Sunday, April 1st, 2012

Video Review: MAC Reel Sexy Collection

Video review for the upcoming MAC In Extra Dimension collection that will launch in-stores on April 5th. It is online now! (Along with In Extra Dimension and Tres Chic.) Don’t forget to subscribe to Temptalia’s YouTube channel! :)


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35 thoughts on “Video Review: MAC Reel Sexy Collection + Online Now: Reel Sexy, Tres Chic, and In Extra Dimension

  1. christina

    I’m having a panic attack because it says modern mandarin is already SOLD OUT! WTF MAC?!

    • Kaytlin

      That is the only one I wanted and I missed out on it too! Ugh

    • Roxana

      TOTALLY AGREE. I got everything else I wanted but modern mandarin. MAC, you’re killing me here!

    • Angela

      I KNOW! I’m dying!! I really hope I can get it on Nordstrom’s website or that MAC will have some for us to buy when the collection email officially launches. :(

      • christina

        I crossing my fingers that they restock!

      • Roxana

        … And though I was able to add Modern Mandarin to my cart and check out with it, I received an email today from Nordstrom saying Modern Mandarin is backordered. SIGH. I hope it eventually does come back in stock and my order isn’t just canceled!

  2. Lara

    I feel like a very successful, yet totally legal, pirate for having snagged everything on my wishlist. SUCCESS!

  3. DevilishDoll

    OMG, Christine, what is on your lips and cheeks? It’s so beautiful! =o

    • MAC Whisper of Gilt, Lovecloud, Heroine

      • DevilishDoll

        I really might have to get Whisper Of Gilt when I get some more money, if it isn’t sold out by then. All I got so far is Watch Me Simmer and Reel Sexy, I’m a little worried about how they will look on me, but if anything, I can always apply them lightly and add some lipglass or a bit of Purring Tendertone.

  4. Veronica

    Ah, I just realized Lent doesn’t end until two days after this collection is released, not before like I originally thought. Guess that means I’m going to have to skip it, since I highly doubt anything I want will still be available in stores after that. :) Good luck to everyone else going for it!

  5. TK

    I just got two of the Tres Chic blushes. I bought Peony Petal and Immortal Flower. My first MAC blushes! I’m soooo happy! I had a feeling something was gonna happen tonight!

  6. Angela

    This better be an April Fools joke. Because nothing else is Sold out! There is no way none of the others haven’t sold out by now :( I want Modern Mandarin!!

  7. Miss J

    It annoys the shit out of me that MAC puts stuff up on the web site without putting it under the what’s new section. Sorry that I don’t want to stalk every part of the site for days in advance. I really get no enjoyment out of their limited collections at this point.

  8. Kristin

    Thanks for the reminder! I just grabbed Superb :)

  9. sarah

    I’m so confused. I got everything I wanted, including Modern Mandarin. I just checked and it is still available on the website. Is it different from country to country? I am in Canada.

    • Canada has different stock than the U.S.

      • sarah

        Ah, totally makes sense. I want to thankyou, Christine, for the wonderful, in-depth reviews you provide. I would be at a complete loss without your valued insight. I cannot begin to imagine all the time and hard work that you put into even the smallest collections. You make the love of makeup fun — and far easier than it has been in the past.

    • I’m pretty sure the warehouse is in Scarborough just outside the GTA core. it takes a bit longer for the Canadian site to sell out unless it something super hyped about like Stereo Rose (sells out every year in a minute) and Bloggers Obsession actually sold out before the US did while still had the items in my cart in 14 minutes from it’s lunch and was sold out when i went to the checkout.

      • Deb

        Modern Mandarin is still available on the Canadian site, but Immortal Flower is sold out. I was the first person in the door at The Bay today and got both Modern Mandarin and Immortal Flower (as did the person right behind me). And with that, they were sold out! I couldn’t believe that they only received two of each blush.

  10. I have to thank you for the direct links as when I did a search nothing came up last night on the Canadian site. Placed my order around midnight for Superb and Whisper of Gilt only.

  11. Interesting thing to not that the only items to sell out on the Canadian site are the Immortal Flower, Modern Mandarin blushes and Reel Sexy lipstick. ^_^

  12. Jazz

    I hope that I can get my hands on a modern mandarin blush on Thursday when it launches in store. I dont get paid until Wednesday , so I have to wait. Thankfully , there are 3 Macys near me , and even more if I venture into Chicago( which I most likely will ) . I can do without the highlighter, but I really want this blush in my life

  13. Debbie

    Do you know what is really sad :( They are already for sale on eBay for double the price!

  14. Lesley Kriewald

    Ooh, thanks for the heads up. I’ve never used a highlighter but I just snapped up Superb. Can’t wait to try it out. I also want Pink Cult blush but I might wait for that.

  15. Sandy Lessingham

    Thanks for posting this! I had been checking all day and had given up. Free Shipping Code: Lashes

  16. Carolyn Spengler

    Thanks! Just snagged Watch Me Simmer :) Everybody, be sure to click on Temptalia’s link above because I was not able to find the new products by just going to their website!!!!

  17. Dou Chey McShay

    Lol I went psycho when my Internet stopped working, but I managed to get modern pewter, immortal flower and love cloud :-)

  18. Kendra Clark Siler

    Ordered 4 shadows and 2 skin highlighters — Christine your review are blowing my makeup budget!!;)

  19. Krystle Reyes James

    Modern mandarin sold out real quick!

  20. Lissette Guzman

    Thanks for the heads up! Just got watch me simmer lipstick and immortal flower blush! Yay! :)

  21. Karen D Collins

    Ughhh everything I wanted is sold out. I guess I will be at the MAC counter early Thursday morning

  22. Yolanni Alejandra Reid

    It’s on nordys too now