Monday, March 28th, 2011

Urban Decay Summer 2011

Urban Decay Summer 2011

Baked Bronzer ($26.00)

  • Baked Add radiance to any look by using our classic bronzer that brightens skin with slight shimmer
  • Toasted Fake an exotic vacation to Tahiti by dusting on a bit of our matte bronzer
  • Gilded Lacey veins of gold in a smoldering bronze shimmer bronzer

Eyeshadow Primer Potion Tubes ($19.00)

  • Original Sheer
  • Eden Matte nude
  • Sin Champagne shimmer
  • Greed Gold shimmer

Lip Love ($16.00)

From the mighty Lisa Rinna bouche to the barely-there Kate Hudson pout, all lips need love. Shower your kisser with the finest affection and prove your love with Lip Love Honey-Infused Lip Therapy by Urban Decay. With a honey scent that guarantees you’ll be getting’ some sugar, Lip Love conditioning lip oils keep your lips smooch-able while increasing fullness and giving a hint of tint for that perfect “no-makeup” makeup look we all crave.

  • Drizzle Sheer baby pink
  • Failbait Sheer coral
  • Lolita Sheer bright pink
  • Stung Sheer blackberry
  • Taunt Sheer nude

Meltdown Makeup Remover ($TBA)

Having trouble getting all of your long-lasting makeup off? Does your waterproof eye makeup seem more like it’s tattooed on? Don’t have a celebrity-style meltdown. (We have enough people claiming to be God and promising us a short spaceship ride to heaven.) Instead of opting to be a hot-mess, take it all off with Meltdown Makeup Remover by Urban

Quinceanera Bag ($26.00) (Limited Edition)

It’s our birthday and we’ll sparkle if we want to! Help us celebrate 15 years of beauty with an edge, and – according to Latin American tradition – our entry into womanhood. Introducing the second of our limited-edition 15-Year Anniversary items: the Quinceañera Bag. Flashy in the coolest of ways, our Quinceañera Bag glitters purple and holds a sh*t ton of your favorite stuff!

Rollergirl Nail Kit ($28.00) (Limited Edition)

  • Fame Champagne shimmer
  • Love Train Opalescent shimmer
  • Miss T Bright orchid fuchsia
  • Superfreak Gold shimmer base with gold micro-glitter
  • Woodstock Hot pink
  • Xanadu Sheer purple base with purple glitter

Rollergirl Eyeshadow Palette ($32.00) (Limited Edition)

  • Darkhorse Bronze patina
  • Suspect Golden with dimensional shift
  • Verve Pale champagne with oyster shimmer
  • Woodstock Hot pink with subtle fuchsia shimmer
  • Whiskey 24/7 Liner Dark brown
  • Crush Lip Junkie Lipgloss Sheer bright hot pink

Urban Defense ($30.00)

  • Halo Sheer alabaster for fair skin tones
  • Bodyguard Sheer nude for fair to medium skin tones
  • Bulletproof Sheer sand for medium skin tones
  • Forcefield Sheer fawn for medium to dark skin tones

Availability: Sephora, ULTA, select Macy’s;, Rollergirl Nail Kit is available at Macy’s and April 2011.

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98 thoughts on “Urban Decay Summer 2011 Launches

  1. ida

    how cuuute! such pretty packaging!

  2. Jess

    You really have no idea how excited this makes me!!!! Any chance you could find out the release date for the U.K??

  3. Mariam

    ohh this looks interesting! can’t wait for the reviews and swatches :)

  4. Mariella

    Wow – FINALLY they are putting Primer Potions in tubes (all 3 shades too)- not before time! Time for me to treat myself to a new TUBE of the original!!! Now all they have to do is remove the crazy, falling glitter from Maui Wowie, Midnight Cowboy Rides Again, etc. and I will have such faith that they are listening to consumers. Lots in this collection to interest me (better start saving my pennies!) – the bronzers and tinted moisturizer, especially!

    • Lauren

      Try the Midnight Cowboy in the Shadow Pencil.. I work for Urban and I am impressed by how well the glitter stays in those things!

  5. Do you know if the Primer Potions in tubes are limited? I know they’re supposed to be limited on Sephora, but then again the professional sized Primer Potion is permanent on Urban Decay site, although it’s limited on Sephora.

    Can’t wait for the review! Thank you always. ^__^

    • ainat

      The primer potion tubes are now how they will be sold everywhere, even Sephora. I think their wording is confusing people: “Exclusive to Sephora for a limited time” means that right now the only place you can get the tubes is at sephora.

    • ValentinaB

      UD said on their Facebook page that they are NOT limited edition and will be how they are packaged from now on. :)

  6. Meri

    can’t wait for the review esp review for the tinted moisturizer :)

    • Lauren

      I use the tinted moisturizer and I love it! Awesome coverage and feels great! Super lightweight! Can be used alone (with bronzer) that’s how I wear it, or as a base for your powder.

  7. Carlee

    I am so excited for these products! what does the eyeshadow palette look like?

  8. Love the packaging…though I am fan of sleek, Black packaging…
    Excited about the palette. What if its as GOOD as NAKED Palette…:)

  9. bxboricua

    Yes! Primer Potions in a tube again!

  10. I’m excited for the makeup remover. <3

  11. Maggie

    Wow! This all looks great! Can’t wait for the reviews/swatches!

  12. Jules

    I see the nude primer is going to be in a professional size tube. YAY I’m excited for that. I have the regular UDPP professional size and the packaging makes me so happy.

  13. Caitlin

    Primer Potion in a tube?! I’m almost out of my Too Faced Shadow Insurance, so I may actually try UDPP now. I refused to buy it in the old packaging. The bronzers look great, too. Are they matte or shimmery? Hopefully there will be something that works for my NC15 skintone.

    • Lauren

      two of the bronzers are shimmery. One with gold flecks and one with a more silvery sheen. One bronzer (Toasted) is matte. Perfect for contouring.

  14. karen

    Do you know if they will be making the primer potions in tubes permanent from now on? I despise the old packaging. haha. I’ve been needing to purchase a new one, so I’m glad these are coming out now!

  15. The bronzers look really nice, would love to hear about the UD Tinted Moisturiser!

  16. leesie

    Yay for new packaging! I use Urban Defense, and the packaging is kind of annoying as it is, and /everyone/ has been complaining about the UDPP packaging forever now.
    Also, ooh, a palette! It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a UD palette I’ve had to have, so, uh…maybe this’ll be it? Maybe?

  17. Ana

    This looks exciting; can’t wait to see it.

  18. Toni

    SO looking forward to seeing these reviews

  19. Alyssa

    Ohhh!! When is it going to be available?

  20. Rebecca

    SO excited Urban Defense is coming in a tube! When I tested it from the pump, I tested it a few times at different Sephoras so I don’t think they’d all been sitting around forever, I felt that there was a bit of resistance with the pump and it shot out a lot at once. (I don’t know if this is from the pump, but it was very thick as well, I hope they thinned it out/the tube will help)

  21. I’m interested in UD’s nail polishes – that’s new for them, eh?

  22. Jess

    Really,Really excited to hear about the palette!!

  23. Julia

    it only took how many people to complain about UD packaging before they changed the tubes for good? lol but I look forward to the reviews. UD isn’t sold here in Australia but my stepdad is going to the UK for a few weeks on Monday so I might have to make him do a girly run.

  24. Katie

    Excited about a new palette since i could never get my hands on the Naked palette in time!

    • Lauren

      Naked Palette is an all the time palette. Just gotta stay on it.. Get on stores lists to call when it comes in. We just ran out at my store last week, should be getting next shipment by third week of April.

    • Harley

      The Naked palette actually back in stock on Urban Decays website. :-) I bought mine on Friday at my local Ulta, they had them sitting on the counter at checkout so I was lucky to see them.

  25. Kat

    Aah so excited for the palette, the mini Primer potion tubes and the bronzers! And maybe the polishes too :)

  26. Alex

    Looks exciting. I saw what looked like a glittery purple makeup bag on UD’s facebook with their mention of this collection… if so I’m in trouble…

  27. WOW! cant wait! 😀

  28. Sooooo exciting!!! I truly am loving it. Can’t wait to see the reviews. Super excited about the tinted moisturizer!!

  29. Nicole

    Oh wow, I had no idea! Can’t wait for the reviews and more info Christine! XD

  30. Why oh whyyyyyyyyyyy hasn’t Urban Decay done permanent, full-sized nail polishes. I love their colors and their formula. I just want GIANT sizes of them. Please, pretty please, Urban Decay fairy, make full sized nail polishes.

    • Also, I am on the edge of my seat for the palette review. I adore their palettes. Oh goodness, practically all of my makeup is Urban Decay now. I need to branch out.

      • Laura

        UD is nice – I like their Naked Palette, but I really like the eyeshadows from Inglot. I got the eyebase & honestly it isn’t great, it is dark & one of the main ingredients is vegetable oil? I like Laura Geller for Blush, oh there are so many out there – just sample around stores & read for reviews :-)

  31. AHHHHHH I was so excited to see this. Im a palette collector, so hopefully the palette isn’t full of repromotes like a few palettes have been (im buying it regardless, is that bad?!) & the other must buy for me regardless is the nail polishes because I missed the last ones that came out last summer I think? Other than that, I think I might pick up a tinted moisturizer, your review will be my deciding factor! haha. The suspense is killing me to see that palette, ahhhhh! xx

  32. Victoria

    Yay! So excited for many things, but really do love UD polish sets!

  33. xMissxAndristx

    omg i was so sad when the old baked bronzer disappeared from the ud website.. so glad to see it’s not discontinued!

  34. AnGeLwInGz

    There better be some new colors in the eyeshadow palette. Seriously!

  35. Amanda Dubs

    palette palette palette!!!!

  36. Ooh I’m excited to see this! My local UD counter gave me some hints about what some of the upcoming 15th anniversary sets might be, that palette looks like one of the ones he was talking about! Excitement!

  37. Elizabeth

    I can’t wait to see what all the colors are in the new nail polish set! I literally shrieked when I saw them… haha.

    • Elizabeth

      Boo, only 6 nail polishes for the same price (and Woodstock is from the Summer of Love kit, too)… I guess I’ll just wait for it to go on sale on HauteLook! :)

  38. Amanda Enn

    Primer potion TUBES?! FINALLY!!!!
    Too bad I just repurchased a tube of Too Faced’s… oh well.

    This is only available in the summer?

  39. I’m hoping this will be out in EARLY April, since Ulta just sent me one of the 20% off anything certificates valid for then.

    I’d love to get the polishes, and if there aren’t a ton of dupes in the eyeshadows…

  40. Momo

    On the subject of summer make up, I was wondering if you ever had trouble with make up getting spoiled over the summer? My apartment gets insanely hot during the summer days, and I’ve had to throw out plenty of make-up that overheated :( I’ve considered putting things in the fridge but I’m not sure that wouldn’t ruin it as well… have you ever tried that? Any suggestions? Love your blog by the way! Awesome resource for make-up lovers! Thank you!

  41. Sophie

    So excited for the polishes!! I do hope Urban Decay stops teasing us soon though and brings back their full sized polishes.

  42. anonymous

    could the top right corner possibly be an all gray/silver palette similar to naked?

  43. Awesome! I’m definitely getting the palette, and I can’t wait to see pics of the Quinceanera bag and the Lip Loves!

  44. Heidi S.

    Yay! I can’t wait for Lip Love!

  45. Being a HUGE fan of Urban Decay.
    And a Roller Derby Girl myself.
    I will defos have to get the Roller Girl Nail Set.
    And Roller Girl Palette!!


  46. Herlinda

    AAAAWWWWW!! i cant wait!! thanks for keeping us updated!

  47. Nikelle

    Oh for the love of Greed in a tube!

  48. Debbie

    Do you know when their friends and family sale would be? I’ve never had any UD products aside from their eyeliners before and I’m interested in finally trying their primer and tinted moisturizer.

  49. I’m most excited to see swatches of the Rollergirl Palette!

  50. Pamela Pirone

    What an AMAZING summer collection!

  51. Amanda

    The Baked bronzer is in the same shades they used to have, but repackaged…hm.

  52. sabrina

    This is so awesome I can’t wait:):):)

  53. im excited for the primer potions in the tubes 😀

  54. Emily

    I know I may be the only voice on this but-bleh. I loved the first five years of Urban Decay when they weren’t trying to be grown up- that’s what all the other HE lines are for. UD was the HE alternative for dolls like me who find names like Xanadu, Rollergirl and Woodstock completely abhorrent to a punk/ rockabilly/aesthetic. I mean the original ES containers were manhole covers and the lipstick tubes were bullets. That goes with the moniker “Urban Decay”. While they’ve been going towards the LightSide for years I think this sticks the fork in it. It’s time to rename it Suburban Sprawl. I know I come off like sour grapes but I am so disappointed because this was the company that did it best back in the day.

  55. Pariah

    I’m excited about the UDPPin tubes, and they are already available at sephora! I’m excited about the bronzer as well. I might get the nail polish, I don’t know. Same goes for the palette, I have two out of the 4 e/s and a whiskey liner, so I might pass on that.

    Is the bag just a bag? or does it come with goodies? I’ll be a little disappointed if it’s just a bag. I’ve been eagerly awaiting the release of the next 15th anniversary product and I was really hoping for more make up.

  56. Christine, do you know if feminine, dangerous and fun palette will be avaiable at sephora??

  57. Ariel

    Urban Decay is so good at fun summer colors!

  58. Lehua

    I absolutely love Urban Decays packaging!

  59. Amanda Dubs

    I really want to know what the next anniversary item is!

    • Amanda Dubs

      oh wait! I just read what it is up there XD I shouldve read it all first. But 26 bucks seems so cheap compared to the 92 I paid for the first item. Hmm. Im really anxious to see it.

  60. valentina

    “From the mighty Lisa Rinna bouche to the barely-there Kate Hudson pout”
    i’m sure these women gave the okay, and most likely were remunerated handsomely, but i find this line quite repugnant. it’s enough that we are bombarded with images of celebrities who cosmetics campaigns ask that we compare ourselves to, but in writing??! and the way the two are pitted against each other… ughh, too much.

  61. VeroJo

    I wish there was a picture of the quince bag.

  62. is this already available or it will be in April, because I just went to the Urban Decay site and the new items aren’t up yet.

  63. Trish

    Very much looking forward to the tinted moisturizer w/ SPF. I hope the sunscreen isn’t chemical based :(

    • Lauren

      Moisturizer is available. Has been since last year. Just new packaging… Go chek it out. I LOVE it

  64. trop beau comme toujours!!!!

  65. Morgan

    I am SO FREAKING EXCITED about this new batch of UD goodies, it’s not even funny.

  66. Tiffany

    Definitely getting the palette! and probably the tubes of primer but I have to use up some of what I have first

  67. Crissy

    The only ones I was interested in were the baked bronzers. I was sorely disappointed to find out that they are repromotes. It would have been nice if they came out with new bronzing shades. Oh well. More money to spend on MAC stuff I guess.

  68. Interested in the Meltdown! I almost always wear waterproof mascara and a lot of times even the waterproof makeup removers don’t do the job 100%. This would be interesting to try.

  69. Ana

    Christine, will you be reviewing / swatching the Lip Love glosses? I’ve heard that it doesn’t matter what color you buy because they are so wicked sheer. If so, I think I’ll be skipping them.