Thursday, September 1st, 2011

Too Faced Holiday 2011 Collection also has an early preview of Too Faced’s holiday offerings–they’re not yet available for purchase, but at least we know what’s coming! (Thanks to Lisa for the tip!)

Sweet Dreams Makeup Collection ($52.00) (Sephora Exclusive) (Limited Edition)

This dreamy set features 15 pigment-drenched ethereal shadows, a full-size Shadow Insurance primer for crease-proof, long-wearing benefits, two beautiful blushes, a sunny bronzer, and a warm, golden highlighter for the flawless complexion. Thanks to Too Faced, dreams really do come true. 15 x 0.03 oz Eye Shadows in The Buff, Peach Fuzz, Copper Peony, Teddy Bear, Lovey Dovey, Satin Sheets, Cut The Cake, Party Girl, Nice Ash, Smolder, Honeymoon, Label Whore, Nice Stems!, Cap A Teal, First Dance, 0.14 oz Chocolate Soleil Bronzer, 0.14 oz Candlelight Glow Highlighting Powder, 2 x 0.08 oz Blush in Cocoa Rose, Sweet Pink, 0.35 oz Shadow Insurance Anti-Crease Eye Shadow Primer, Signature step-by-step instruction cards

In Your Dreams Makeup Collection ($39.00) (Limited Edition)

This playful palette offers nine eye shadows, three blushes, and three lip shades that can be combined to create three distinct looks: “Natural Beauty,” “Feminine Flirty,” or “Seductively Smokey.” Featured step-by-step face charts make application fun and simple. 9 x 0.03 oz Eye Shadows in Silk Stockings, La Cage, Rapture, Pink Peacock, Swing, Fishnet, Full Moon, Dream On, Seduce, 3 x 0.15 oz Blush in Wanna Play?, Girly Show, You Hold The Key, 3 x 0.02 oz Lip Gloss in Give It Up, Pink Ice, Heart On

Beautiful Dreamer Makeup Collection ($46.00) (Limited Edition)

This six-piece set features two limited-edition mirrored compacts, Shadow Insurance Candlelight for crease-proof, fade-proof intense color pay-off with a subtle warm shimmer, a full-size Lashgasm mascara, and a full-size lip gloss in a sexy, crystal pink, all packaged in a pretty pink bag fit for a princess. 0.26 oz Sun Bunny Bronzing Powder & Who’s Your Poppy Blush Duo, 0.35 oz Eye Shadow Collection in Teddy Bear, Blonde Ambition, Totally Toasted, Satin Sheets, 0.17 oz Shadow Insurance in Candlelight, 0.56 oz Pink Swan Lip Gloss, 0.4 oz Lashgasm Mascara, Pink Zip Cosmetic Case

Glamour to Go Dream Edition ($22.00) (Limited Edition)

This feminine, vintage-inspired palette holds eight versatile eye shadows in the top compartment, and one silky, shiny lip gloss, a bestselling bronzer, and soft, sheer blush in the slide-out drawer below.

availability: Holiday 2011

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65 thoughts on “Too Faced Holiday 2011 Collection

  1. WOW I really love the eyeshadow set 😀
    I might buy it since its worth the money

  2. Charlotte

    In Your Dreams looks really pretty

  3. The packaging looks…ornate, I’ll say that much. Like I’m obsessed with Disney princesses all over again…

  4. Erica C

    Oh, the packaging! Me wants.
    Too bad we don’t have Sephora in Sweden…
    You don’t usually swatch Too Faced product, do you know if you’ll be swatching any of theese?

  5. Oooh, I LOVE Sweet Dreams!

  6. Sara

    i love the packaging, not sure i can get behind the price though :-/ although, it’s not like the price is any different from similar items from other brands.

  7. Aleksandra

    I am loving the last kit! Its definitley my treat for myself for christmas 😀

  8. Katie

    oh I’m so excited, I love their holiday collections…I was just looking for info about it like two days ago and found nothing, you’re the best for putting these things up 😀

    The palette looks really pretty but the colours might be a little to warm for me, I’ll have to check them out in person when it comes out in the stores.

  9. Mariella

    I haven’t even made a dent in my Enchanted Glamourland palette yet and I dislike the fiddly, fritzy packaging. Most of these look like good value though. I think I’ll pass on these and if I get anything TooFaced it will be the newer version of their smoky eye palette.

  10. diana

    are too faced palettes worth it?

    • Mariella

      diana, I have a fair bit of Too Faced stuff and I really like their products for the most part but, like anything (especially palettes), there will be some things you’ll like and some that aren’t so great. In any palette, there are likely to be some colours or products you wouldn’t have chosen but for the most part, I find their stuff – especially eye products – to be excellent.

  11. Emily

    Ugh… I never like Too Faced packaging; I don’t even care how well the product performs, I just don’t want that gaudy thing sitting on my vanity.

  12. I love the Sweet Dreams Makeup Collection but at $52.00 US I cringe to think how much it will be Canadian. T-T

    • Holly

      I am a Canadian and i just ordered this collection and it cost me just about $90 for just this set and the shipping and duty. You would think that they would consider the excahge rate and just charge duty and taxes on top. But oh well I love the collection, I can’t wait to get it.

  13. Melissa

    I love sweet dreams makeup collection but its way too expensive and I dont think the blushes will show up on my dark skin :(

  14. Oh wow! I love the packaging, totally up my alley! I’d love to see swatches of this Glamour to Go palette as it seems they’ve had quality issues in the past, but the colors in this one look so pretty! The Beautiful Dreamer collection looks great as well :)The swan is just too cute for words!

  15. Lisa

    I love the sweet dreams, & I think I would like in your dreams more if the lip glosses weren’t on the same palette.

  16. Yay, I’ve been waiting for this! I didn’t manage to get last year’s collection (Enchanted Glamourland) and I wanted that sooo badly (as much as I want UD BoS) but I missed it. Hopefully this year’s palette will have shades just as pigmented. I wonder if they will be released at the same time in the UK? If not I’ll have to be doing some makeup swaps with my USA pals.

    • Erica C

      Just the other day, I actually saw the enchanted glamourland online, but it’s a swedish shop and the palette costs about £55 so I don’t know if you think it’s worth it?
      Some of the colours are the same as in this years palettes so maybe you will like the new ones just as much! I have the enchanted glamourland and I love it, but I still want the new ones… (and UD’s 15th and BOS 3 – none of wich I can get my hands on *grr*) What to do? 😀

  17. The first two collections are nice. Almost the same price as the regular eye palette for the second collection.

  18. Samantha

    I can not wait until the holidays! I seriously thnk I’m going to buy them all!

  19. looking forward to it!!!!!!

  20. I swapped out the palette I got last Christmas.
    I won’t be buying another one again.

  21. K.B.

    I love Sweet Dreams, but it doesn’t look travel-friendly. Not that that’ll keep me from buying it. Thanks for the various holiday collection heads-up, Christine!

  22. I’m so in love with the Beautiful Dreamer Makeup Collection. I get to try their products without spending too much! I love how the two compacts will have mirrors!

    The eyeshadow quad looks similar to the one that came out in 2009 for their holiday collection. are they the same?

  23. Monica

    OMG!!!! I’m still in Love with last year’s holiday palette, Enchanted glamourland…and by the looks of Sweet dreams I may be starting a collection….
    Cris it would be awsome if you do swatches and reviews!

  24. Wooooooooooooooow, I love Too Faced and now I totally want these! :)

  25. Nella

    Ahhh the Swan!!!! I love Swans. Will so buy this.

  26. Too Faced is trying to steal all my money. LUST HAVE!

  27. In love with the first Sweet dreams !!!

  28. Karen

    soooooooooooo pretty!!!!!!!!

  29. Carrie Ann

    Holy cow, those are pretty!

  30. Mel

    I love the sweet dreams palette it’s so pretty. I love the packaging and girly and princess like theme of it.

  31. I am DYING to get my hands on that Sweet Dreams palette. It just looks gorgeous, inside and out! Too Faced has come out with some really great products recently–last year, my friends bought me the Glamourland palette as a birthday gift and I just ADORE it.

  32. Lucy

    I hate their packaging. The makeup in these sets looks great but the ridiculous packaging keeps me from buying anything by Too Faced.

  33. Smidge

    ALL OF IT. WRAP DAT STUFF UP. *Pine, covet, envy*

  34. beachgal

    These will make some nice gifts – wearable colors. And as always, cute packaging.

  35. Jazmine Reynolds

    It’s so over the top cheeseball I can’t help but love it to pieces. It’s like Holiday Barbie/ Holiday Princess Pony for Adults!! I hope to get it for Christmas if I’m a good girl!

  36. Lisa

    *applauds* WTG Too Faced! Is it me, or is every makeup company tripping over themselves to introduce the most awesome thing?

  37. Saffy

    I want them ALL! Too Faced always has gorgeous packaging. I’m definitely putting the “In Your Dreams” palette on my wishlist.

  38. Celine

    awww i need the beautiful dreamer collection! the eyeshadow quad and makeup bag are adorable!

  39. Bethany

    Ohhhhh the packaging is soooo pretty!!!! I want them all!!

  40. Roze

    In Your Dreams will be mine. C: The packaging on all of them are gorgeous.

  41. oh, I’m sooo getting that first palette

  42. I’m adding Glamour to go to my Christmas list :)

  43. FYI Too Face website is really having a sale…unlike that dumb Benefit’s so call sale.

  44. thepaigest

    Yall I think I don’t need another huge eyeshadow set this year now i’m torn UD or Too Faced… shooooot!!!

  45. Zong

    Wow, totally love it!! I’m gonna get the first 2 palettes, it’s soooo pretty, can’t resist beautiful packaging that’s for sure!

  46. Wahine808

    Fyi, I was just on Sephora’s website and these are for sale now:) Hmm… now which one do I want?!

  47. Camille C.

    This is available for purchase on right now! I’m excited

  48. Glenda :)

    I am a big Too Faced eyeshadow and primer fan. I am super excited over the Sweet Dreams palette. I will be adding it to my other Too Faced palette collections :)

  49. Karla

    everything is online at sephora

  50. Jayleen

    This is gorgeous! Please swatch the sweet dreams set that would be so amazing!

  51. Casi

    So as of today, September 10th, all of them are available for purchase on
    I just ordered the Sweet Dreams palette. Cant wait!

  52. Emily

    This palette is amazing!!!!!!!!!! I just recieved it in the mail today and love it!! colors are brighter then so in the picture and super pigmented! Great deal espically since u get a full sized shadow insurance. Lots of great neutrals and colors. I would defenitly reccomend it!

  53. maebee

    I love the packaging it is so fabulously gaudy. How could I resist but I will not be traveling with it there is no way I want any of the glitter to be smudged off. i also realized that anyone over the age of 20yrs should be somewhat self conscious displaying this palette anywhere in your home. I keep mine hidden in the closet like I did when I was 12 and still secretly played with my Barbies.

  54. Phoebe

    Dear Friends
    I purchased the “in your dreams” palette yesterday in Boots.Firstly, the colours are brighter and more vivid in person.The Packaging is extremely girly and princess like.I am an adult and I feel the palettes take me to teenager hood,so ensure you are aware that the palettes will definitely take you to your teenagerhood!! if that is even a word.I am used to the packaging, and why not.The shades are beautiful and there is always a little some thing for all of us from too faced.
    I also purchased another collection and it has 9 eye shadows with a small shadow insurance, this has shades that are neutrals and evening shades.Had not intended purchasing two, but could not resist!!
    I do prefer to see products prior to purchase.Boots had sold an awful lot of these and I merely grabbed the items.
    Hope this information is helpful although I have not swatted the shades yet!! Will admire them today before I work the majic!!and transform myself and go 20 years back in time!!):

    • Phoebe

      By the way the “in your dreams” palette opens like a book.I have not seen any thing like that before, which is why I felt that it takes you back in time to teen hood!I purchased a palette last year for the first time and prior to that I had only purchased single items.I feel the palette is worth it, as it would be more expensive to purchase the products individually.I already own some of the single blushers, so I knew that I would get much use from the palettes.That’s All Folks!!

  55. brittany

    This palette seems very nice, they did an outstanding job with the packaging. The colors are beautiful but i feel like i’ve seen them before somewhere, maybe a few act Mac but otherwise i wouldnt mine giving them a try. Sense the packaging is so beautiful and has had a lot of time and effort put into i feel like it might be the only reason why some people might want it. Which is not a bad thing for too faced, cause thats more money in their pocket. However its kind of a downer for people who really want to try this palette while its just sitting on someones dresser just for show. Yea the might reach for it a couple of times but not as much. Trust me i know this, i have bought things that look beautiful on the outside but never reached for it again, like example books. If the cover looks good i buy it but then dont read it or forget to read it lol

  56. Paulina

    omg are these still available!! D:

  57. RachelMarshall1

    I want the Sweet Dreams palette sooooooooo bad, Ive been searching for it everywhere since xmas, its like absolute torture haha..

  58. Fatima

    Hi I’m from Europe (Italy) wanna know if where I can find the sweet dreams palette I want it so bad :( is it still available?