Monday, July 11th, 2011

Urban Decay 15th Anniversary Eyeshadow Palette

Urban Decay 15th Anniversary Eyeshadow Palette

Urban Decay 15th Anniversary Eyeshadow Palette ($55.00 for 15 x 0.05 oz.) includes fifteen brand new, never-before-seen shades in a limited edition palette. These shades are: Midnight Rodeo (brown pearl with silver), Tainted (pale matte purple with golden shimmer), Deeper (deep shimmery golden brown), Midnight 15 (oyster pearl with silver glitter), Junkshow (metallic bright pink with slight blue shift), MIA (dark velvet brown), Vanilla (creamy white gold), Omen (metallic bright purple with blue shift), Ace (dark gunmetal), Flow (soft peach shimmer), Evidence (deep metallic blue), Blackout (darkest, must saturated black), Chase (bright bronze), Deep End (bright teal), and Half Truth (deep greyish purple).

I will have full photos & swatches up ASAP! Wanted to get you some sneak peek stuff right off the bat, because it hits (along with the rest of their fall products) on July 12th!  It will launch at Sephora, Ulta, and select Macy’s both in-store and online, as well as (there is no announced launch date for other retailers than

See more photos & swatches!

Urban Decay 15th Anniversary Eyeshadow Palette

Urban Decay 15th Anniversary Eyeshadow Palette

Urban Decay 15th Anniversary Eyeshadow Palette

Urban Decay 15th Anniversary Eyeshadow Palette

Urban Decay 15th Anniversary Eyeshadow Palette

Urban Decay 15th Anniversary Eyeshadow Palette

Urban Decay 15th Anniversary Eyeshadow Palette

Urban Decay 15th Anniversary Eyeshadow Palette

Midnight Rodeo, Tianted, Deeper

Midnight 15, Junkshow, MIA

Vanilla, Omen, Ace

Flow, Evidence, Blackout

Chase, Deep End, Half Truth

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204 thoughts on “Urban Decay 15th Anniversary Eyeshadow Palette Swatches Sneak Peek

  1. Roxanne

    Junkshow. *wipes away drool* No wonder they came up with that name!

    • Shannon

      I had to wring out the towel after seeing deep end, so please, watch where you step 😉 lol

    • Mariella

      For me, it’s Half Truth…and Evidence….and Deep End. I just hope that the glitter on all the “Midnight-y” shades isn’t the type that falls all over the place.

      • Jenn

        half truth kinda looks like romp to me. and deep end looks like either haight or dashiki. evidence could be goddess?

        • Christa

          Agreed. As exciting as a new UD palette always is, I get the impression that these are recycled colors, or at least very similar to pre-existing ones. Midnight Rodeo = Suspect; Deeper = Smog; Midnight 15 = Verve; Junkshow = Woodstock; MIA = Darkhorse; Omen = Asphyxia; etc. And those are just the similarities that struck me upon first glance.

          It would be interesting to see whether Christine could do a comparison of these colors with the ones already in UD’s range. I know new UD palettes always get hyped up, but I’m going to hold off until I can be sure that it’s actually hype-worthy rather than shell out money just because it’s UD and comes in a pretty, shiny box.

          • I had the same thought about Half Truth/Romp. But the others — Junkshow looks similar to Freakshow in a hot pink, Woodstock doesn’t have that blue duochrome. Omen looks like Asphyxia except that Asphyxia is very very sheer (one of my favs but it drives me crazy how sheer it is). And they don’t really have a color like Deep End, which is gorg. Plus I want the shiny, shiny box. Glad I ordered one!

          • Andrea

            Christa, I had some of the exact same thoughts. I also thought that Half Truth resembled AC/DC or Romp. What do you think?

  2. I MUST HAVE THIS. Junkshow looks gorgeous!

  3. Ashley

    Gorgeous… Hopefully this won’t have too much glitter!

  4. Cate

    i MUST possess this!!

  5. Sugarchalet

    hmmm….this may be the first Urban Decay palette to join my collection…….

  6. Meheen

    I love this, I want this, I need this, I will have this. This is the palette I’ve been waiting for!

  7. Sweetbsting

    Holy moly, this is a must have!

  8. lily

    EXACTLY what special palettes should be. BRAND NEW shades!

    • They don’t look like “brand new” shades. They seem similar to the other Urban Decay eyeshadows, except they just changed the names.

  9. ashley


  10. Carrie

    Damn it. I’d been swearing off of UD too! That’s amazing looking!

  11. Virginia

    so pretty….!!!

  12. Amanda

    So that is why they just had a sale- to get rid of old stock. Hm. Any idea what else is coming out w/their fall collection, Christine?

  13. Tianted. Come to me.

  14. OMG no, i’ve sworn to myself that i wouldn’t buy makeup for at least 4 months! i need to get off the internet :-(

  15. These are so beautiful I can’t until they come out.

  16. Angela

    Very beautiful, I’m definitely getting it. Glad it doesn’t have SIN eyeshadow like all the other palettes. It’s going to be epic. 😛

    Also, UD should do an updated NAKED palette with matte shadows only.

  17. Amber

    Love the colors! Dislike the packaging :/

  18. Marisa

    Evidence looks beautiful! I’m sure evidence, deepend and blackout would look great together!

  19. Cori

    Do you know if UD will bring out another Box of Shadows soon? I was hoping they’d create another one for the Fall…..

    • I do not know what UD plans to do, sorry!

    • xMissxAndristx

      on Twitter, someone asked if they’d be releasing a BOS in the summer, UD replied that the BOSes come out with the holiday release and hinted strongly that yes, there’d be a BOS4

  20. Davina

    OMG, I told myself enough with the eyeshadow. Ok one more time and that’s it. I can stop buying eyeshadow anytime I want to.

  21. JenJ

    Must…have…this! *shakes*
    Must…have…this! *shakes*
    Now I wish I would have skipped on Tarte’s True Blood palette. Dah well. This will be mine!

  22. Will this palette ever hit stores like Sephora? Or the UD Counter at a Department Store?!

    • It will launch at Sephora, Ulta, and select Macy’s both in-store and online, as well as (there is no announced launch date for other retailers than

  23. Dorna

    GOODBYE NAKED PALETTE HELLO THIS!!! OMG! I’ve been on a ten pan for 3 months but i CANNOT resist this. WOW!

  24. Tish

    Some colors look very similar to the ones in previous palettes except they are named differently. I hope I am wrong. I collect UD palettes and would love to have this since it’s their 15th Anniversary Palette.

    • Jamie

      I agree with you. I was thinking the same exact thing…as much as i want it,it looks too similar to other UD shades i have. Hopefully i dont cave in. Gotta be strong!!

      • Tish

        I’m still not too sure if I’ll be purchasing it after seeing the swatches and reading the review. They’re not entirely the same but close enough to convince myself that I don’t need it. Then again, I collect UD palettes and I don’t want to be kicking myself if I let this pass. I’m torn.

  25. misha

    Will it be availible in the UK/Europe??

  26. alyssa


  27. This palette will be a must have UD palette…this will be OMG at YT!

  28. BethM

    I know it’s “just makeup,” but I will be SERIOUSLY upset if I don’t get one of these.

  29. I’m so beyond impressed with how black blackout is. Totally getting this!

  30. Alicia


  31. Lisa


    Hopefully this wont sell out rediculously quick.

  32. Oh wow, now that is gorgeous. I NEED IT!

  33. Kerstan

    I want this! I hope they don’t sell out buy Friday!

  34. Dee

    Junkshow .. awesome.. Need have it.. Need a job to pay for my makeup fetish..

  35. Bex

    OOOOOHHHHH my gosh. this is exactly what I’ve been looking for all year! I knew holding out on the naked palette, and soft box would be worth it! Does anyone know if sephora will be getting this? or will it be exclusive to UD’s website??
    tainted, midnight 15, and flow look amaaaaazing!!!

  36. Jessica

    I am so going to be staying up to get this! Oh my god this is the best pallet I’ve seen yet!

  37. Monica

    Oh, thanks for posting this! I’ve been in agony for a week now bc an auction for one of them just finished yesterday on ebay. I couldn’t tell if they were fake or not!! There are now 2 sellers selling them.
    :s Item #270778817395

    But now I’m super excited bc it is for real, yeah!!!!

  38. I was wondering if you knew if this was basically what they are releasing as their Fall palette or if they are going to do another BOS and release it in Sept like they usually do?

  39. Tania

    This looks nice but….WHEN WILL URBAN DECAY COME OUT WITH AN ALL MATTE PALETTE?!!?! in my dreams..

  40. Shirry

    OMG I love love love Tianted & Deep End!

  41. Serena

    I am totally gaga over this palette! I never got the naked palette (still considering it though), but I prefer this one because it has such a great variety. Gorgeous!

  42. Tiffy

    Oh my Goddddddddddddddddddddddddd. Must have!!

  43. Dominique

    Oh My God! This is SO BEAUTIFUL

  44. Crystal S.

    I wonder /pray if Midnight Rodeo could be a dupe for MAC Style Snob. Please, please, please

  45. jen

    omg i HAVE to have this! 15 new UD shades… um no brainer!

  46. Oh wow, this is gorgeous!

  47. Jai

    I’m going to have this one for sure. <3

  48. Lulee

    I think this warrants a double purchase. what an excellent excellent palette. Hopefully this will be available at sephora.

  49. heather

    is omen at all like stars ‘n rockets(i might be in love with it either way, but are they similar at all)? thanks, this palette looks pretty killer. :)

  50. Oh my god… this is just… PERFECTION

  51. leesie

    I just made lots of awkward squealing noises. I was going to buy this even if it was entirely browns, but OH MY GOD, IT’S GORGEOUS.
    Deep end is absolutely dreamy. Just…divine.
    And FULL-SIZE, NEVER-BEFORE-SEEN shadows? Just pinch me.

  52. Jessica

    Christine, does this palette also come with a mini primer potion or eyeliner like they usually do with palettes?

  53. Alicia

    Oh, Urban Decay, I love you so damn much. This looks amazing, to say the least. And nary a MCRA to be seen! Wish I knew if this would be at Sephora, but I can’t risk it!

    I also like how I thought to myself, “Wow, UD, no drug slang this time (though I find Junkshow suspicious)! Way to be classy!” Then research finds the hidden stash compartment. Oh, well.

  54. Lorraine ER


    This looks really appealing!! Thank you for posting!

  55. Rachel

    Wooow looks amazing!! Are all the shadows full sized?

  56. Joanne

    Hmm…Ace and Evidence are beautiful (and the name Junkshow is great; it makes me laugh!) but I feel like the range of colors could have been a little wider. On the plus side, I love the packaging and I can’t believe it’s a palette made up totally of new shades! Still, I actually think I’m going to pass on this one. :-/

  57. ruru

    Oh my! WIll this be available for a limited time? I want this so bad! I was going to get the deluxe palette, but I think this might be even better!

  58. Very pretty! However, I don’t think I need it in my collection! Yes, I want it, but I feel like I have dupes for a lot of the shades. I’m thinking the pink in MAC Colourizations would be a good dupe for Junkshow.

    It’s about time that Urban Decay put out a palette with all new colours though! It makes it a no brainer for those that are going to purchase it.

    • Actually, maybe if this ends up at Sephora, I will get it. I have a 10% off coupon burning a hole in my pocket, and a second Sephora in my city is opening soon..

    • Jenn

      I agree, those colors are all easily duped with their existing shades! Junkshow looks like Woodstock for one..

  59. Tigress

    I want this so bad! It’ll probably be sold out by the time I can afford it.

  60. Elissa

    Well…. There goes more of money. I neeeed this!!!!

  61. Pariah

    OMG!!!!! and they are all full size!!!! I love UD, I love UD, I love UD!

  62. Betsy

    AH! I need this! I’ve never bought anything from Urban Decay before because I tend to shy away from any glitter and bright colors, and I’m sort of a MAC addict… but these are just so beautiful!

  63. Emma

    WOW. I’m speechless. I’m a bumbling fool. I’m… I think I’m in love. Midnight 15, flow, evidence… yes. Love.

  64. Rachael

    100% new shades?! That’s the f-ing bomb yo! So tired of getting the same thing.

  65. Quinctia

    Tainted is like my favorite Zoya polish (Zara) in eyeshadow form! All of the colors look spectacular, except Blackout. Even if it’s the best black ever (which, hopefully it is, since I’m going to get this palette without a doubt), I just don’t use black. I don’t think I’ve touched the blacks in my BoS, Naked palette, or Deluxe palette once. Let alone other random blacks in other shadow palettes.

  66. Jenn first glance this is totally gorgeous. But definitely have to pass. They look like previous shades just renamed. If they had brought this out in slimmer packaging like the Naked palette, I’d definitely buy it. You can do a natural/colorful/smokey eye all in one palette. Great for bringing along on vacations!

  67. Sarah

    Dear Urban Decay:
    I love your neutrals–don’t get me wrong–but this palette is inundated with them, new or not. Also, the inclusion of only 1 matte color? For shame! However, because I still like 4 of the non-Naked-palettesque shades (and the math works in my favor), I will be purchasing this baby! :) Please work on something for your matte lovers (because UD mattes are incredible!).
    A girl with too many eyeshadows already :)

    • Mariposa

      UD has never been known for matte or subtle shades…LOVE UD THE WAY THEY ARE…FAB!!

      • Sarah

        True–UD is fabulous and not known for mattes, but having owned all of their mattes, I can affirm that they do a seriously incredible matte and don’t know why they won’t expand their matte range. As far as subtle, UD is my go-to for shimmery brights, but this palette only includes 6 shades that aren’t neutral. Aside from Tainted, Evidence, Omen, Deep End, Half Truth, and Junkshow, this is like an addendum to the Naked palette. A very much welcomed addition, nonetheless, as when working the math these are my “free” shades. :)

    • I agree about the neutrals….and the mattes. I’m still getting it too though. LOL!

  68. Do you know if this will be sold in Seohora and Ulta stores in addition to being available at the UD website?

  69. OMG I have to buy this!

  70. Sarah

    i am SOOOO picking this up tomorrow!!!

  71. Christine! Do you know if this will be available at Sephora or just UD’s website? MUCH appreciated if you could let me know :)

    • It will launch at Sephora, Ulta, and select Macy’s both in-store and online, as well as (there is no announced launch date for other retailers than

  72. Sharon

    oooooooooooooo! So pretty! I hope that I get a new job soon so I can buy this.

  73. Rachel

    Ahhhhh omgomgomgwant.

  74. Elysia

    Junkshow is awesome!!!!! I hope it becomes a permanent color!

  75. Adelita


  76. Sass

    I love it. I wish it was in a book though.


  78. ana

    I know the description says all shades, but these don’t look unique. They look very similar to old shades in previous palettes. Will you be doing dupe comparisons for this palette, Christine? It would be interesting to see if these shades ate duplicates of previous ones….

  79. Melody

    They’re all beautiful! Dunno if I want to drop the cash right now though.

  80. auroragyps

    I actually have to say I’m disappointed. The colors are very pretty, but most are close to a lot of colors they’ve already done. I was hoping for some colors that are really different & totally “WOW”. Plus, I’m actually kind of ticked there isn’t a single shade of green, of which I’ve been hoping for some great new shades of from UD. I r a sad panda. :(

  81. caroline

    So happy I didn’t spend money on the 25% off F&F deal on Urban Decay. Now I must have this!! And Too Faced Matte Eye palette. I’m going eye shadow crazy!

  82. Val

    It looks fabulous! Cannot wait for the full review!

  83. caroline

    How close in color is Junk Show and Woodstock?

  84. Lucie


  85. Wow can’t wait you to swathes!

  86. I am so excited about this!

  87. Mterry2992

    anyone know when these will be in stores? Like Sephora?

  88. LU

    This seems rather boring, no greens! :(

  89. Nice! Love the purples! I can’t really justify it, since I have the Naked Palette and about half of these shades are neutrals… but I’ll probably get it anyways. *sigh* And I feel like I’m gonna fall into Blackout. I love the INTENSE blacks.

  90. Liz

    Do you happen to know if this will only be online? I have UD counter by work, and I don’t want to waste a trip!

    • It will launch at Sephora, Ulta, and select Macy’s both in-store and online, as well as (there is no announced launch date for other retailers than

      • Lizzy

        I checked with my Macys UD counter and they said 2 weeks, but that it’s different for all counters. I’m on a waitlist now. =D

  91. Emily

    I can’t even handle this!!!!! This is insane!!!!! and probably will sell out in no time and and become the next naked palette. UD if you’re listening please make sure you are able to meet the demand for this product! :)

  92. maria

    will this be available at sephora too?

    • It will launch at Sephora, Ulta, and select Macy’s both in-store and online, as well as (there is no announced launch date for other retailers than

  93. Dee

    honestly. the naked palette is great, I thought they’d never give me anything else even close to being so awesome, but this pretty DAMN THERE. Think I’ll have to order it, you know its gonna sell out. holy crap.

  94. Lacey J.

    Evidence is beautiful! Any dupes?

  95. Alyssa

    “Original” colors? Looks like a lot of dupes to me.

    But, the packaging looks awesome. Better than any of the BOS palettes.

  96. Sarah

    WOW!! Of course this will pop when I’m broke. May need to sell a kidney;) I am really liking this palette, dare I say as much as Naked?!? Although I know they’re different, I love the pops of color in this one. But, I do have to say, I’ve gotten used to (and enjoy) their “little gifts” that come with it (Primer Potion, liners, and/or brush, gloss). With this one though the beautiful palette itself makes up for it!

  97. Anna

    Evidence looks like Blue Sheen!

  98. jessica

    Christine,at about what time do you think this will go live on the website?I remember the last BOS went up around 1:00 pm.