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Urban Decay Midnight Emergency Kit Review, Photos, Swatches

Urban Decay Midnight Emergency Kit

Urban Decay Midnight Emergency Kit

Urban Decay Midnight Emergency Kit ($39.00) is a limited edition set that features four eyeshadows, one lipgloss, and one travel-sized brush. It will be available at ULTA and select Macy’s in-store and online at and The four eyeshadows included are: Midnight Cowboy (champagne with silver glitter), Midnight Rodeo (brown pearl with silver glitter), Midnight 15 (pearly oyster with silver glitter), and AC/DC (smoky grey/purple with shimmer).

It is all housed in a champagne-colored pleather case with a zipper enclosure wrapped around it. It’s fairly heavy (feels heavier than it looks) and definitely sturdy–it’s not easily crushed by any means–but the heft of it is not something I’d want to stash in my bag.  The overall size is nice, and I’m sure some will have no problem stashing it in their bag.

  • Midnight Cowboy is a pale champagne pink with a frosted finish and chunky silver sparkle. The underlying base color has good color payoff, but the sparkles cause major fall out. I wish I knew of a dupe for the color, but the only thing I could think of was Safe Bet Annette which is still a bit pinker.
  • Midnight Rodeo is a sparkly taupe brown. It does have glitter, but it’s subtle and doesn’t seem as large as Urban Decay’s other glitter-finished eyeshadows but may still have some fall out. The color payoff is good, and the texture is fairly smooth. I thought Urban Decay Toasted might be similar, but it’s not–much browner, less of a taupe. theBalm Insane Jane is grayer (more cool-toned), while Inglot #402 is nearly indistinguishable from Midnight Rodeo. This shade is a repromote from the 15th Anniversary Palette and BoS 4.
  • Midnight 15 is a soft champagne with a hint of gray and frosted finish. There is a subtle amount of glitter which has a touch of fall out. Initially, I thought it might be similar to Urban Decay Virgin, but it’s grayer–looks taupe in comparison. It’s a little darker compared to the beige in Chanel Prelude and less yellow compared to Urban Decay Ruthless (this is the closest).
  • AC/DC is a smoky purple with a very subtle red undertone; it’s more of a neutral purple. It was in the BoS 2. Am I the only one who expected to see another Midnight-themed shadow here? Don’t get me wrong–I’m so glad at least one shade isn’t fall out city. Urban Decay Gravity is a little purpler but similar. theBalm Kissy, Kissy is a touch darker. Bare Escentuals Encore has a stronger red undertone.
  • Midnight Cowboy Lip Junkie is a sheer champagne-tinted gloss with lots of champagne shimmer. It’s mint-scented and virtually colorless on the lips but imparts shine and shimmer. You can check out my full review of the formula in my original review.

Each eyeshadow is 0.04 oz., which is just shy of full-size (0.05 oz.), while the gloss is full-sized (0.34 fl. oz.)–plus the travel-sized Shadow brush ($26 for the full-sized version).  The value is at least $73.40 (the value of the eyeshadows and gloss) but likely closer to $85 or so because of the brush.

Urban Decay’s eyeshadows with “sparkle” are problem children.  Sometimes they’re sweet and you can get them behave, but most often, they’re unruly, frustrating, and wreak havoc upon your eye/face because of the glittery fall out.  Of the three sparkly shades here, Midnight Cowboy is the worst offender.  The other two are lesser offenders but still have some issues with fall out.

My advice for working with eyeshadows prone to fall out is to use a stiffer brush and pat on, rather than sweep.  You might also want to lightly tap the brush against your forearm after you’ve picked up the eyeshadow to loosen any excess product (and glitter).  It’s best to apply eye makeup first in this instance, so you can easily remove any residual fall out without removing foundation and the like.  A stickier base (mixing mediums, sealers, etc.) can also help the glitter to adhere rather than to fall away or generally disappear.  I just don’t think you should have to work that hard.  I’m also surprised that–given how much Urban Decay enjoys themselves glitter eyeshadow–they haven’t come out with their own adhesive base/sealer.

Urban Decay Midnight Emergency Kit Review, Photos, Swatches


Urban Decay Midnight Emergency Kit

Urban Decay Midnight Emergency Kit

Urban Decay Midnight Emergency Kit

Urban Decay Midnight Emergency Kit

Urban Decay Midnight Emergency Kit

Urban Decay Midnight Cowboy Eyeshadow

Urban Decay Midnight Rodeo Eyeshadow

Urban Decay Midnight 15 Eyeshadow

Urban Decay AC/DC Eyeshadow

Urban Decay Midnight Cowboy Lip Junkie


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Leigh Avatar

After reading your review, all I can think about are the Sour Patch kids commercials…they must be the candy equivalent of Urban Decay’s glitter eyeshadows. Sometimes they’re sweet, sometimes they’re not. Hm. I think I’ll end up skipping this kit.

Alice Avatar

I’m quite disappointed in this – it looks really unappealing to me, quite cheap and “tacky.” Personally I find Midnight Cowboy irritating to work with, and I have /so/ much of it because they put it in everything.

I would imagine it’s a little bit annoying for those UDers who were desperate for AC/DC to make a comeback, too.

Great review though, as always 🙂 Thank you!

Sharice Avatar

I really wish Urban Decay would stop putting their glittery fallouty eyeshadows in their palettes. Those shadows drive me nuts! Is Urban Decay Gravity like Half Truth shade from the 15th anniversary palette?

Carrie Avatar

I just don’t get why they thought anyone needed a palette of Midnight Cowboy products! A lot of people dislike ’em for the fallout, and even if you don’t, if you own at least one palette you probably already have one if not more of these shades from the number of times they’ve been repromoted.

This is one of the few holiday items that didn’t tempt me in any way, shape or form!

Laura Avatar

I love AC/DC so much but I’m not buying this palette just to get it because I’m not a fan of the glittery Midnight shades. I really wish they’d make AC/DC available individually (along with Mushroom, Rockstar and a few others)!

Hope Avatar

Christine have you tried Urban Decay’s Sellout? I never have, but their website describes it as Midnight Cowboy without the glitter!

I know you probably have a gazillion things to review, but I would love to see if it has a good formula/if it compares well to the original! I feel like so many people like the color but are beyond frustrated with the fallout.

Saffy Avatar

I like the idea of this palette and I like the colour of Midnight Cowboy, but the glitter fallout is unbearable. Every time I’ve tried to wear it I get glitter all over my cheeks. I also can’t help but feel the palette is overpriced for 4 eyeshadows and a lipgloss. The Too Faced holiday palette is the same price has three blushes, 3 lipglosses, and 9 eyeshadows.

Christine Avatar

What palette is that? Both Midnight Rodeo and Midnight 15 just came out in the 15th Anniversary Palette. I couldn’t find any info on a Midnight Rodeo palette, just a Cowboy Junkie kit, which certainly has sparkly shades but looks pretty different in terms of colors. Could you tell me more about what you’re referring to?

Carrie Ann Avatar

I think she must mean the Cowboy Junkie set because it comes with 3 Midnight shades (not Midnight 15 and Rodeo of course), a purple shade and the same lip gloss. The same thought occurred to me. They’re not exactly alike, but there’s a definite similarity there.

Carrie Avatar

Except that that stuff is nigh impossible to get your hands on. I can’t even get the website load, and the few times in the past I’ve tried to order it, she wasn’t taking orders and/or there was a 6-8 week waiting period. Not exactly what I’d call a viable option for very many people.

Sarah Avatar

This palette looked amazing when I first saw it in the sneak peek posts… I had every intention to go out and buy it the second they started selling it in the UK. Sooo disappointed 🙁

Carrie Ann Avatar

I like the idea behind this, the zippered case, the full size lip gloss and the eye shadows are all pretty. The problem is, they put their Midnight shades in every palette they come out with, so I certainly don’t need another. They should’ve done this palette with 4 neutral shades that work really well together (and aren’t Midnight Cowboy or Cowgirl).

stacey Avatar

You N UD or you yourself should come out with an adhesive base/ sealer. Everytime, I tried to go to Fyrinnae, they are closed. This palette is a very cute design, but should be with different colors. I wonder what would happen if the zipper broke….you know those things do happen.

Andrea Avatar

I may be the only person who feels this way, but I don’t have a problem with glitter in UD shadows! I have all of these shades already (I’m 29, btw) and I use them all the time. I actually apply the glitter shadows with a clean finger and get very little to no fallout. For real, I’ve been doing this since I was 15…something about the brush doesn’t work for these. But I swear, these can work!

Quinctia Avatar

I’m about the same age as you, and I don’t really have much issue with glitter fallout on UD shades unless I use heavy glitter (Uzi, MCRA) as my main lid color. I have to try and remember to grab out some Pixie Epoxy if I want to do the whole lid, though, I did have one very fallout-y day when I used Uzi over my whole eyelid without it.

Andrea Avatar

Good call on Uzi, Quinctia-that one is super chunky. I put my hand under my eye to catch anything that falls but it’s still pretty easy to use if I pat it on with my finger. And I’m glad someone else my age uses glitter shadows!! 🙂

Maureen Avatar

Urban Decay is literally the only makeup brand who makes me want to march up to their corporate office and smack some sense into their marketing team.

Marie Avatar

Cute packaging. Love AC/DC, lOoks pretty. But, the midnights??? I already have those from all their other palettes. Boring. Can’t really justify buying it. 🙁

Casi Avatar

Hey Christine,

I’m new to UD, is Midnight 15 & AC/DC new or exclusive to this palette?
Do you think this palette or the Cowboy Junkie still avaliable on Urban better?

Chrissy Avatar

I love the color of Midnight Rodeo but hate the glitter, so when i get it on my brush i just tap the brush in the air a few times and almost all the glitter falls off.

Emmie Avatar

i actually tried this palette out at the UD counter in house of fraser and really enjoyed it. from as far as i could tell the midnight cowboy wasnt as “fall-out-ey” as its reputation proclaims, i think most people are judging it on what they’ve heard – its really not as bad as it seems. dont get me wrong, it has fall out but no more than the majority of UD eyeshadows in my opinion. besides if you are interested in these types of colours, i imagine thats the kind of look that would be suitable – quite smudgy, and slightly sultry; something you could were from a birthday party to a concert but still look chic and classy.
i dont know whether its because i started out with makeup using UD shadows and various miscellaneous pigments so im quite used to fall out etc, but i think this palette is actually quite good (plus the swatches in my hand have stayed on hours later without primer). basically, if you’re on the fence, try them out in store because you never know! it would be a shame to miss out on a really cute and fun palette all because of one eyeshadow!
xoxo peace <3

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