Thursday, December 1st, 2011

Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette

The Naked Palette by Urban Decay took over the internet via tweets, YouTube tutorials and reviews, sells more than one every minute, and remains (after two years on the market) the beauty industry’s best-selling palette! The most anticipated sequel since Empire Strikes Back, with shades ranging from the palest nude to the lewdest black, Urban Decay’s Naked2 palette takes full frontal to another level.

  • Blackout Blackest black with matte finish (Repromote, not available individually)
  • Booty Call Shimmery cork (New)
  • Busted Deep brown with shimmery finish (New)
  • Chopper Copper shimmer with silver micro glitter (Permanent)
  • Foxy Cream bisque with matte finish (Repromote, not available individually)
  • Half Baked Golden bronze with shimmery finish (Permanent)
  • Pistol Light greyish brown with shimmery finish (New)
  • Snake Bite Dark bronze shimmer with metallic base (New)
  • Suspect Pale golden beige with shimmery finish (Repromote, not available individually)
  • Tease Creamy pale brown with matte finish (New)
  • Verve Oyster with shimmery finish (Repromote, not available individually)
  • YDK Cool bronze shimmer with metallic base (Permanent)
  • Naked Sheer shimmery pinky neutral (Lip Junkie) (Permanent)
  • Good Karma Shadow/Crease Brush Dual-ended brush

availability: Now @ Urban Decay for $50; mid-to-late January for Sephora, Ulta,, Macy’s; February 2012 for international

Please note this palette arrived an hour ago, and I’m working as fast as possible to get everything up right away. Please be patient and hold ALL questions until I’ve had a chance to post the review. Thank you!

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130 thoughts on “Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette

  1. cindy

    aww take your time… I’m sure a lot of people will agree with me, we’re looking forward to your review!

  2. Tara

    You should watermark your pictures. A lot of people have been posting blogs about it and they may still your beautiful photos.

    • Watermarking ruins photos – what’s the point of working hard and taking hours to provide quality photos for my readers if I ruin them with a watermark? :( I care more about the reader’s experience with the photos.

      • Dani

        Thank you, Christine. That’s really sweet of you :)

      • Bernice

        I know you’ve said this before when people ask about watermarking and you’re right it does and it REALLY is sweet of you but I sometimes can’t help but get annoyed or slightly angry when I see other people stealing your fabulous pictures 😛

        And I can’t wait for your review but having said that take your time! <3

        • amanda

          yeah but when we and all the other makeup fans see them elsewhere EVERYONE knows they’re Christine’s, which i’m sure even the poster knows, so it can’t be posted with *that* malicious an intent lol.. even if it was, its a joke.. because i can look at a picture and immediately be like TEMPTALIA

        • Nancy

          I know right! I always feel annoyed when I see others stealing Christine’s hard work and claiming it’s theirs. I really really appreciate what you do for use Christine! Thank You! You are my #1 favorite beauty blogger. I know I can always turn to your amazing reviews and non biased opinions before I decide if I want to bite the bullet and splurge! :)

      • divinem (Melissa)

        And that is why you ROCK, Christine!

      • jenny

        I really appreciate that you care more about your readers’ enjoyment than the possibility (OK, reality) that others may steal your work! Shame on those lazy wannabes!

        • Ida

          It so rocks that you think that way Christine!

          And anyways, I’m sure it’s not taking anything away from Christine even if they do “steal” (the proper term is copy) her pictures: Christine is the one who provides the content, reviews, her expertise, the community and the medium for it all anyways! What’s a few pictures without all that what makes Temptalia so special? :)

          • It does, actually – people don’t have to visit Temptalia in order to see the photos/images/content or whatever else they took, and because it’s not viewed in Temptalia, the credit is not given to Temptalia and that person doesn’t necessarily know they’re my photos or not :) We lose on potential new readers and future opportunities if copying goes completely unchecked.

      • Samiha

        maybe just a tiny logo on the side… not like right across on the product’s image or anything… along the side where it won’t get in the way

        • Still takes away from the image, IMO, and honestly, it’s easy for people to crop out your logo if you do that way – and then what’s the point?

      • Vale

        You don’t need a watermark. Your pics are so high-quality that in a random google-image search, I immediately recognize them 😉
        However, I think you are extremely kind in not putting a watermark for giving us better pics, thanks!

      • lilly

        Your point is true, and I really appreciate that you falter toward gain for your readers and not yourself.

      • Anika

        omg thats so sweet of you! In my opinion you have the best pics! Perfect for online shoppers like me 😀 Thank you so much!

    • emily

      I love that you don’t watermark, Christine.

      And I, and my friends, always visit directly or read through rss – you’re our favorite beauty blogger! So, although people probably do sometimes steal your photos, just about everyone knows that you are the best.

  3. I like the case of this one better (material-wise) but the colors look like more of the same…works for me though since I already have the first one and rarely use it lol.

    • divinem (Melissa)

      They are very similar — and warmer, which I do not prefer. I love cool neutrals with a little bit of warmth, which I can achieve with NAKED 1. The packaging is way cool but not enough to compel me to purchase.

      • I’m with you two. Packaging is nice, but the colors look so similar. I know I already have a few of the colors in my stash as well.

        • Same here, I’ve been collecting quite a few “nude” themed palettes that I don’t need this one really, even if it was different. The improved packaging certainly isn’t worth a near-dupe palette.

          And regarding warm/cool I think both work for me depending on the shade BUT I think that it’s silly for UD to have a primarily warm palette, then release another one that is primarily warm with very similar shades. At least if it was almost the same as the first palette, making it cool would mean either people who found the first one too warm will get it, or people who already own the first can justify getting both…

  4. Thankyou so much for posting this. I don’t have the original NAKED palette. I’m waiting for your review of NP2.

    Just from the first picture alone I’ve decided I prefer the packaging of the NP2 (it looks like you can wipe it clean) now just waiting to hear your opinion about the shadows and see the swatches.


  5. I ordered mine about an hour ago on impulse! I couldn’t help myself =P

  6. Msharma

    I can’t believe it took them soo long to send it to u. Tsk tsk! I already ordered mine and very eagerly waiting for ur review on it. Even though it’s been months since I used my naked palette.

  7. Meike

    Do I need this? Not really, probably.
    Do I want this? Yes. Very much.

  8. Sam

    Just ordered mine :) I can’t wait to use it in future contributing posts.

  9. I wish they’d have done something totally different this time, not interested in this. I have too many neutrals x3

  10. M.

    Ah. Neutrals. Which will undoubtedly apply sheer, as per every other UD shadow I’ve ever used. Bless them.

    • Rach

      Sheer? I have lots of UD shadows and they are all v.pigmented even the neutrals

      • M.

        I have Book of Shadows Vol. I and the Urban Ammo palette, and I really have to pack them on to get any coverage. I’ve had much better luck with NYX. I have to say, though, no one beats UD for pretty packaging!

    • Gina

      I have never owned a UD shadow that applied sheer lol.

      • divinem (Melissa)

        Neither have I. Urban Decay and sheer payoff do not go together in my mind. I’ve always been irritated by their shadows’ fallout. Too annoying to bother with. I do like the NAKED 1 palette, though. Too bad it doesn’t have a useful highlight. It would be perfect if not for that.

        • M.

          Yeah, the tendency toward a metric ton of silver glitter and the accompanying fallout is annoying too. I think they must get a bulk discount on it, or the manufacturer of silver glitter has some kind of dirt on the UD CEO or something.

    • Sarah R

      I’ve never had an Urban Decay eyeshadow that has applied sheer! Maybe you got a bad batch.

      • M.

        I wish! I own two palettes (darn their seductive packaging), and every last shade is sheer regardless of primer and application method. I’m really pale, too.

      • Maribeth

        Quite the contrary, actually! I never have to pack them on to get color, actually have to tap the brush to make sure it doesn’t apply heavy on first pass…

  11. Dani

    I’m having serious trouble getting the website to place the order. Grr. I hope they fix this. I want this so bad.

    • Tina

      That happened to me, too. I clicked “submit order” but then I got an error message, but 5 minutes later I got a confirmation email from Urban Decay. Did you try calling their customer service line?

  12. Rachel

    Thanks Christine!

  13. Am waiting for your review. My friend already ordered it from UD site just minutes ago…..whereas I will not buy another product without swatching it again. But love to hear your comparision of the two Nakeds and the quality of this one. The container sort of leaves me cold.

  14. Nichole

    loving the packaging!!

  15. I don’t believe Suspect is permanent, but is a repromote. It was in BOS NYC and the Rollergirl Palette :)

  16. SA

    I JUST bought the first one… hopefully this one sticks around long enough for me to save up for it 😛

  17. Sarah

    I thought naked had only been out for one year, fall 2010?

  18. Chels

    only thing to say is OH MY WORDDDDDDDDDDD

  19. Pamela M

    Wow I love the new packaging….I didn’t care for the brown velvet packaging. And there’s actual new colors!!! I want.

  20. Jillian

    Yay!! Just placed my order! So happy! =)

  21. Lee

    Yay! I got one! Here’s hoping I love it as much as the first one. (which I use at least three times a week despite having 11 palettes of MAC)

  22. Kristin

    My initial thought is that this is a slightly cooler palette that the first…still though, I’m not sure if it’s worth having in addition to the first one. I noticed half baked is in both. I think that particular shade is over-rated and that the colors in each palette should be mutually exclusive.

  23. Tai

    I’m definitely looking forward to your review! I just scored the palette from UD website a minute ago after 1hr struggle with the heavy traffic of the site. I was looking at the original last week until I discovered the Naked 2 rumor. Waited with bated breaths and now it’s within reach!!! Psych!

  24. mais

    I am holding off until your review…I trust your dupe list more than anyone else’s….Take your time!!!

  25. Maria

    Hi Christine – just saw someone elses video on this but am awaiting yours! When you do your video can you show the 1 & 2 palettes together & say if is worth it for so many more neutrals? Im thinking of returning my midnight emergency kit for this as its only $10 more!
    Thanks for all your hard work!

  26. Kathy S.

    I saw the UD e-mail and I was on this like a spider monkey on Starbucks and Skittles! Woo! I’ve had the money set aside for this since I heard about it. Thanks for the pictures, Christine!

  27. Amanda Dubs

    I want this. But not right now hahaha, I just bought the Mariposa, I can wait on this one for a few months. Maybe when I have some money saved up. Can’t wait to see your review though!

  28. Excired

    Where do you buy this I check sephora and ulta and its not there.. Also when does it come out?

  29. Nina

    dont rush, Christine. its all good! 😉

  30. Karyn

    Ha I saw this was available and I went “Better wait for Christine’s review, then go see if I can hunt it down.”

    Temptalia: Making me a more informed customer (except when it comes to Guerlain I’ll just buy it anyway lol)

    • Jennifer

      I did the exact same thing! So excited to see how the shades actually look swatched–I had to resist ordering it immediately because if the majority of the colors are really warm-toned then I shouldn’t get it…no matter how hard I try, I cannot pull of warm/gold/bronze/copper shades. :( *fingers crossed* I feel like I hardly ever buy any makeup anymore unless it has your seal of approval, Christine! You’re the best!

  31. Monalish

    I just ordered 2! One for a friend and one for me. So excited!

  32. Tiffany

    Trying to resist impulse buying this, aahhhhh!

  33. Claud

    Can’t order it from Canada :(
    Will have to wait for it to appear on Sephora website… I’m digging the cooler neutrals.

  34. Antonia

    I couldn’t wait I had to have this bought it an hour ago!! I can’t wait to have it in my hands and experience it 1st hand hopefully it lives up to UD standards. Love the 1st one so I’m expecting to love the second!! Can’t wait to see your full review on it!! I read your blog religiously and trust your word!!

  35. Chrissy

    please take your time! I’ve been looking at other swatches of it and thinking, “well, maybe i’ll get it after i see temptalias swatches” lol. no one seems to do them as well as you! plus my skin tone is closer to yours than the other people who have swatched it. =]

  36. Shana

    I’m so excited. I just ordered mine from UD’s website, and cannot wait to get it! I use my Naked palette almost everyday.

  37. Lucifin

    I wish they’d release a color-neutral. Like, pinky/purple version. Not everyone looks good in the traditional beige/brown neutrals and as much as I’d love to try it out, I look quite bland with beige/brown. :(

  38. Nicole

    From the promo photos it looks quite the same.. but I’ll probably give into the hype and get it..

  39. Casey

    I just impulse bought this, momentarily felt guilty, then realized I use my Naked palette 5-6 times a week and that guaranteed I will use this one in conjunction. I also feel like getting a good assortment of nude colors is a good investment, whereas if it was full of brights I could never justify the price.

    Plus, you never know if/when this thing is going to become hard to find!

  40. Dana

    Yay! Can’t wait for your review. UD’s site describes this as 12 taupes & “greiges?” Hope they swatch that way 😛

  41. I have already ordered it, but am still excited for your review to compare it with my own thoughts!

  42. Jocelyn

    Just ordered mine! I can’t believe they didn’t get this to you earlier, Christine! I’m a neutrals girl (who also loves shimmer!), so while I have the first palette and this looks similar, I’m sure I’ll get lots of use out of it.

    I’m really looking forward to your pics!!! Hurry up already!!! Kidding…kidding. Kind of. 😉 Thanks for your hard work!

  43. Saffy

    I’m so glad they used metal casing this time, the faux velvet material of the original Naked palette starts to look dirty after a while from the dust of eyeshadow fallout, and the gold lettering rubs off. I can’t wait to pick this one up!!! 😀

  44. Yelena

    JUST ordered this bad boy. so excited to see your review and what you think of it. take your time girl :)

  45. OMG, the first Naked palette is my favorite palette in the world!!! Yayyyyy!

  46. Becca

    HURRY UPPPP! LOL…just kidding.

  47. amanda

    even though most of the shades look like rubbish and the brush i know WILL be, im certain i will have to have this palette regardless.. especially when they tease you with a line like “any self-respecting make up fanatic” or whatever it said.. waah

  48. Elysia

    yea, I read the reviews from xsparkage this morning, and, while I prefer the huge mirror, the colors don’t excite me. I like #1 better. I actually don’t even have the 1st one, cuz I don’t wear neutrals enough to splurge on them lol

  49. Vale

    I hope this time the palette would be more cool-skintone oriented! Last year it was too warm for me to even consider buying it! :-(

  50. Z

    Those crooked back s.o.b.s didn’t send me my email it was live! >:| Not that I can justify yet another “girl purchase” of fifty bucks right now…but still… What’s the point of an email list if they don’t use it?

    I am so freaking anxiously awaiting your swatches. While I don’t use it as often as I could, I love my Naked Palette 1 and bust it out for travel and special events.

  51. Daisy

    I just ordered two of them. There is no way I’m waiting 8 months to get my hands on one like the first one!

  52. Mel

    Ordered it a half hour ago…so excited but seeing as how it’s a Christmas gift from my folks, I’ll be waiting a while:)

  53. Liz

    What is the point of this item? It is nearly identical to naked 1.0. …..I can’t believe urban decay’s lack of originality and need to put out a very similar item just because they know people will buy it. Meh!

  54. K7P*

    I jumped the gun… I always wait until I see your review but I just had to order it. =) Still can’t wait to see how you review though! =)

  55. Linda

    Just bought it!

  56. I don’t know, while I love UDN1, and this looks nice….I’m rather meh about it.

    I was hoping for more I suppose.

    I’m feeling towards UD like I’ve been feeling towards MAC for a while now. Stop popping off with repremotes every other month/palette and give us something new and original.

    I can be patient and wait for seasonal releases (every 4 months or so) if that’s what it takes to get that something new and wonderful. I’m going to hold off and hang onto my money this time around. The way UD keeps hiking the price on their palettes, it’s just getting to the point where it’s not worth it in my opinion, I’m afraid =(

  57. Sarah M

    Wow. So excited. I actually only ordered the first Naked palette today with the money I got for my birthday but I already cannot wait for this one. Looking forward to your review, swatches, etc. :)

  58. Michelle

    Kinda annoyed they didnt send you the palette earlier before any of those other bloggers who currently have it. Do you know what is up with that?

  59. Smidgeroo

    It was a very wise move to change the outer casing from the high-maintenance brown velvet flocking of the previous palette. I have mine in what’s left of the plastic sleeve it came it because it’s so hard to clean!

  60. Mariella

    When I looked at the photos, I thought they’d listened and put in all mattes with 2 or 3 frosts but that doesn’t seem to be the case, from the descriptions. Still, I LOVE the look of this and I really like the tin far more than the velveteen surface of the original Naked palette.

  61. Rosie

    I’m some what eager to see your review Christine but disapointed that UD didn’t create an entire new palette with all new colors for the naked palette. I suppose they figure why spend the money to make 12 new colors when they can just repromote half of them and get away with it :(……. New Pallette NEW COLORS I say LOL!

  62. shelley

    I need to play with the colors in person before I make a final decision. And take stock of the shades I already have…I have way too many dupes floating around as it is. So far I like what I see in regards to the case. Looks much, much better.

  63. I must have this. I just know it ><

  64. Andrea

    Christine, can’t thank you enough for all the excellent reviews, photos + in depth info. that you share–yours is my go-to blog [and youtube channel] to determine what’s a must-have and what’s a must-miss. You’re the best!! XO
    Now that I’ve seen your swatches, Naked2 is probably a must-miss. I agree with your assessment, cooler colours and a few more mattes would have made me over the moon.
    Thanks again!

    • No problem, Andrea! :) Thanks a lot!

      • LovelyLehua

        I agree with Andrea, Temptalia is my one-stop-shop
        for all beauty information. I really don’t bother to read any other blog. Christine always has the info first and is very thorough with all her reviews.
        Thanks Christine for being so committed!

  65. Shayna

    Aww, I was looking so forward to a cool naked palette. I like the few improvements(a matte black, double ended brush, and the bigger mirror and tin case). Maybe Naked 3 will finally be cool toned. 😐

  66. Beth Maiorana

    Christine, you are the Best !! That’s all I can say, that and the fact that these palettes (both) are just fantastic but I agree that it isn’t necessary to own two, but it’s nice !! xo Beth in Pgh

  67. Hannah

    OMG, Naked palette 2 😀 I wish I could buy it now but it probably won’t be out in the uk for ages. Still very excited though!

  68. Great pics! Makes me want it even more now. Funny — I posted the notice of Naked 2 going on sale on UD website and by the time tried to go to Urban Decay to buy – they were extremely slow and did not boot back up for a while – it was SOLD OUT! Guess I have to wait a little longer to add to my Naked collection!!!

  69. Nikki M

    Hi Christine, thanks for the review! How similar is Snakebite (Naked 2) to Deeper (UD 15 Year Anniv. Palette)? Thanks!

  70. lauryn

    Am I the only one who’s not hyped up over this?

  71. Lavon

    OMG! I was just on Urban Decays site yesterday and I didn’t see any Naked Palette 2 for Sale :( It just said Coming Soon! WTF now it is Sold Out :( Lucky you have one!! I love it

  72. Carrie


  73. Sarah

    Oh my lanta it’s beautiful.
    Now what palette do I buy-the Balm’s Nude Tude or Naked 2?!
    I prefer a more smokey eye, which palette is better for the ‘not so light/natural’ eyeshadow lover?

  74. Amy K

    Hey i was wondering are you positive that ulta and sephora will carry the naked palette2 mid to late january???

  75. debbie

    this is back in stock right now on the UD website

  76. Claire

    This is so exciting!! I mean there was such a hype up for the first edition but now there’s a second one, this is fantastic! I was so stoked to hear about this but within hours, the palette went out of stock on and now we have to wait until it comes out in stores :(. and it also takes longer to Canada; which is an even bigger disadvantage. Ah well. That’s what you get for jumping on the bandwagon too late.
    P.S. Thanks so much for your hard efforts in keeping up this amazing beauty blog, a makeup haven, shall we say. I have to say, I check your blog almost daily and am always amazed at how you keep up with absolutely everything!! Two thumbs up!

  77. [email protected]

    So i saw the review and sense i like the first naked palette i was so interested in getting the second one. Getting this would be my second palette that i ever got from UD but after looking at the swatches my excitement for this palette slightly dropped. To sum up my reasoning why basically is:If you have Naked one then you pretty much have Naked palette Two..minus the gloss of course. The swatches next to the original colors just looked so close and similar, kind of like baked. O wait maybe cause baked is a color they constantly put in almost all their palettes! Now don’t get me wrong, i love baked its a beautiful true gold color that applies nicely but i just feel that UD is getting lazy. Instead coming up with new colors, they just stick the same color in the palette and call it day. What? Really? Okay i sound like i hate it even though i don’t have it, but i don’t it might be an awesome palette so its something that i will have to check out at sephora (that’s if its going to be in the store).

  78. Nancy

    Christine, Do you know if they’re going to discontinue the original Naked palette anytime soon or next year??

  79. Will the Ulta website have it on January or just their stores?

  80. Lynette

    does anyone know where I can buy this in South Africa? Desperately looking for it.

  81. Ana

    Ijust order it thought it was easy but than it logged out and didn’t give me a confirmation number,Iam worry i know i don’t know yoy but please somebody help i just gave my card number out,before it logged out it said error but it seem like my order when through…..;(