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Tom Ford Enchanted Eyeshadow Quad
Tom Ford Enchanted Eyeshadow Quad

Tom Ford Enchanted Eyeshadow Quad ($75.00 for 0.21 oz.) is a limited edition palette described as “neutral.” It contains a pressed powder formula that can be used wet and dry, and the formula is different than the original quads released with the line. It is the same formula as Emerald Lust.

The first shade is an icy, cool-toned pink with a frosted sheen. It had good pigmentation both wet and dry. MAC ready to Party is pinker. MAC Fresh & Mint is comparable. Dior Garden Roses is less frosted. Tarina Tarantino Diamond Dusk has a pink iridescence. MAC Fresh Ice is a bit whiter.

The second shade is a pink-tinged peach with a frosted, metallic finish. It had good color payoff dry, but it had excellent payoff when used damp/wet. MAC Pink Frontier is less frosted. Chanel Abstraction is darker, more coral. bareMinerals Custom is warmer, less pink. Le Metier de Beaute Nouvelle is warmer.

The third shade is a gray-tinged mauve with a frosted finish. It had excellent pigmentation both wet and dry, though the frosted finish was more pronounced when used wet. NARS 413 Blkr is pinker. NARS Flowers 1 is a bit darker. MAC Joy & Laughter is darker. MAC Hypnotizing is darker, more mauve.

The last shade is a burgundy-brown with a soft, frosted finish. The color payoff was amazing–incredibly rich–and the texture was so, so smooth. MAC Sketch is less shimmered. Cinderella Rococo is lighter, less intense. MAC Rich Core is purpler. theBalm Sexy is matte. Make Up For Ever #311 is plummier.

I was not in love with Tom Ford’s original eyeshadow quads, but the formula used in the two fall palettes is phenomenal (Enchanted is one of them). The shades are nicely pigmented with soft, finely-milled textures that apply smoothly and even, and the formula adheres and wears all day long without a primer.  It has such a creamy, buttery texture that it just makes you go, “oooh!” as you touch it.  I thought the composition of this palette was more versatile in Enchanted than in Emerald Lust, because this had less over-the-top frosts.

The Glossover




It has such a creamy, buttery texture that it just makes you go, "oooh!" as you touch it. I thought the composition of this palette was more versatile in Enchanted than in Emerald Lust, because this had less over-the-top frosts. Though, this color combination is more dupable.











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Tom Ford Enchanted Eyeshadow Quad
Tom Ford Enchanted Eyeshadow Quad

Tom Ford Enchanted Eyeshadow Quad
Tom Ford Enchanted Eyeshadow Quad

Tom Ford Enchanted Eyeshadow Quad
Tom Ford Enchanted Eyeshadow Quad

Tom Ford Enchanted Eyeshadow Quad
Tom Ford Enchanted Eyeshadow Quad

Tom Ford Enchanted Eyeshadow Quad
Tom Ford Enchanted Eyeshadow Quad

Tom Ford Enchanted Eyeshadow Quad
Tom Ford Enchanted Eyeshadow Quad

Tom Ford Enchanted Eyeshadow Quad
Tom Ford Enchanted Eyeshadow Quad

Tom Ford Enchanted Eyeshadow Quad
Tom Ford Enchanted Eyeshadow Quad

Tom Ford Enchanted Eyeshadow Quad
Tom Ford Enchanted Eyeshadow Quad

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Neiman Marcus, $75.00.

Is it limited edition?


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See individual shade reviews! :)

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45 thoughts on “Tom Ford Enchanted Eyeshadow Quad Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. Dominique

    Just beautiful, I need it ( with Emerald Lust ) ! Tom Ford makeup is so classy, even more than Chanel I think ( at least for the quads )

  2. Rafaela

    This is so pretty! Has the quality one expect for high-end brands, such a luxury, would make a great christmas gift 😀

  3. Wow. Absolutely beautiful. I love these sorts of colours… I hope that we get these up here at some point…

    • Brenda

      up here, can I ask where?? I’m in Ontario and haven’t been into a high end cosmetics dept. in a while. Wondering if TF isn’t available in Canada..

  4. I hemmed and hawed over this one and decided that while I really love this palette, I have far too many shadows in similar range if not dupes. Very pretty nonetheless.

  5. Yellowlantern

    Dang these burgundy/maroon and pink eyeshadow colors are super trendy this year. Similar shades were in Chanel’s Harmonie du Soir and Guerlain’s Turandot. Though I like that this palette compared to the other ones is much more wearable for cooler toned people. If I was going to buy a palette with burgundy and pink in it I would probably choose this one over the others.

  6. jody

    Wow! I looove the mauve! I’m so sad that we can’t get tom ford cosmetics in the netherlands.. :'(

  7. Can you please do a tutorial for this look?? This is such a pretty palette!

  8. blueraccoon

    Oh. Oh, this is gorgeous. It reminds me a little of Chanel’s Variation, maybe? I kind of want it, but I don’t know if I want to spend $75 on it.

  9. Aida

    Really pretty :)

  10. Christina

    Sigh, Christine. You make me want to own all of these mauvey toned quads for the holiday. I don’t even wear those colours normally!

  11. Banafshe Sharifian

    Hi Christine! If you were to recommend one: the chanel harmonie du soir or this, which would it be? Thanks! :)

  12. Ellie

    OH wow this is gorgeous! Unfortunately I wouldn’t be spending $75 on it no matter how fantastic it is…

  13. SunshineAZ

    They way this looks on you makes me want to buy it… But I won’t. I purchased the Chanel holiday quad and I’m trying to cut back on my purchases…

  14. francesca

    Gorgeous, yes. Seventy Five dollar gorgeous – no.

  15. xamyx

    These colors are so “me”, but unless I order online, Tom Ford just isn’t accessible, and since these really are dupeable, it just doesn’t seem worth the effort.

    I actually had a DS trio *many* years ago (either Maybelline or CoverGirl-can’t remember which) that was nearly identical to three of these shades, even in pigmentation. That trio was actually one of the few products I’ve actually hit pan on, and this was some 20+ years ago!

  16. Jen

    I have this – and have to say, it’s worth EVERY bit of $75. It’s my current favorite palette!! The finish is unbelievably gorgeous. Some things are just worth it, and this is one of those things.

  17. The white and the pink are just too frosted looking, the mauve and burgandy are stunning though!

  18. Kris

    Saw them in real life, and they were waaaaay too frosty for me! I was so sad :(

  19. I love the quality rather than the color and the finish. And I think it looks better on cooler skin tone. Thanks for the great review!

  20. Carrie

    It’s lovely, though have all but that burgundy though in my stash already. Oh well :)

  21. Stacey

    Yes, it is expensive. And this color set is already sold out at Neiman Marcus SF. I bought Emerald Lust, because this set looks like Estee Lauder colors, although Chanel new set appears to look similar. The Sales people at the Tom Ford counter at Neiman Marcus SF are so so so so nice and treats me like royalty and I dont asked to be treated that way. I just go and buy what I like, but I am particular about the packaging. Unlike Sephora, Tom Ford sales dont make a fuss about it. Yesterday, I received a sample set of 5 new fragrances from Tom Ford and I did not buy anything. Sephora makes it a big deal that they are giving these sample fragrances or samples with purchases. When I go to the counter, Tom Ford doesnt hover over me. They let me test the colors or offer to apply the makeup for me. So if I have to pay extra because of the brand and service and quality, I will, because it is not only the makeup, but the experience associated with it. Not everything I buy is luxury item.

    • Such a good point. Samples are just that, a fantastic way to get you spending more money on the brand and not a favour bestowed. I buy all levels of cosmetics as well and even the good drugstore beauty counters are wise enough to throw in a healthy amount of samples.

  22. Hm, that last shade is a lot browner than I expected. This is why swatching is so helpful. It’s much prettier swatched than it is in the pan.

  23. Holy crap–the texture and pigmentation of these is AMAZING. I mean LiTERALLY, they really do swatch like creams–especially the 2 darker shades! This is gorgeous! I usually wouldn’t go for shades like these but I WANT this sooo bad!

  24. Brenda

    wow! I’m reading the descriptions, seeing the first pic, thinking yeah, yeah, it’s nice but I’m sure it’s likely I have similar items already, boy I’d like to see something really original..and I scroll down to the swatches and WHOA!! I NEED THIS!! Holy smooth and pigmented!!!! I can’t even think about affording this but I WANT IT.

  25. Lani

    Huh, I just got this palette in mail and I did this exact same look. Great minds think alike!

  26. Emily

    This is gorgeous. I really want to put this on my Christmas List but I’m afraid it will be sold out. Chanel’s Harmonie du Soir palette is also gorgeous but being cooler toned, dark hair, and blue eyes leads me towards this product more so than the Chanel one (due to the gold shade in Chanel’s). Oh Holiday Makeup why must you be so beautfiul and expensive?
    Christine – I love LOVE love that look. What did you use to line the lower lashes????
    Thanks ever so much!

  27. Banafshe Sharifian

    Hi Christine! Thanks for the review! Would you recommend this or the Chanel Harmonie Du Soir? I can only get one. :)

  28. Kat

    For $75 I don’t want TF sponge applicators. Ugh.

  29. I love these colors. I wish they were a little closer to a satin finish though. But they are still lovely

  30. Julie

    Christine, could you recommend eye palettes with similar hues?

    I wish the 4th shade had been a cranberry colour, and for that price I want to love every single shade in the quad.

  31. Sasha

    I’m addicted to Chanel’s Eclosion palette, would this be redundant? I find myself wearing the other one all the time as it’s a pretty, refined every day look. Purple is my favorite color so I’ve had my eye on this palette.

  32. JSRB

    For $75 i would expect someyhing way better than this. I think it looks a frosty mess actually even when on. They look better swatched than on the eye.
    Technology has moved on so much and for the price I dont think you can tell this is the case & yes I have seen them in the flesh.
    I have no problems spending this kind of money if I think its worth it but in this case I would rather give to charity.