Thursday, July 22nd, 2010

Tom Ford Pure Pink Lipstick
Tom Ford Pure Pink Lipstick

Tom Ford for Lipstick — Test #2

Tom Ford Pure Pink Lip Color ($45.00 for 0.10 oz.) is a tantalizingly bright fuchsia pink with a satin-matte finish.  It might have the most subtle dusting of shimmer in it, but it’s really hard to make a clear distinction.  It’s almost like shimmer dust–maybe even fairy dust, since I’m not entirely sold that I’m not just seeing things…  The pigmentation is excellent with full-color coverage in one to two layers (depending on your application technique).

Tom Ford’s Private Blend Lip Color collection are all vanilla scented and come in a white and gold square tube. It’s a very clean and elegant look, and the tube itself is weighty, so it feels more luxurious when you hold it in your hand. I like that the usage of the white paneling means no fingerprints, since that is a common problem when brands use more metallic/metal kind of packaging. The top and bottom are both “gold,” with the top having “Tom Ford” imprinted on it. It does click shut and stay closed well.

The formula itself is creamy and lightweight–it doesn’t feel slippery or nearly as creamy as YSL Rouge Voluptes, nor does it glide on as smoothly and effortlessly as Guerlain Rouge Gs. Tom Ford’s color range is full with twelve different shades ranging from nudes to deep plums. The textures of Tom Ford’s lipsticks are semi-matte–they’re not shimmery at all–and so they have a smidgen of sheen/glisten but overall, a much flatter finish.

This shade wears very, very well, particularly because it’s a much darker/deeper shade than Pink Dusk.  The majority of the color lasts four to five hours, but a fuchsia stain persists for a couple more after that.  I like that it’s long-wearing without feeling drying.   With Pure Pink, it is more of a blue-based pink, so it suits those with cooler complexions best, but if you have a warmer complexion, I still think it would work.

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  • Product: 29/30
  • Value: 7/10
  • Ease of Use: 4/5
  • Packaging: 4/5

RECOMMENDATION: If you’re in the mood for a decadent luxury and prefer your lip color on the more matte side, Tom Ford’s range of twelve might interest you.

AVAILABILITY: Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus

See more photos & swatches!

Tom Ford Pure Pink Lipstick
Tom Ford Pure Pink Lipstick

Tom Ford Pure Pink Lipstick
Tom Ford Pure Pink Lipstick

Tom Ford Pure Pink Lipstick
Tom Ford Pure Pink Lipstick

Tom Ford Pure Pink Lipstick
Tom Ford Pure Pink Lipstick

Tom Ford Lipstick
Tom Ford Lipstick

Tom Ford Lipstick
Tom Ford Lipstick

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64 thoughts on “Tom Ford Pure Pink Lip Color Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. Jennifer

    I like the color, but its too expensive for me :(

  2. So gorgeous!! Are you wearing the Covergirl eyeliner in the photo? This colour complements your skin tone beautifully! xo

  3. Sara

    It looks gorgeous on you Christine!

  4. Oh yeah…this is my color :) It looks great on you Christine but I think it will look great on me also, although I have a fair skin. If the price is $45 in US I wonder how much will be in Europe. :((((

  5. amelia

    is this anything like chanel super? im still annoyed i missed out on buying that.

  6. PEGGY

    Not bad,but I liked in you the Nars strawberrysomething…Don’t remember oops!It was wow for you…This is just a lipstick nothing more or less!

  7. baby in a corner

    this would probably be the colour i’d go for! yum! it looks like its sweating a little, my lipsticks do that too! ha ha!

  8. lauraaaaaaaa

    looks great on you

  9. Although that is an absolutely BEAUTIFUL color, I can’t justify the price. Way too steep in my opinion.

  10. Love this color!Amazing!

  11. Domenique

    christine that color looks so pretty on you!

  12. d

    Hi Christine, I love these on you, will you be doing reviews for rest of the colors?

  13. Nancy

    That looks beautiful on you and Pure Pink is a beautiful color. I did get that one and I had to send it back. I could not pull it off. It was showing more blue toned on me. I also got True Coral and Ginger Fawn and I love these lipsticks. I could have made it work for me if I toned it down with something but I like my lipsticks to stand on their own. I hope Tom Ford comes out with more colors because I love this lipstick and would purchase more.

  14. Steph

    So far I love these lipsticks! No way I will purchase them though, way out of my price range.

  15. denise

    Can’t wait for your review on the Coral one!

  16. Rebecca

    ahh! Im a sucker for a fushia lipstick! This looks beautifulll

  17. Kathy

    I never wear lipsticks but I am loving this one, so pretty!

  18. I’m a makeup junkie (so it’s a good thing I’m a makeup artist and actress because there is always a need for more makeup!) but even I can’t justify $45.00 on a lipstick. But, they are beautiful!

  19. that’s a really pretty fuschia on you :)

  20. Damn that’s hot. I like it a lot.

  21. Bernice

    That’s so nice !

  22. Can you please compare this lipstick and Chanel Super? Which one you consider more bright?

  23. its so expensive. i love the color but i think there are dupes for that which are much more affordable :)

  24. Alisha

    Christine, I envy how well you can pull off practically any lip colour!! Gorgeous!!!!!! 😀

  25. Lina

    This is such a pretty color, but $45 for such little product? Do you have a dupe suggestion Christine?

  26. It’s a gorgeous colour. But I still refuse to pay $45 for a lipstick by some random designer. ;P

    • Marie

      Oh, I wouldn’t really call him just a *random designer*. The man is a visionary! You should check out some of his work sometime :)

      I love this packaging!

  27. Brandi

    Gorgeous bright pink/fuchsia color. I’m one of those people that would probably never use it in fear of losing the “TF” printed on it. LOL.

  28. Girlygirl70

    This is the one I have and I think this color is gorgeous on you Christine! :) LOVE!

  29. Lisa

    Christine, that’s a great color on you. I treated myself to a tube of Cherry Lush. Expensive, but I got a couple of compliments.

  30. I swear, there isn’t a color that doesn’t look great on you! You always look AMAZING in all of your photos!

  31. amy

    I like the colour and packaging but I think I can get something similar at MAC. This is too expensive for me slim wallet.

  32. Brittany

    This has to be my favorite lip color on you besides the NYX 24K one… OMG! This is such a fun lip to go rock when going out with friends, but it can also be a flirty lip to rock when you’re going out with the boo! LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE THIS! 50 thumbs up! Lol

  33. ooo i bet i know which eyeliner that is you’re wearing 😀
    (just bought it the other day thanks to your review <33)

  34. This is a really fun color! I’d be really tempted to try it but then I think about the number of drugstore lipsticks I could have for the cost of one TF lipstick. Too bad, it really is lovely.

  35. Hilana

    A lot of colours this season coming out with that strange almost florecent undertone. Very 90’s, actually but I quite like it and its strangely flattering too. :)

  36. Sarah

    Just used a lipstick almost exactly like that.. believe it or not its Wet n wild #511B only $1
    Its such a beautiful fuschia, I can’t believe they’re so similar!

  37. Mandy

    I really love this on you, Christine!

  38. Nora

    SO in love with this color. I can’t stop looking at it!

  39. Daniela

    Hi Christine, would you mind doing a video on how to apply lipstick? I can never get it to look perfect like that and believe me I try!! Thanks in advance!

  40. i love the color but i have to agree its a bit too expensive for me since im still a teen and mac lipsticks that are 14 dollars is about as much as i spend on lipsticks but on the below comment amber said that “girl about town” is an excellent dupe ill rather get that one thanks amber

  41. rezel

    try MAC Gulabi lipstick perfect color dupe but Tom Ford texture is different.