Wednesday, August 1st, 2012

Temptalia Asks You

What’s your current favorite nail polish layering combination? Share!

Temptalia's AnswerCult Nails Happy Ending over Cult Nails Evil Queen!

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27 thoughts on “What’s your current favorite nail polish layering combination?

  1. Sam

    Essence Glorious Aquarius over Zoya Charla!

  2. Dominique33

    Halley’s comete as a base and Nfu Oh 54 to enhance the Orly nail polish ( just great ! ), I often use Nfu Oh 54 over many polishes ( pink, red, blue ones ), works well !

  3. blueraccoon

    I don’t really know if this counts because it’s not quite layering polishes, but…the last time I had my nails done, my nail tech did one coat of OPI’s A Grape Fit (gel polish and so amazingly good – one coat looked like two), then mixed loose glitter with topcoat to paint on a layer of purple multicolored glitter. Followed that with topcoat, and I have glittery purple nails that make me happy. Prior to that we did a mixed pinks polish that was sparkly and gorgeous but I can’t remember the polishes used :( (I may be a grown up and work in an office, but I can have glitter on my nails if I want it, darnit *g*)

  4. 18thCenturyFox

    $OPI Sugar Plum Fairies Gone Wild over Nars Storm Bird. My nails look like l’il gothic gum drops.

  5. Pragya

    Hi Christine,Sorry, I’m commenting about irrelevant topic here, but really need your advice and did not know where else to ask.I’m here in US for only a week, and wanted a foundation with medium coverage to wear for events (so it needs to photograph well). I settled on MUFE HD Invisible faoundation, but the shade that MUA matched for me (153) was a little too yellow. Other nearby shades were light on me, and shade 150 (she said it was neutral version of 153) drew a little pink on me.I did get the 153 shade, but i’m having second thoughts on whether it will photograph good, with yellowish cast.Can you please help me out? Should I keep it, take the pinkish cast (MUA said it may photograph grey-ish), or try something else altogether?Is there any way to make yellowish foundation work?Thank you for bearing with my rant !! :(

  6. Honestly, I don’t layer my polishes that often–I like to stick with one solid, bright color on my nails. But on the rare occasion that I do (which has been more so this summer than any other time), I am REALLY loving Essie’s Luxeffects As Gold as it Gets over Essie Turquoise & Caicos. Pretty, bright, and fun!

  7. Sally Hansen Disco Ball over any opaque white creme! It’s amazing combination, it looks like swarowski jewelry)

  8. xamyx

    I’m boring; I just wear “plain” polish…

  9. Lydia

    Illamasqua Prism over anything! It looks especially gorgeous over a neon orange.

  10. Dinitchka

    At the moment and for this week: Spoiled’s Black Mamba (black polish with tons of fine silver glitter, making it almost grey) 2 coats and Revlon’s Stunning (clear base multi colored micro and hex holo glitter) 2 coats on top. It’s so sparkly and just beautiful. *** I picked up Sally Hansen’s glitter crackle Sage Smash last night and put it over the current layer. Ummmm, it sucks. It barely crackled but I must admit the overly lime green sparkle is beautiful.
    For a lighter combo I like Ginger + Liz’s Half Naked (sheer light nude-y pink) 2 coats with Ginger + Liz’s Take A Chill Pill (blingy rainbow fine micro glitter) 2 coats.
    I am a huge fan of layering. Especially when late at night I paint my nails and I dent or smudge one … Glitter polish or crackle hides those imperfections :)

  11. Irine

    Essie Bikini So Teeny

  12. Okay so maybe it’s not *technically* layering, but Essie Matte top coat over CG’s Fortune Teller or Lippman’s Rbuy Slipper.

  13. Sephora by OPI Only Gold for Me over really bright or ladylike shades…pinks, usually. During the holidays I’ve put it over red, too. I’ve done on every nail, on only my ring finger, on just the tips as an altered French manicure…it’s so much fun to play with! 

    • annedreshfield That sounds really pretty!  So far, I haven’t been a ‘layerer’..  but I do have plans for China Glaze I’m Not Lion.. mustard yellow undernearth.  I layer a sheer gold over my lips frequently so I do not know why it didn’t occur to me to do same on nails.  Thanks for the tip Anne!

      • wwendalynne Yes, I’m not usually one for more gimmicky nail polishes, but I really enjoy playing with a sparkle top coat! And it can be subtle as long as you’re thoughtful about how you’re using it. It’s especially fun around the holidays. Try it out! :)

  14. clcoons

    Essie’s Lilacism, with a dipped glitter effect – concentrating the silver Luxe Effects on the tips of my nails and pulling it down slightly so it looks like I dipped my nails in glitter. Hard to explain without a picture, but it’s beautiful. Can’t wait to try it with a neon pink & gold.

  15. gabrielle17

    Black polish with a sheer-ish purple/green polish over it.

  16. Carly Elizabeth

    China Glaze Turned Up Turquoise with Orly Mermaid Tale

  17. AbbiPemberton

    I’ve recently been in love with the Sephora’s Opi it’s real 18kt gold polish over Sephora’s Opi Slushied (sp?) it’s an opaque non metallic teal with the seche vite top coat. Also loving Sephora’s Opi Looks like rain deer with Sephora’s Opi Flurry up silver glitter top coat over it, also with sech vite top coat…of course!!

  18. MsAnge

    Chanel Quartz on top of Chanel Graphite. Deeper multi dimensional taupe – so chic!

  19. Jasmine

    Sally Hansen’s Lacey Lilac (a pastel lilac purple, to die for!) with Sinful Color’s Let Me Go (sheer shimmering purpley blue multi-dimensional color) over it! It really adds a shimmery pop to one color nails! Although they can be just as gorgeous too.