Tuesday, January 28th, 2014

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Duos for Spring 2014
Urban Decay Eyeshadow Duos for Spring 2014

Eyeshadow Duo ($18.00) (New, Limited Edition)

  • X + Half Baked Peach shimmer with gold shift + golden bronze shimmer (Swatches for X, Half Baked)
  • Sin + Mushroom Champagne shimmer + warm gray shimmer (Swatches for Sin, Mushroom)

Availability: Exclusively at UrbanDecay.com

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Urban Decay Eyeshadow Duos for Spring 2014
Urban Decay Eyeshadow Duos for Spring 2014

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Duos for Spring 2014
Urban Decay Eyeshadow Duos for Spring 2014

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41 thoughts on “Urban Decay Eyeshadow Duos for Spring 2014

  1. The Sin + Mushroom is my favourite combination! Sin is my everyday colour and Mushroom is such a beautiful, taupe-y grey that looks perfect for everyday!
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  2. Lyss

    Just a duo of duos? Hmm.

  3. Man, I was really hoping for them to bring back two discontinued colors or do two new ones or something. Not release three very available shades (I mean, sin and half-baked? They’ve both been in Naked palettes!)

    • xamyx

      They may be simply testing these out on the market, to see how the duos sell in this format. If they do well, since these are extremely popular colors, hopefully we’ll see more. If the market doesn’t care for them, perhaps they’ll move on to something else. Sin & Mushroom are 2 of my Top 10 shadows, across brands, so I will definitely pick one up, as it will be more convenient to toss one pan in my bag in place of Smoked and/or Naked palettes.

      • I think you’re onto them, Amy! I wondered briefly why the options were so limited (it would have looked less like an afterthought if they’d maybe released 4?), but then you can’t really blame them for testing the waters. I feel like most people are much more likely to buy palettes than singles, so I probably wouldn’t have launched a huge range of these right off the bat either.

        That being said, I would have liked to see a colour pop or two (naked colours fatigue!!) 😀
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        • xamyx

          I like the idea of the split pan, especially for the price. I’ve yet to even hit pan on one eyeshadow, so getting 2-for-1 seems like a good deal, if the quality is there for both. I can see why they chose these shades, though, as it seems they’re the ones people seem to run outnof first in palettes, and they work well together. That said, it would have been nice to see some color, to complement the existing Naked palettes! Then again, that may cut into the profit margin, LOL! 12 shades for $52 is a great deal, so they’re making the money from the bright singles!

  4. The top one looks nice but why didn’t they bring more shades out?

  5. Isela

    Mushroom is my all time favorite color.

  6. I want both, I LOVE my X and Half Baked eyeshadows so having them in one pan it great! Also i like Sin but Love mushroom.
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  7. Anna

    These look nice but I wish they would have picked some different colors-I already have Sin and Half-Baked from my Naked palette, so I might as well just buy the other shade on it’s own. Too bad though, these would have been good for traveling.

  8. Veronica

    Ah yiss, Sin/Mushroom duo. I think I know what I’m buying for spring. :3

  9. Elle

    I bought a Sephora favorites kit last month and it had the Sin/mushroom duo in it and I have to say, the sin half was not nearly as pigmented as I had hoped. It was nothing like the sin in my naked palette. Hopefully these will be better since they’re being sold in stores rather than in value sets.

    • xamyx

      Thanks for the heads up! I have a feeling they’re most likely the same… I was considering the Sin/Mushroom duo, but definitely want to swatch in-store. I have Mushroom in the Mariposa palette, and it is nowhere near what it is in the Smoked palette…

  10. Meagan

    I really don’t see these being exciting to anyone who already has a few UD palettes… which is a lot of people lol Just repeated colors.

  11. X is such a beautiful shade. Too bad Half Baked looks dumb on me. I hope that they comes out with more of these duos, but in colors that we haven’t seen before. I liked how they did the duos in the Oz palettes, especially Glinda.

  12. Am I the only one that feels slightly disappointed?

  13. These seem interesting. Even if they are only bring out two types, I wish they were new shades. It’s not worth trying if I already own some of these shadows already.

  14. mari

    Ohhh this could cater more to me then because I love UD eyeshadows but the idea of dishing out so much cash for such a single is so discouraging lol I was just thinking they should try those duos I used to see in maybelline I think back in the hayday and wallah! here they are.

    Now as long as they don’t pair a good eyeshadow with a bad performing one then this would be ideal for me xD

  15. That’s it? I guess they will coordinate well with any of the Naked palettes if you don’t already have these well loved colors. i really hope they will be releasing more for the summer – bright/bold colors would be great, discontinued/LE colors would be even better! If I hadn’t already bought X as a single (I don’t think its ever been released in a palette, at least not within the past few years) I would definitely buy it now. I LOVE that shade :)

  16. Sin and Mushroom are two of my fave UD shadows!

  17. Elizabeth K.

    Half-Baked. Seriously? (Bangs head on keyboard)

  18. Eh. I’ll pass. I prefer duos, trios, palettes, etc. to have some kind of divider between shades. I tend to avoid ones that don’t. It makes me feel safer. I guess I just worry that the shadows are going to end up mixing with each other and getting ruined.

    • zainab

      I don’t get how brands think you’ll use up ALL the shadow in duos like this. Maybe they hope you’ll leave the middle bit where the colours will definitely mix and buy a replacement as soon as you hit pan?

      • I don’t know. I’ve been using the Glinda and Theodora ones that are duo and they are fine. What most of USA don’t seem to understand is that most of
        the world out there doesn’t have urban decay. So we don’t own allllllll the freaken palettes that ever came out with them. I love the idea of these. They’re round qnd will fit my Mac Pro palette once depotted.

  19. zainab

    I wish it was X and Mushroom. I want to try X and Mushroom is an all time favourite, but I already have Sin and Half Baked and don’t use them often enough to justify having two.

    On the other hand though the pair of these would turn my UD Build Your Own quad into quite a good neutrals palette. Hmmmm Also no Gunmetal or micro glitter!

  20. ShannonE

    Would be useful for someone who wants a simple look to carry along, but that would not be me!

  21. Only 2? In some of the most repeated palette shades that most UD fans probably have at least twice already?
    I’ll definitely pass…
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  22. kjhemeon

    Slight whiff of Orgasm Syndrome. Might be nice for take-with, even for the tiniest bag. But mushroom, with 2X E/S, liner pencil, + glide on shadow pencil, methinks I have enough. (But more Orgasm, def.) Go count your half-bakeds, ladies. I’m wagering on a minimum of 2-3.

  23. I’d be interested in the one with Mushroom if it didn’t have Sin. UD needs to know most people already own the Naked palettes so re-using those colors sucks!

    • I’m really OCD wgphen it comes to my makeup. I want them in Ionesco palette. My other UD shadows are in a Mac Pro palette and these will fit the wells. Am I the only ‘different’ person thinking HELL YES! I love them.

  24. I like these. I was hoping this would happen since I have the Oz palettes. ‘Underwhelmed ‘ is not a word. :) Dissapointed is.

    • kjhemeon

      Sorry, but incorrect. ‘Underwhelmed’ IS in the dictionary. It was probably coined as an antonym for ‘overwhelmed.’ The denotation is similar, but the connotation is not. ‘Underwhelmed is used humorously, as Rikki did. Is an Ionesco palette a real thing or do you mean you’re doing a palette for Bobby Watson (Bald Soprano?) If you mean the playwright, you rule, out there!

  25. They’re also making nude DUOS now? Very disappointing! I was hoping in a good ol’ pop of color at least for these! :(

  26. auroragyps

    Close, but no cigar. As much as I love my old pan of X (metal packaging version) and would like a new one, I won’t be getting this since it’s paired with Half Baked, which I have several times over. Would have been nice if they’d paired an old, well loved color with a complimentary color that was new in each of these. Looks like they’re playing it safe & staying on the NAKED band wagon with these.

  27. Ester

    Oh, I was really excited about this to be able to put more colors in my make your own palette thing, but…there are just two. :/ Hm. Oh well.

  28. Sin + Mushroom = EPIC Combo!
    Might not even need Naked/ Travel palette anymore. A transition shade, eyeliner, mascara go to go!

  29. Well those are super boring.

  30. Ammara

    I really hope Urban Decay releases Urb again. I love that colour so much and it’d be awesome if they revamped it with a less fallout-prone formula because I haven’t seen a shade like that anywhere. Also, I’m secretly hoping they do a more colourful range with colour coded palettes (that are not in the BYOP format) so there’d be a palette of greens and one of purples with a few unexpected twists here and there. It would be so cool. They could even have themes like a forest theme for the greens. Sigh. Get creative, Urban Decay!