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Urban Decay 24/7 Shadow Pencil Stash

Urban Decay 24/7 Shadow Pencil Stash

Urban Decay 24/7 Shadow Pencil Stash ($34.00 for 5 x 0.088 oz.) includes five travel-sized jumbo pencils in these shades: Sin (champagne shimmer), Clash (electric blue with silver sparkle), Juju (medium taupe/brown shimmer), Rehab (dark brown shimmer), and Delinquent (dark purple with purple sparkle).

They’re very nearly full-sized, actually, as a full-sized pencil is 0.10 oz. (FYI, both the back of the Stash box and Sephora report it’s 5 x 0.88 oz., which can’t be right, since the full-sized are 0.10 oz. — it looks like there was an error in the decimal point.) This set is the equivalent value of $88.00, so it is definitely a nice value set for the holidays. It’s an interesting mix of colors, and I’m a little bummed–I really loved how they split up the 24/7 Eye Pencils into colorful and neutral sets. None of this impacted the score, however, just an observation. Perhaps they could have done two sets of four.  What do you think of the color combination here?

  • Sin is a light-medium pink-beige champagne with a frosted sheen. It swatched very comparably to Sin Primer Potion–it seemed less frosty.
  • Clash is a brilliant bright blue with silver sparkle. It is extremely similar to Electric 24/7 Liner–if I look closely, it seems like Clash is slightly brighter.
  • Juju is a pale, gilded taupe brown. It’s just on the edge of taupe–not enough gray in it to place it firmly in the taupe region. How lucky for me that the closest shade is Rehab and it is included in the set! It’s obvious that Juju is several shades lighter than Rehab, so you’re not getting dupes.
  • Rehab is a dark red-toned chocolate brown with a smidgen of taupe. It is similar to Underground 24/7 Liner–a hair darker, cooler, perhaps, but it could be a potential skip in lieu of other shades that are less similar.
  • Delinquent is deep purple violet with lilac sparkle. It’s such a stunning jewel-tone shade. It is completely different from Lust 24/7 Liner, and it doesn’t compare to Ransom 24/7 Liner either.

For a full review of the formula, please read my original review here. In summary, these worked really well in my testing of them. They applied with enough slip and creaminess not to pull and tug at the lids roughly (like MAC Shadesticks do) but not so creamy that it would slide around and end up creasing after a few hours (like NARS Shadow Pencils). These have a quick dry down time, so if you plan to use multiple shades together or need to blend out the edges, I would work one eye at a time. I have no issues with fading, creasing, or smudging over twelve hours.

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Urban Decay 24/7 Shadow Pencil Stash Review, Photos, Swatches

If you've wanted to try out the new Shadow Pencils, this is a great way to do so without breaking the bank--for less than the cost of two full-sized shades, you get five nearly full-sized shades.











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Urban Decay 24/7 Shadow Pencil Stash

Urban Decay 24/7 Shadow Pencil Stash

Sin, Clash, Juju

Juju, Rehab, Delinquent

Sin, Clash, Juju, Rehab, Delinquent

Sin, Clash, Juju, Rehab, Delinquent

Urban Decay Sin 24/7 Shadow Pencil

Urban Decay Clash 24/7 Shadow Pencil

Urban Decay Juju 24/7 Shadow Pencil

Urban Decay Rehab 24/7 Shadow Pencil

Urban Decay Delinquent 24/7 Shadow Pencil

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55 thoughts on “Urban Decay 24/7 Shadow Pencil Stash Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. E

    Yeah, I am a little disappointed in the combination I love the colors except the blue. I would never buy that. I guess I’ll buy the set and give that one away…

    • DarkGlamour17

      You can send the blue one to me! LOL 😛

    • Adelita

      OMG, my thought exactly!!!
      I hate the blue one. It’s personal preference though, not that Clash is a bad color or anything, but for my skin tone, it is!
      I wish they put Narc or Clinic or even Wasteland instead.

      Rehab & Delinquent are my favorite in this set.

      • Same here…bright blues make me look like a clown or Mimi from the Drew Carey show lol. Like Christine said, it’d be nice if there were separate brights and neutrals sets…I’d consider it since it seems like the pencils may be a nice way to do my eyes when I’m running behind…but I don’t want this set because the blue is so awful for me!

  2. Hi Christine.
    Would it be possible for you to discover if the shade Juju is vegan?
    Thank you in advance!

  3. Carrie Ann

    I don’t have any of the full size pencils, so I will definitely try to get my hands on this. I’ve never seen a blue eye shadow/pencil quite that shade before. I’m thinking it would make a very pretty pop of color right under the eyes.

    • Ani_BEE

      Annabelle Smoothie Eyeshadow Pencil in Acaidasiac is the best dupe for this. Same with the Smoothie Eyeshadow Pencil in Grapefull is a dupe to Delinquent. 😉

  4. I already own Sin and Clash but I feel Clash was randomly thrown in this combo 😛

  5. when I think of rehab, I think of Amy Winestein.

  6. Jennifer S

    i think duos would have been a better idea. maybe four sets of duos. two in coordinating shades and two with bright colors.

  7. t_zwiggy

    If Juju were an eyeshadow it would be a perfect everyday lid color. Not sure it would be that useful as a liner though.

    • Hailey

      It is an eyeshadow!

      • t_zwiggy

        Pencils and creams doesn’t count as shadows for me :p I have very oily lids unfortunately and everything that isn’t a regular powder creases on me :(

        • Janelle @ Life.Love.Nailpolish

          Do you use primer? I have oily lids as well so creams crease on me but Urban Decay pencils don’t when I use primer (which is all the time).

  8. leesie

    I am SO excited for this set. Rehab doesn’t really appeal to me, but the others certainly do. Sin and Juju would potentially be useful for days I work in the morning and would rather sleep in another ten minutes than do a more time-consuming eye look.

  9. Julia

    I love Delinquent! GORGEOUS! Might have to buy the full size.

  10. I’ll probably end up getting this set because of the value and the fact that I don’t have any 24/7 Shadow Pencils. I do, however, think they could have thought out the colors a little better. Do we need both Sin AND Juju, or Juju AND Rehab? I know they are definitely not dupes, but they’re all quite close – especially Juju and Rehab.

    On that note, does anyone else feel like UD’s holiday collections might have been a bit rushed this year? Between this example (and the incorrect product weights on the box), the lackluster BOS IV (and all of its gimmicks), the Midnight Emergency kit (with what looks like three of the same color eyeshadows), and the just “meh” Mariposa palette?

    • Cat

      A big deal with the BOS 4 is that last year customers complained about it being too bright and not enough neutrals, so I’m guessing UD listened, then maybe overcompensated with a mostly neutral palette.

    • Joanne

      Yes, I agree! The blue doesn’t really fit at all- would have loved to see green, like Clinic. But I have wanted to try Rehab and Delinquent so I still may get this. I swatched Rehab in the store when it first came out and I thought it was darker than it looks here. I hope so, because it looks pretty similar to Juju here…

  11. Marina

    Loving this set as well! I’ve been looking into buying one of these shadow pencils and this set looks awesome! Not sold on Clash as it may clash (awkward pun) with my blue eyes. Delinquent is a gorgeous bright – and I’m totally loving Juju!

  12. Mariella

    The 24/7 shadow pencils are GREAT (they stay put far better on me than the liners do) but I already have 2 from this collection and they’re the only 2 I’d want so I’ll pass on this but I can promise anyone who hasn’t tried these that they’re really good (but make sure you get a good sharpener for them).

  13. malia

    I actually like that they have blue and purple in with the neutrals :)

  14. monique

    hey, i know you don’t have an exact release date on these urban decay products, but do you think it would be possible to purchase them during the friends and family sale at sephora?

  15. yajuwen

    I really want this set, and $32 is such a lovely price!
    Wish I didn’t buy sin & rehab about two months ago :/
    I use them almost everyday and them seems to last forever.

  16. Avital

    how does juju compare to i get no kick from the champale collections?

  17. VJNS

    When is UD going to move out of their comfort zone and venture into new shades? i LOVE these colors but I’m tired of the samo-samo. And where’s the white? Currently, NYX is the only white I use.

  18. Jen T

    These are actually colors I would wear on a daily basis! And I might have to buy the set just for Juju – my son is Julian and we call him Juju for short!

  19. Mae

    I’d prefer colours and neutrals to be separate – I love Clash but that’s all I’m really drawn to here.

  20. I have been lusting after Sin ever since the Shadow Pencils were released, and my heart literally fluttered when I saw the sneak peak of this set you posted. I haven’t been this excited about a makeup product in so long! I have been anxiously awaiting your review because I too noticed that the amount of product in these “travel sized” pencils was significantly more that the full sized pencils and I knew you would clarify! <3 I must have this set. *SUPER LEMMING*

  21. artemis

    i like them all <3

  22. I have been waiting for a set like this because I always wanted to try UD shadow pencils but I just couldn’t shell out $20 for one. I am disappointed in this color combination though. I love Sin, Deliquent, and JuJu. I do agree with one of the readers who said a duo set would have probably been better. Anyways, I probably will just pick it up for the value.

  23. Ashley

    Wow thesebare gorgeous! I might have to get this set! Also, I’m new to UD and want to buy one of there eyeshadow palettes. I was looking at there website and notice the have the BoS III still available. I also was looking at the UD 15th anniversary palette. I only want to get one so Christine which palette would you recommend more overall? The BoS III or the 15th anniversary palette? Thanks:)

  24. Jilliterate

    Holy cow, these look almost identical to Annabelle’s Smoothie collection that just came out…

  25. Sarah B

    I love the 24/7 liners but I will not be buying this set…too many brownish/tan shades! They all look the same…

  26. megan

    oohhhh i love it:)

  27. Christina

    Can I use these pencils as liner? Maybe if I use a brush?

  28. I’m actually gutted these arnt being released in the UK!

  29. olivia

    Can you compare the juju shade to a mac eyeshadow? It looks like it could be similar to woodwinked. I really hope it is a light bronzy taupe shade, because dark colored taupes look horrible with my eye shape and color

  30. Kimmie T

    Did you know that it cost $19 at Sephora now!?!?

  31. Rachel

    Are these waterproof?

  32. AnnMarie

    I bought this set because of Clash, And still have never worn it. But rocked all the other shades on a pretty constance basis. I love love love love deliquent its such a great jewel tone. Looks great with UD’s asphyxia.

  33. Hannah Hall

    Bought these today on HauteLook, so excited to introduce blues and purples into my look for Spring time! :)

  34. Ash

    I just purchased the pencil stash, and even though the pencils are mini, I was expecting to be able to twist the shadow up from the bottom like I think the full size does. I’m not sure how long this will last if it doesn’t.

  35. Ravn94

    I think this would be a lot more attractive if there weren’t three nearly identical shades in it.

  36. Sav

    This set is at Nordstrom Rack for $12 alongside the Midnight Emergency Kit, Fave Shadows Kit, 24/7 Liner Kit and Sin & Greed Primer Potions ($8). I believe all of these sets are being discontinued.