Wednesday, August 31st, 2011

Urban Decay Holiday 2011 Launches has an early preview of Urban Decay’s holiday offerings–they’re not yet available for purchase, but at least we know what’s coming!

Mariposa Palette ($39.00) (Sephora Exclusive) (Limited Edition)

This palette mixes never-boring neutrals with sexy hits of shimmer and sparkle, and signature UD brights that truly explode. Just sweep them on, fast and easy, with the enclosed travel-size cruelty-free eye shadow brush. These shadows are laid out in color-coordinated quadrants (sets of four) that look amazing when worn together and can also be used as a starting point for creating your own color combinations. Housed in a gunmetal tin that displays a striking butterfly and an embossed UD icon, this assortment is perfect for everyone. 10×0.03 oz. eyeshadows plus travel-sized eyeshadow brush.

  • Rockstar Deep purple
  • Gunmetal Gunmetal gray with silver glitter
  • Skimp Ivory peach sheen
  • Infamous Magenta sheen
  • Wreckage Taupe shimmer
  • Haight Dark teal with shimmer
  • Money Pale silvery green shimmer
  • Mushroom Steel gray shimmer
  • Spotlight Golden tan shimmer
  • Limelight Gold shimmer

24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil Travel Size Set ($32.00) (Limited Edition)

Each set contain 5 x 0.03 oz. pencils.

  • Naked Includes Zero, Demolition, Bourbon, Underground, and Stray Dog
  • Electric Includes Perversion, Ransom, Woodstock, Radium, and Junkie

24/7 Glide-On Shadow Pencil Stash ($34.00)

  • Includes Delinquent, Rehab, Juju, Sin, and Clash.

availability: Holiday 2011

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96 thoughts on “Urban Decay Holiday 2011 Launches

  1. Corinne

    Digging the Electric liner set! Perversion is the best black pencil ever, and Junkie looks great.

  2. Sarah

    will definitely pick up the 24/7 shadow pencil stash!

  3. I definitely think I’m going to pick up the Naked glide-on eye pencil set. Thanks for the early heads up! 😀

  4. Ashley

    These look AWESOME. Woodstock 24/7 eye pencil = yessss!

    • what does one do with pink eyeliner? I like the second set of eye pencils a lot. other than the pink…

      • Rebecca

        MakeupByTiffanyD actually did a tutorial on youtube on how to make colorful eyeliner wearable, if you watch it you would definitely be able to make a color like woodstock wearable! You should check it out :)

        • Stacey

          I saw that one. Really a great eye look. She suggests lining your upper lid with black as usual then putting the colorful eyeliner above that. I tried it, perfect!
          I learn so much from her, Goss and EmilyNoel.

      • Charlotte

        I think you could use it under your bottom lashes with a purple look (especially if you used something like MAC Stars N Rockets)

      • Mariella

        Somhrita, I’m like you – can’t quite pull of those bright pink shades around my eyes without looking sort of like an pink-eyed white rabbit! I watched a few videos to I could use Junkshow from the 15th Anniversary palette but it just didn’t work for me at all so I’m using it on my cheeks as a blush!

  5. Shannon

    Man oh man! CAN NOT WAIT!!!!

  6. I always liked Stashes like these for colourfull shades that don’t use that often. On my list is 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil Travel Size Set Electric.

    I like the tin of Mariposa Palette looks promising but swatches are needed. I really need to get Skimp and Mushroom at one point though. ^_^

  7. Erica C

    Oh my! I can’t wait to see some swatches. This palette could be a must-have… and the price! *thumbs up*
    Thanks for sharing, Christine :)

  8. Omg i WANTS the 24/7 pencil sets!

  9. Oooh! I’m looking forward to the 24/7 Glide-On Shadow Pencil Stash! Can’t wait to finally try them in several different colours.

  10. Maddy

    Too many dupes in Mariposa palette… and just tin packaging :( I have BOS 3, Naked, Anniversary, and UD pigments… the ones that “new” are similar to old shades… Might grab it just for mushroom, though. I’ve heard fabulous things about it. Last thing I need is another Gunmetal. I’ll get my third gunmetal in BOS 4!!

    Loving Woodstock pencil, by the way. It’s one of those things I want horribly but would sit in my drawer, only to come out for theater makeup…

    • Mara

      Ditto on the Mariposa palette. Though $38 is a great price point for someone just starting their UD collection, I personally can’t justify it since like you, I already have many of the colors from six previous UD palettes I own. As for the eyeliners, I’m happy with my Prestige Total Intensity which are good dupes for the 24/7’s and quite the steal at $4 each. Mushroom is a great color, btw. It’s one of my HG eye shadows, and IMO way superior to MAC’s satin taupe.

  11. I m looking forward to the 24/7 glide on pencils…

  12. i want the 24/7 electric set, i’ll skip the palette because the color pretty much the same like BOS 3

  13. Tabitha

    omg.. totally posted this on the wrong tab. Uh. ANYWAYS, the glide on eye pencil travel sets look really nice, I really like the colors in both.

  14. Elise

    The shadow pencil set is absolutely coming home with me. Loves.

  15. Electric liner set for me, please! I may have to get the shadow pencils as well.

  16. Michelle

    I don’t want to start thinking about Christmas since it is not even FALL yet, but darn-it UD! Hopefully Santa will procure one (or all) of these pencil sets for me!

  17. Suselew

    Oh save me from these collections. I can see getting every one of them!

  18. K.B.

    Oh, man, I HAVE to have the Naked travel set! I’m not impressed with the 24/7 liners I’ve tried, but I’m obsessed with brown liners.

  19. I’m going to start saving for the Electric pencil set. Perversion shall be mine!

  20. Amanda

    *Gasp* Stray Dog and Perversion in travel size? Yes, please! I’ll have to get both liner sets because I fell in love with these when they appeared in the anniversary eyeliner set.

    • Boone

      I cannot live without my Stray Dog 24/7 liner, and my pencil from the 15th Anniversary set is starting to get nubby enough to give me heart palpitations every time I sharpen it. What’s a girl to do… buy 4 of the travel sets even though I’m fully stocked on Zero, Bourbon and Underground? Maybe if I win the lottery before this collection launches. GAHH! >:{

  21. I might go for the naked pencil set. The palette is cute but I already have similar shades, some of them in multiple versions…

  22. Definitely getting the shadow pencil stash and that lovely palette!

  23. Will these sets only be availible to the US or will we internationally located customers also be able to buy them?

  24. Why would you get a mariposa set when you can get a UD BOS IV or the anniversary palette which offers more and have similar colors? If it came out next year, I can understand the urge to get this. UD is trying to be like MAC and over produce.

    • Liz

      Believe it or not, some people value product over packaging. The color scheme is similar, but this is much cheaper, and you’re not paying for packaging and a silly irrelevant speaker. UD doesn’t nearly make enough to be considered “over producing”, they’re just becoming more popular and speaking to demand; not much has actually changed.

      • Jenn

        I completely I agree with this….I think i am skipping out out BOS IV and getting this palette…cheaper, nice and similar colors and much smaller and compact, I may actually not have to de-pot! BOS are too bulky, and this one is just too much.

      • Mariella

        Totally agree. All that gimmicky packaging is a pet peeve of mine because most of it is not durable, gets in the way of using the products and you’re paying a lot for it. I’d much rather this simple tin of shadows than the BOSIII, which I have, or the new one UD has come out with.

    • Just love it when I start a conversation. LOL. I got BOS IV at Sephora SF the other day with a free T-shirt…..wasnt going to get it…but the colors were nicer when I tested it than how it looked on these blogs. Yes, it cost more and dont need that gadget, but the grey colors on these palettes look too much alike and already have 5 of these colors on previous palettes

  25. alyssa

    Def need the palette and the electric 24/7 set!!!

  26. Sandy

    How hard were the holiday sets to get a hold of last year? I’m new to UD and don’t want to be disappointed by another shortage! :(

    • Mariposa

      Sandy…you can still get BOS 3 (last years holiday palette) on I think the earlier ones were harder to get, if you love it buy it!!

  27. Jill

    Aww man the Marisposa looks beautiful! I’ll have to await swatches and maybe a size comparison. It seems tiny in the pic. But I love Skimp as a highlighter so I’m glad there’s an option to opt out of BOS4.

  28. Alyssa

    I wish those eyeliners weren’t travel sized. They should bring back another awesome set of full sized liners. I’d buy it!

  29. Sasha

    What’s the difference between zero and perversion?

  30. Yay gonna start saving some money now can’t wait to try this different eye shadow. Looks awesome and I think it really suits my style and appearance as well.

  31. Carrie

    Really liking the 24/7 set in Electric, maybe the shadow pencils, might have to swatch those first.

  32. Michelle

    oh i like what i am seeing but will have to wait and see how they look like in the end before getting any. :)

  33. Dana

    That palette is ALMOST perfect. Except for that hot pink one UD seems to be throwing in all their pallets now.

  34. Jules

    Anyone else getting UD eyeshadow palette overload syndrome? Although the pencil sets look nice.

  35. Carrie Ann

    The Mariposa Palette is so up my alley. I love butterflies! The 24/7 pencil sets also look great. Can’t wait!

  36. Paula

    I’ve got none of the mariposa shadows so I’ll probably grab that first thing, might snag the naked set for my mom though.

  37. Heather

    OOh, can’t wait for the palette and the shadow pencil set! Just signed up on Sephora to be notified when it’s in stock..thanks for the heads up!

  38. DarkGlamour17

    Pretty sure I’m going to buy everything except the 24/7 electric set. Loving the palette and the mini jumbo pencils! 😀

  39. Becca

    this looks awesome!!

  40. Mariella

    I am willing to do just about anything to get UD’s Mushroom and I am loving the look of Wreckage and Spotlight. I have several of the other shadows but, like I said, to get Mushroom, I’m willing to get this palette and the fact that it has several other new shades I’d like to try plus a few that I already have but really like so I am SO going to get this one!

    Curious to know, Christine, about Juju (in the 24/7 shadow pencils) – clearly it’s a new shade but do you know yet which one it is? Can you describe it or are you waiting too?

  41. Leah

    Both liner sets look pretty great!

  42. Debi

    Can I adore it? I am all over this collection! It won’t hit the shops soon enough for me! Love the pencils and those shadows are beautiful!!

  43. Liz

    I want that palette so bad!

  44. Mel

    I was hoping for a better palette for the holidays:( the colors aren’t knocking me out.

  45. Who in their right mind would actually NOT want at least ONE thing from this? I am excited about the electric set and the shadow pencil stash.

  46. Alexis

    i think i want the eye shadow palette

  47. Liz

    I’m all over the Electric liner set!

  48. Definitely putting the palette on my Christmas list :)

  49. LOVE the second set of eyeliners, the shadow pencils, and the eyeshadow palette. do we know the online release date? I’m going to have to get my hands on these!

  50. OMG super love it! i wanna purchase the palette!

  51. claire

    OMG I want it all…

  52. melissa

    I hope these won’t be impossible to get in Canada like other UD products

  53. Jazz

    I want it all lol

  54. Veronica

    It looks like a great fall palette. I might actually go for it. The only thing I might pass on is the chunky pencils. For some reason, I’ve never gotten the hang of those. 😐

  55. Sophia

    Wooohoo for mushroom and money!! Mushroom I always wanted, and money is total love from my UD NYC palette,so it’s nice to have a backup.I’m also curious about wreckage and infamous..
    (PS: love your blog, I read it for about a year now and I must say I’m addicted! :) )

  56. Shauna

    Urg, why oh why does perversion (which I have wanted since I heard about) have to come in the pack with colors I already have. . . Sad news.

  57. MORENA

    Nice, but i already have the 15 anniversarry palette. which has similar, dupable shades. And i wont be running out of that by chrstmas

  58. Bom Dia!
    E muito lindo eu querooo!

  59. Violet

    What holiday though?

  60. Jesica

    Im loving the liners but the eyeshadows not so much. I am starting to feel a redundancy with urban decay as far as eyeshadows. I think I will have to wait until the shadows are swatched. On the other hand, you can’t have too many pencils especially when they are small enough to grab and go.

  61. Katie

    I’m seriously want the naked eyeliner set, but I feel like if I don’t get perversion I may kick myself. I’ll be a broke college student and the price will be even more up here in canada so I’ll try to be good…but I don’t know if I can haha.

    Maybe I’ll just ask for money for my birthday and christmas so that way I can end up back where I started money wise after the holidays and it will be like the same thing as if I’d gotten them for gifts. That works right? lol

  62. Kelly

    I will definitely be getting the palette!

  63. nitnot

    Oh god! I wish 24/7 liners stay on my lids, because the colors are gorgeous ;__; I’ll probably get the shadow pencils instead – at the price point, it’s a steal!

  64. Ericka

    I am so exxcited about the 24/7 shadow set. I may get 2 of those. I am not sure if I want another 24/7 liner set. This one is similar to the 2009 24/7 liner set. Do you know if they are coming out with any lip gift sets? I would love for them to make a lipstick set.

  65. Maureen

    I like the colors in the eyeshadow palette, but… Urban Decay, y u insist on being so tacky? I can’t.

  66. Urban Decay is also stealing my money. I’m gonna be so broke this holiday…again…

  67. Erica C

    When it says “Sephora Exclusive”, does that usually mean they have the product on their website as well as in the stores, or is it in-store only?

  68. I really want them to start selling Perversion as a single, full-size pencil. I might have to get the travel set just so I’ll have another one.

  69. Janice

    FYI all the holiday sets are on!

  70. I will definitely be gettin the electric set. im excited about woodstock but that junkie will look great with my mac jealousy wakes 😉 when do these come out???

  71. feather

    will totally get the eye pencel set.. just got the new book of shadows, will the little speaker and the shadow tutorials…love this..It’s a must have for all skin types and the shadows are great, highly pigmented and nnnoooo fall out

  72. Ooo I must have that eyeshadow palette.