also, a glass or crystal file is a necessity for anyone doing their nails at home.

  2. Christina

    Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! Your cuticles will never look ragged and your nails will never look dry! Also, always wear gloves when cleaning!

  3. Adriana Mortenson

    I make a home-made nail and cuticle oil that helps them to be stronger and they grow faster if I use it every night before I go to bed. Mix in a storage bottle 20 drops of laventer essential oil, 10 drops of lemon essential oil, 1 tbsp of almond oil, and 1 tbsp of jojoba oil. I love it.

  4. Joanna

    I always keep them short and clean

  5. TeresaD

    Gorgeous colors! I love that they are making a strong effort to creat a nice product that is more than just the nailpolish standard of “clean”.

  6. Lisa S.

    I continually have a tube of hand cream by my side and I USE it! ;0)

  7. Burts Bee’s Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream!

  8. My fav Tip for maintaining healthy nails is to pamper my nails with the Burt’s Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream.

  9. Laura R

    for me to have healthy nails, I have to keep them short, keep using hand and cuticle cream regularly, and eat healthy foods with lots of protein, because my nails are prone to bending.

  10. Color Club makes some of my favorite polishes so I’m sure these will be great. :)

  11. I bought myself a glass nail file about a month ago. It may be too soon to say it’s helping, but I feel like I’ve been able to maintain the shape of my nails better with it. Until I started using it, they were a mix of square and oval. Now they all stay the same basic shape, even if I have to re-file a little.

  12. Jenni

    I make sure my nails are filed down so they don’t break!

  13. Crystal

    Use moisturizer for your cuticles.

  14. aaminahs mom

    I use a glass file, and keeping nails polished works for me.Keep my nails strong.

  15. Ashley

    Moisturizing and using a good base and top coat! :)

  16. Krista

    I find that my nails are most healthy when I intake vitamins either through food or through supplements. Also integral to maintaining healthy nails is regularly trimming and buffing my nails to prevent splits or breaks.

  17. Dinitchka

    I just make sure to use plenty of oil and hand cream.

    Because of my Hashimoto’s my nails don’t grow well. They are uber thin, brittle and weak. I wear falsies which I know are not at all good for the nails but that is the only way I can have decent nails.

    My toe nails grow like wildfire. LOL! I make sure to also use oil and creams on my feet and nails. My most fav products are Seche Vite’s dry fast top coat

    • Dinitchka

      As I was saying my fav products are Seche Vite’s dry fast top coat, any Ahava cream (hand, foot & body) and lastly Heal Tastic … Yes, the made for Tele stuff. It honestly does work and is my go to dry foot balm. BTW, do NOT use it on your hands. It aggravated my eczema something horrible :(

  18. staci

    I make sure to keep polish on my nails at all times. Polish isn’t just pretty, it’s really great for protecting the nails, too!

  19. colleen boudreau

    drink lots of water.
    holliister at gmail dot com

  20. I swear by almond oil and CND Cuticle Remover!

  21. Germa Brokschmidt

    I would love to win! It seems like a great polish set.

  22. Aww, I’m not a U.S. resident. :( Super sad face…

    Thank you for this giveaway though! Very generous of you. :)

  23. Devoney

    Keeping them painted! I find them far less likely to chip or break if I have a base coat + 2 coats of polish + 2 coats of top coat. Only filing nails in one direction as opposed to a “sawing” motion has really helped as well!

  24. Shelby

    Trim them weekly

  25. lilly

    dont bite your nails! also good for your teeth not to do this

  26. Kate Cunningham

    The way I maintain my nails is constant hydration. I live in Barrow, AK. Way up above the arctic circle, so it’s always dry here. And if I don’t keep my nails hydrated they just constantly crack on me.

  27. Christine

    My hands and cuticles get really dry in the wintertime, so moisturizing is really important :)

  28. Ali

    My #1 nail tip is to use a good base coat! Also moisturize your hands, especially in the winter.

  29. nancy y.

    always use a top coat when using nail polish. Always have a nail filer (in purse, office, etc.) because you never know when you’ll break/chip a nail and it helps to fix it with a nail file

  30. Cozy

    My favorite tip for maintaining healthy nails is to keep them moisturized and nicely filed!

  31. debbie huang

    using a good top coat/base coat for your nails and moisturizing!

  32. Victoria

    Glass nail files are sooo essential to making sure my nails don’t peel or flake! also removing nail polish when it starts to chip so I’m not tempted to peel the polish off and damage my nails

  33. I love Color Club polishes. They deserve more shine.

    It’s important to not only moisturizer your cuticles, but your nails as well. Breakage is often due to dryness. I’m constantly moisturizing my hands, nails, and cuticles especially in these winter months.

  34. Amber Shipp

    always file nails going in one direction.

  35. Erin M.

    My favorite tip is to file away or fix any breaks or tears as soon as possible. I’m a reformed nail biter, and I’ve found that if I don’t take care of issues, I’ll either pick at them or bite my nails just to get rid of it.

  36. Anna

    My favorite nail tip is using cuticle oil to soften up and moisturize them so they look healthy and feel soft, not dried out during the winter.

  37. evie

    Filing them to a shorter length and applying OPI’s Nail Envy

  38. Argeleen

    Remove dead skin on the sides of ur nails.

  39. Cindy

    Using a good base coat.

  40. Chloe

    Using a nail product called NailTek!

  41. Brigette

    Moisture gloves worn at bedtime.

  42. Using a good base and top coat help to maintain nails healthy. also filing nails in one direction and using a cuticle oil.

  43. nekosan

    I try to take care of my cuticles – moisturize, use a cuticle remover, etc.

  44. Urmi

    I use a scrub to maintain my nails and cuticles and I should really start wearing gloves while cleaning!

  45. Mary Jayn

    Favorite tip, there are two actually… keep them well filed and hydrated.

  46. Angelina

    My tips for healthy nails
    For me, my nails behave pretty well as long as I file them on a regular basis and put some form of polish on them to protect them. It probably also doesn’t hurt to take a multi-vitamin.

  47. Samantha P.

    Regular trips to the nail salon for mani and pedi :)

  48. Use a growth serum and keep nails trimmed/neat!

  49. I would have to say OPI’s Nail Envy is my favorite. It makes my nails so strong and thick, and it also helps them to grow faster.

  50. Lisa

    I love nail polish!

  51. Michelle

    moisturize as much as possible

    drink milk

  52. Jenn

    I like to keep polish on my nails almost all the time because it helps keep them protected

  53. Alicia

    I use olive oil on my cuticles at least once a day

  54. Krystal

    i use a nail hardener! :)

  55. Mandy C

    My favorite tip for maintaining healthy nails is to just use a glass file, and never use nail clippers.

  56. Shayna

    I have this hand/nail cream called Hard as Hooves(or something… don’t remember. Sorry.) That I use often, I have a nail strengthener I use a couple times a week. I keep a crystal nail file in my purse and on my nightstand to use whenever my nails get rough or feel like they are going to crack. I also take biotin. I recently got fake nails and hated them, now my natural nails are trashed. :(

  57. Kristina

    Probably my favorite tip is to apply cuticle oil every night before bed. Even my boyfriend likes this!

  58. Karen

    This polish looks really great!

  59. Liz

    Moisturize every day!! Vitamin E gel caps are my favorite moisturizer.

  60. I ALWAYS keep lotion or cuticle cream by the bedside. I’m more likely to spend time rubbing it in right before I go to bed; it’s soothing and keeps my cuticles from getting dry!

  61. My tip would be to keep your hands moisturized. Nothing like silky smooth hands!

  62. Belen

    I use a good base and top coat, and I let my nails breathe with no nail polish for at least 2 days a week!

  63. Melanie Morin

    My favorite and easiest tip is always moisturizing my hands after I wash them, it also helps my nails and they are stronger.

  64. Lainey

    I moisturize my cuticles daily :)

  65. Kary

    My most important tip for keeping your nails nice and healthy is to use the correct nail buffer followed by a super awesome base coat.

    I suggest a nail buffer sold at Sally’s Beauty supply: All Season Fine Grit Yellow Finishing Block. Its very fine so it does not over buff your nails. You should buff your nails once a week or once every two weeks; NOT every time you paint your nails.
    Then, I suggest Sally Hansen’s nail strengthener, which is the purple bottle in their Continuous Treatment line :) This strengthener will help your nails from chipping and breaking, and will promote growth.

    And, OF COURSE, Lemony Flutter for some extra moister! 😉

  66. Shannon

    i always use a hand/cuticle cream or lotion after i wash my hands.

  67. Jackie

    I like to make sure my cuticles are nice and moisturized!

  68. kara

    Cute set! CC polishes are always fun :) Best nail tip: hydration both internally and externally.

  69. kimberly speer

    my tip for maintaining great nails are vitamins, a good base coat and a good glass file for clean filing.

  70. Definitely use a good base coat because it reduces the staining of darker polishes especially red!

  71. Maria

    Favorite tip for maintaining healthy nails is….DON’T bite them! I used to bite my nails when I was younger and now that I’m paining them and stopped biting them, my nails have never looked better!

  72. I use Burt Bees Lemon Cuticle Cream its the best and it smells awesome!

  73. Virginia

    I love using burt’s bees cuticle cream

  74. Moisturize and use a nail hardener twice a day.

    I love that bright red shade by the way

  75. maggie

    a good base coat is a must!

  76. Yao

    To keep my nails healthy, I try to be diligent about using a good base when I paint them. :)

  77. Naomi

    I do not bit my nails, where gloves when working with water or minimize my time so that they are softened.

  78. Shannon

    I swear by OPI nail envy. I prefer the matte version, so that when I don’t have on other polish, I can forget it’s there (no temptation to pick at it). That and don’t use your fingernails as tools!!

  79. Teigh

    Great giveaway! I hope to win this for my daughter.

  80. maggie

    give them a few days of a break between switching nail polishes!

  81. Teigh

    oops didn’t answer the question….moisturize hands and cuticles

  82. Romaisa

    My favourite tip for maintaining healthy nails is also using a good base and top coat and also to wear nail varnish for one and a half days, then take it off with a good nail polish remover.

  83. Sherry B.

    My main tips for having healthy nails and hands are:
    Using rubber gloves for any heavy or drying work, wearing gloves when out in cold weather, always using sunscreen on hands if outdoors (melanoma survivor, here!), never using nails as “tools”, constant re-application of hand cream!

  84. Jaspreet

    i have very bad nails, the top layer of my nails just peels and i’ve discovered taking one a day teen advantage has really helped my nails to be stronger and healhier.

  85. Bekah

    drink water!

  86. Gabby

    I drink LOADS AND LOADS AND LOADS of water – at least 7 glasses a day. It is actually a lot easier than I thought it would be since I carry a water bottle with me everywhere so whenever I get thirsty it’s the first thing I reach for (instead of soda/juice/coffee like I used to). :) I’m vegetarian so I also make sure to eat a lot of lentils/legumes, nuts, etc to get a good amount of protein. My nails used to break/chip sooo easily before but ever since I started eating better & drinking more water – it’s not just my nails that are long & healthy, but also my skin is more clear than it’s ever been

  87. giorgia

    always moisturize!

  88. Sam

    best tip I could give for healthy nails is to keep moisturized nails and cuticles.

  89. Melody

    I eat vitamins to help my nails stay strong. I always use a nail base before I paint my nails, too!

  90. I moisturize my hands daily. Thanks!

  91. Amy

    Get enough calcium in your system to maintain strong nails!

  92. Jennifer

    I would love to try Color Club nail polish

  93. Amy

    file when needed and use lots of lotion on cuticles!

  94. Emily

    My favorite tip for maintaining healthy nails is using Burts Bee’s Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream!

  95. It’s important to always file your nails. Not just the tips, but the sides too. Oh, & always put hand lotion on. If you don’t have hand lotion, just use regular lotion. It’s so important to keep your hands & nails hydrated.

    I also always have some kind of nail strengthener on if I’m not wearing any polish at all. The strengthener acts as a barrier against water. Water weakens nails, so having a strengthener or even just some clear polish on will protect your nails and keep them strong.

  96. Melissa

    I drink a lot of water and use moisturizer!

  97. Lauren

    I never let them get too long… I also try to file them to a “squoval” shape, so they’re stronger and don’t bend.

  98. Karen

    Burts Bee’s Cuticle Cream!

  99. Julieanne

    My #1 tip is to always use a base coat. And never bit your nails.