Monday, July 11th, 2011

Urban Decay Fall 2011 Collection

15th Anniversary Eyeshadow Palette ($55.00) (Limited Edition)

  • Midnight Rodeo Brown pearl with silver
  • Tainted Pale matte purple with golden shimmer
  • Deeper Deep shimmery golden brown
  • Midnight 15 Oyster pearl with silver glitter
  • Junkshow Metallic bright pink with slight blue shift
  • MIA Dark velvet brown
  • Vanilla Creamy white gold
  • Omen Metallic bright purple with blue shift
  • Ace Dark gunmetal
  • Flow Soft peach shimmer
  • Evidence Deep metallic blue
  • Blackout Darkest, must saturated black
  • Chase Bright bronze
  • Deep End Bright teal
  • Half Truth Deep greyish purple

24/7 Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner ($18.00)

This eyeliner lets you draw waterproof liquid lines so sharp they could cut glass. Urban Decay’s slender brush lays down long-lasting matte, slick, and shimmery shades sure to satisfy your color lust. Available in a veritable rainbow of long-lasting, highly-pigmented color options, these shades can be applied in thick or thin strokes with an ultra-fine brush tip that’s short and easy enough to control. The slim pens are conveniently color-matched to each shade.

  • Bobby Dazzle White silver with iridescent sparkle
  • Demolition Deep matte brown
  • El Dorado Yellow gold with gold sparkle
  • Perversion Carbon black
  • Radium Bright blue with silver sparkle
  • Retrograde Dark purple with purple sparkle
  • Revolver Dark grey with iridescent sparkle
  • Sabbath Deep matte navy
  • Siren Teal with blue shift
  • Smog Deep brown with golden shimmer & iridescent sparkle
  • Woodstock Hot pink with iridescent sparkle

Super-Saturated High Gloss Lip Color ($19.00) (Sephora Exclusive)

This formula delivers all the opaque, saturated, high-impact color of your favorite lipstick and an arresting high-gloss finish in one chubby pencil. And with a dynamic bright to deep shade range in creamy and sparkly textures, the runway-ready possibilities are endless. Even the glittery hues in this collection of high-gloss lip pencils feel smooth on your lips (and leave not a trace of sparkle grit). This conveniently portable pencil’s high-gloss shine can be blotted for a more stain-like effect, but no matter how you wear it, the color lasts. Free of mineral oil and paraffin, this formula contains plant-derived ingredients that nourish lips. Because the barrels and boxes are color-matched to each shade, locating the color you want is easy, even in the deep, dark depths of an oversize tote.

  • Adrenaline Bright fuchsia sparkle
  • Big Bang Bright pink with sparkle
  • Crush Hot pink
  • Fbomb Bright red cream
  • Punch Drunk Bright orange cream

The Revolution High-Performance Lash Curler ($20.00)

This innovative “lash emancipator” abolishes one-size-fits-all curling. The open cage– without the bars on either side of the curler– lets you curl your lashes all at once or in sections without crimping, and without pinching your skin. Gone are the days of contending with a standardized cage that was clearly designed with someone else’s eyes in mind.

Lush Lash Mascara ($20.00)

This nourishing, thickening, and lengthening mascara is infused with peptides and moisturizing panthenol that allows your lashes to grow for a longer period of time. Its formula builds and beautifies so your lashes will grow longer and fuller over time. Used in conjunction with Urban Decay’s Lush Lash System (Growth Accelerating Serum and Conditioning Mask), it provides additional lash nourishment. This very enduring formula is not technically waterproof, but there was zero smudging or running after road-testing it in a hot yoga class. The outer component features a lush swirl motif, and the large hourglass-shaped brush provides generous mascara distribution. It’s the ideal mascara for anyone who suffers from brittle, fragile lashes, as well as those with great lashes who want to build and strengthen them even more.

UrbanBrow Precision-Tip Brow Tint ($20.00)

Toss your brow pencils and avoid harsh-looking, easily-smudged lines. Urban Decay’s brow tint fills in sparse areas and defines your overall brow shape with soft, natural-looking results! Color flows through the pen into their ultra-fine tip brush that allows for light, feathery strokes. The result is a soft, stain-like finish that won’t smudge. Available in Blonde and Brunette.

availability: has launched most products online, July 12th for

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42 thoughts on “Urban Decay Fall 2011 Collection

  1. Urban Decay seems to really like the word “Midnight” LOL

  2. Isabelle

    i want the palette thingy! do you have a picture of it?

  3. Thanks for the heads up on the upcoming collection!

  4. Finally they have the 24/7 liquid eyeliners!

  5. Amanda Dubs

    I am so getting that palette.

  6. mnm

    I love the name FBomb! I am in love with chubby lip pencils lately, and I am excited to try these out!

  7. Krista

    Currently drooling over the liquid liner and mascara! :)

  8. Celeste

    I really wish the palette was up on Sephora’s site I’m so ready to buy it, and would prefer to get my VIB points rather than ordering through UD’s site. Anyone have any idea as to when items tend to go live on Urban Decay’s website?

  9. I’m really excited for that palette. I hope it looks really pretty.

  10. Lorraine ER

    This ALL sounds awesome. I’m especially excited about the liners and lip pencils.

  11. marcy

    dying to see what the palette looks like…

  12. Adelita

    24/7 Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner? Wootttt!!! I’m sold!

  13. Oooh! I don’t suppose they sent a picture of the new eyelash curler, did they? Sorry you’re having such a bad day on the tech side!

  14. Holy god! I’m not one of those women who’s afraid of an eyelash curler, but LOOK AT THAT THING.

  15. Tigress

    That eyelash curler terrifies me!

  16. Dee

    The hot magenta hue is awesome!
    Also loving the mascara packaging 😀
    But definitely agree that the eyelash curler looks kinda scary…

  17. Christine, will you be doing a video review on this by any chance?

  18. Nic

    Definitely looking forward to the liquid liners, and I may have to get the lash curler too.

  19. Urban Decay’s 24/7 Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner seems really awesome. But, their Super-Saturated High Gloss Lip Color reminds me of my fav. Lip product, Milani’s lip Flash.

  20. Mariella

    Not crazy about the idea of a lip gloss PENCIL that needs sharpening – breakage and waste come to mind. I’m on a “no buy” but I’m so tempted by the palette. Absolutely don’t need it but I’m SO tempted.

  21. Milly

    Im probaly the only one excited for the lash curler. hehehe.

  22. AnGeLwInGz

    Radium, Smog, and Revolver are already part of their liquid liner collection.

  23. I really want to try the lip gloss pencil!

    Christine, did they happen to send you a sample of one? I’m interested to find out if it needs to be sharpened, or if it twists up.

    Thanks in advance!

  24. Ester

    Christine, which part of the collection are you most excited to try out? I actually really want that eyelash curler, even though it looks pretty..uh…interesting.

  25. Kellie

    Loving the new liquid eyeliner applicator!

  26. Jennifer

    Medieval torture device for our eyelashes…Oh what our eyelashes go through to become beautious!

  27. Marina

    I ordered the Lash Curler before I saw this post because I had to make a Sephora Order yesterday and I thought it looked less like a torture device and more like AMAZING! (VIB Welcome %10 off was expiring…I so fell for the gimmick…).

  28. Emily

    Anyone know when Sephora website will get the palette in stock? They have everything but that and I want VIB points

  29. Nazish

    I love it and the palette looks amazing! However, those lip gloss pencils look exactly like the Milani ones. Even the color looks similar to one of Milani’s.

  30. victoria

    omg what is that thing? and why does it look so scary! I would not put that eyelash curler anywhere near my eye